Course Requirements

Ancient Greek Science

A. Each graduate student will be expected to make a seminar presentation on a topic chosen in consultation with the professor. The seminar presentation should be about 30 minutes long and should cover one recommended article on a topic that fits the syllabus. On the day before the seminar presentation, the student must submit a one-page outline to the professor; after appproval, this will be duplicated for the class and made available on the World Wide Web at this site.

B. Each student will be expected to write a seminar research paper on a topic of his or her choice related to the course material. The paper should be roughly 15-30 pages in length and should have a scholarly apparatus including footnotes and bibliography. During the semester a deadline will be announced for the paper topic selection, and a one-page preview of this paper must be submitted at that time as well.

C. Students will be asked to write a number of short (one-page) exegesis or critical papers on brief selections from the primary texts. These short papers will be ungraded, but they all must be completed on time, as assigned, in order to pass the seminar.

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