Euthyrphro Outline (Philos. 201)

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Philosophy 201, Fall 1996 Euthyphro Outline

Introduction: 2a-5c

Setting: King-Archon's Court

Characters: Socrates, Euthyphro

Question: What is piety? 5d

Definition 1: Piety is doing what I am doing now, 5d

Objection: does not have proper form.

Socrates seeks

Definition 2: Piety is what is dear to (loved by) the gods. 7a

Elenchus (Refutation): The same things are both god-loved and god-hated. 8a

Definition 3: Piety is what all the gods love. 9e


Socrates objects that Euthyphro's definition is of the form (b) not (a).

It describes an effect, or piety as having something happen accidentally to it.

Interlude: Socrates is like Daedalus, who made statues that ran away. 11c

Socrates' Hint: Piety is a part of justice. 12d

Definition 4: Piety is the part of justice concerned with care of the gods. 12e

Elenchus: How can we construe "care of" in this definition?

Conclusion: Socrates persists, Euthyphro runs off. 15d

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