Websites for New Media & Web Art and Design


1. Interesting Video & Film Artists

Shirin Neshat


Bill Viola


Matthew Barney, Cremaster Cycle, Guggenheim Musuem


2.  Art Sites

National Gallery of Art

You can take Virtual Tours and also see Virtual Exhibitions of Calder, Van Gogh, etc.

Digital Art Source: Opening the world of digital art

Dia Center: Artists’ Web Projects

Tate Gallery London Net Art

Get Blessed by Shilpa Gupta  Choose a Religion, Get Blessed, Feel Secure Artist site Vancouver Art Gallery Create your own Picasso face Web award site “The Oscars of the Internet” Deviously serving the art and skin community for 1,946 days. Digital Artist’s Site Internet psychedelic art Guerilla Girls website—still around, still protesting with humor Sleek design, contemporary art on the web



3. Game Sites

Somewhat simple and soothing web games (Check out ‘Cats’!) You can do anything at The only limit is yourself. VideoGames Site Gameboy Game designer group Game site, dark colors, Korean style cartoon


4. Photography Sites Flickr Share your Photos Architectural Photography Site International Center of Photography website where photos are humorously altered Custom portraits and background choices for your pets


5. Band/Musician Sites Band website   Band website with cute red owl flying around Destiny’s Child band site, done in shades of brown Very stylish site for this model, done in black/white/gray Jay-Z Fade to Black advertisement using flash to preview movie/album


6. Anime Sites Anime fan site


7. Hard to Categorize  Purposefully difficult to navigate of mini M&M’s and how they get into trouble, interactive.

You sort of have to see this one to appreciate it. Word games/rearrangements, with lots of talking in the background. over your ex-- for women, done in hot pink most blindingly colorful website there is! for confessions


8. Science/News/Sports/History NASA: photos of universe, planets, etc. site, moves from snapshots of soldiers to stories of where they served, etc.

Interestingly laid out news site

Homepage of Rocket super-star Tracy McGrady


9. Businesses website, clear with nice colors and moving graphics

www.louisvuitton.comCommercial site for designer/classic but modern sounding music

Advertising firm, interesting opening page with names floating around

www.mazdausa.comAuto website Popular Brazlian thongs, very colorful and fun imagery sport shoes (up to $700)


10. Graphic Design

Zen Garden, demonstrates what visual/graphics/web artists can do with cascading style sheet designs. Website featuring cool t-shirt designs  professional web design firm Web design firm, very techno style.


11. Movies, Trailers, etc. “There will be blood in theaters everywhere” (Creepy) Final Fantasy Advent Children

Super-realistic anime type imagery, click on “trailers”