Sample Tragedy Videos



I. Aeschylus Oresteia (trilogy), Sir Peter Hall production using masks

Excerpt from Agamemnon: the chorus of old men tell’s Agamemnon’s story

Agamemnon goes into the palace at Clytemnestra’s invitation (from Agamemnon)

Excerpt from The Libation Bearers (Orestes watches the libation bearers and his sister Electra bring sacraments to his father’s grave)

Selection from The Eumenides (“Show us your hands”): The Chorus of Furies demands to see if Orestes’ hands show signs of his having murdered his mother


II. Sophocles’ Antigone

Danced performance of Sophocles' Ode to Man, a chorus from the Antigone. Choreographed by Miriam Rother, based on images of the human figure in ancient vase painting and statuary. Recitation in Ancient Greek directed by A. P. David, according to the new theory of the Greek accent. See


III. Iphigenia in Aulis (Euripides)

Iphigenia begs to live  (1977 film)

Iphigenia accepts her fate (1977 film)


IV. Medea (Euripides)

Scene from A Dream of Passion (1978)

Juxtaposes a performance in Greek theater starring Melina Mercouri as Medea with a modern story of a woman (Ellen Burstyn) who killed her children. Has very interesting chorus and music. The story has been filmed many times (most recently by Lars von Trier) and there are also dance and opera versions (selections available on Youtube of each).

V. The Trojan Women (Euripdes)

Theatrical trailer for the 1971 film version starring Katherine Hepburn and Vanessa Redgrave—a strongly anti-war, and in particular anti-Vietnam-War, version. Very “theatrical” in style but done in original Greek landscape settings with great actors. Many other scenes are available on Youtube as well.