Greek Tragic Families


I.  Mycenae:  The House of Atreus



Atreus   (fed his sons to) Thyestes


Menelaus     m.         Helen

Brother                     Sister

Agamemnon    m.    Clytemnestra

(lover of Aegisthus, son of Thyestes)

Murderers together of Agamemnon


Iphigenia (sacrificed by her father in Aulis)

Electra  (waited at home for her father)

Orestes (killed his mother as revenge for her murder of his father)




II.   Thebes:  Oedipus


Laius    m.          Jocasta


Oedipus         m.  Jocasta


Two sons






III.  Troy: The Royal Family


Priam   m. Hecuba

Killed          enslaved by Odysseus


Paris   abducted       Helen


Polyxena  sacrificed on Achilles’ grave

Cassandra  concubine of Agamemnon, murdered by Clytemnestra


Hector  m.   Andromache

Killed          Concubine of Achilles’ son



                      thrown over cliffs of Troy and killed