“Crafty Women and the Hierarchy of the Arts”

Pollock and Parker

ABQ Chapter 4, pp. 44-55



“The sex of the artist matters. It conditions the way art is seen and discussed. This is indisputable. But how does it matter?”  p. 44


Some important artists like William Morris have also criticized the distinction between “high” and “low” or decorative art.


Key Examples of “Women’s Arts”


Medieval and Later Embroidery


Flower Painting

Navajo Blankets


Patchwork Quilts


Falsifications of History



“Women artists have always existed. The important questions concern women artists’ relationship to an ideology of sexual difference in which the notions of masculine and feminine are meaningful only in relation to each other.”  (54-5)


“Ideology is not a conscious process, its effects are manifest but it works unconsciously, reproducing the values and systems of belief of the dominant group it serves. As we have shown the current ideology of male dominance has a history.” (55)