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ArtLinks for Chapter 3: Cultural Crossings

General: Aesthetics today in the U.S.A./
Aesthetics On-Line, Home Page of American Society for Aesthetics
Teaching Resources
List of Aesthetics Web Sites
Aesthetics Links, from Dey Alexander (Australia), Philosophy in Cyberspace

Western Art History
Western Art since 1500, an on-line course at USC

Non-Western Aesthetics

African Art and Aesthetics
African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
Guide to African Art, An Introduction, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (a Teachers Guide)

African Dance
African Odyssey, web page describing a film from American Ballet Theatre/Kennedy Center focusing on the National Music and Dance troupe from Mozambique. This page provides some cultural and historical information and a varied set of interesting links (it is designed as a teachers' resource page). Of these links, I especially recommend African Odyssey Interactive.
A page by and about Masankho, Dancer, Storyteller, Actor, Preacher, Peace and Justice Consultant, political refugee from Malawi; he lives in California now. He gives a vivid description of the role of dance in Malawi from early childhood to old age.

Eskimo Art/Inuit Art
Orca (Commercial Gallery)
Isaacs Inuit Gallery (Toronto; commercial gallery) Includes a section about Inuit Art.
Inuit art at McMichael Gallery (commercial gallery, includes photos of artists and locations)

Native American Art
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Native American Music Resources on the Internet
Darren Geffre, contemporary musician from Montana Blackfeet tribe
Canyon Country Originals Commercial site--one of zillions on the web; does provide good coverage of a variety of categories and lists of some recommended readings.

Aboriginal Australian Art
Australian Aboriginal Art from the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Association Inc. of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory, Australia
Aboriginal Art Centres
Aboriginal Art of Australia (This is a commercial site that claims to be the largest collection of Aboriginal art on the Net.)

Japanese Art/Art and Zen
The Inspiring Tea Ceremony
Asian Tea Ceremonies: Ritual and Meaning
Rules of Etiquette for Guests at a Japanese Tea Ceremony
Teaching (and Learning) about Japan includes section on gardens
Tokugawa Art Museum (In Japan; text in English)
Taoist/ Zen Gardens (nice images), part of a World Religions course at Humboldt State University

Chinese Art
Freer Gallery of Art Washington, D.C. One of the most noteworthy collections of Asian art in a U.S. museum (part of The Smithsonian).
A Guide to Chinese Painting. Commercial site, part of "A Guide to Chinese Culture" site. It is trying to sell you things, but it has a lot of information organized historically, including sections on the theory and types of Chinese painting, great masters, dynasties, genres, etc.

Islamic Art
Islamic/Arabic Arts and Architecture Organizationt (Commercial site with many links including some historical information). Notice for example that coins and rugs are important categories.
Iznik Tiles Article, unfortunately no photos. For some new reproductions (on a commercial site), see Tiles of Iznik.

Tibetan Buddhist Art
Healing the Earth: A Sacred Art by the Tibetan Lamas (from exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization). Nice sequential illustrations of the process of construction and "deconstruction" of the mandala.

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Indian Art (subcontinent)

Coming later (see also Islamic art, and the Freer Gallery, above)

Aesthetics and Ethnomusicology

coming soon

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