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SWIP Suggested List of Multicultural Intro Texts

Compiled by Jo Trigilio, trigilio@ecst.csuchico.edu
Philosophy, CSU-Chico


Note: Listed in no particular order.

The Philosophical Quest: A Cross Cultural Reader, Gail Presby, Karsten Struhl, & Richard Olsen, ed. (McGraw-Hill).

Traversing Philosophical Boundaries, Max Hallman

Through Time and Culture, edited by Pablo Ianonne , (Prentice Hall).--multicultural intro text.

MultiCulturalism, David Theo Goldberg, (Blackwell)

Thinking about Race, Naomi Zack

Twenty Questions, ed. Higgins and Solomon.

Roots of Wisdom (Wadsworth)

Beyond the Western Tradition (Mayfield)

Primary Sources

-- Tao Te Ching

-- Hallen & Sodipo's study of Yoruba epistemology, Knowledge, Belief, & Witchcraft,

-- Leon-Portilla's Aztec Thought

"Postmodern Blackness" by bell hooks in The Truth About The Truth, edited by Walter Truett Anderson

"Response to the Most Illustrious Poetess Sor Filotea De La Cruz" by Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz, in Poems, Protest and a Dream, translated by Margret Sayers Peden (Penguin)

"The History of Mary Prince," in Henry Louis Gates Jr's The Classic Slave Narratives.

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