Economics 7344 
Macroeconomic Theory II
Spring 2011




TA is Emiliano Luttini. His office hours are Wednesday 11.30-1.00.


TA  Session will be Friday 1pm-3pm  in Rm 212. Starting Friday January 28th.


Midterm 1: February 28th.  

Midterm 2: April 4th.

FINAL date is  May 2nd.

Last year’s first midterm exam

Last year’s second midterm exam

Last year’s final


  Note on IS-LM

  Guide to Romer Chapter 5

  Short Introduction to Time Series
   Permanent Income and Measurement Error in Consumption Functions

  The general Euler Equation and Hall's version of the PIH

  Excess Sensitivity, Rule-of-Thumb Consumers and IV estimation

  The Impact of Income "Shocks" on Consumption and ``Excess Smoothness' of      Consumption"

  The Impact of Interest Rates on Consumption

  The Consumption CAPM

  Notes on Obstfeld-Rogoff Chapter 5  (last version: April 28)


  Ostergaard, Sorensen, Yosha, JPE 2002


Assignment                      Due 

HW #1 

 pdf                                  Monday 1/31

HW #2

 pdf                                  Monday 2/7

HW #3

 pdf                                  Monday 2/14

HW #4

 pdf                                  Wednesday 2/23

HW #5

 pdf                                  FRIDAY 3/11

HW #6

 pdf                                  Wednesday 3/30

HW #7

 pdf                                  Monday 4/18

HW #8

 pdf                                  Monday 4/25

HW #9


HW #10