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benbrook.jpg (159998 bytes) Who is this guy and what good is he?

A copy of his curriculum vitae can be pulled up if you have a lot of time on your hands...

 His current job description is Professor of Physics at the University of Houston.

 During the fall 2007 semester, he is teaching PHYS1322 (9:00AM-MWF), lecture section 12432, recitation 12433, room 105 SEC, "University Physics II", and PHYS4321 (11:00AM MWF), section 14629, room 202 SEC, "Intermediate Electromagnetic Theory I".

What is he going to do for me next?

A list of current projects can be pulled up in a BIG hurry; it's not very long...

Are there other dimensions to JRB?

Hobbies include tennis and golf. Other avocations include barn building, fence building, and general maintenance of Chez Benbrook. Caring for the many lovable animals (horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, goldfish, bird,...) that call it home also occupies considerable free time, as well as discretionary income.

Then, there's family...  Jim is a three-time grandpa, Alexandria (17) and Nicholas (16) from Jim, Jr., and Bram (8 years) from Susan.  Linda is a loving, sweet step-grandma and she is always ready to play that role at the drop of a hat.

For more pictures, refer to Linda's page:

Linda J. Benbrook

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