University of Houston-Rice University

Empirical Microeconomics Seminar Series


Co-Organizers: Professor Aimee Chin (University of Houston) and Professor Richard Boylan (Rice University)


Spring 2014


Tuesday, Feb 18 @ Rice 

Rush Conference Room

John Donohue (Stanford)

"An Empirical Evaluation of the Connecticut Death Penalty System since 1973: Are there Unlawful Racial, Gender and Geographic Disparities?"

Tuesday, Feb 25 @ UH


Matthew Grennan (UPenn Wharton)

"Regulating Innovation with Uncertain Quality: Information, Risk and Access in Medical Devices"

Tuesday,  March 4 @ UH


Andrea Szabo and Gergely Ujhelyi (UH)

"Can Information Reduce Nonpayment for Public Utilities?  Experimental Evidence from South Africa"

Tuesday, March 11

UH spring break, no seminar scheduled

Tuesday, March 18 @ Rice

Room 102

Kerwin Charles (U of Chicago Harris School)

"Housing Booms, Labor Market Outcomes and Educational Attainment" (hardcopies available in UH Economics main office)

Tuesday, March 25 @ UH


Mark Stabile (U of Toronto)

"Do Stimulant Medications Improve Educational and Behavioral Outcomes for Children with ADHD?"

Tuesday, April 1 @ Rice

Room 102

Patrick Kline (UC Berkeley)--CANCELLED 

"Bargaining and the Gender Wage Gap: A Direct Assessment"

Tuesday, April 8 @ UH


Craig Garthwaite (Northwestern)

"Public Health Insurance, Labor Supply and Employment Lock"

Tuesday, April 15 @ Rice

Rush Conference Room

Allan Collard-Wexler (NYU)

"How Do Electricity Shortages Affect Productivity?  Evidence from India"

Tuesday, April 22 @ Rice

Rush Conference Room

Jason Lindo (Texas A&M)

"Breaking the Link Between Legal Access to Alcohol and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Evidence from New South Wales"

Tuesday, April 29 @ UH


Nick Sanders (William & Mary)

"Can Pollution Increase Land Productivity?  Agriculture and the Incidence of the Acid Rain Program"





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