Empirical Microeconomics Seminar Series



Fall 2018


Tuesday, Sept 11      

Ragan Petrie (Texas A&M)  

"Time to Give: A Field Experiment on Intertemporal Charitable Giving"  

Tuesday, Sept 18

Thomas Fujiwara (Princeton)

"Local Politicians and the Deforestation of the Amazon" [Draft of paper not available, click here for an abstract]  

Tuesday, Sept 25

Frederico Finan (UC Berkeley)

"Money and Politics: Estimating the Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Entry and Selection"

Tuesday, Oct 2

Jeremy Fox (Rice)

"Geographic Expansion Mergers and FCC Spectrum Policy: Estimating a Matching Game with Externalities" [Draft of paper not available, click here for an abstract]

Tuesday, Oct 16

Daniel Keniston (Louisiana State University)

"The Efficient Deployment of Police Resources: Theory and New Evidence from a Randomized Drunk Driving Crackdown in India"

Tuesday, Oct 23

Alvin Murphy (Arizona State University)

"Incorporating Dynamic Behavior into the Hedonic Model" [Paper will not be posted online, hardcopies available in main office]

Wednesday, Oct 31

*Note different day*

Chao Fu (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

"Government Expenditure on the Public Education System" [Draft of paper not available, click here for an abstract]

Tuesday,  Nov 6

Francis Vella (Georgetown)

"Decomposing Real Wage Changes in the United States"

Tuesday,  Nov 13

Gustavo Bobonis (University of Toronto)

"Vulnerability and Clientelism"

Tuesday, Nov 27

Ebonya Washington (Yale)

"The Mommy Effect: Do Women Anticipate the Employment Effects of Motherhood?"



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