University of Houston

Empirical Microeconomics Seminar Series



Fall 2015


Tuesday, Sept 22

Claudia Olivetti, Boston College

"Career Women and the Durability of Marriage"

Tuesday,  Sept 29

Monica Deza, University of Texas at Dallas

"The Effect of Oil Prices on Crime" (no paper available)

Tuesday, Oct 6

Dennis Epple, Carnegie Mellon University  

"Caste- and Gender-Based Affirmative Action and College Quality in India"

Tuesday, Oct 13

Flavio Cunha, Rice University  

"Eliciting Maternal Subjective Expectations about the Technology of Cognitive Skill Formation" (hardcopies available in main office, no electronic version available)

Tuesday, Oct 20

Hoyt Bleakley, University of Michigan

"History and the Sizes of Cities: A Structural, Partial-Identification Approach to Path Dependence"

Tuesday, Oct 27

Prashant Bharadwaj, UC San Diego  

"Perverse Consequences of Well-Intentioned Regulation: Evidence from India's Child Labor Ban"

Tuesday, Nov 3

Sergio Urzua, University of Maryland  

"The Children of the Missed Pill: Unintended Consequences of Price Collusion" (this is an old version of the paper that will be presented)

Tuesday, Nov 10

Marianne Page, UC Davis  

"The Effects of Aggregate and Gender-Specific Labor Demand Shocks on Children's Health"

Tuesday, Nov 17

Daniel Bjorkegren, Brown University  

"The Adoption of Network Goods: The Spread of Cell Phones in Rwanda"

Tuesday, Nov 24

Week of Thanksgiving, no seminar scheduled

Tuesday, Dec 1

Matthew Turner, Brown University  

"Urban Form and Driving: Evidence from U.S. Cities"




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