University of Houston

Empirical Microeconomics Seminar Series



Spring 2018



Tuesday, Mar 6

Spencer Banzhaf (Georgia State University)

"Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff: The Role of Zoning"  

Tuesday, Mar 13

Spring break, no seminar scheduled

Tuesday, Mar 20

David Green (University of British Columbia Vancouver School of Economics)  

"Economy Wide Spillovers from Booms: Long Distance Commuting and the Spread of Wage Effects"  

Tuesday, Mar 27

Kevin Stange (University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy)    

"The Effects and Costs of Undergraduate Class Size Reduction"

Tuesday,  April 10

Gautam Rao (Harvard University)

"The Endowment Effect and Collateralized Loans" (no paper available before the seminar, click here for abstract)

Tuesday,  April 17

Emily Oster (Brown University)  

"Weighting for External Validity"  

Tuesday, April 24

Manuela Angelucci (UT Austin)  

"Intrahousehold Resource Allocation: Heterogeneity in Efficiency and Implications for Investment in Children" (click here for an older version of this paper)


*Note different day*

Samuel Bazzi (Boston University)    

"Frontier Culture: The Roots and Persistence of `Rugged Individualism' in the United States" (click here for current version of paper; new version expected 4/27)  


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