International President Barbara C. Moore proudly introduces the new International Service Initiative for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.: Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People Excel . "Since 1920, our national service programs have evolved to meet the critical societal needs of the time," said International Grand Basileus Moore. "This administration has identified some key areas of concern as part of our programmatic thrust, and all of our efforts will be consolidated under the banner of Z-HOPE."


What are the objectives of Z-HOPE?

Z-HOPE is an outreach service program that has six primary objectives, corresponding measures of success and a mechanism for chapter recognition. The primary objectives are:


 To provide culturally appropriate informational activities according to the Z-HOPE program format

 To foster collaborative partnerships between community organizations with shared goals

 To promote the opportunities for expansion in Stork's Nest programs

 To facilitate community service and mentorship opportunities for members of the organization

 To provide an equitable chapter recognition program for community services rendered

 To provide a standard reporting format to concentrate efforts and demonstrate the organization's impact


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