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Mission Statement

Writing is thinking. It is an indispensable activity for every discipline conducting research within a university setting and an essential component of a university education. Ongoing instruction in writing helps to initiate students into the changing intellectual demands of university life and introduces them to the complexities of their chosen disciplines and professions. Because writing provides the tools to discover and articulate solutions to intellectual problems, improved writing remains a continual goal of university education.

To address these concerns, the mission of the University of Houston Writing Center includes the following activities:

Assessment: developing effective means of evaluating student and institutional writing needs that promote curricular innovation and provide informative directions for both students and teacher.

Writing Instruction: providing instruction in writing that meets the diverse needs of a student population at undergraduate, graduate, and professional level.

Curricular Innovation: promoting the creation of new writing curricula to meet changing student and disciplinary needs, reexamining present curricula to respond to new practices in the field of writing instruction.

Community Outreach: establishing outreach programs and partnerships that make available the results of the Center's inquiries and activities in the teaching of writing and foster collaboration with the region's educational and professional communities.

Professional Development: encouraging the ongoing professional development of faculty and staff across the full spectrum of disciplines.

Research in the Teaching of Writing: fostering the creation and dissemination of new knowledge about the teaching of writing in a large public institution serving an urban, multi-ethnic, multilingual community.