UH Writing Center WC Online Usage Policies

Creating an Account in WCOnline

Students must use a valid email address when registering with WCOnline, as confirmations and reminders will be sent to this address. Please keep track of the email address used with this account; duplicate accounts will be blocked from scheduling privileges. If a password is forgotten, there is a link to retrieve it.

Consultation Availability

There are a limited number of consultation time slots available for each of our courses or programs. It is therefore recommended that students reserve their consultation time as early as possible, save their email reminder, and be on-time in order to receive credit for their consultation. Please note that schedules for some courses are only available for a limited time (usually only a couple of weeks before an assignment is due), so even though there are more than enough appointment times for every student, the longer a student waits, the less likely it is that a convenient time will be available. Scheduling in advance also avoids being in a situation when no consultation times are left open.

Scheduling in Advance

You must schedule your consultation at least two calendar days in advance of the consultation/workshop date. (Example: for a consultation on Aug. 5, your last chance to schedule the consultation will be at 11:00 p.m. on Aug. 3.) In order to give students more options and the consultants enough advance notice, last-minute scheduling is not available.

Consultation No-Shows

If a student arrives after 10 minutes of their scheduled consultation start-time, the student will be considered as a no-show. After one no-show, the student will still be able to reschedule and attend a consultation. However, after two no-shows a student will be locked out of the scheduling system and will be unable to schedule another consultation. Students may call the Writing Center main office at 713-743-3016 to discuss their situation if they are en route to their appointment but running late due to unforeseen circumstances.

Check-in Procedures

On the day of your consultation, arrive a few minutes early and check in by clicking on your name at the "Appointment Check-in" computer in room 234 of Classroom and Business Building. Your consultant will then call your name, consult with you, and take you through the sign-out procedures to complete your consultation. If you have any trouble connecting with your writing consultant, notify a staff member in room 220 of the Writing Center, and they will assist you.