English Language Learners Program

The University of Houston is often recognized as having one of the most diverse student populations in the United States. This diversity comes in many forms: cultural, educational, socioeconomic, generational, and linguistic. Regardless of their backgrounds, however, essentially all of our students are learning a second language – the language of academia.

The Writing Center strives to provide assistance to our diverse student population, whatever their degree program, by incorporating support for multilingual writers into all of its writing programs and projects. Writing Center staff, experienced in teaching university-level writing, offer expertise in applied linguistics, pedagogy, and assessment to both students and faculty. Moreover, all Writing Center consultants are experienced in working with writers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

The Writing Center’s instructional goals for our multilingual writers include:

  • Conducting genre analyses of writing in the subject area
  • Introducing discipline-specific writing conventions in the context of American academic writing, such as:
    • the identification of appropriate audience and subject matter for a particular rhetorical situation;
    • the salient grammatical structures used in the field; and
    • plagiarism and documentation issues.
  • Training in self-editing techniques

Writing Center instruction can be provided in the following formats depending on the department and the needs of its students:

  • Writing studios attached to discipline-specific courses
  • Workshops or series of workshops to address writing needs within the discipline
  • Lower division composition courses to familiarize students with the fundamentals of academic writing in their chosen field
  • Writing courses designed to prepare upper division and/or graduate students for their future professions
  • Individual consultations with discipline-trained writing tutors

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