Bauer MBA Writing Program

Assessments: student writing is assessed as part of new-student orientation, near the end of the first semester, and in the second year of the MBA degree program. At each stage, students who need extra help will work with Writing Center tutors to improve their writing.

Prompts: in response to these assessment prompts, students produce several different practical types of writing, including business correspondence, writing in preparation for job applications and interviews, and writing that synthesize sources. These writing samples are used to evaluate basic writing competence.

Rubric: expectations for student writing at the MBA level are spelled out in the rubric that was developed and approved by the MBA Curriculum Committee. While all students should set a goal of exceeding expectations, students are required to demonstrate before they graduate that they can meet expectations in each of these criteria: clarity and conciseness, organization, professional tone, and grammar and mechanics.

Tutorials: based upon the results of the assessments, some students may be required or recommended to work with a trained tutor at the UH Writing Center. For students experiencing difficulty, the Bauer MBA Writing Program with the UH Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring designed to help the MBA candidate grow in competence and confidence, with the assistance of a supportive trained Writing Consultant in a professional environment independent of MBA faculty and graded coursework.