Business Writing Tutorial, Assignment 2:
Student Resources for Solicited Proposal Assignment

Web Links - General -- Bauer College of Business official page; this site should serve as the writers’ basic research tool for exploring their proposal’s subject -- Bio for Frank Kelley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Business Programs (reader of students’ proposal); useful for writers who wish to gain a sense of who their reader is and what his job entails -- Student body demographics; useful in helping writers determine what kind of students make up the College, discovering what their needs may be, and what their life outside of school may warrant (i.e. scheduling classes, family/job commitments) -- UH at a Glance – Points of Pride; includes awards and notable statistics for the University as a whole and for each College, including the C.T. Bauer College of Business

Web links—Tailored to specific Request for Proposals (RFPs):

RFP option #1 -- Bauer College of Business Career Services webpage; includes services that will prepare business students for future employment

RFP option #2 -- University-wide Learning Support Services webpage; the services of the LSS are provided to all University students (Tutoring) -- and -- (Advising)-- these two sites make up the Learning Support Services provided by the Bauer College of Business and are exclusive to business students

RFP option #3 -- Course Listing Selection; allows for quick and easy search for available courses in a given semester -- Undergraduate Catalogue Online, Course Descriptions (2005-2007); allows one to quickly search for a complete listing of business courses available as well as a description of those courses