Business Writing Tutorial (BWT): Individualized Support

The Business Writing Tutorial (BWT) is an outcomes-driven individualized program of instruction designed by the UH Writing Center to develop basic communication skills and writing competence. Students referred to the BWT will work one-on-one with a Writing Consultant in completing a portfolio of business-related written work. They will receive practice in and support for the important “threshold skill” of writing outside of the pressure of course demands.

Students will sign up for the BWT using the Writing Center’s online scheduling service, which can be found under the "Schedule Appointments" section of the Writing Center home page. Students usually sign up for their conference the week before it is scheduled, and then continue to see their Writing Consultant on that same day and at that same time, unless they both agree to a change.

For the Business Writing Tutorial, students will prepare, draft, revise, and finish two assignments, a résumé with cover letter and a solicited proposal. Once the first assignment has been satisfactorily completed, the student can move on to the second, so the student has a real stake in determining how long the tutorial program lasts. This is a truly student-driven process: when the student has completed the two assignments satisfactorily, the student has cleared the BWT requirement.