BWE Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Where does the BWE take place?

A: The BWE has migrated to the C. T. Bauer College of Business! Details of location, as well as times and dates, will be provided by the scheduling program linked to the Bauer Experience WebCT/Vista course, Module V.

Q: What should I bring?

A: The only thing you absolutely need to bring is your Cougar 1Card photo ID, to prove your identity when you sign in.

Q: How do I reschedule?

A: Email and they can delete your original schedule, allowing you to go back in and set a new date.

Q: Is the BWE a computer-based writing assessment?

A: Yes, you will be taking the BWE on a PC using Securexam, a software that safeguards your work. You’ll be given simple instructions for signing in and working with Securexam.

Q: How long will it be until I hear how I did?

A: You will hear from the College of Business about your results in 4 to 6 weeks. Please do not contact the Writing Center about your results.