Step 1.     Make a complete sentence



Before we can get to the problems with coherence and how to fix them, you need to realize that it is sentences that serve as bricks in your essay construction. So, let's take a minute to review some information that is so basic that you have probably forgotten it. The basic building block of an effective essay is an effective sentence. So, what is a complete sentence? A complete sentence is a group of words related by meaning, which:


The more complex your writing becomes, the easier it is to have the following problems:


The best way to check if you have complete sentences is to find and underline (or circle) the subject(s) and the verb(s) in each sentence of your writing; although, keep in mind that these sentences also need to express a complete thought. If you find it difficult to identify the subjects and the verbs, your readers might too. This section of the unit will teach you how to deal with sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and subject-verb agreement.







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