UH WOW Scavenger Hunt
Campus Wide search for Pride

powered by Scavify

Monday, August 25th – Sunday, September 7th

As part of this campus-wide search for pride, you will learn more about a few UH traditions, discover some of the unique offerings at UH, become more familiar with campus, and hopefully make some new friends along the way. This hunt is not meant to be competitive because the eligibility for prizes is linked to the number of tasks each participant completes.  The more tasks you complete, the more prizes you qualify to win!


Students must complete each task correctly by 11:30p.m. on Sunday, September 7th to qualify for any of the prize drawings.

Prize winners must go through enrollment verification before receiving any prize, which will confirm enrollment in at least 3 credit hours at the University of Houston central campus and that all accounts are in good standing.

Photo submissions depicting violations of the UH Student Code of Conduct will result in disqualification and may lead to further disciplinary action.

All photos submitted to complete tasks will be reviewed by the UH WOW Scavenger Hunt Committee.

All decisions related to whether a task is complete or incomplete are final.

How to join the hunt

Download the "Scavify" App from the App Store…
Android: Google Play – Scavify
iPhone: iTunes App Store – Scavify

Join the Hunt - Open the app, create a username and password, and search for the “UHWOW14 " (no spaces neeeded) hunt.

Play - Once the hunt begins on Monday, August 25th, you will be able to see the list of tasks, begin uploading your photos and answering questions.

Participate for a chance to win prizes


  • Chipotle Gift Card ($50 value)
  • UH Pride Pack
  • HEB gift card ($50 value)
  • Target gift card ($50 value)

Must complete 5 tasks to be entered


  • Ticketmaster Gift Card ($150 value)
  • Amazon.com Gift card ($150 value)
  • 32 inch Samsung Television
  • Keurig

Must complete 10 tasks to be entered


  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card ($300 value)
  • Xbox One
  • Schwinn Bike with lock
  • Surface Pro Tablet

Must complete all 15 tasks to be entered