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Phones, Electronics and Related Services

Disclaimer: The following vendors have voluntarily offered discounts to UH employees. The University of Houston does not endorse or recommend any external vendor, but only offers information about their discounts as a service to the community.

  •  AT&T: For new and existing UH customers up to 15% off on monthly service charges for qualified AT&T Wireless plans. Additional discounts and deals available to qualified customers.
  • Sprint/Nextel: Up to 23% off monthly charges. Learn more about Sprint and other EVP discounts.
  • T-Mobile: For new Simple Choice plan members, a discount may be available on the purchase of new devices. Call Advantage Direct to inquire about discounts on new phones and other items at 1-800-937-8997.
  • Cougar Byte: Visit the online Cougar Byte store to buy software, computer hardware, electronics, and accessories at great rates.
  • Dell: Find out how to purchase Dell equipment and accessories for personal or University use.
  • Connect Your Benefits: Savings and special offers on DISH Network Service, ADT, DirectTV, HughesNet, Earthlink, Time Warner Cable and more.