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Martha Dunkelberger Spotlighting a UH Woman Each Month

What is your position and title at UH?
I’m a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. I’m also the undergraduate coordinator for the department.

How long have you worked here?
I started teaching as an adjunct in the fall of 1997…and that’s a long time ago!

What are your job responsibilities and duties?
As professor, I teach two or three classes every semester. I also do some clinical supervision in our University Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic. As undergraduate coordinator, I manage the schedule of classes for the department, represent the department on the Undergraduate Committee of the Faculty Senate and work on curriculum development.

Do you teach or engage in research and if so, can you detail?
My primary responsibility is teaching, but I have applied for and received internal UH grants for promoting student success and for adapting an undergraduate class to be more hands-on. I also mentor at least one Senior Honors Thesis a year and participate on Graduate Theses committees as necessary.

If you teach, what is your teaching philosophy?
I am a strong believer in the co-construction of knowledge. I want students to learn how to think about disorders of communication, and how to consider theories of typical communication and theories of disorders of communication. My field is so rich with opportunities to change people’s lives and I love to talk about it. I remind my students often that our role as Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists is as a liaison between the science of communication and the real-life need to communicate with people we love.

What do you enjoy about your work?
I love having the opportunity to work with young people. While some people in my generation find “the millennials” frustrating for one reason or another – I find most of them to be fully engaged with life and learning. They know what they want and they go get it!

What are your career goals in the next five years?
I’ve got an idea for a text book that I need to get fleshed out and contracted. That will keep me busy enough on top of all my other duties.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
I am most proud to have been selected for the Provost’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2010-11. While I have a lot of responsibilities, teaching is what I love to do.

What advice or encouragement would you give UH staff and students?
I’ve been here at UH for a long time. THIS is the best time to be part of this community. The energy and the power that is on campus these days is so exciting! I encourage everyone to notice what makes them proud of UH and to accentuate that when you’re talking with others outside the UH community. We’ve got a lot to offer here and the whole state should know about it!

What is something about you than many co-workers and students do not know about you?
I grew up on a farm. I know how to milk a goat and I can (if I really, really have to) assist in the birth of lambs. That said, don’t ask for a demonstration of either skill. It’s been a long time and I really don’t like to get dirty!