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Safety and Violence Prevention

UH Security Escort Program

The personal safety of UH students, staff, and faculty is of the utmost importance to the WGRC and all campus departments. Remember there is a Security Escort Program on campus provided by UHDPS if you have safety concerns about walking to your car, residence hall or other places on campus. Call 713-743-3333 to request an escort. Remember: Be smart, Stay Safe!

My Safe Campus

Do you have a concern about the University of Houston that you would like to anonymously report? Perhaps the incident involves sexual harassment or assault, fraud, burglary, or an ethics violation. The University of Houston participates in the My Safe Campus anonymous reporting program. In addition to, or instead of, reporting to our campus Department of Public Safety, you can make an anonymous report to My Safe Campus. The report will be forwarded on to the appropriate campus personnel and acted upon. You can check back through My Safe Campus to see how the report was resolved. Let's keep our campus safe. If you know something, say something. Click on the link above to make a report or call the hotline phone number at 1-800-716-9007. Of course, always feel free to call our UH Department of Public Safety. For an emergency call 911 and for non-emergencies call 713-743-3333.