Peer Education

Deadline to apply is March 25, 2016

We believe you can! It is important to know that although professionals and other faculty or staff can provide students with a wealth of knowledge and ideas around living healthy, it is YOU, the Peer, who can really have an impact.

  • Who? - We invite you to join your many peers who are learning more every semester about health and wellness issues, and are learning about healthier choices and safer environments.
  • How? - You can be a peer educator by first preparing yourself to be a resource for healthier information, and to be a strong voice. Apply for the Certified Peer Educator Student Leadership Empowerment Training. Learn to increase your leadership abilities, understand the basics of prevention, conduct educational programs and events and provide awareness on health and safety risks. A Wellness staff member will facilitate your opportunities to engage in peer education on campus.
  • When? - Fall 2016, every Tuesday 3:00pm – 4:30pm starting September 6, 2016.
  • Where? - Trainings will be held at the Campus Recreation and Wellness building room 1038.
  • Why? - We believe there are many reasons for being a peer educator. In part, there is some evidence that learning about health and wellness and providing that information to others, is a healthy thing for YOU! It gives you the knowledge, the power, and perhaps even the motivation to make positive changes in your own life, and in your living community. Learn to enhance your life through all the dimensions of wellness.

We also believe the benefits of being a peer educator will compliment the rest of your college education, and give you many skills which may help you in your future career and living.

We also believe YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! That's why.