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Cultural Wellness

A culturally well individual is aware of their own background, as well as the diversity and richness present in other culture backgrounds.

Tips to help Cougars with Cultural Wellness

  1. Understand and respect diversity
    Be aware of other cultural views although they might not be the same as yours, it is important to respect others. There are over 20 different Cultural Student Organizations at the University of Houston. Visit the Center for Student Involvement office or website to engage, connect, and discover those cultural organizations.

  2. Research cultures other than your own
    Take time and research and learn about other cultures when you can. This is an important part of life so you can become culturally sensitive when working in every profession. You can also take credit courses at the university to learn more out different cultures. You can visit the office of Comparative Culture Studies for more information.

  3. Acknowledge and accept the impact of these aspects of diversity, ie. sexual orientation, religion, gender, racial and ethnic background, age groups and disabilities
    There are many resources centers at the University of Houston that students, faculty and staff can get involve in. Visit the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Women and Gender Resource Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and the Center for Students with DisABILITIES. Each of these centers has programs that are open for others at the university. Some have workshops, culture talks, and other resources to help with the diversity of the campus.

  4. Engage in other cultures as much as you can
    Look for opportunities to meet and interact with individuals who are from cultures other than your own. You can join or participate in some of the events with the Council of Ethnic Organizations. The council of ethnic organization delivers events for students to engage and explore the diverse culture that The University of Houston has to offer.

  5. Study Abroad
    Explore other cultures by getting involved in study abroad. Visit the Learning Aboard Office and ask for information about the learning abroad programs.