Strategic Goals

Goals Summary FY 16

  1. to facilitate student development and the student learning process through IMAGE, our workshop series, and new sexual violence outreach outreach efforts; Strategic Plan Initiative 1.c.
  2. expand collaboration and networking within the university and surrounding community by expanding the message of who UH Wellness is and what we offer through increased programming, campus involvement and that appeal to a wider audience.; Strategic Plan Initiative 6.a, 6.b
  3. to increase the use of programs that use research based, theory driven prevention models; Strategic Plan Initiative 4.c
  4. to promote comprehensive campus wellness by offering a variety of programs and services that seek to educate and develop the mind, body and soul; Strategic Plan Initiative 5.c
  5. to promote professional and student staff progression toward advanced professional competencies by maintaining a culture of assessment before, during and after employment; Strategic Plan Initiative 2.c