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Weekend U Class Registration

Looking to register for a Weekend U course?

In order to register for any UH courses, you must first be a UH student.

For more information on applying to UH, please visit Apply for Admission.

Current Students

As a current student, the registration process for a Weekend U course is similar to any other course:

1) Use the Weekend U Class Search to easily view current courses.

2) Go to AccessUH and login.

3) Click the myUH Self Service app, Enrollment, and Enrollment: Add Classes.

4) Click Search and enter the five digit class number in Class Nbr directly or filter the criteria to find classes.

5) For Days of Week, check Sat.

6) Weekend U courses are core curriculum, and can also be located by the Weekend UH Offerings description.

7) Find the class, click Select, and then Next.

8) Click Shopping Cart. Check the Select box, click Enroll, and then Finish Enrolling.

9) Successful enrollment can be verified by viewing your class schedule.

10) Please contact our office at or 713-743-3327 if you have any registration questions.