Graphic Elements

When using a UH logo, you are expected to follow the Graphics Standards policy.

Brand Identity

As we continue to make great strides as a Tier One research university, we must continue to build a unified brand for the university. The UH community has embraced this university’s unique identity and has used its many strengths to achieve Tier One status, Princeton Review recognition, and a host of other local, regional, national and international accolades.

UH Brand and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms

The University of Houston name, logos, marks and other branding elements cannot be used in the promotion of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or firearms/firecrackers. Communications, marketing and promotional items containing references to tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or firearms/firecrackers will not be approved. All other products will be considered by the University to ensure high quality and a positive representation of the University.

The University of Houston Logotype

The University of Houston logotype is the graphic depiction of the name “University of Houston” in a type format. It is a one-of-a-kind signature, which identifies our university and projects our unique identity. Spacing and size relationships between the logotype have been carefully established and calibrated so that university identity will remain consistent in all applications.

An important key to presenting a strong and consistent image is the correct use of the wordmark.

The logotype can be obtained through University Marketing in digital format. Please note, that as of 2012, all versions of logos with the "You Are The Pride" tagline and the Stacked Tertiary (a.k.a. Hybrid) are only available by request.

The “You Are the Pride” or the “Carnegie-Designated Tier One…” tagline may or may not be used with the University of Houston logotype. You may choose whether to include one of them in your mark. Alternate taglines may not be substituted. Also, logos cannot be used as part of text, i.e. within the body of text, headline or caption in such a way as to be read as part of a sentence or phrase.

Please refer to the to the Graphics Standards policy for complete documentation on how to use the UH brand identity on the web and elsewhere.

Image file types

There area a number of image file types that are suitable for the web. Each file type is more suitable for a certain kind of image than others. 

The best file type for photographs. Should be avoided for logos, screenshots, and graphics as edges degrade with compression and artifacts can distort the image.
The only file type that supports animation. Should generally be avoided in favor of PNG, as transparency isn't very good and colors are usually limited.
Supports multiple levels of transparency and most number of colors. Should be used for logos, screenshots, and other graphics.
For displaying vector artwork on the web. SVG images do not pixelate when scaled. The ideal file type for logos and icons. A PNG image fallback is required for older browsers that are incapable of displaying SVG.

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