Browser Stats

Web browser usage and support on the University of Houston website

Browser usage

Visitors to the University of Houston website use a wide a variety of web browsers on a wide variety of devices. It is important that University of Houston web pages render on the most-used web browsers.

Officially supported browsers

The University of Houston officially supports browser versions used by more than 1% of visitors. The following browsers met that criteria in April 2015.

Officially supported browsers
Browser Version Sessions Percentage
Chrome 41 932,579 25.50%
Chrome 42 614,492 16.80%
Mobile Safari iOS 8 392,681 10.74%
Internet Explorer 11 390,323 10.67%
Firefox 37 276,857 7.57%
Safari 8.0 190,297 5.20%
Firefox 36 103,183 2.82%
Mobile Safari iOS 7 72,591 1.98%
Internet Explorer 9 69,827 1.91%
Safari 7.1 57,268 1.57%
Internet Explorer 10 52,101 1.42%

Internet Explorer usage

Compared to other web browsers, Internet Explorer requires much more time to develop and test web pages for. The following chart shows the rise and fall of Internet Explorer usage by version over the last 12 months. IE6 and IE7 are no longer officially supported as they are used by less than 1% of visitors.

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