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This page is where you can leave messages for Rpalmer. The next time Rpalmer logs in, they'll be alerted that they have messages waiting. You may also select E-mail this user from the toolbox on the left to send them a personal email if they have set up their account to do so.


I was going to improve the main page, but it looks like I don't have the appropriate rights. I would suggest that we change it to something like this to remove the funky hyperlink in parentheses:

'''WAALT is a project of the [ Anglo-American Legal Tradition (AALT)] website of the University of Houston.'''

Which would display like this:

WAALT is a project of the Anglo-American Legal Tradition (AALT) website of the University of Houston.

There's also a CSS change that we can make to remove the little arrow graphic as well - I have that removed on the wikis that I manage.

- Tdoyle 11:34, 12 May 2011 (CDT)

got it

Bob I got your message and now know how to use this page. it was not obvious to me that I could only do this via recent changes. Previously I had clicked on the 'my talk' link on the upper right hand side of the screen (where it says SJenks my talk preferences my watchlist my contributions log out)

Cinque Ports

Bob - where can I put this case?

foreign residents

Bob, I have changed "merchants" to "residents" in the description for the "Foreign Redidents" page. You must have cut and paste it and forgot to change this. Hope this is OK.

In Chancery decrees 1741, both C78/1804, no. 7 [55] and C78/1816, no. 6 [53], point at the same document:

C78/1816, no. 6 [53] seems to be the wrong one.

Tom 30 Dec 17