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Langdale, Marmaduke

  • STAC 5/L30/35 - B - 16 Eliz - Yorkshire - Marmaduke Langdale v John Ward, Hugh Graye et al
  • STAC 5/L20/35 - B A - 39 Eliz - Lincolnshire? - Marmaduke Langdale v Thomas Stockedayle, William Wilkinson et al

Langdale, Peter

  • STAC 5/L3/40 - B - 30 Eliz - Yorkshire - Peter Langdale v Marmaduke Constable, Roger Gartham, John Pannel et al

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/L30/35 - Re: Riotous entry into balks & meres in Sancton, East Yorkshire. (B.McD.)
  • STAC 5/L20/35 - Attempted robbery at Stockedayle’s house (an alehouse). ML complained he was set in the stocks the next day. Defs answered ML was drunk and disturbed of his wits. Lincolnshire? (B.McD.)
  • STAC 5/L3/40 men of North Cliffe destroying hedges in Houghton mentioned in MCDONAGH, Briony, “Subverting the ground : private property and public protest in the sixteenth-century Yorkshire Wolds” Agricultural History Review 57:2 (2009) 191-206