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Category Descriptions Adding a Town Conventions
City/Town Officials Documents Local Court Records Exchequer Accounts Data Tables Charters Researchers

Sadberge (Dur) Sadberge Officials Sadberge Documents Sadberge Court Records Sadberge Accounts Sadberge Data Tables Sadberge Charters Sadberge Researchers
Saffron Walden (Essex) Saffron Walden Officials Saffron Walden Documents Saffron Walden Court Records Saffron Walden Accounts Saffron Walden Data Tables Saffron Walden Charters Saffron Walden Researchers
St Agnes (Corn) St Agnes Officials St Agnes Documents St Agnes Court Records St Agnes Accounts St Agnes Data Tables St Agnes Charters St Agnes Researchers
St Albans (Herts) St Albans Officials St Albans Documents St Albans Court Records St Albans Accounts St Albans Data Tables St Albans Charters St Albans Researchers
St Briavel (Glouc) St Briavel Officials St Briavel Documents St Briavel Court Records St Briavel Accounts St Briavel Data Tables St Briavel Charters St Briavel Researchers
St Germans (Corn) St Germans Officials St Germans Documents St Germans Court Records St Germans Accounts St Germans Data Tables St Germans Charters St Germans Researchers
St Giles on the Heath (Devon) St Giles Officials St Giles Documents St Giles Court Records St Giles Accounts St Giles Data Tables St Giles Charters St Giles Researchers
St Helen's (Lancs) St Helen's Officials St Helen's Documents St Helen's Court Records St Helen's Accounts St Helen's Data Tables St Helen's Charters St Helen's Researchers
St Hilary (Corn) St Hilary Officials St Hilary Documents St Hilary Court Records St Hilary Accounts St Hilary Data Tables St Hilary Charters St Hilary Researchers
St Ives (St. Ivo) (Hunts) St Ives Officials St Ives Documents St Ives Court Records St Ives Accounts St Ives Data Tables St Ives Charters St Ives Researchers
St Mawes (Corn) St Mawes Officials St Mawes Documents St Mawes Court Records St Mawes Accounts St Mawes Data Tables St Mawes Charters St Mawes Researchers
St Michael (Corn) St Michael Officials St Michael Documents St Michael Court Records St Michael Accounts St Michael Data Tables St Michael Charters St Michael Researchers
St Neot's (Hunts) St Neot's Officials St Neot's Documents St Neot's Court Records St Neot's Accounts St Neot's Data Tables St Neot's Charters St Neot's Researchers
St Olave's Borough (Yorks) St Olave's Borough Officials St Olave's Borough Documents St Olave's Borough Court Records St Olave's Borough Accounts St Olave's Borough Data Tables St Olave's Borough Charters St Olave's Borough Researchers
Salford (Oxon) Salford Officials Salford Documents Salford Court Records Salford Accounts Salford Data Tables Salford Charters Salford Researchers
Salisbury (Wilts) Salisbury Officials Salisbury Documents Salisbury Court Records Salisbury Accounts Salisbury Data Tables Salisbury Charters Salisbury Researchers
Saltash (Corn) Saltash Officials Saltash Documents Saltash Court Records Saltash Accounts Saltash Data Tables Saltash Charters Saltash Researchers
Saltfleet-Haven (Lincs) Saltfleet-Haven Officials Saltfleet-Haven Documents Saltfleet-Haven Court Records Saltfleet-Haven Accounts Saltfleet-Haven Data Tables Saltfleet-Haven Charters Saltfleet-Haven Researchers
Sampford Peverell (Devon) Sampford Officials Sampford Documents Sampford Court Records Sampford Accounts Sampford Data Tables Sampford Charters Sampford Researchers
Sandbach (Ches) Sandbach Officials Sandbach Documents Sandbach Court Records Sandbach Accounts Sandbach Data Tables Sandbach Charters Sandbach Researchers
Sandwich (Kent) Sandwich Officials Sandwich Documents Sandwich Court Records Sandwich Accounts Sandwich Data Tables Sandwich Charters Sandwich Researchers
Sawley (Derbs) Sawley Officials Sawley Documents Sawley Court Records Sawley Accounts Sawley Data Tables Sawley Charters Sawley Researchers
Saxmundham (Suff) Saxmundham Officials Saxmundham Documents Saxmundham Court Records Saxmundham Accounts Saxmundham Data Tables Saxmundham Charters Saxmundham Researchers
Scarborough (Yorks) Scarborough Officials Scarborough Documents Scarborough Court Records Scarborough Accounts Scarborough Data Tables Scarborough Charters Scarborough Researchers
Scotter (Lincs) Scotter Officials Scotter Documents Scotter Court Records Scotter Accounts Scotter Data Tables Scotter Charters Scotter Researchers
Seaford (Susx) Seaford Officials Seaford Documents Seaford Court Records Seaford Accounts Seaford Data Tables Seaford Charters Seaford Researchers
Seasalter (Kent) Seasalter Officials Seasalter Documents Seasalter Court Records Seasalter Accounts Seasalter Data Tables Seasalter Charters Seasalter Researchers
Sedbergh (Yorks) Sedbergh Officials Sedbergh Documents Sedbergh Court Records Sedbergh Accounts Sedbergh Data Tables Sedbergh Charters Sedbergh Researchers
Sedgefield (Dur) Sedgefield Officials Sedgefield Documents Sedgefield Court Records Sedgefield Accounts Sedgefield Data Tables Sedgefield Charters Sedgefield Researchers
Selby (Yorks) Selby Officials Selby Documents Selby Court Records Selby Accounts Selby Data Tables Selby Charters Selby Researchers
Selsey (Susx) Selsey Officials Selsey Documents Selsey Court Records Selsey Accounts Selsey Data Tables Selsey Charters Selsey Researchers
Setchey (Norf) Setchey Officials Setchey Documents Setchey Court Records Setchey Accounts Setchey Data Tables Setchey Charters Setchey Researchers
Settle (Yorks) Settle Officials Settle Documents Settle Court Records Settle Accounts Settle Data Tables Settle Charters Settle Researchers
Seven-Oaks (Kent) Seven-Oaks Officials Seven-Oaks Documents Seven-Oaks Court Records Seven-Oaks Accounts Seven-Oaks Data Tables Seven-Oaks Charters Seven-Oaks Researchers
Severn Stoke (Worcs) Severn Stoke Officials Severn Stoke Documents Severn Stoke Court Records Severn Stoke Accounts Severn Stoke Data Tables Severn Stoke Charters Severn Stoke Researchers
Shaftesbury (Dorset) Shaftesbury Officials Shaftesbury Documents Shaftesbury Court Records Shaftesbury Accounts Shaftesbury Data Tables Shaftesbury Charters Shaftesbury Researchers
Sheepwash (Devon) Sheepwash Officials Sheepwash Documents Sheepwash Court Records Sheepwash Accounts Sheepwash Data Tables Sheepwash Charters Sheepwash Researchers
Sheerness (Kent) Sheerness Officials Sheerness Documents Sheerness Court Records Sheerness Accounts Sheerness Data Tables Sheerness Charters Sheerness Researchers
Sheffield (Yorks) Sheffield Officials Sheffield Documents Sheffield Court Records Sheffield Accounts Sheffield Data Tables Sheffield Charters Sheffield Researchers
Shelve (Shrops) Shelve Officials Shelve Documents Shelve Court Records Shelve Accounts Shelve Data Tables Shelve Charters Shelve Researchers
Shepton-Mallet (Som) Shepton-Mallet Officials Shepton-Mallet Documents Shepton-Mallet Court Records Shepton-Mallet Accounts Shepton-Mallet Data Tables Shepton-Mallet Charters Shepton-Mallet Researchers
Sherborne (Dorset) Sherborne Officials Sherborne Documents Sherborne Court Records Sherborne Accounts Sherborne Data Tables Sherborne Charters Sherborne Researchers
Sherburn (Yorks) Sherburn Officials Sherburn Documents Sherburn Court Records Sherburn Accounts Sherburn Data Tables Sherburn Charters Sherburn Researchers
Sherston Magna (Wilts) Sherston Officials Sherston Documents Sherston Court Records Sherston Accounts Sherston Data Tables Sherston Charters Sherston Researchers
Shiffnal (Shrops) Shiffnal Officials Shiffnal Documents Shiffnal Court Records Shiffnal Accounts Shiffnal Data Tables Shiffnal Charters Shiffnal Researchers
Shipdham (Norf) Shipdham Officials Shipdham Documents Shipdham Court Records Shipdham Accounts Shipdham Data Tables Shipdham Charters Shipdham Researchers
Shipston-upon-Stour (Worcs) Shipston-upon-Stour Officials Shipston-upon-Stour Documents Shipston-upon-Stour Court Records Shipston-upon-Stour Accounts Shipston-upon-Stour Data Tables Shipston-upon-Stour Charters Shipston-upon-Stour Researchers
Shoreham (Susx) Shoreham Officials Shoreham Documents Shoreham Court Records Shoreham Accounts Shoreham Data Tables Shoreham Charters Shoreham Researchers
Shouldham (Norf) Shouldham Officials Shouldham Documents Shouldham Court Records Shouldham Accounts Shouldham Data Tables Shouldham Charters Shouldham Researchers
Shrewsbury (Shrops) Shrewsbury Officials Shrewsbury Documents Shrewsbury Court Records Shrewsbury Accounts Shrewsbury Data Tables Shrewsbury Charters Shrewsbury Researchers
Shrivenham (Berks) Shrivenham Officials Shrivenham Documents Shrivenham Court Records Shrivenham Accounts Shrivenham Data Tables Shrivenham Charters Shrivenham Researchers
Sidbury (Devon) Sidbury Officials Sidbury Documents Sidbury Court Records Sidbury Accounts Sidbury Data Tables Sidbury Charters Sidbury Researchers
Sidmouth (Devon) Sidmouth Officials Sidmouth Documents Sidmouth Court Records Sidmouth Accounts Sidmouth Data Tables Sidmouth Charters Sidmouth Researchers
Silsoe (Beds) Silsoe Officials Silsoe Documents Silsoe Court Records Silsoe Accounts Silsoe Data Tables Silsoe Charters Silsoe Researchers
Silverton (Devon) Silverton Officials Silverton Documents Silverton Court Records Silverton Accounts Silverton Data Tables Silverton Charters Silverton Researchers
Sittingbourne (Kent) Sittingbourne Officials Sittingbourne Documents Sittingbourne Court Records Sittingbourne Accounts Sittingbourne Data Tables Sittingbourne Charters Sittingbourne Researchers
Six-Hills (Lincs) Six-Hills Officials Six-Hills Documents Six-Hills Court Records Six-Hills Accounts Six-Hills Data Tables Six-Hills Charters Six-Hills Researchers
Skelton in Cleveland (Yorks) Skelton Officials Skelton Documents Skelton Court Records Skelton Accounts Skelton Data Tables Skelton Charters Skelton Researchers
Skinburness (Cumb) Skinburness Officials Skinburness Documents Skinburness Court Records Skinburness Accounts Skinburness Data Tables Skinburness Charters Skinburness Researchers
Skipsea (Yorks) Skipsea Officials Skipsea Documents Skipsea Court Records Skipsea Accounts Skipsea Data Tables Skipsea Charters Skipsea Researchers
Skipton (Yorks) Skipton Officials Skipton Documents Skipton Court Records Skipton Accounts Skipton Data Tables Skipton Charters Skipton Researchers
Sleaford (Lincs) Sleaford Officials Sleaford Documents Sleaford Court Records Sleaford Accounts Sleaford Data Tables Sleaford Charters Sleaford Researchers
Smarden (Kent) Smarden Officials Smarden Documents Smarden Court Records Smarden Accounts Smarden Data Tables Smarden Charters Smarden Researchers
Smeeth (Kent) Smeeth Officials Smeeth Documents Smeeth Court Records Smeeth Accounts Smeeth Data Tables Smeeth Charters Smeeth Researchers
Snaith (Yorks) Snaith Officials Snaith Documents Snaith Court Records Snaith Accounts Snaith Data Tables Snaith Charters Snaith Researchers
Snettisham (Norf) Snettisham Officials Snettisham Documents Snettisham Court Records Snettisham Accounts Snettisham Data Tables Snettisham Charters Snettisham Researchers
Soham (Cambs) Soham Officials Soham Documents Soham Court Records Soham Accounts Soham Data Tables Soham Charters Soham Researchers
Solihull (Warw) Solihull Officials Solihull Documents Solihull Court Records Solihull Accounts Solihull Data Tables Solihull Charters Solihull Researchers
Somerton (Som) Somerton Officials Somerton Documents Somerton Court Records Somerton Accounts Somerton Data Tables Somerton Charters Somerton Researchers
South Brent (Devon) South Brent Officials South Brent Documents South Brent Court Records South Brent Accounts South Brent Data Tables South Brent Charters South Brent Researchers
South Cave (Yorks) South Cave Officials South Cave Documents South Cave Court Records South Cave Accounts South Cave Data Tables South Cave Charters South Cave Researchers
South Molton (Devon) South Molton Officials South Molton Documents South Molton Court Records South Molton Accounts South Molton Data Tables South Molton Charters South Molton Researchers
South Petherton (Som) South Petherton Officials South Petherton Documents South Petherton Court Records South Petherton Accounts South Petherton Data Tables South Petherton Charters South Petherton Researchers
South Zeal (Devon) South Zeal Officials South Zeal Documents South Zeal Court Records South Zeal Accounts South Zeal Data Tables South Zeal Charters South Zeal Researchers
Southam (Warw) Southam Officials Southam Documents Southam Court Records Southam Accounts Southam Data Tables Southam Charters Southam Researchers
Southampton (Hants) Southampton Officials Southampton Documents Southampton Court Records Southampton Accounts Southampton Data Tables Southampton Charters Southampton Researchers
Southwark (Surrey) Southwark Officials Southwark Documents Southwark Court Records Southwark Accounts Southwark Data Tables Southwark Charters Southwark Researchers
Southwell (Notts) Southwell Officials Southwell Documents Southwell Court Records Southwell Accounts Southwell Data Tables Southwell Charters Southwell Researchers
Southwick (Hants) Southwick Officials Southwick Documents Southwick Court Records Southwick Accounts Southwick Data Tables Southwick Charters Southwick Researchers
Southwold (Suff) Southwold Officials Southwold Documents Southwold Court Records Southwold Accounts Southwold Data Tables Southwold Charters Southwold Researchers
Spalding (Lincs) Spalding Officials Spalding Documents Spalding Court Records Spalding Accounts Spalding Data Tables Spalding Charters Spalding Researchers
Spilsby (Lincs) Spilsby Officials Spilsby Documents Spilsby Court Records Spilsby Accounts Spilsby Data Tables Spilsby Charters Spilsby Researchers
Stafford (Staffs) Stafford Officials Stafford Documents Stafford Court Records Stafford Accounts Stafford Data Tables Stafford Charters Stafford Researchers
Staindrop (Dur) Staindrop Officials Staindrop Documents Staindrop Court Records Staindrop Accounts Staindrop Data Tables Staindrop Charters Staindrop Researchers
Staines (Middx) Staines Officials Staines Documents Staines Court Records Staines Accounts Staines Data Tables Staines Charters Staines Researchers
Stalbridge (Dorset) Stalbridge Officials Stalbridge Documents Stalbridge Court Records Stalbridge Accounts Stalbridge Data Tables Stalbridge Charters Stalbridge Researchers
Stalybridge (Lancs) Stalybridge Officials Stalybridge Documents Stalybridge Court Records Stalybridge Accounts Stalybridge Data Tables Stalybridge Charters Stalybridge Researchers
Stamford (Lincs) Stamford Officials Stamford Documents Stamford Court Records Stamford Accounts Stamford Data Tables Stamford Charters Stamford Researchers
Standon (Herts) Standon Officials Standon Documents Standon Court Records Standon Accounts Standon Data Tables Standon Charters Standon Researchers
Stanford-in-the-Vale (Berks) Stanford-in-the-Vale Officials Stanford-in-the-Vale Documents Stanford-in-the-Vale Court Records Stanford-in-the-Vale Accounts Stanford-in-the-Vale Data Tables Stanford-in-the-Vale Charters Stanford-in-the-Vale Researchers
Stanley St Leonard (Glouc) Stanley Officials Stanley Documents Stanley Court Records Stanley Accounts Stanley Data Tables Stanley Charters Stanley Researchers
Stansted Abbots (Herts) Stansted Abbots Officials Stansted Abbots Documents Stansted Abbots Court Records Stansted Abbots Accounts Stansted Abbots Data Tables Stansted Abbots Charters Stansted Abbots Researchers
Stapleton (Shrops) Stapleton Officials Stapleton Documents Stapleton Court Records Stapleton Accounts Stapleton Data Tables Stapleton Charters Stapleton Researchers
Steeple (Dorset) Steeple Officials Steeple Documents Steeple Court Records Steeple Accounts Steeple Data Tables Steeple Charters Steeple Researchers
Steyning (Susx) Steyning Officials Steyning Documents Steyning Court Records Steyning Accounts Steyning Data Tables Steyning Charters Steyning Researchers
Steeple (Hunts) Steeple Officials Steeple Documents Steeple Court Records Steeple Accounts Steeple Data Tables Steeple Charters Steeple Researchers
Stoborough (Dorset) Stoborough Officials Stoborough Documents Stoborough Court Records Stoborough Accounts Stoborough Data Tables Stoborough Charters Stoborough Researchers
Stockbridge (Hants) Stockbridge Officials Stockbridge Documents Stockbridge Court Records Stockbridge Accounts Stockbridge Data Tables Stockbridge Charters Stockbridge Researchers
Stockport (Ches) Stockport Officials Stockport Documents Stockport Court Records Stockport Accounts Stockport Data Tables Stockport Charters Stockport Researchers
Stockton (Shrops) Stockton Officials Stockton Documents Stockton Court Records Stockton Accounts Stockton Data Tables Stockton Charters Stockton Researchers
Stockton-upon-Tees (Dur) Stockton-upon-Tees Officials Stockton-upon-Tees Documents Stockton-upon-Tees Court Records Stockton-upon-Tees Accounts Stockton-upon-Tees Data Tables Stockton-upon-Tees Charters Stockton-upon-Tees Researchers
Stogumber (Som) Stogumber Officials Stogumber Documents Stogumber Court Records Stogumber Accounts Stogumber Data Tables Stogumber Charters Stogumber Researchers
Stogursey (Som) Stogursey Officials Stogursey Documents Stogursey Court Records Stogursey Accounts Stogursey Data Tables Stogursey Charters Stogursey Researchers
Stokesley (Yorks) Stokesley Officials Stokesley Documents Stokesley Court Records Stokesley Accounts Stokesley Data Tables Stokesley Charters Stokesley Researchers
Stoke-Ferry (Norf) Stoke-Ferry Officials Stoke-Ferry Documents Stoke-Ferry Court Records Stoke-Ferry Accounts Stoke-Ferry Data Tables Stoke-Ferry Charters Stoke-Ferry Researchers
Stoke-upon-Trent (Staffs) Stoke-upon-Trent Officials Stoke-upon-Trent Documents Stoke-upon-Trent Court Records Stoke-upon-Trent Accounts Stoke-upon-Trent Data Tables Stoke-upon-Trent Charters Stoke-upon-Trent Researchers
Stokenchurch (Oxon) Stokenchurch Officials Stokenchurch Documents Stokenchurch Court Records Stokenchurch Accounts Stokenchurch Data Tables Stokenchurch Charters Stokenchurch Researchers
Stokesley (Yorks) Stokesley Officials Stokesley Documents Stokesley Court Records Stokesley Accounts Stokesley Data Tables Stokesley Charters Stokesley Researchers
Stone (Staffs) Stone Officials Stone Documents Stone Court Records Stone Accounts Stone Data Tables Stone Charters Stone Researchers
Stony Stratford (Bucks) Stony Stratford Officials Stony Stratford Documents Stony Stratford Court Records Stony Stratford Accounts Stony Stratford Data Tables Stony Stratford Charters Stony Stratford Researchers
Stottesdon (Shrops) Stottesdon Officials Stottesdon Documents Stottesdon Court Records Stottesdon Accounts Stottesdon Data Tables Stottesdon Charters Stottesdon Researchers
Stourbridge (Worcs) Stourbridge Officials Stourbridge Documents Stourbridge Court Records Stourbridge Accounts Stourbridge Data Tables Stourbridge Charters Stourbridge Researchers
Stourport (Worcs) Stourport Officials Stourport Documents Stourport Court Records Stourport Accounts Stourport Data Tables Stourport Charters Stourport Researchers
Stow-Market (Suff) Stow-Market Officials Stow-Market Documents Stow-Market Court Records Stow-Market Accounts Stow-Market Data Tables Stow-Market Charters Stow-Market Researchers
Stow-on-the-Wold (Glouc) Stow-on-the-Wold Officials Stow-on-the-Wold Documents Stow-on-the-Wold Court Records Stow-on-the-Wold Accounts Stow-on-the-Wold Data Tables Stow-on-the-Wold Charters Stow-on-the-Wold Researchers
Stratford upon Avon (Warw) Stratford Officials Stratford Documents Stratford Court Records Stratford Accounts Stratford Data Tables Stratford Charters Stratford Researchers
Stratton (Corn) Stratton Officials Stratton Documents Stratton Court Records Stratton Accounts Stratton Data Tables Stratton Charters Stratton Researchers
Stretford (Lancs) Stretford Officials Stretford Documents Stretford Court Records Stretford Accounts Stretford Data Tables Stretford Charters Stretford Researchers
Stroud (Stroudwater) (Glouc) Stroud Officials Stroud Documents Stroud Court Records Stroud Accounts Stroud Data Tables Stroud Charters Stroud Researchers
Sturminster-Newton-Castle (Dorset) Sturminster Officials Sturminster Documents Sturminster Court Records Sturminster Accounts Sturminster Data Tables Sturminster Charters Sturminster Researchers
Sudbury (Suff) Sudbury Officials Sudbury Documents Sudbury Court Records Sudbury Accounts Sudbury Data Tables Sudbury Charters Sudbury Researchers
Sundon (Beds) Sundon Officials Sundon Documents Sundon Court Records Sundon Accounts Sundon Data Tables Sundon Charters Sundon Researchers
SURREY MISCELLANEOUS SURREY Officials SURREY Documents SURREY Court Records SURREY Accounts SURREY Data Tables SURREY Charters SURREY Researchers
SUSSEX MISCELLANEOUS SUSSEX Officials SUSSEX Documents SUSSEX Court Records SUSSEX Accounts SUSSEX Data Tables SUSSEX Charters SUSSEX Researchers
Sutton (Cambs) Sutton Officials Sutton Documents Sutton Court Records Sutton Accounts Sutton Data Tables Sutton Charters Sutton Researchers
Sutton Coldfield (Warw) Sutton Coldfield Officials Sutton Coldfield Documents Sutton Coldfield Court Records Sutton Coldfield Accounts Sutton Coldfield Data Tables Sutton Coldfield Charters Sutton Coldfield Researchers
Swaffham (Norf) Swaffham Officials Swaffham Documents Swaffham Court Records Swaffham Accounts Swaffham Data Tables Swaffham Charters Swaffham Researchers
Swanwich (Dorset) Swanwich Officials Swanwich Documents Swanwich Court Records Swanwich Accounts Swanwich Data Tables Swanwich Charters Swanwich Researchers
Swavesey (Cambs) Swavesey Officials Swavesey Documents Swavesey Court Records Swavesey Accounts Swavesey Data Tables Swavesey Charters Swavesey Researchers
Swindon (Wilts) Swindon Officials Swindon Documents Swindon Court Records Swindon Accounts Swindon Data Tables Swindon Charters Swindon Researchers
Swinefleet (Yorks) Swinefleet Officials Swinefleet Documents Swinefleet Court Records Swinefleet Accounts Swinefleet Data Tables Swinefleet Charters Swinefleet Researchers
Swineshead (Lincs) Swineshead Officials Swineshead Documents Swineshead Court Records Swineshead Accounts Swineshead Data Tables Swineshead Charters Swineshead Researchers