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May 5, 2012

During Spring Semester I devoted major time to the development of the WAALT. In April I discovered I had not put up navigational markers for the CP40 series from 1423 through to 1517, so I had to divert to working on the AALT. At this point I have now finished all that material except for Edward IV, and I believe I have also to do Edward II. At that point I will in London at TNA for the Summer working on acquiring material for the AALT, so my next major push on the WAALT will come in the Fall of 2012, although I may be able to do small amounts before then.

February 1, 2012

During the Fall semester of 2011 I had to devote most of my time to teaching and to getting the privy council miscellaneous papers up and available on the AALT. That was completed by December, 2011. In later December I started again to devote my time to the WAALT. Progress is steady now, but slow in relation to the material to be covered. I need desperately for others who think that this is a worthwhile endeavor to participate. Realistically, I don't expect broad participation for maybe more than another year, and I am certainly willing to develop the site that long and much longer to make it work. Still, even a couple other regular contributors would bring broad participation forward substantially. Note that the TNA wiki is being closed down. That was a different model with much less organization. The demise of the TNA wiki, however, leaves the WAALT as the major avenue for genuinely cooperative, broad research endeavors.

Sept 3, 2011

Development of the site is slower than desired, since I am now back to teaching and also have to upload and provide navigational thumbnails for new material on the AALT. Improving the AALT has to be the top priority, but I am trying to get back to the point at which I can do at least something on WAALT every day.

April 29, 2011

The WAALT launched April 29, 2011. Potential users should be aware that Robert Palmer at this point is handling all the administrative tasks of the WAALT as well as of the AALT. The demand for the creation of new accounts at the beginning will probably be substantial, so that there may be a little delay. Since the creation of each account is relatively simple, however, the delay on any given request should be relatively short and will get better as initial requests taper off.