CP 154, 7

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The Cecil Papers at Hatfield House

CP Volume 154 Folio 7
HMC Volume 1 Page 277 Number 909
Haynes Page 404 Number 405

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

7 Aug 1563 Memoryall at Wyndsor contra a Gallos

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

TO send for the French Embassador, to expostulat the deteyning of Sir N. Thrmorton.
To send to the French Kyng to demand hym.
To inform the Spanish Embassador therof.
To procure as many as can be, to sett Shipps of Warr to the Seas, to offend France.
To distress the Newland fishyng, and to gyve them as much Liberty as may be well devised, to distress or empeche the Herryng fishyng.
To cause some hable Persons to putt the fifteen French Shipps, that ar in Portsmouth, to the Seas.
To prohibitt all byeng of any Wynes of the Growth of France.
And for the Prize Wynes, the Quene's Majesty to have and bye them uppon a Pryce; and to paye Duety for them, and therby to exclude all colloryng of Wynes by the Subjects.
To prohibitt the carryeng of New-Castle Coles to the French.
To appoynt a certen Nomber of Shipps to kepe the Passadg betwixt Thamiss Mouth and Flanders.
To consider how the Fleete, that shall kepe the narrow Seas maye be mayntened with some reasonable Chardg.
To sett an Impost uppon the Renish Wynes.
To looke well to Barwyk, and to appoynt furthwith a Captayn there, and a Marshall