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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1732 C78/, no. []
1732 20 Jan 5 Sir Phillip Yorke, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of the Reverend Richard Troyte, rector, parson and incumbent of Silverton, Devon; and also of Roger Chamberlain; and John Warren, churchwardens; and John Wills; Robert Comings; and Thomas Carpenter, overseers of the poor of said parish v. John Richards, merchant C78/1744, no. 4 [2]
1732 24 Jan 4 Richard Children gentleman v. Guy Lloyd esq and William Arnold gentleman C79/11, no. [3]
1732 25 Jan 5 Anne Morrice; Judith Morrice; and Elizabeth Morrice, spinsters, the three surviving daughters of Humfry Morrice of London, esq by Judith his first wife, the said Elizabeth Morrice being an infant by said Anne and Judith Morrice, her sisters; and also of said Thomas Lee of Hartwell, Bucks, baronet, the surviving executor of Dame Elizabeth Lee his late wife; and Thomas Lee; William Lee; and Anne Lee, children of said Sir Thomas Lee their father; and also John Claxton, & Sarah his wife; and Brown Claxton their only child, an infant, by said John Claxton his father; and Anne Sandes, widow v. Katherine Morrice, widow and executrix of said Humfrey Morrice C78/1734, no. 6 [4]
1732 28 Jan 4 Charles Oxley; Leonard Metcalfe; and John Storzaker executor of George Storzaker his father v. Abraham Smith; Jane Smith, widow; Charles Mann & Jane his wife; John Smith; and Elizabeth Smith C79/19, no. [5]
1732 28 Jan 5 David Langton; Richard Archer; and William Codd v. John Flindell C78/1936, no. 3 [6]
1732 3 Feb 5 William Jenkins executor of Sarah Evans widow v. Ann Hall and Thomas Hall C79/183, no. [7]
1732 3 Feb 5 Robert Serle, infant, by Arthur Vansittart, esq v. Anne serle, widow; Peter Serle, infant, by said Anne Serle, mother and guardian; John Hanmer, esq; Roger Hudson, baronet; William Guidott, esq; and Rebecca Vincent C78/1751, no. 5 [8]
1732 3 Feb 5 Richard Bently, doctor in divinity, master of the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, University of Cambridge of King Henry's Foundation; and the Fellows and Scholars of the same College v. Jane Cooper, widow and executrix of John Cooper, esq; John Gilbert, esq; and Thomas Andrews, esq C78/1743, no. 4 [9]
1732 4 Feb 5 Ann Evelyn; Elizabeth Evelyn; and Mary Evelyn infants by Mary Evelyn widow (since the wife of Charles Boone, esq, their mother) v. Edward Evelyn; and james Worsley esqs AND v. Thomas Forth esq; and Thomas Cragg, gent, both since deceased; and James Evelyn an infant son of the said Edward Evelyn C78/1831, no. 4 [10]
1732 5 Feb 5 John Papillon gentleman v. William Voyte; Set Steer; and John Cledhill C79/80, no. [11]
1732 8 Feb 6 Caleb Lomax, esq, son and heir of Caleb Lomax, esq, by Mary his wife, an infant by Thomas Rose his grandfather v. John Holmden, & Ruth his wife; and John Holmden their son; Thomas Beech, & Anne his wife; and Anne Tyrrell, spinster, daughter of said Anne by her former husband; John Tyrrell deceased; Graves Martin, & Elizabeth his wife; William Hucks, son and heir of Fiducia Hucks; Richard Clay, & Martha his wife; and Richard Clay their son, the said Ruth, Anne, Elizabeth, Fiducia, and Martha being the five sisters of Caleb Lomax the complainant's father; Anne Mathews, spinster, one of the executrices of Caleb Lomax the complainant's father; May Lomax, widow, complainant's mother; and Anne Lomax, spinster, his sisters C78/1740, no. 3 [12]
1732 9 Feb 5 Anne Colmore, wife of Thomas Colmore of London, merchant, by Isaac Milner of the same place, merchant v. Katherine Morice, widow and executrix of Humphry Morice, esq C78/1697, no. 6 [13]
1732 17 Feb 5 Sir Phillip York, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of William Healy and Dorothy his wife v. Charles hall, esq; and others C78/1798, no. 2 [14]
1732 18 Feb 5 John Morgan; and Thomas Morgan, an infant, said John Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan and Lettice Morgan spinsters, brothers and sister and also legatees of Edward Morgan; Elizabeth Lloyd, widow; and Richard Rees vintner, creditors of said Edward Morgan for themselves and for the other creditors v. David Morgan, gent, brother and heir of said Edward Morgan; and David Edwards, esq; and James Dalton, gent, devisees in trust of said Edward Morgan; and Sackville Gwynne, esq C78/1710, no. 5 [15]
1732 24 Feb 5 William Hatlows, esq v. William Bambrigge, esq; and Dymocke Cawdron, gent C78/1838, no. 8 [16]
1732 24 Feb 5 Gervas Balgny of Hope, Derbs, gent, brother and devisee and also executor of John Balgney of Hope, esq v. James Hamilton; Henry Balgny; and Phiullippa Balgney C78/1743, no. 7 [17]
1732 25 Feb 5 Thomas Taylor, gent, son and heir of Shadrack Taylor v. John Truster an infant, son and heir of John Truster; John Atwood, gent, assignee under a commission of bankruptcy of John Trustee; and Benjamin Covert, esq C78/1816, no. 3 [18]
1732 26 Feb 5 Jane Best; Anne Best; Smalbrook Best; and John Best, the four children of Smalbrooke Best by the Susannah Best (his second wife), infants by Robert Jacomb, esq v. Susannah Best, widow and administratrix of said Smalbrooke Best; Fielding Best; Sarah Best; Dorothy Frances best; and Bridget Best, children of the said Smalbrook Best (by his former wife); Thomas Blencowe, esq; and Henry Jacombe, gent, executors of Henry Perris; and John Wells, executor of Brown Wells C78/1767, no. 8 [19]
1732 29 Feb 5 Edward Brown, esq; Samuel Weaver; Philip Tyrrell; David Bordit; Mary Southam, widow; Frances Skipper, widow; Catherine Turner, widow; John Garnell, & Mary his wife; John Litchell, & Bridget his wife; Samuel Vegus; Palmer Brown by Anthony Brown, gent, his guardian; and Frances Brown, spinster v. John Langley; and Richard Humphrey, executors of Samuel Brown; (added later:) Sir Philip York, Attorney General C78/1831, no. 1 [20]
1732 3 March 5 Mary Kemble widow and relict and administratrix of Anthony Kemble mercer v. Richard Kemble C79/72, no. [21]
1732 3 March 5 Susanna Steavens, an infant, by Humphry Ambler v. Thomas Steavens, esq now Sir Thomas Steavens, knight; and Richard Steavens C78/1746, no. 7 [22]
1732 6 March 5 Margaret Northleigh widow and relict of Stephen Northleigh esq and Margaret Northleigh; and Mary Northleigh infants by said Margaret Northleigh their mother v. Edward Yard esq and John Pollexfen esq C78/2078, no. 1 [23]
1732 14 March 5 Granvile Wheler, esq v. Thomas Sharpe, doctor in divinity, & Judith his wife; Jonathan Shere, gent, & Bridget his wife; Robert Hutton; Grace Hutton; and George Hutton, infants by their guardian; Frances Middleton, widow and administratrix of Ralph Middleton; Frances Middleton; Grace Middleton; and Richard Middleton, infants by their guardian; Frances Wheler; John Smith; Grace Smith; Mary Smith; and Elizabeth Smith, infants by their guardian; George Grey, esq; John Hutton, gent; and Sir Phillip York, knight, Attorney General C78/1768, no. 10 [24]
1732 15 March 5 Morris Richards v. Herbert Burges; Joanna Nicholls widow and executrix of Roger Nicholls her late husband and Elizabeth Richards wife of the said Mirris Richards C79/72, no. [25]
1732 25 March 5 Gaspard Sellon; and Claudius Aubert v. Richard Lewin; John Smith; Ricahrd de Titterton; William Seward; John Wastell; Scipio Guy; James Crossett; James Low Kilmain; and Patrick Garson C78/1814, no. 11 [26]
1732 1 April 5 Sir Samuel Marwood, baronet v. Cholmley Turner, esq, & Jane his wife; and Jane their daughter Marwood; William Turner; Henry Pierce, esq; Edward Place, esq, & Mary his wife; and Sir John Stapleton, baronet Trust settlement of the estate of William Marwood of Little Busby, Yorks on his nephew Sir George Marwood, the complts grandfather. Marriage settlement of Henry Marwood & Mrs Margaret Darcey, his first wife, daughter of Lord Darcey. Estate in Little Busby, Ayton, Stainton, Stokesley, Carleton, Nunthorpe & Nunhouse, Yorks. Marriage settlement of Henry Marwood & Dorothy his second wife, daughter of Allan Bellingham. C78/1741, no. 1 [27]
1732 18 April 5 The Attorney General at the relation of John Lush and Joseph Marsh church wardens of St Edmonds within Salisbury, Wilts v. Henry Popray; George Ellis; and Timothy Guest & Lydia his wife C78/1936, no. 1 [28]
1732 19 April 5 Elizabeth Ray; and James Ray, executors of Robert Ray deceased; Robert Tomlinson; and John Copley v. Anne Metcalfe; Richard Green; Elizabeth Brearey, widow; Henry Brearey; and Elizabeth Brearey, spinster C78/1697, no. 7 [29]
1732 22 April 5 Arthur Ashley Sykes, doctor in divinity v. William Hall, & Elizabeth his wife; and William Triggs, esq C78/1751, no. 4 [30]
1732 26 April 3 William Lonsdale of Stockton [Stockton-on-Tees], Durham, grocer; William Deighton; and Elizabeth Denton of Stockton, widow; Robert Wright of the same place, gent; and Thomas Watson of Stockton, merchant, creditors of said Thomas Sutton v. Elizabeth Sutton, the daughter; Elizabeth Sutton the mother; George Sutton; William Sutton; Jane Bowes; and John Rudd Debts of Thomas Sutton. Refusal to settle debts from the decds estate. Lands in Hartburne, Co Durham, surrendered to the use of Jane Bowes of Old Elwick, Co Durham & John Rudd of the City of Durham. C78/1749, no. 3 [31]
1732 26 April 5 Arthur Hollingworth of Battle, Sussex, gent v. Jacob Hollingworth; Gwynnett Freeman; and Bambridge Buckeridge C78/1701, no. 2 [32]
1732 28 April 5 Ann Mortimer, daughter of Ann who was the daughter of Henry Smith of Froom Selwood, Som, clothier, said Ann being an infant, by Edward Shrapnell of Trowbridge, Wilts, clothier v. William Bunn; John Collins; George Cure, & Elizabeth his wife; William Walter; James Singer; James Wickham; William Denmead; John Weaver; Henry Allen; William Osbourne; Thomas Eames; William Wise; Thomas Chandler; Thomas Sere; and Edward Mortimer C78/1789, no. 5 [33]
1732 28 April 5 Ann Mortimer the daughter of Anne the daughter of Henry Smith, an infant v. William Bunn; Elizabeth Smith, widow and relict of James Smith; William Walter; James Singer; William Denmead; John Weaver; Thomas Anns; William Wise; Edward Mortimer; Thomas Chandler; and Thomas Seer C78/1781, no. 11 [34]
1732 11 May 6 Thomas Cooper gentleman and Sarah Cock widow creditors of Daniel Cock deceased on behalf of themselves and otehr creditors of said Daniel Cock v. John Thornton & Letitia his wife and Daniel Cock an infant son of the said Daniel Cock C79/61, no. [35]
1732 11 May 5 Peter Gery v. Charles gery; Thomas Atney; and Samuel Sanders C78/1956, no. 3 [36]
1732 11 May 5 Jane Cart, widow v. William Stammers, & Sarah his wife C78/1697, no. 9 [37]
1732 17 May 6 George, earl of Warrington v. George Leigh, gent; Henry Leigh, jr, an infant; Sir Henry Mainwaring, an infant; Mary Saxon; Robert Parker; and William Hough C78/1767, no. 5 [38]
1732 25 May 5 George Henry, earl of Lichfield; Osmond Beauvoy esq; Oliver Marton gentleman; William Ashurst esq; and Thomas Ashurst gentleman executors of Robert Ashurst esq their late father; Thomas Harris esq; John Eyre esq; George Brown esq; Thomas Penson gentleman; and Sarah Chester widow and administratrix of Peter Chester doctor of divinity her late husband v. Gabriel Roberts esq; Augustine Woolaston esq; Bennett Langton esq executor of George Langton his late father; Phillip Roberts esq; William Goostrey gentleman; John Bainbrigg gentleman; and James Woollaston gentleman C78/2073, no. 2 [39]
1732 25 May 5 Seymour Loder, & Mary his wife; John Loder, & Jane his wife; John Jordan, & Anne his wife; John Carne, & Elizabeth his wife v. Robert Loder C78/1746, no. 5 [40]
1732 3 June 5 John Floyer, esq v. Humphry Sydenham, esq; Dame Alice St Barbe; and William Hawkins C78/1824, no. 7 [41]
1732 7 June 5 John Pritchard, & Ann his wife; and Katherine Joy, widow, which Ann and Katherine are executrices of Catherine Harris, widow v. Francis Goulding C78/1755, no. 7 [42]
1732 7 June 5 Thomas Rowley the second son; and Rebecca Rowley the daughter of John Rowley, infants by John Roberts of Nine Elms, Surrey, dyer v. John Ferrers, sr; and thomas Price, executors of John Rowley; Mary Rowley, widow; John Rowley; and James Rowley, infants by John Ferrers their guardian C78/1750, no. 4 [43]
1732 10 June 5 Benjamin Charlewood v. James St Amand, esq, administrator with the will annexed of James St Amand, esq C78/1743, no. 1 [44]
1732 19 June 6 Margaret Douglass of Hamm Court, Surrey, spinster v. David, earl of Portmore; John Crawford, & Mary his wife; and Gilbert Douglass C78/1702, no. 4 [45]
1732 22 June 6 Nicholas Dobree of Guernsey Island, merchant v. Jane Griffin, widow; William Hornby, & Elizabeth his wife; Ann Walker, widow; Grace Jackson; Frances Jackson, spinstgers; William Dobree; and Robert Grey, esq C78/1825, no. 11 [46]
1732 1 July 6 Henry Husey v. Rupert Hancock, & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Hewcy, esq; and Henry Warner, gent C78/1838, no. 6 [47]
1732 4 July 6 Charles Blois, baronet v. Elizabeth Betts, widow and executrix of Henry Betts her late husband; William Betts; Elizabeth Betts; Rebecca Betts; and Ann Betts; and Sir Peter Delme, knight C78/1836, no. 1 [48]
1732 5 July 6 John Ellis of St George the Martyr in Southwark, Surrey, & Mary his wife; and Anne Adgate of Beckingham, Kent, widow v. Stephen Monk, & Mary his wife C78/1703, no. 9 [49]
1732 7 July 6 Richard Barfoot, clerk v. Henry Prince; George Prince; and William Gindoff C78/1819, no. 2 [50]
1732 14 July 6 Robert lord Blantyre and The Honorable John Stewart; and Hugh Stewart brothers of the said Lord Blantyre v. James duke of Clandoise and St John Smith baronet; James Blake; Humphrey Walcott; Mary Stephens widow; and Benjamin Haskins Styles C79/183, no. [51]
1732 15 July 6 James Duffield executor of Edmund Duffield and administrator de bonis non of Sarah Duffield unadministered by James Isaackson & Mary his wife v. Francis Duffield and James Isaackson esq C78/2078, no. 4 [52]
1732 17 July 6 Thomas Cuthbert of St Anne's, Westminster, Middx, tallowchandler v. Samuel Philips; James Slaughter; Anthony Smith; and Elizabeth Fisher C78/1811, no. 2 [53]
1732 18 July 6 Edward Slater; Anne Slater; and Mary Slater, infants, only children of John Slater of London, merchant, by Mary Blundell v. John Akerman; William Staples; and William Farnworth, & Mary his wife C78/1751, no. 3 [54]
1732 18 July 6 Francis Frescobaldi v. Thomas Kinaston; and Philip Jones C78/1742, no. 13 [55]
1732 20 July 6 Arabella Bate; Sarah Bate; and Margaret Bate infants by Margaret Chambers their grandmother; and also Brownlow, earl of Exeter; and Hannah Sophia, countess of Exeter his wife; John Shore esq; and Thomas Gilborne gentleman v. William Bate, esq C79/61, no. [56]
1732 20 July 6 Nicholas Lechmere, esq, Attorney General, at the relation of Christopher Furnas and John Teasdale, churchwardens of Dutton [Dufton], Westmorland; and John Lindsay, clerk, minister of the same parish v. Jeffery Caruzu; and Graveley Norton C78/1756, no. 3 [57]
1732 25 July 6 John Spong v. Richard Bartholomew; Thomas Berryman; and William Berryman C78/1812, no. 17 [58]
1732 25 July 6 Mary Tanner; and Elizabeth Tanner, infants, by Frances Jackman; and the said Francis Jackman v. John Tanner; and John Valden; and John Ayling, gent C78/1772, no. 3 [59]
1732 25 July 6 Jane Rontree, an infant; and John Rontree v. John Hawkridge, & Ann his wife C78/1768, no. 14 [60]
1732 25 July 6 Richard Woodward, goldsmith and banker, administrator with the will annexed of Augustin Martin, esq v. Elizabeth Westbrooke; John Westbrook, infant by his guardian; William Trubshaw; John Shorter; Mary Martin, the only child and heir of said Augustin Martin the only child and heir of said Augustin Martin; Anne Blow; John Trubshaw; George Martin; Francis Martin; William Selwyn; and Christopher Emmett C78/1752, no. 2 [61]
1732 26 July 6 Abraham Da Costa Villa Real jr and Sarah Da Costa Villa Real by Abraham Da Costa Villa Real of London their grandfather v. Catherine Da Costa Villa Real and Joseph Da Costa C78/2065, no. 7 [62]
1732 14 Oct 6 Sarah Rawlins widow and relict of William Rawlins v. Elizabeth Rawlins spinster and Michael Rawlins Articles of agreement of 25 Nov 1725 among the said William Rawlins of the first part complainant by the name of Sarah Savidge spinster of the second part and Alexander Small of the third part concerning a marriage between the complainant and William Rawlins C78/2079, no. 2 [63]
1732 ?? 16 Oct 6 (sic) Richard Pierson, nephew and heir of Richard Pierson v. Joseph Wilson and Joseph Stubbs C78/1802, no. 4 [64]
1732 19 Oct 6 Elizabeth Cross, the wife of Trevill Cross, esq by Thomas Collins her father; and the said Thomas Collins v. said Trevill Cross, esq; and Daniel Pring, jr C78/1768, no. 16 [65]
1732 26 Oct 6 John Hay, esq v. Samuel Burton, esq C78/1734, no. 4 [66]
1732 9 Nov 5 Henry Read baker v. William Killingbeck & Ann his wife; John Masie; and Richard Rudgley C78/2048, no. 3 [67]
1732 14 Nov 6 Solomon Ashley of Westminster, esq, & Winifred his wife, daughter and sole executrix of Alexander Pitfield, esq, who was the sole executor of Dorothy Pitfield, his late wife, who had been the relict and sole executrix of Robert Boddington v. John Martin and William Martin, esqs C78/1801, no. 14 [68]
1732 16 Nov 6 Richard Samborne, gent; Charles Eyre, merchant; and Joseph Studley, gent v. John Thrale Huntman, son an dheir and administrator of Robert Huntman; William Hyde, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Harrison; and Thrale Walrond a bankrupt; and Cripe Gascoyne the assignee of his effects C78/1811, no. 7 [69]
1732 22 Nov 6 Ann Prideaux, widow and relict of Sir Edmund Prideaux baronet, who was the eldest son andheir of Sir Edmund Prideaux, baronet his late father v. Sir John Prideaux, baronet; Mary Prideaux; Ann Prideaux; Abraham Edwardson; Saundewon Prideaux; John Prideaux; Peter Prideaux; and William Wish C78/1744, no. 9 [70]
1732 29 Nov 6 Charlott Herne widow and relict of Thomas Herne esq; Thomas Herne esq; and Charles Herne; and Hanover Herne infants by said Charlotte Herne their mother v. Paston Herne esq eldest son and heir at law and also administrator of said Thomas Herne C79/111, no. [71]
1732 5 Dec 6 Henry Gloster & Mary his wife administratrix of Rebecca Austin widow v. Elizabeth Durman widow; Peter Cross; Rebecca Cross; and John Chase C79/51, no. [72]
1732 5 Dec 6 Ralph Egerton esq third son of Sir John Egerton baronet deceased; Francis Burton; Abigall Sisann widow; and Peter Spendelow creditors of the said Sir John Egerton v. Sir Edward Egerton baronet an infant; Dame Elleanor Egerton widow; Edward Mainwaring esq; and others (sic) C79/16, no. [73]
1732 5 Dec 6 Thomas Burke of St James, Westminster, Middx, vintner v. George Cuppage & Mary his wife; Burke Cuppage; Neville Ridley; Benjamin Mutchall; Charles Jones; and Stratford Canning C78/2075, no. 5 [74]
1732 7 Dec 6 Valentine Collins in right of himself and also as administrator of William Collins his brother; Mary Collins spinster; John Collins; Richard North & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Collins on behalf of himself and also as administrator of George Collins his brother; Francis Collins; and Nicholas Collins, children of Valentine Collins by Elizabeth his wife the daughters of William Sherrard the elder deceased; John Woolerton; and William Woolerton in right of himself and also as administrator of Mary Woolerton his sister children of Thomas Woolerton by Eleanor wife another of the daughers of the same William Sherrard the elder and [blank space] administrator of Mary Sherrard spinster only daughter of William Sherrard the younger v. Valentine Collins the elder; Thomas Woolerton; and William Sherrard C79/130, no. [75]
1732 12 Dec 6 Sir Edward Mansell, baronet, eldest son and heir of Edward Mansell, gent and since Sir Edward Mansell, baronet, & Dame Dorothy his wife formerly Dorothy Lloyd, widow, one of the sisters of Edward Vaughan, esq, administrator of Dame Dorothy, who was executrix of Sir Edward her husband and of Mary their daughter, and which said Sir Edward Mansell is also administrator de bonis non of Sir Edward his father v. Rawleigh Mansell, esq; James Jones, clerk; Anne Bentham; Elizabeth Bentham; Anne Barron, widow; Anne Barron, spinster; __ Lawford, late esq, & Magdalen his wife; Samuel Townesend, esq, & Dorothy his wife, who is administratrix de bonis non of Mary, her sister; Mansell Langdon; George Wharton; Thomas Lupton; Elizabeth Davies, executrix and Morgan Davies esq heir at law of Morgan Davies, esq; who was surviving trustee named in the will of the complainants father; and Thomas Wyndham, esq C78/1710, no. 3 [76]
1732 14 Dec 6 The Honorable John Chichester, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Newdegate, spinster; Sir Edward Newdegate, baronet; Roger and Juliana Newdigate infants, by Dame Elizabeth Newdegate; and William Stephens, esq, & Mary his wife; Gilbert Newdegate, esq; Samuel Boys the younger, esq; and Elizabeth, Philadelphia, Edward, and James Boys, infants by Samuel Boys the elder, esq, their father; Juliana Glegg, widow; and Francis, John, Millicent, and Charles Newdigate infants by Millicent Newdigate their mother v. John Newdigate, gent C78/1743, no. 9 [77]
1732 14 Dec 6 Margaret Burgoyne of Exeter, spinster, executrix of Dame Anne Northcote of Exeter v. Margaret White, administratrix of her late husband John White; Margaret White her daughter, an infant, who is heir at law to said John White her late father; Jane Yates, widow, sister of said John White; John Piesly; and George Piesly; and Robert Drury C78/1733, no. 7 [78]
1732 17 Dec 6 Mary Thompson, daughter and only child of Thomas Thompson an infant by Charles Colby, her guardian v. John Mariott; William Meale, brother and heir of John Meale, who was the heir of John Meale, who was the surviving trustee of William Clayton; and Thomas Sevenson C78/1777, no. 10 [79]
1732 19 Dec 6 William Gwynne, & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Hugh Edward her late husband v. Rees Edwards; Thomas Gwynne esqs; and Meredith James, gent C78/1776, no. 7 [80]
1732 19 Dec 6 Gislingham Cooper, esq v. Edward Sherwood, sr, esq; and Bulstrode Whitlock, esq C78/1744, no. 5 [81]
1732 C78/, no. []