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| 3
| Christopher Baldwin of Maidstone, Kent, and Mary his wife late widow of William Francklin late citizen and Broderer of London decd v. Jane Francklin
| Christopher Baldwin of Maidstone, Kent, and Mary his wife late widow of William Francklin late citizen and Broderer of London decd v. Jane Francklin
| Will of William Francklin, tallow chandler & soapmaker of Lambeth, Surrey, and widow's entitlement under the customs of the City of London
| re. will ('pretended will' 26 Mar) of William Francklin, died 26 Mar 1720 (sic), tallow chandler & soapmaker of Lambeth, Surrey, and widow's entitlement under the customs of the City of London; personal estate of about £1,500.
| C78/1423, no. 3 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1423/IMG_0037.htm]
| C78/1423, no. 3 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1423/IMG_0037.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1730 C78/, no. []
1730 13 Jan 3 Elizabeth Lee, widow, the administratrix of Elizabeth Lee, her late daughter and also executrix of Thomas Lee her late husband v. Creswell Hunt; John Heley; Thomas Harris; and Thomas, earl Conningsby re. conveyance 2 Nov 1681 £550, paid by William Hitchcock, Samuel Barrow & George Karver to Creswell Hunt and Mary his wife, a capital messuage called Great Marston in Heref. [? in par. Pembridge], with lands, meadows, pastures etc.... C78/1739, no. 5 [2]
1730 3 Feb 3 Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Fuller, doctor in physick on his own behalf and for the rest of the parishioners and inhabitants of Sevenoke [Sevenoaks], Kent v. John Daines; Thomas Everest; Robert Martin; Sir Charles Farnaby, knight and baronet; Thomas Lambard; William Bosvile; and Thomas Pettley, esqs re. will 4 Apr 1432 (sic), of William Sevenoke [d.1432], grocer of London, lands and tenements in Petty Wailes Street, par. All Saints, Barking near the Tower of London; bequest to Rector of Sevenoaks [funds for the foundation of almshouses and a school in the town of Sevenoaks, Kent]. C78/1769, no. 3 [3]
1730 5 Feb 3 Robert Dashwood, knight and baronet v. Richard Bytheway, esq re. sale 29 June 1687 all that ancient messuage with the appurtenances by William, earl of Craven [1608–1697] to Richard Bytheway, gent. in Leintwardine, Heref. called the Demesne House with barns, buildings, orchards, gardens and foldyards etc. and a cottage... C78/1808, no. 2 [4]
1730 7 Feb 3 The Attorney General at the relation of William Gordon and Nathan Firth v. Samuel Scott; Henry Smith; Thomas Carpenter; Ebenezer Dubois; John Morgan Zachary Gisbourne; Hester Gordon widow; Susanna King; the Master and Wardens of the Haberdashers Company of London; the Vicar and churchwardens of the Church and the bailiffs of Much Wenlock, Salop re. will 29 May 1717, of Joseph King, haberdasher (and bachelor) of the City of London and his considerable real and personal estate; bequests to relatives and charitable uses [ Aske's Hospital at Hoxton]. C78/1932, no. 7 [5]
1730 7 Feb 3 Thomas Glass; and Phillip Glass, executors of John Garrett of St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, merchant taylor, together with Elizabeth Glass and Susannah Glass the daughters of the complainant; Thomas Glass; Rebeccah Glass; and Bethiah Glass the daughters of the complainant Phillip Glass; Sarah Taylor; Sarah Beart; Elizabeth, Sarah and Susannah Beart; Phillp Beart; Martha Walrond; Phillip Walrond; Bethia Glass; Elizabeth Field; Elizabeth Lynam; and Elizabeth Cheney v. Joshua Pembroke, esq re. will 21 May 1728, of John Garrett of St Albands [Saint Albans], Herts, and 26 acres of land lying in or near St Albans; bequests. C78/1739, no. 4 [6]
1730 18 Feb 3 Thomas Lockyer v. John Simpson and John Brome esqs; and Lancelot Tolson Tilly re. will 25 Feb 1726, of Lancelot Tolson of Plaistow, Kent; considerable real and personal estate; bequests. C79/20, no. [7]
1729 19 Feb 3 Edmund Lassells citizen and goldsmith of London v. Humphry Resterloe; Sarah Thwaites alias (??) Bennett widow; John Simpson & Elizabeth his wife; John Squibb esq; Anne Rayner; and Elizabeth Rayner daughters and coheirs of John Rayner deceased; Thomas Adderley administrator of said John Rayner; Sir Mathew Jenison knight; Winchcombe Howard Parker esq; and Henrietta Winchcombe and others re. mortgage 1 Aug 1706 of the Rectory or Parsonage, tithes, glebe lands, meadows etc of Newark upon Trent, Notts., purchased by John Rayner from lady Mary Howard [dau. of Thomas, Earl of Berkshire]. C79/144, no. [8]
1730 19 Feb 3 Thomas Wright, executor of Thomas Wright; John Bateman, executor of John Bateman v. William Norcliffe; and Edward Jeffereys; and William Symonds; AND Edward Jefferys; and William Symonds v. William Norcliffe; and Thomas Wright; AND William Norcliffe v. Thomas Wright; John Bateman; William Symonds [vide 1730 C78/1817, no. 10] re. ordered and decreed on 8 December 12 year of Queen Anne [1713-14], that it should be referred to one of the Masters of this Court to take an account of was due to the complainant for principal and interest, and to tax him his costs of these suits and of his former suit with the lady Throckmorton... C78/1817, no. 8 [9]
1730 19 Feb 3 Thomas Burges, gent v. Sir Charles Napier, baronet, & Dame Melone his wife re. will of Thomas Burges (complt's father) died Bengal, Sept 1705; considerable personal estate in England, as well as beyond the seas, £5,000+; bequest to Mellone Napier (then his wife) £800... C78/1689, no. 4 [10]
1730 23 Feb 3 Granvile Wheler,esq [1701–1770] v. Jonathan Shere, gent, & Bridget his wife; Francisca alias Frances Wheler; Robert Hutton; Grace Hutton; George Hutton; Ralph Middleton, & Frances his wife; Thomas Sharpe, & Judith his wife; John Smith; Grace Smith; Mary Smith; Elizabeth Smith; George Grey, esq; John Hutton, gent; and Sir Phillip York, knight, Attorney General re. will 23 May 1719, and descent of property of late Sir George Wheler [1651-1724] to his two sons (elder is now deceased., other is complt.) and four married daughters; several real estates in City of London & in several counties and very considerable personal estate... C78/17668, no. 9 [11]
1730 25 Feb 3 Richard Phillipps, gent, son and heir of Richard Phillipps, esq, by Bridgett his wife and brother and heir to John Phillipps, gent, eldest son of said Richard Phillips by said Bridget his wife and also brother na dheir of Daniel Phillipps second son of the said Richard Phillipps by said Bridget his wife v. Thomas Phillipps and James Johnson; and others re. marriage agreement John Phillips (complt's brother) and Mary, only dau.and heir of John Phillips (complts' father's eldest brother [sic]); messuage , tenement and demesne called Dolehaydd in par. LLangeler & ?Pemboyre in Camarthenshire... C78/1798, no. 1 [12]
1730 28 Feb 3 John Sutton clerke & Muriel his wife v. Watkin Williams Wynne esq; Samuel Littlehales; John Green; Charles Baldwin; and John Ward re. descent of considerable freehold estate of late Francis Berkely [Francis Berkeley MP)] in ?Eaton and Astley in liberty of Shrewsbury {Salop]... C78/1932, no. 6 [13]
1730 5 March 3 Richard Prince, gent, & Jane his wife v. Joseph Barton re. marriage agreement about 1700, Richard Prince and Jane; £180 p.a. to be settled on Jane and sum of £1,800 on Richard; terms and conditions. C78/1772, no. 6 [14]
1730 6 March 3 Harry Rodney, esq v. Henry Holt; and William Morgan, esq re. complt. appointed 2 July 1702, captain, in company commanded by lieutenant-general Henry Holt until 5 Oct 1713 when complnt. disbanded; pay due... C78/1710, no. 4 [15]
1730 7 March 3 Mary Clarke, spinster, heir at law also devisee in remainder in fee of William Clarke thentofore citizen and merchant taylor of London, her late great uncle, an infant of 16 years, by Mary Clarke her mother v. Mary Wright, widow; Elizabeth Johnson; Joseph Eve, & Agnes his wife re. will 21 Oct 1691, of William Clarke (complt's great uncle) and descent of manor of Cockermouth, and certain lands, tenements and hereditaments in or near Dagenham and Barking, Essex. C78/1706, no. 6 [16]
1730 14 March 3 Edward Brasier, & Anne his wife v. Thomas Edlyne, brother and heir and also devisee of Wall Edlyne; William Manlove, gent; and William Seller, executors of Samuel Manlove; and Thomas Truston, gent re. loan £60 10s, 4 March 1723, by late Wall Edlyne (complt's Ann's brother) from Edward Brasier, secured by promissory note; will of Wall Edlyne... C78/1790, no. 6 [17]
1730 25 March 3 Susanna Guillum widow and relict of John Guillum and also one of the sisters in law of Richard Michell late of Cheshunt, Herts; Susanna Guillum spinster; John Guillum; John Cook of Royston, Cambs, gentleman & Ann his wife; Smauel Guillum; and Peter Guillum, the said Susanna Guillum spinster, John Guillum the son, Ann the wife of John Cook, Samuel Guillum, and Peter Guillum are the sons and daughters of the said Susanna Guillum widow; the said Peter Guillum being an infant by Susanna his mother v. Samuel Hannott esq; William Hughes; George Hames; and Richard Michell re. will 18 Jan 1719 of Richard Mitchell; divers lands tenements and hereditaments to a considerable value; legacies, bequests and devises. C79/129, no. [18]
1730 26 March 3 Henry Fisher esq & Mary his wife v. Philip Wiltshire esq and Thomas Western gentleman re. marriage agreement 9 Dec 1721, Henry Fisher & Mary; manor, messuages, lands and tenements in Portsmouth [Hants.] to be conveyed from John Fisher (complt. Henry's elder brother) after his decease... C78/2048, no. 8 [19]
1730 26 March 3 The Honorable John Bligh, esq, second son of the Right Honorable John, late earl of Darnley, an infant by the Honorable Colonel John Bligh; and John Doweall, esq, one of the executors of the said late earl v. Edward, lord Clifton of Great Britain and earl of Darnley , Ireland AND v. Elizabeth Bligh and John Taney the two other executors of the late earl re. descent of lands of John, late earl of Darnley [1687–1728)], viz. manor of Portlester in barony of Lune, in co. Meath, Ireland, and of the site of mansion house of Rathmore with 300 acres land with farms... Cobham hall and park & divers other manors and messuages in Kent and Middx. and elsewhere... C78/1800, no. 12 [20]
1730 7 Apr 3 Christopher Baldwin of Maidstone, Kent, and Mary his wife late widow of William Francklin late citizen and Broderer of London decd v. Jane Francklin re. will ('pretended will' 26 Mar) of William Francklin, died 26 Mar 1720 (sic), tallow chandler & soapmaker of Lambeth, Surrey, and widow's entitlement under the customs of the City of London; personal estate of about £1,500. C78/1423, no. 3 [21]
1730 13 April 3 George Bourne of Enfield, Middx, esq v. Roger Tuckfield; Edmund Wise; Henry Tuckfield; and Thomas Tuckfield, infants by their guardian; John Green, & Mary his wife; and William Gilbert, gent C78/1781, no. 5 [22]
1730 15 Apr 3 Ralph Scott and Susannah his wife executrix of Hannah Edwards who was the widow and executrix of Mathew Edwards decd v. Richard Dance; Richard Burges; Joseph Beeton; and Richard Pretty Mortgage by Richard Dance to Mathew Edwards of the lease of a parcel of ground in St Gyles in the Fields, Middx, near New Belson Street on the south side of Vinegar Yard. C78/1447, no. 4 [23]
1730 15 April 3 Mary Heather of London, widow, executrix of Burgess Slater of Lambeth, Surrey, gent v. John Heather; and William Heather C78/1742, no. 4 [24]
1730 18 April 3 George Cartwright esq v. Robert Harniss; and John Harniss C78/1779, no. 3 [25]
1730 21 April 3 Michael Burnett, gent, & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Daniel Cox of London, doctor in phisick by Rebecca his wife who was the only daughter of John Coldham alias Couldham late of Tooting Graveney, Surrey, esq, the complainant's grandfather v. Francis Rhodes, & Margaret his wife; and Charles Robins, esq C78/1808, no. 1 [26]
1730 21 April 3 Anthony Tripe of Exeter, goldsmith, the only executor and residuary legatee of Elizabeth Cross, widow, the relict of Edward Cross of Exeter, esq, who died intestate in the lifetime of said Elizabeth his wife, who was one of the daughters of William Trevill, esq v. Trevill Cross, esq; William Maunder; William Prowse; Harry Trelawny, esq; Charles Trelawny, esq; Thomas Lethbridge; William Gyllett, clerk; Joan Lethbridge; and Bodley Spettigue C78/1698, no. 2 [27]
1730 25 April 3 Bernard Mason of Thornbury, Herefs, laborer, eldest son and heir of Thomas Mason late of the parish of Felton, Herefs, yeoman v. John Prise of Wisteston [Wistaston], Herefs, esq C78/2074, no. 7 [28]
1730 27 April 3 John Hyde of Kingston Lisle, Berks, esq v. Francis Hyde C79/60, no. [29]
1730 28 April 3 William Andrews, gent v. Robert Hales, & Sarah his wife; and Littleton Poyns Meynell; and (added later:) William Dawson C78/1542, no. 4 [30]
1730 1 May Rose Pannell spinster v. Shelly Wankford and John Littell C79/97, no. [31]
1730 1 May 3 Rowland Drew the younger; Prudence the wife of John Griffiths; John Drew; and Anne Drew, the children of Rowland Drew; and said John Griffiths v. Phillip Jones; Prudence Jones; John Jones; and Robert Jones, the children of Winifred Jones; and Thomas Kynaston C78/1730, no. 5 [32]
1730 5 May 3 Joseph Woodward of London cornfactor assignee of the estate and effects of George Halliday late of Berwick upon Tweed merchant v. James Blair and the said George Halliday C78/2074, no. 6 [33]
1730 5 May 3 Theodore Darley of Northill [North Hill], Corn, esq v. Stephen Revell; Sarah Darley, his the said Theodore's wife; Elizabeth Ackland; John Lufkey; Thomas Darley, & Sarah his wife; John Treharne; Judith Smithurst; James Tregeare; William Ruddle, clerk; John Dingley; Richard Couch of South Petherwin; Richard Couth of St Dominick; William Sheere; John Rudge; Thomas Issaac; Robert Combe; Edward Couch; John Avery; Decory Pearse; Stephen Hoskin; Thomas Harvey; Henry Hutchnantt, clerk; Robert Rawlin; John Reed; Roger Edgecombe; John Burrow; Grace Harvey; John Balt; Richard Spour; Emanuell Budge; Michael Jasper; Robert Hodge; William Bant; Robert Browne; William Palmer; Christopher Wadge; John Combe; Christopher Pillow; Peter Dingley; Samuel Courtis; Ricahrd Wadge; Nicholas Evans; John Perrivall; Edward Deacon C78/1733, no. 5 [34]
1730 6 May 3 Winifrid Davis; Elizabeth Davis, spinsters, two of the granddaughters of Roger Collings of Carbeal in the parish of Antony [or Trevanta], Corn, gent v. James Tillie C78/1798, no. 8 [35]
1730 12 May 3 John Taylor of Rotherhithe, Surrey, cook v. John Jesson C78/1818, no. 1 [36]
1730 13 May 3 Juana Roderigues Miranda als Juana de Mansilla (only sister and next of kin to Don Francisco Dias de la Puebla decd); Francisco als David Roberigues Miranda and James als Isaac Miranda of London merchants (the said James being administrator of the said Don Franco Dias de la Puebla) v Francisco Manrique Lewis Francis de Paramo; The governor & company of the Bank of England; and the Governor & company of merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas and other parts of America & for encouraging the Fishery; and Anthony de Costa Estate of Franco Dias de la Puebla, provider general of the Spanish Army in the Low Countries, who died intestate in France 1707. C78/1401, no. 6 [37]
1730 13 May 3 Sir Philip York, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Miles Martin of Malinsbury [Malmesbury], Wilts, gent v. Thomas Estcourt; and Edmund Estcourt of Burton Hills in Malmsbury, Wilts, gent; William Hodges; Walter Hodges; and Gilbert Gastrell of Tetbury, Glouc, gent C78/1780, no. 20 [38]
1730 15 May 3 Robert Bacon of Misley, Essex, carpenter v John Ward; William Mason Complt's employment by John Tyssen of Wolverston Hall [Woolverstone Hall], Suffolk to build a dwelling house, malting office, kiln mill & sinder oven at Wolverston, and subsequently by John Ward when John Tyssen absconded from his creditors [see also 1735 C78/1747, no. 1]. C78/1398, no. 1 [39]
1730 15 May 3 Peircy Griffith and Alicia his wife administrarix of Joseph Bennet late of Hornchurch Hall, Essex decd v. John Ward; and John Wyburt Lease by John Ward of Hackney to the decd Joseph Bennett of Tythe corn, petty tythes, dwelling house & other property in Hornchurch, and debts of Joseph Bennett. C78/1449, no. 1 [40]
1730 15 May 3 Francis John Tyssen only son and heir of Francis Tyssen then late of Shacklewell in the parish of Hackney, Middx decd; and Mary Tyssen only daughter of the said Francis Tyssen decd, infants by Osmond Beavoir their uncle v. Samuel Tyssen executor of John Tyssen decd; and John Tyssen an infant, son and heir of the said John Tyssen decd; Mary Tyssen, widow; William Tyssen; William Cooke; John Ward; John Theodum; Thomas Burgess; Dame Hester Child and Sir Cesar Child, and previously v. Rachael Tyssen, mother of the plaintiffs; John Tyssen then of Hackney, one of the brothers and sole executor of Francis Tyssen decd; William Tyssen and Samuel Tyssen, infants, brothers of the said John Tyssen and Francis Tyssen C78/1493, no. 13 [41]
1730 27 May 3 Benjamin Haskins Stiles esq; William, duke of Devonshire; Robert, lord Kingley; Francis Charteris, esq; Samuel Dunstar, doctor in divinity; Charles le Bass, esq; Rene Benowyn, merchant; Frederick Frankland, esq; John Neat, esq; Thomas Pitt, jr, esq, lord Londonderry, Ireland; William Gibbons, doctor of physick; Edward Young; Roger Williams; and Thomas Blunt for themselves and all other judgment creditors of Phillip, duke of Wharton and marquis of Malmesbury v. Phillip, duke of Wharton and marquis of Malmsbury; and Martha, duchess of Wharton; Alexander Denton, esq; Thomas Gibson; John Jacob; and Robert Jacomb C78/1751, no. 1 [42]
1730 29 May 3 Thomas Wright executor of Thomas Wright; and John Bateman, executor of John Bateman v. William Norcliffe; and Edward Jeffryes, esqs; and William Symonds AND Edward Jeffryes; and William Symonds v. William Norcliffe; and Thomas Wright AND William Norcliffe v. Thomas Wright; John Bateman; and William Symonds C78/1817, no. 10 [43]
1730 29 May 3 Mary Mitchell, widow; Robert Mitchell, & Elizabeth his wife; James Jacobson, & Mary his wife; Elizabth Hopkins, widow; Anne Deane; and Mary Deane; and Anne Deane, infants by said Mary Deane their mother; John Rand, & Sarah his wife; and William Rand; Martha Rand; Sarah Rand; and Elizabeth Rand, infants by said John Rand their father; Joseph Rand; Deborah Rand; and John Smith, & Mary his wife v. James Hale; John Cartlitch; Sir Joseph Eyles; John Heron; John Ridout; Thomas Phillipps; John Hatley; Sir Harcourt Masters; Sir John Eyles; William Billers, esq; Joseph Brooksbank; Thomas Styles; Samuel March; Sir George Caswell; Joseph Beachcroft; and Jerom Knapp C78/1749, no. 5 [44]
1730 30 May 3 Peter Vavasour of Haslewood [Hazlewood near Leeds], Yorks, esq commonly called Sir Peter Vavasour v. Edward Marshall C78/1769, no. 5 [45]
1730 Trinity Term (bill) 3 James Smith, esq v. Henry Bromley, esq, surviving executor of Richard Mead esq, & Frances his wife; Francis Wiatt, esq,& Elizabeth his wife; Ann Mead, widow and relict of Richard Mead; and James Blake, esq C78/1799, no. 8 [46]
1730 2 June 3 William Hinton of London, vintner; John Newton of London, uypholder; Thomas Guybon of London, gent; Mary Whitworth of London, widow; Richard Richardson of London, carpenter; Christiana Reynoldson of London, widow; Francis Bostock of London, peruke maker; Joseph Gurney of London, joiner; Jonathan Castledine of London, tayler; Roger Gale of London, tallowchandler; Obediah Donne of London, blacksmith; John Glover of London, merchant; Nathanill Blandford of London, gent; Jane Marsh of Dunstable, Beds, spinster; Anne Littlefild; and Rebecca Randell of London, widow; and Frances Bird, executrix of Richard Bird of London, printer v. Joane Scott, widow; Robert Scott; Robert Reyneldson, & Elizabeth his wife; Michael Philips; and Christopher Smith C78/1780, no. 15 [47]
1730 3 June 3 Penelope Chester; Elizabeth Chester; Anne Chester; Catherine Diana Chester; Dorothy Chester; and Mary Chester, the six daughters and coheirs of Sir William Chester of Brook [?Brooksby], Leics, baronet, infants by Dame Penelope Chester their mother v. Sir John Chester, baronet; Dame Frances Chester; John Toller, esq; Sir Pynsent Charnock, baronet; William Hewett; and Francis Duncombe, esqs C78/1798, no. 9 [48]
1730 4 June 3 Gyles Watts, & Jane his wife, who was niece and heir at law of Jane Sharpe late of Battle, Sussex, widow, that is, only daughter of James Relfe of Newington, Surrey, mercer, who was eldest brother of said Jane Sharpe v. Richard Relfe; Thomas Back; John Hendley, & Jane his wife; Humphrey Holland, & Jemima his wife C78/1809, no. 1 [49]
1730 8 June 3 John Downes and Edward Kitchin v. Hugh Southerland and Matthew Teeme C79/96, no. [50]
1730 8 June 3 Robert Loder of Letchlade, Gloucs, gentleman v. Semour Loder clerk & Mary his wife; John Loder gentleman & Jane his wife; John Jordan gentleman & Ann his wife; and John Carne esq & Elizabeth his wife; and others (sic) C78/2047, no. 1 [51]
1730 8 June 4 John Sabell of Wadesmith Street, Herts, malster v. Thomas Kilpin, esq; John Turner; Walter Pettyward, esqs; and John Gardner, an infant C78/1742, no. 11 [52]
1730 9 Jun 3 James Field of St Neots, Hunts v. John Hooper, clerk Will of Thomas Jackson of St Neots decd and settlement on marriage of his widow Sarah and the complt. C78/1423, no. 1 [53]
1730 13 June 4 Henry Revell of Gainsborough, Lincs, the assignee of Thomas Harrison of York, mercer, under a commission of bankrupt v. Richard Chambers; Francis Buckle; Samuel Wand; and David Loyd C78/1742, no. 5 [54]
1730 16 Jun 4 Edward Rose of the parish of St James Clerkenwell, Middx, tallow chandler; and John Brown of the same parish, victualler, surviving executors of Abraham Thebridge late of the same parish decd v. Thomas Cox; Josiah Smith; and Mary Smith als Biffen Mortgage by Sir Charles Cox late of St Olave Southwarke, of messuages called The Two Brewers, The Spread Eagle, The Red Lyon, The Plaisterers Arms and The Dolphin, all in Mill Lane, St Olave Southwarke C78/1423, no. 4 [55]
1730 16 June 4 Jonathan Helder, nephew and heir of Richard Helder, esq and also cousin and heir of William Helder who was the only son of the said Richard Helder, that is to say, only son and heir of Mathew Helder who was the only brother of said Richard Helder and uncle of said William Helder v. Mary Helder, widow; Richard Sheppard, esq, & Anne his wife; and Larry Cross, gent C78/1787, no. 6 [56]
1730 18 June 4 Rebecca Fulcher widow for herself and the rest of the creditors of Josiah Knight late of London, cheese monger; and Mary Knight the widow of said Josiah Knight; and William Knight & Elizabeth Knight the younger children of said Josiah Knight infants by said Mary Knight v. Joseph Willett his guardian C78/1857, no. 5 [57]
1730 18 June 4 John Freke of London, barber surgeon v. Moses Owen, citizen and embroiderer of London; and Samuel Robinson of London, gent C78/1734, no. 1 [58]
1730 18 June 4 John Corbin of Longham in Hampreston, Dorset, gent; Henry Carew, gent; Aaron Boorne, yeoman; Joseph Warne, butcher; George Budden, gent; John Barrow, yeoman; James Hutchins, yeoman; William Frost, taylor; James Deane, yeoman; Edward Torbuck, gent; Thomas Bull, tallow chandler; Jane Wayman, widow, for themselves and other creditors of martin Biddlecombe the elder; and Martin Biddlecombe the younger of Merrytown in Christchurch, both deceased v. Rebeccah Biddlecombe, widow; Rebeccah Biddlecombe, spinster; Richard Biddlecombe; William Lacey; John Biddlecombe; and John Willis C78/1705, no. 4 [59]
1730 19 June 4 Nathan Hickman, gent v. Robert Holt, esq; Richard Worthington, gent; John Conyers; and Bridget Dade, widow C78/1767, no. 1 [60]
1730 20 June 4 Robert Hare of Digby, Lincs, gent, administrator with the will annexed of William Thornton, esq; William Thornton alias Rump; Ann Thornton alias Rump; and Martha Thornton alias Rump, infants by said Robert Hare v. Sir John Rodes, baronet, Francis Radcliffe, gent; Mary Chamberlen; Edward Hopkins, esq, & Anna Maria his wife; and Richard Luther, esq, & Charlotte his wife C78/1767, no. 3 [61]
1730 20 June 4 Christopher Crow, esq, the administrator of Charlotte, Lady Baltimore, his late wife v. Margaret, Lady Baltimore, widow; Charles, Lord Baltimore; the Honorable Roger North, esq; and Rob ert Webber, gent C78/1699, no. 1 [62]
1730 26 June 4 Kenelme Digby, esq, eldest son and heir of Simon Digby, gent, who was the brother and heir at law of John Digby esq v. Sir William Napier, baronet C78/1798, no. 7 [63]
1730 26 June 4 Elizabeth Tringham, spinster v. William Brome; Richard Traherne; and Stephen Phillips C78/1542, no. 2 [64]
1730 3 July 4 Robert Richardson & Elizabeth his wife v. John Sedgwick & Elizabeth his wife and Edmund Duckett C79/8, no. [65]
1730 6 July 4 John Wynne, gent v. George Wynne, esq, eldest son of said complainant by Jane his first wife; Evan Lloyd, gent; and others (sic) C78/1707, no. 7 [66]
1730 7 July 4 Benjamin Hoare, goldsmith v. Sir Edward Leighton, baronet C78/1843, no. 6 [67]
1730 7 July 4 Elizabeth Helder, spinster v. Joseph Parish C78/1769, no. 2 [68]
1730 10 July 4 Simon Beckley of London, scrivener v. William Newland, esq; Dame Rebecca Newland; Turgis Newland; and George Newland, esq, executors of Sir William Lewen C78/1781, no. 4 [69]
1730 13 July 4 John Roberts, esq, & Katherine his wife v. David Roberts, esq C78/1801, no. 11 [70]
1730 14 July 4 Richard Symons, surviving executor of Thomas Symons and executor of John Symons, and also administrator with the testament annexed of Eleanor Symons; David Chitty; and Robert Stamper v. Elizbeth, lady Romney; Robert, lord Romney, an infant; and Sir Edmund Probyn one of the justices of King's Bench C78/1779, no. 1 [71]
1730 16 July 4 Thomas Johnston an infant by John Raspin v. Thomas Owen; and Thomas Burdus, esq C78/1800, no. 14 [72]
1730 16 July 4 Isaac Milner; Ann Milner; and Godfrey Milner, children of Isaac Milner of London, merchant, infants, by Lyonel Copley, esq, their uncle v. Thomas Colemore, & Anne his wife C78/1747, no. 8 [73]
1730 17 July 4 Thomas Hayward an infant son and heir of Hugh Hayward who was son and heir of Thomas Hayward esq v. Thomas Beach; Robert Duke; Henry Biggs; Thomas Frances; Dorothy Mason; Phillip Hayward; and Edward Machen C79/62, no. [74]
1730 13 Oct 4 Lancelot Pearson of Stepney, Middx, yeoman v. Thomas Blake, & Anne his wife C78/1742, no. 7 [75]
1730 15 Oct 4 Robert Sandford v. Thomas Burdus, esq; and William Midford, gent C78/1709, no. 6 [76]
1730 20 Oct 4 John Scrimshire, gent; and James Fage, executors of Thomas Landey v. Piercy Griffith, & Alice his wife; Jane Bennett; and Thomas Diggles, & Sarah his wife C78/1786, no. 16 [77]
1730 26 Oct 4 Thomas Reeve, gent, & Alice his wife, youngest daughter of Sir Joseph Herne v. Penelope Herne, widow, relict, and executrix of Joseph Herne, esq; and Penelope and Catherine Herne their children, infant; Sir Lambert Blackwell; and Dame Elizabeth his wife; and John Borrett; Robert Chapman; and William Peer Williams, esq, executors of Thomas Frederick, esq, who was surviving executor of Sir John Frederick C78/1750, no. 5 [78]
1730 31 Oct 4 Robert Harrigate, son of Robert Harrigate of Newcastle upon Tyne, mariner v. George Hinckster; Mary Robson; Timothy Robson; Jane Tyzack; George Lliddell, esq; and Margaret Curry Will of Robert Harrigate of Newcastle, mariner, the complts grandfather, dated 30 May 1628. Complts rights to messuages etc in Newcastle, which had been bequeathed to the complts father, now decd, & his uncles, also decd, without issue. To his eldest son Richard the house called the Three Kings, after the death of his wife Elizabeth, to his second son John, the house where George Errington lived, to his 3rd son Edward the tenement where Thomas Air dwelt & to Robert his youngest son & Mary Harrigate his sister, tenements in Broad Garth in possession of Thomas Rotherford & widow Cornwall C78/1755, no. 3 [79]
1730 3 Nov 4 John Titford, & Amy his wife, now Amy Titford, widow, one of the daughters of Jacob Meulh, an infant, by Abraham Spencer, gent v. Joseph Du Casse; Samuel Meulh; and Anne Meulh C78/1790, no. 8 [80]
1730 4 Nov 4 John Herring, esq v. John Towne, & Mary his wife; George Reynolds; Thomas Hurst; John Wylsbore; and William Barker; and Mary Towne; William Towne; Bell Towne; John Towne; Dorothy Towne; Elizabeth Towne; and David Towne, the children of said John and Mary Towne C78/1738, no. 7 [81]
1730 9 Nov 4 Elizabeth Lonsdale, widow v. John Lonsdale; John Hargreaves; Miles Lonsdale; Henry Lonsdale; William Cooper; and Henry Watson, esq C78/1769, no. 6 [82]
1730 10 Nov 4 George Sparrow gentleman v. Henry Green esq; Thomas Watts; and Stonier Parrott Lease to ground called the Wast or Outer Wast in the common fields of the manor of Sow [Sowe in Coventry], Warks, for the purpose of mining coal. Ref also to Bill exhibited by the deft Parrott against the present complt Sparrow. C79/185, no. [83]
1730 12 Nov 4 George Cartwright, esq v. Robert Harness; and John Harness C78/1779, no. 14 [84]
1730 18 Nov 4 Robert Corker of Falmouth, Corn, esq v. Samuel Guys, esq; Thomas Tonkin, esq; Chambre Corker; Philip Webber;James tonkin, son and heir of said Thomas Tonkin; ___ Clarke; ___ Argoll; and ___ Drake C78/1732, no. 2 [85]
1730 19 Nov Thomas Barton and Joanna Hudson widow v. Rebecca Barton widow; (added later:) Thomas Newsham esq; William Nicholas an infant; Samuel Hartopp esq; and others (sic) C79/51, no. [86]
1730 20 Nov 3 Henry Nugent, son and heir of Edmund Nugent, gent, by Frances his wife, who daughter and heir of Henry Bynne v. William Hancock, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1750, no. 2 [87]
1730 24 Nov 4 Elizabeth Vincent of North Petherwin, Devon, singlewoman, executrix of Shadrach Vincent of Bratton Clovelly and also executrix of Mary Vincent, spinster her late sister v. Samuel Ennys; Henry Hawkins; Thomas Tonkin; William Roberts; and Margaret Oates; Samuel Kempe; Thomas Worth, & Margery his wife; and James Tonkin C78/1732, no. 4 [88]
1730 27 Nov 4 Everard Buckworth of Spalding, Lincs, gent v. Thomas Mufutell; John Peart; Anne Fox; Basil Berrcorte; Alice Arnold, widow; Richard Jackson C78/1780, no. 16 [89]
1730 1 Dec 4 Brockhill Newburgh, esq v. Charles Hayes; John Bourne; George Bishop; Thomas Bull; Sir Robert Dashwood, baronet; and John Perry, esq C78/1801, no. 2 [90]
1730 2 Dec 4 Leonard Jones, grandson of Leonard Jones decd v James Jones Legacy due from the will of Leonard Jones C78/1394, no. 3 [91]
1730 7 Dec 4 Sir Phillip Yorke knight Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Saunders; Willliam Wood; Arthur Schooly; John Saunders; Thomas Carter; George Cope; John Gregory; John Smith; George Turner; Phillip Schooly; and Benjamin Bateman inhabitants of the the parish of Brill, Bucks C79/97, no. [92]
1730 8 Dec 4 Henry Window, esq v. Samuel Cockerell, esq; and Abraham Wright C78/1710, no. 7 [93]
1730 9 Dec 4 Sir Cesar Child of Woodford Bridge, Essex v John Tyssen; John Ward; Richard Bell; Jeremiah Woolley; Henry Austin; Sarah Martins; William Croxton; Robert Brooke; and Sir Cesar Child Refs previous decree of 6 July 1719 in Cesar Child; Sir Cesar Child and Hester Child his wife v Sir James Edwards; Sir Llambert Blackwell; John Tyssen and others concerning agreements made on the marriage of Sir Cesar Child & Hester his wife, the current complts parents. C78/1397, no. 3 [94]
1730 9 Dec 4 Eugene Vaughan an infant by Jane Vaughan, spinster, his aunt v. Elinor Vaughan, widow; Nicholas Williams, baronet; Owen Brigstock, esq; Edward Jones; and others C78/1798, no. 5 [95]
1730 12 Dec 4 John Ley of Exeter, gent, one of the executors and devisees of John Drake of Bistock [Bystock], Devon, gent v. Phillis Drake; William Simons; and John Drake C78/1733, no. 3 [96]
1730 14 Dec 4 Thomas Harris, & Mary his wife, late Mary Hilley v. Robert Phelps; Joseph Phelps; and William Hilley C78/1778, no. 4 [97]
1730 15 Dec 4 Joshua Say; John Safery; John Youngs, & Ann his wife, administratrix of Mary Say of Norwich her late mother who was relict and one of the executors and residuary legatee of Samuel Say of Norwich, butcher v. John Drake of Wymondham, Norf, esq C78/1781, no. 6 [98]
1730 19 Dec 4 Thomas Abbott v. John Hicks and Ann Greening C78/1793, no. 20 [99]
1730 21 Dec 4 Joseph Unwin of Castle Hedingham, Essex, gent, executor of Mathias Unwin of the same, his late brother v. James Gray, esq C78/1742, no. 10 [100]
1730 21 Dec 4 William Mathews for himself and the other creditors of Sir James Lumley, baronet, a lunatic v. Elizabeth Neville, widow; the said Sir James Lumley, baronet; William Guidott; and Hildebrand Alington, esqs C78/1742, no. 8 [101]
1730 C78/, no. []