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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1727 C78/, no. []
1727 12 Jan Charles Corneforth gentleman v. James Boyes C78/2049, no. 11 [2]
1727 12 Jan 13 Sir Jeffery Jefferyes knight and alderman of the City of London; and William Symonds, gentleman on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Dame Frances Throgmorton, widow v. William Norcliffe; Thomas Wright; and others C78/1818, no. 6 [3]
1727 24 Jan 13 Thomas Sheppard; Frances Mason; Thomas Booth & Elizabeth his wife; William Chrichley yeoman; Stephen Urinson mariner & Dorothy his wife; Joseph Wall & Ann his wife; Benjamin Chrichley apothecary; Mary Rawlins; Peter Vanzill & Katherine his wife; Richard Backhouse; Thomas Chrichley; Benjamin Chrichley gentleman; Mary Chrichley; Jane Spencer; John Wright & Sarah his wife; and Hester Brown v. Thomas Smith C78/1857, no. 7 [4]
1727 28 Jan 13 William Gardiner, clerk v. James Cooke; Edward Griffith; and John Gyffith, clerks C78/1687, no. 4 [5]
1727 31 Jan 13 Bezaliel Brownsmith brother and heir of John Brownsmith v. Mary Gisbourne widow and Anne Gisbourne spinster C78/2062, no. 10 [6]
1727 16 Feb 13 Russell Presgrave v. Richard Herdman and Samuel Cawthorne C79/115, no. [7]
1727 16 Feb 13 Russell Presgrave v. Ricahrd Herdman; and Samuel Cawthorn C78/1834, no. 5 [8]
1727 6 Mar 13 Whitchcott Turner and Sarah his wife the only daughter and issue of Richard Willett, mercer decd, by Sarah his wife; and also Sarah Turner the only daughter and issue of the said Whitchcott Turner and Sarah his wife, an infant v. The said Sarah Willett; Thomas Willett; and Joseph Palmer Will of Richard Willett. C78/1424, no. 3 [9]
1727 7 March 13 Charlton Wollaston of Charterhouse Square [in Smithfield], Middx, esq, sole executor of William Wollaston of Charterhouse Square, clerk v. George Venables Vernon; Richard Vernon; and Thomas Vernon, esqs C78/1802, no. 2 [10]
1727 9 March 13 Humfry Sydenham of Dulverton [Combe, Dulverton], Som, esq, grandson and heir of Jane Sydenham who was on the grandchildren and coheirs of Dame Catherine Pole who was aunt and heir at law to Sir John St Barbe late of Broadlands, Som [?Hants], baronet, the said Humfry Sydenham being executor and residuary legateee of Sir John St Barbe v. John Flouer esq, and George Sydenham gent C78/1825, no. 4 [11]
1727 9 March 13 Richard Edgcombe, esq; Sir William Courtnay, baronet; William Cloberry, esq; John Coster, gent; Thomas Coster, gent; Nehemiah Champion; Sir Abraham Elton, baronet; Thomas Chambers; and John Essignton, esq, for themselves and for other adventurers, bounders, and proprietors in the waters, watercourses, mines, works, and undertakings hereinafter mentioned v. Joseph Sawse, esq; Francis Scoble, esq; Thomas Carlyon, gent; John Varson; John Pollard; Nathaniel Gumma; Mathew Walkey; and John John C78/1698, no. 1 [12]
1727 10 March 13 Benjamin Nodes of St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London and Thomas Pratt of the same parish innholders v. Samuel Higgs & John Prior C79/20, no. [13]
1727 15 March 13 John Remington, executor of Edward Remington v. William Baresby C78/1799, no. 2 [14]
1727 29 March 1 Thomas Hutchinson of Booten [Booton in Broadland], Norf, gent for himself and the other creditors of John Bayly of Ormesby, Norf, gent v. Margaret Bayley; John Ellis; and Theodocea Bayley C78/1724, no. 5 [15]
1727 19 April 13 William Caine gentleman v. Richard Combes; Edmund Bower; William Gill; and Thomas Dickenson C78/1860, no. 1 [16]
1727 21 April 13 Arthur Stone, gent v. William Pannett the elder; William Pannett the younger; John Stone an infant by his mother and guardian; and Roger Furner C78/1807, no. 2 [17]
1727 21 April 13 James Gambier of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Thomas Lehemp of St Anne's, Westminster, esq; Anne Mary Des Pares de Varenne, widow of David De Varenne le Bretonniere alias Bandett of St Anne's Westminster, esq; and Peter Francis Bellamy of St Andrews, Middx, gent C78/1686, no. 1 [18]
1727 29 April 13 Francis Foot of Grays Inn, Middx; and Stephen Langden of Bereferris [Bere Ferrers], Devon, yeoman v. Sir John Hobart, baronet; Thomas Marriott, late of Cliffords Inn, Middx, esq, since deceased; William Clayton; George Derry; and others (sic) C78/1682, no. 1 [19]
1727 1 May 13 Thomas Piddington & Elizabeth his wife; William Piddington their eldest son of full age; and Elizabeth, Mary, and Thomas Piddington infants their younger children by the said Thomas Piddington their father v. William Mayne; John Jervas; John Harris; and John Field C79/61, no. [20]
1727 1 May 13 Charles Rand of Cobert, clerk; and Henry Blackman v. John Burnand, gent C78/1687, no. 3 [21]
1727 5 May 13 Maurice Hunt, an infant by David Crawford; and the said David Crawford, surviving executor of Maurice Hunt, father to the said plaintiff Hunt v. Robert Blachford; Samuel Wheeley; John Blachford; Sir John d'Oyly; William Tipping; Francis Robson; Lady Paul Lord Neuman; The Mayor and Aldermen of Banbury; Michael Reynolds; William Knight; Robert Mignon, & Cecill his wife; Fiennes Twistleton, lord Say and Seal; and Edward Barber C78/1794, no. 19 [22]
1727 10 May 13 Oswald Dykes school master v. Fretchvile Dykes esq & Jane his wife; Mary Crosthwaite; Barbara Smithes; and Frances Salkeld C78/2051, no. 2 [23]
1727 12 May 13 Jacob George Legrand, merchant v. Peter Joseph Migliormy; Gerrard Van Neck; and Clay de Jamineau assignees of a commission of bankruptcy awarded against Sir Justus Beck, baronet; and the South Sea Company C78/1724, no. 3 [24]
1727 15 May 13 Joshua Ward v. John Dickins esq; John Bayly; John Pickersgal; Edmund Morris; Thomas Warren; John Farr; and Joshua Hattfield C78/1938, no. 7 [25]
1727 16 May 13 John Galton v. Thomas Mallack, & Benedicta his wife; Benedicta Mallack, jr; and Meliora Mallack their infant daughters; John Standerwick; Richard Denson; Humphry Phillimore; Robert Gummer; William Bradshaw; and Jeremiah Smith C78/1732, no. 5 [26]
1727 17 May 13 Roger Osbaldeston gentleman v. George Barney & Anne his wife; Samuel Gradwin; Richard Bull C79/16, no. [27]
1727 17 May 13 John Lamplee v. Jeremiah Harford, & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Lamplee; and Anne Lamplee C78/1793, no. 14 [28]
1727 17 May 13 John Harris v. John Ballard the elder and Thomas Symes, executors of William Harris; George Churcher the elder; and George Churcher; William Churcher; Richard Churcher; Elizabeth Churcher; and Sarah Churcher, infants, children of said George Churcher the elder by Robert Crowder their guardian C78/1778, no. 18 [29]
1727 6 June 13 Hester Hughes widow and administratrix of John Hughes her late husband v. Richard Cantillon sr; Richard Cantillon jr; and Francis Moor C78/2075, no. 8 [30]
1727 9 June 2 John Calvert; Thomas Harrison, administrator of Bethell Robinson; Mary Coply, widow and executrix of Samuel Copley, gent; William Savile; Anthony Jobling; George Body; Ralph Hawxwell; and Thomas Hird v. Elizabeth Conyers; and John Gilling C78/1748, no. 2 [31]
1727 12 June 3 Moses Hawkins, yeoman; George Dawes, baker, & Mary his wife; and Cuthbert Smith, distiller, & Sarah his wife; George Dawes, distiller; and Elizabeth Dawes, spinster; and William Dawes, which said Elizabeth and William were infants by the first named George Dawes their father and which said Sarah the wife of Cuthbert Smith; George Dawes the distiller; Elizabeth Dawes; and William Dawes were all the sons and daughters of then lliving of said mary Dawes, wife of said George Dawes the baker v. Samuel Mason C78/1703, no. 3 [32]
1727 17 June 1 Granado Pigott of Abington Pigotts, Cambs, esq; and Ann Pigott, an infant, daughter of said Granado Piggott by Ann his wife, who was the daughter of Thomas Sandes, a freeman and merchant of London by said Granado Pigott her guardian v. Humphrey Morice, esq; Sir Thomas Lee, baronet, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and John Claxton, esq, & Sarah his wife C78/1702, no. 1 [33]
1727 20 Jun 1 William Skelton v. John, Lord Bishop of London since decd; James Gibbon; and Edward Alexander Grant of the Office of Principal Register of London C78/1427, no. 3 [34]
1727 22 June 1 Charles Corneforth gentleman v. James Boyes C78/2049, no. 10 [35]
1727 27 June 1 Ann Upton an infant by Richard Mead, only child of Sarah Upton decd late wife of Richard Upton, and one of the sisters of Edward Cowper late of Strood in the parish of Slynfold [Slinfold], Sussex decd; and James Gratwicke, infants by their (sic) father Thomas Gratwicke (the said James Gratwicke and Ann Gratwicke being the children of the said Thomas Gratwicke & Martha Gratwicke his late wife decd who was another of the sisters of the said Edward Cowper); and Sarah Lawton, Harley Lawton & Eliz: Lawton children of Henry Lawton & Mary his wife, infants by Mary Weeks, widow, their grandmother v. Lawrence Cowper; Jane Cowper; widow; Charles Eversfeild; Thomas Willard the elder; Henry Lawton; John Bromfield; Edward Shelley; Thomas Parham; and Thomas Willard the younger C78/1481, no. 4 [36]
1727 28 June 1 Elizabeth Okington, widow v. Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Winchester; Peter Collins, since deceased; George Collins; and Nicholas Collins C78/1812, no. 2 [37]
1727 30 June 1 Anne Russell of St Margarets, Westminster, widow, lately the widow of Thomas Cox of said parish, esq v. Joseph Fisher C78/1643, no. 6 [38]
1727 6 July 1 Simon Urlwin v John Eyre executor of Henry Eyre decd; and William Plaxton administrator of John Ellis decd Mortgage by Mary Hodges decd or Catherine Hodges her sister in trust for her, of 2 pieces of ground, with messuages erected, in Crown Court, Westminster. C78/1400, no. 5 [39]
1727 6 July 1 Thomas Haskett of Salisbury, Wilts, esq v. Thomas Howe; and Edward Strong C78/1706, no. 3 [40]
1727 9 July 1 Elizabeth Randall of Cringleford, Norf, widow, daughter of Honor Love of Cringleford, Norf, widow; and Elizabeth Randall her daughter and only child of Stephen Randall her late husband (an infant by her said mother and next friend) and Edward Lunnis v. Thomas Randall, esq; and William Greenaway C78/1829, no. 6 [41]
1727 13 July 3 John Townsend, citizen and soapboiler of London v. John Townsend the son, & Mary his wife; Henry Townsend; Robert Townsend; John Townsend; Mary Townsend; Samuel Mellersh; William Mathew; Benjamin Townsend; Thomas Townsend; and Thomas Biggs C78/1705, no. 3 [42]
1727 15 July 1 Ralph Carr the younger son of Ralph Carr of Cocken [in Houghton-le-Spring par.], Durham, esq; Ralph Milbanke; Edward Milbanke; Mark Milbanke; John Milbanke; Francis Milbanke; and Acklombe Milbanke, the six sons of Sir Ralph Milbanke of Halnaby, Yorks, baronet; Robert Carr, son of Henry Thomas Carr, esq, the brother of the said Ralph Carr of Cocken; Ralph Carr the younger son of said Henry Thomas Carr; Henry Ellison the younger son of Harry Ellison of Parkhouse, Durham, esq; and Ralph Ellison younger son of the said Harry Ellison being all them infants by the said Ralph Carr of Cocken and Harry Thomas Carr their next friends; and also John Stephenson and Peter Russell of Newcastle upon Tyne, merchants; Corney Stephenson of Gateshead, Durham, mercer; Thomas Paxton the younger, of the City of Durham, gent; and Robert Ellison of Newcastle upon Tyne, gent for and on behalf of themselves respectively and the other creditors and devisees of William Carr late of Saint Hellen Auckland, Durham, esq v. Cuthbert Ellison of Newcastle upon Tyne, clerk, nephew and heir at law of Francis Carr and brother and heir at law of Robert Carre both late of St Helen Auckland, esqs, and likewise brother and heir at law of Elizabeth Carr wife of the said William Carre; James Carre of St Helen, Auckland, esq, brother and heir at law of the said William Carre; and Sir Ralph Milbanke of Halnaby, baronet; and John Hedworth of Chester le Street, Durham, trustees under the will of William Carre Will of Francis Carre, trust settlement of estate in St Helen Auckland, Evenwood, West Thickley, Darlington, Denton, Hurworth & Heworth, all Co Durham. Will is recited in decree. C78/1825, no. 12 [43]
1727 15 July 1 Francis Corfield, & Mary his wife; Edward Pryor, & Phillippa his wife; Mercy Sculthorpe, widow; and Phebe Farnham, spinster, which said Mary, Phillippa, Mercy, and Phebe were four of the daughters and coheirs of Edward Farnham, esq v. William Busby; Edward Farnham; Henry Farnham; Charles Farnham; and Benjamin Farnham, & Sarah his wife C78/1688, no. 1 [44]
1727 17 July 1 Sir Mountague Nelthorpe baronet the eldest son and heir of Henry Nelthorpe late of Charter House Yard, London, esq, who when living was the eldest son and heir apparent of Goddard Nelthorpe baronet deceased, the complainant being then an infant by Richard Nelthorpe his uncle v. Ann Slaughter widow; Richard Holt; Nicholas Tyrrell; William Clarke & Mary his wife; and Edward Nelthorpe C79/149, no. [45]
1727 17 July 1 John Littlejohn, & Thomasine his wife who was the widow and relict of Hugh Mountjoy v. Paul Orchard, esq; and others (sic) C78/1741, no. 8 [46]
1727 18 July 1 James Jones clerk and Elinor his wife late Elinor Lloyd widow of Roger Lloyd clerk decd; and Capell Jones, Anne Jones and Mathew Jones the only son and daughters of the said Elinor by the said James, infants; William Allen and Martha his wife; Thomas Rymer and Mary his wife; Nicholas Roach and Elinor his wife; Hester Fowler, Dorothy Fowler and Charlott Fowler spinsters; the said Martha Allen, Mary Rymer, Elinor Roach, Hester, Dorothy and Charlott being the only surviving daughters of Martha Fowler widow decd by John Fowler her husband also decd v Hugh Fowler Estate formerly of Dorothy Owen wife of Wyrriott Owen, only child and heir of Arthur Cozens decd, and niece of Martha Fowler, Elinor Jones & Elizabeth Cousins. Manors of Robeston, Knowlton [Nolton], Walton, Lambston, Treffgarne [Trefgarn], Saint David's, Steynton Dale & Walwyn's Castle, Pembroke C78/1395, no. 7 [47]
1727 19 Jul 1 Sir Philip York, Attorney General, at the relation of John Hazell and Edmund Green the younger, Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of the parish of Flaxley, Gloucs; and also at the relation of the Rev James Finlay rector of the parish church in the County of Surrey (sic), William Jackson treasurer, John Neale, Henry White, Germain Bazin, Joseph Kingston, Edward Knight and Thomas Keys, trustees on the behalf of themselves and their successors trustees of the Charity School in the said parish church church informants v. Mary Pope, spinster; Thomas Crawley als Bovey; James Theobald; Peter Theobald; John Spence; and John Boyfield Bequest to the poor of Flaxley in the will of Catherine Bovey late of Flaxley, widow. C78/1423, no. 5 [48]
1727 20 July 1 Elizabeth Bentham, widow and executrix of Anthony Bentham decd v. Ann Baron, widow; William Westbrook & Frances his wife; George Wharton; and Thomas Lupton Refs previous decree of 6 August 1726 C78/1472, no. 2 [49]
1727 21 July 1 Michael Pitman, gent v. John Isack C78/1807, no. 1 [50]
1727 21 July 1 Joseph Harris; Catherine Harris; Hester Harris; and Elizabeth Harris, infants by Jeremiah Hoell, gent v. Anne Harris, widow; Thomas Harris; John Harris; and Anne Harris; William Coleman, merchant; and Nathan Hickman C78/1762, no. 11 [51]
1727 1 Aug 1 Phillip Drancour; James Seager; William Seager; and Mary Seager, infants, three of the children of William Seager by said Phillip dancour v. Elizabeth Price, widow C78/1767, no. 6 [52]
1727 1 Aug 1 Attorney General, at the relation of Elizabeth Coates, administratrix of Mary Woolley with her will annexed v. William Coates, nephew and heir of said Mary Woolley; Elizabeth West, spinster; John Kellam, & Sarah his wife; Mary Higgins, widow, & Elizabeth Rose C78/1762, no. 9 [53]
1727 (bill) Michaelmas Term Nicholas Smith of St Annes, Westminster, Middx, victualer v. Jeremy Delavall; and John Brough Incomplete; unnumbered C78/1809, no. na [54]
1727 19 Oct 1 John How, & Adeliza his wife v. James Coffin, gent; James Perkins, esq; and Joseph Hinzeman, esq C78/1778, no. 11 [55]
1727 25 Oct 1 John Pyott, gent v. Joseph Lawson AND said Joseph Lawson v. John Pyott; and Richard Pyott, esq C78/1687, no. 1 [56]
1727 26 Oct 1 Edward Thorne of the parish of Fremington, Devon, tanner; and Edward Thorne, John Thorne, Nicholas Thorne, Robert Thorne and William Thorne (sons of the said Edward Thorne by Honnor his wife) infants v. Grace Cole, widow and relict of Thomas Cole decd; and William Harris, executors of the said Thomas Cole. Will of Thomas Cole. Estate in Netherexe, Rewe, Thoweston [?Thurlestone] and Whilstone [?Whitestone] in Devon, and in the City & County of Exeter. C78/1455, no. 11 [57]
1727 28 Oct 1 William Hope, & Elizabeth his wife, only sister of Holman Hoskins, gent, son and heir of Elizabeth Hoskins, widow who was eldest daughter and coheir of Richard Holman who was son and heir of Humphry Holman, gent, who was eldest son of Margaret, daughter of Ellen, late the wife of John Partridge and aunt of Elizabeth Hoskins the younger daughter of said Holman Hoskins and heir at law to the said Elizabeth Hoskins the younger v. Jonathan Russell, & Ann his wife; Daniel Lysons, esq; Thomas Berrow, esq; Peter Haines; and Thomas Lugg C78/1755, no. 5 [58]
1727 31 Oct 1 John Lleeke; Mary Hanway, widow; Mary Hanway; Jonas Hanway; Willia Hanway; and Thomas Hanway, infants by Stephen Worlidge v. George Huish, gent; and James Blakeley, esq, administrator of Thomas Blakeley C78/1778, no. 19 [59]
1727 3 Nov 1 John Fane of Mereworth, kent, esq, & Mary his wife, only daughter and heir of The Right Honorable the Lord Henry Cavendish v. The Lady Rhoda Cavendish; Thomas Cartwright; and Peter Walter C78/1677, no. 3 [60]
1727 14 Nov 1 William Camfield v. Elizabeth Dewe widow and Mary Walker C79/9, no. [61]
1727 17 Nov 1 Phillip Fruchard of London, merchant v. Thomas Morris of St Marylebone, Middx, mason C78/1541, no. 4 [62]
1728 18 Nov 1 Thomas Bird of London merchant v. Augustin Woolaston esq; William Parker esq; and Francis Pember gentleman C78/2052, no. 2 [63]
1727 23 Nov 1 William Sclater, gent v. Sir Robert Thornhill, knight; William Brunker; John Cotton, esq; James Medlicott, esq; John Travell, esq; Dame Frances Travell, widow; William Northmore, esq; Mary Moor, widow; Roger Burgoyne, esq; Alexius Clayton, esq; Hugh Watson, gent; and Vere Gore, widow C78/1769, no. 4 [64]
1727 23 Nov 1 John Morton of Bristol, gent, devisee of James Lawrence Churchley, esq v. Nathaniel Webb C78/1749, no. 6 [65]
1727 23 Nov 1 Francis Dickins esq v. Robert Clarke esq and Samuel Buckley esq C78/1907, no. 11 [66]
1727 23 Nov 1 Elizabeth Long; John Wheeler; and James Brace, the acting executors of William Withers of Fulham, Middx, esq v. Thomas West of London, gent C78/1748, no. 6 [67]
1727 24 Nov 1 Thomas Massey v. John Brackston and Edward Hunt C78/2056, no. 4 [68]
1727 1 Dec 1 John Cockburn and Arabella his wife one of the daughters of Anthony Rowe and Mary Rowe both decd; and Thomas Lupton administrator of George, late Lord Forrester decd v. Felix Calvert of London; Charlott, Lady Forrester, widow of George, Lord Forrester decd; and Thomas Dummer Shares in the purchase of the undertaking for securing of houses against damages that might arise by fire. C78/1423, no. 2 [69]
1727 8 Dec 1 Isaac Watts v. Richard Aldridge & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Savage; Joseph Paull; and Daniel Cradock C79/113, no. [70]
1727 11 Dec 1 Samuel Swinfen, doctor of physick, & Mabella his wife v. Ralph Purslove, gent; John Pyott, esq, & Dorothea his wife; and Joseph Lawson, esq C78/1687, no. 2 [71]
1727 12 Dec 1 Thomas Taylor, administrator of John Taylor his late father v. John Lissiman; and William Taylor C78/1541, no. 2 [72]
1727 19 Dec 1 John Tiffin v. William Allanby and John Blennerhassett esq C79/98, no. [73]
1727 19 Dec 1 Robert Elliot of Great Terrington [Great Torrington], Devon, woolseller v. Roger Clarke of same place clothier and Samuel Palmer of Great Torrington gentleman C79/23, no. [74]
1727 19 Dec 1 Newell Girling, widow v. George Kempe, gent; and Richard Twiss C78/1831, no. 6 [75]
1727 19 Dec 1 Sir Mathew Jenison, knight; Thomas Haslam, Guide Dickenson; William Herring; Robert Taylor; Robert Pacey; and Thomas Horner v. Humphry Rescorloe; John Squibb; Thomas Wilson; Jonathan Birch, & Elizabeth his wife; Ann Rayner; Winchcombe Howard Parker; and Henrietta Winchcombe; and others AND Humphry Rescorloe; John Simpson, & Elizabeth his wife v. Sir Mathew Jennison, knight; John Squibb; Jonathan Birch, clerk, & Elizabeth his wife; Ann Rayner; Henrietta Winchcombe; Howard Packer C78/1798, no. 6 [76]
1727 C78/, no. []