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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1723 C78/, no. []
1723?? Nicholas Sylvester v. John Ord; Nicholas Parker; and Richard Cox C79/197, no. [2]
1723 (bill) Hilary term Francis Wigg of the vill or hamlet of Heath and Reach [Heath-with-Reach] in the parish of Leighton Buzzard, Beds, widow and relict of Richard Wigg late of the same place gentleman and John Franke of London gentleman and John Ashwell of Leighton Buzzard scrivener trustees for the inhabitants of Heath and Reach with respect to the chapel hereafter named v. Thomas Snow clerke C79/161, no. [3]
1723 19 Jan 9 Sir William Bowyer of Denham Court, Bucks, baronet, an infant, by William Bowyer, esq, his uncle v. Juliana Bowyer C78/1540, no. 9 [4]
1723 24 Jan 9 Barnabas Browne of Kingston upon Hull in the County of the same Town v. William Sherwood; George Audus and Mary his wife; Elizabeth Sherwood; Christopher Walker Surrender by William Browne, the complts late father decd, of one oxgang in the manor of Leven, Yorks to his sister Anne as security for a debt. Attempt to secure the reversion, although the payment had not been made by the original date stipulated C78/1440, no. 3 [5]
1723 24 Jan 9 John Lock of London, merchant v. James Nokes of London, merchant C78/1673, no. 1 [6]
1723 29 Jan 9 Percivall Lewis v. Thomas Moulton and the South Sea Company C79/179, no. [7]
1723 29 Jan 9 Richard Shales an infant by Charles Shales his father v Charles Barrington and John Twisleton Will of Lady Ann Franklyn widow decd, the plts grandmother. C78/1384, no. 1 [8]
1723 29 Jan 9 Josias Berners citizen and apothecary of London v. Richard Longford administrator of William Longford decd Debt of William Longford decd C78/1445, no. 11 [9]
1723 4 Feb 9 Anne Thompson widow of James Thompson and William Adampson only son & executor of James Adampson decd v. Richard Thompson sole executor and residuary legatee of James Thompson Marriage settlement, James Thompson and the complt Anne. Rent charge on marsh at Spalding, Lincs. C78/1407, no. 1 [10]
1723 5 Feb 9 Thomas Chapple and Ellen his wife v. Elizabeth Moore, widow and relict of Giles Moore decd; Thomas Salter; Joane Palmer, widow; Edward Ratcliffe; Richard Moore; and William Sellecke Will of John Moore, the complt Ellen's father, and its failure to fulfil a promise to make her provision equal to her siblings. Also nuncupative will of Giles Moore. Tenements of Gadshayes and Lanveston. C78/1455, no. 7 [11]
1723 6 Feb 9 Thomas Peckham and Elizabeth his wife; George Palmer and Anne his wife; and James Creed and Anna Maria his wife; and Robert Bull an infant by the said James Creed v. John Merlott; Dame Elizabeth Farrington, widow & executrix of Sir Richard Farrington decd; and Elizabeth Farrington, widow & executrix of John Farrington decd C78/1481, no. 3 [12]
1723 8 Feb 9 James Wallis and Hannah his wife (late wife of Thomas Brightwell decd) v. Loftus Brightwell, elder brother of the said Thomas Brightwell, and his heir at law; and William Freeman a co-trustee with the complt James Wallis for the complt Hannah C78/1488, no. 11 [13]
1723 9 Feb 9 Frances Shaftoe v. Andrew Kenedy and Barbara his wife Will of Thomas Shaftoe. Estate in Bishopsley, Stanhope, Co Durham; City of Exeter, Devon and elsewhere in Devon & Cornwall; and Newcastle upon Tyne. C78/1488, no. 1 [14]
1723 13 Feb 9 Grace Heriot widow v. William Pocklington gentleman and John Woodhouse, doctor in physick C78/2037, no. 14 [15]
1723 15 Feb 13 Francis Pack; and Edward Foreman v. William Pettit, & Elizabeth his wife; John Griffen; Thomas Ruck; and John Ruck C78/1507, no. 13 [16]
1723 16 Feb 9 Anne Arnold of Betchworth, Surrey, widow and executrix of Richard Arnold late of Betchworth, gentleman v. Richard Arnold and Thomas Arnold an infant C78/2049, no. 13 [17]
1723 23 Feb 9 Elizabeth Langford, widow and relict of John Langford late of Bideford, Devon decd v. Sarah Langdon the wife of George Langdon; Walter Langford; John Reynolds; and John Nash Complts jointure. Estates called Wood and Kingdon in the parishes of Morewinstow [Morwenstow, Corn.] and Alverdiscott in Cornwall & Devon, and also in the parishes of Bideford, Pyworthy, Great Torrington, Abbotsham and Northam in Devon. C78/1455, no. 6 [18]
1723 26 Feb 9 George Sherston clerk & Elizabeth his wife v. William Langworthy esq; and Walter Hole gentleman C79/78, no. [19]
1723 26 Feb 9 Leonora Frederick, widow of Thomas Frederick decd v. Thomas Frederick, John Frederick and Charles Frederick, infants, 3 grandsons of the said Thomas Frederick decd, by Thomas Frederick their father; William Peer Williams, John Borsett and Robert Chapman trustees and executors of the said Thomas Frederick; John Frederick, Thomas Frederick, Mary Frederick, Leonora Frederick, and James Lannoy and Jane his wife children of the said testator; and Joseph Herne executor of Frederick Herne executor of Sir Joseph Herne Estate of Thomas Frederick decd. Refs previous decree of 25 August 1721. Includes extensive schedule of accounts C78/1446, no. 2 [20]
1723 1 March 9 John Cater v. Sir Richard Osbaldeston, knight; William Osbaldeston, esq; Robert Mounckton, esq; John Dawson; james Heath; Thomas Wrightson; Thomas Bradshaw; Anthony Todd; John Fountain son and heir and executor of Thomas Fountain, esq C78/1831, no. 5 [21]
1723 1 March 9 Richard Coxeter, esq v. Henry Anderson C78/1705, no. 2 [22]
1723 5 March Stephen Offley of Norton Hall [Sheffield], Yorks, esq; Joseph Offley eldest son of said Stephen Offley and Stephen Offley second son of the said Stephen Offly being infants by Stephen Offley their father v. James Lowther of the Middle Temple esq and William Avery of the same place esq C79/115, no. [23]
1723 6 Mar 9 Sir Phillip Jackson of Pontrilas, Herefs, son & heir of Edward Jackson late of the Middle Temple v. William Crosby and Constant his wife; Christopher Woodward, infant; John Devall and Hester his wife; Margaret Wintour; and Thomas Woodward Settlement on marriage of Edward Jackson of the Middle Temple, and the deft Constant, daughter of Christopher Woodward late of the Moate in the parish of Newent, Gloucs. C78/1443, no. 4 [24]
1723 11 March 9 John Wingfield esq & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Horsman & Alice his wife v. the lady Margaret Oldfield widow and relict of Sir John Oldfield; Beaupre Bell esq & Margaret his wife; and Anthony Wingfield esq C79/32, no. [25]
1723 12 March 9 Lawrence Cleater & Anne his wife executrix of Isaac le Towsey v. John Pickering the elder & Margaret his wife; John Pickering the younger; Anne Pickering; Elizabeth Pickering; and Agnes Pickering children of said John Pickering the elder; Isaac le Towsey; John Kitchin; and William Thornburgh C79/1, no. [26]
1723 12 March 9 William Blanch; Hannah Blanch; Thomas Blanch; Katherine Blanch; and John Blanch, infants by said William Blanch their brother v. John Gregory, & Hester his wife C78/1618, no. 8 [27]
1723 12 March 9 William Browne one of the brothers of Edmond Browne of St Stephens near St Albans, gentleman; William Browne jr eldest son of said William Browne sr; George Browne another of the brothers of said Edmond Browne; Bridget and Elizabeth Browne; Samuel Scruton & Christian his wife; the said Bridgett, Elizabeth, and Christian being all the children of said George Browne; Dorothy Cary widow daughter of Appolonia Maddox, who was one of the sisters of said Edmond Browne; Margaret Barnsley widow another sister of the said Browne; _____ Robinson & Sybilla his wife, which said Sybella and Margaret are all the children of Margaret Barnsley; John Blane & Mary his wife, which said Mary is one of the children of John Browne deceased who was another of the brothers of said Edmond Browne; Dorothy Browne spinster another daughter of said John Browne; Walter Browne another brother of said Edmond Browne v. Rupert Browne esq & Sybella his wife; Dorothy Mulgrave; Thomas Townley; Thomas Browne; James Browne; and Thomas Gatchell & Elizabeth his wife C78/1894, no. 2 [28]
1723 12 March 9 John Bletsoe executor of Thomas Bletsoe decd v. Charles Sheppard the surviving executor of Francis Grey junr decd; and William Henry Sheppard son, heir and administrator of John Sheppard decd Estate in Rushden & Higham Ferrers, Northants. C78/1411, no. 3 [29]
1723 12 Mar 9 Christopher Sanford; and Sarah Sanford an infant by the said Christopher Sanford her father v. William Hill; and Nicholas Wood Sale by the complt of a tenement called Cocks Tenement in the parish of Kenn in Devon, and some of the proceeds held in trust for his late wife's jointure, and subsequently for his daughter the complt Sarah. C78/1455, no. 4 [30]
1723 12 March 9 John Norton v. Michael Bovell; and Elizabeth Grice widow C78/1586, no. 5 [31]
1723 13 March 9 Sir Daniel O'Carroll knight v. Sir John Lambert baronet; John Lambert esq his son; David Godin; John Carroll; and Kenny Carroll C78/1916, no. 3 [32]
1723 15 March 9 Right Honorable Charles Frederick Delatour, marquis of Gouvernet, France v. William Cornish; and John Paltock C78/1812, no. 9 [33]
1723 15 March 9 Leonard Hamond, an infant, by Thomas Hamond v. Elizabeth Hammond, widow C78/1512, no. 3 [34]
1723 25 March 9 John Mills, son and heir of John Mills, gent; William Mills; Mary Mills; and Sarah Mills the younger, children of the said John Mills being all infants, by Elizabeth Lewen v. Robert Cornwall, esq, & Sarah the wife late wife of the said John Mills; William Parker, esq; Mary Best, widow; Henry Perris; Richard Nicholls; Abraham Fowler; The Governor and Company of the Bank of England; and the Governor and Company of Merchants Trading to the South Seas and for the Encouragement of the Fishery C78/1767, no. 15 [35]
1723 23 Apr 9 Thomas Freame, principal creditor and administrator de bonis non with the will annexed of Phillip Herbert unadministered by Marianne his late widow & executrix; Robert Garrard and Marianne his wife; and Frances Herbert an infant (which said Marianne & Frances were two of the daughters & coheirs of the said Phillip Herbert & Marianne his wife); and Thomas Herbert, son & heir of Edward Herbert & Elizabeth his wife decd, the other daughter of the said Phillip Herbert and his said wife (and the grandson & other coheir of the said Phillip Herbert and his said wife) an infant v. Richard Lawrence C78/1488, no. 7 [36]
1723 27 April 9 Thomas Hibbard, & Anne his wife; Mary Smith; Eleanor Smith; and John Smith, which Anne, Mary, Eleanor, and John were all children of David Smith and were all infants, by Benjamin Smith their uncle v. John Briddis & Eleanor his wife, which said Eleanor was late wife of said David Smith and mother to said complainants Anne, Mary, Eleanor, and John Smith C78/1553, no. 3 [37]
1723 30 April 9 John York the younger v. Anne Trigg, widow; Joshua Appleton, a lunatic by said Ann Trigg his committee; Thomas Clarke; Alexander Harrock; and Mary York C78/1737, no. 2 [38]
1723 4 May 9 William Killingbeck v Theophilus Calverley, gent; and several others (sic) Complts rights to freehold & other property at Leeds, Yorkshire, formerly of Thomas Killingbeck (his grandfather), William Killingbeck (his uncle) & Thomas Killingbeck (his father) all decd C78/1808, no. 5 [39]
1723 4 May 9 Richard Cotton son & heir apparent of Thomas Cotton of Hasty [?Hadly], Shropshire by Ann the eldest daughter and one of the coheires of Richard Upton late of Waters Upton, Shropshire decd; Robert Davies and Margaret his wife [.....] daughter and another of the coheirs of the said Richard Upton; Alice Upton, spinster, fourth daughter and another of the coheires of the said Richard Upton; and Francis Arnway and Joanna his wife fifth daughter and another of the coheirs of the said Richard Upton v. Dorothy Wase, widow and John Wase her son; Richard Price; and Mary Hand, widow C78/1473, no. 1 [40]
1723 6 May 9 Thomas Clement & Elizabeth his wife daughter of Anne Case v. Mary Pope widow; Michael Pope an infant; and Michael Pope merchant the said infant's grandfather C78/2052, no. 4 [41]
1723 8 May 9 James Oades v. Thomas Theed Mortgage of the manor of Starton als Staverton, Northants. C78/1448, no. 7 [42]
1723 8 May 9 Barbara Jordan of Isleworth, Middx, widow and relict of John Jordan, her late husband v. William Jordan; James Jordan; John Reading, & Mary his wife; and Anne Denman C78/1789, no. 4 [43]
1723 10 May 9 Robert Calland & Hannah his wife both since deceased; John Calland son of the said Robert Calland; Henry Edwards & Hannah his wife one of the daughters of said Robert Calland; James Calland; Sarah Calland; Robert Calland infants and other children of the said Robert Calland sr by said Hannah their mother for themselves and the rest of the legatees named in the will of James Calland who contribute to the suit v. William Frigason executor of said James Burton C78/1905, no. 8 [44]
1723 10 May 9 Richard Capper v. Katherine Titus Heriots due to William Strengfellow from 2/3 parts of the manor of Bushey, Herts C78/1455, no. 5 [45]
1723 11 May 9 John Andrews, gent; Mary Hatfield, wife of Thomas Hatfield of London, merchant; Susanna Carter the wife of Thomas Carter of London, mercer, by the said John Andrews their next friend; and Thomas Corbett of London, sugar baker; and Sybill his wife, which said John Andrews, Mary Hatfield, Susanna Carter, and Sybill Corbett were four of the children of John Andrews, citizen and woolman of London v. Hannah Andrews, another daughter and also the executrix of said John Andrews, who afterwards intermarried with William Harrison; the said Thomas Hatfield; Thomas Carter; Elizabeth Clarke, spinster; and Sarah Andrews the widow and relict of said John Andrews C78/1572, no. 2 [46]
1723 18 May 9 William Allain and Thomas Robert Allain infants by Mary Allain their mother v. Esther Alleyne, widow and Samuel Stephenson Alleyne C78/1800, no. 9 [47]
1723 21 May 9 Martha Elmer, spinster v. John Elmer; Richard Elmer; Robert Hunt; Johanna Elmer; Richard Davies; and Walters (sic) C78/1512, no. 2 [48]
1723 24 May 9 Benjamin Bradley; John Hyde; and Jonathan Scarth, surviving assignees of Nicholas Tourton; Isaac Ginger; and George Tobias, ginger merchants, bankrupts v. Sir Cesar Child; Sir Gregory Page, baronets; Elihu Yale; Roger Bradyll; and Thomas Gibson, esq, surviving assignees of Sir Stephen Evance and William Hales; and said William Hales C78/1545, no. 1 [49]
1723 25 May 9 Talbott Harris; Charles Huntbach; John Meadowcourt and Catherine his wife; Mary Steynor, widow; and Barbara Harris, spinster v. Revd Dr Edmund Gibson, then Lord Bishop of Lincoln and Margaret his wife; and Doctor John Bettesworth and Elizabeth his wife; Richard Sharman; Elizabeth Oakeley, widow; William Baron; Mary Penrice, widow; John Steynor; Olive Clifford, widow; Mary Acton, widow; Rowland Collins; Daniel Brown; Thomas Amphlett; and John Taylor C78/1480, no. 6 [50]
1723 29 May 9 Francis Bythell, gent; Robert Maddocks; John Harrison, clerk; Thomas Legerton; Samet Root; William Barvey; John Ower; Walter Poulter; William Doe; William Boreham; William Smith, jr; John Doe; John Fitch; Cornelius Browne, jr; Joseph Brand, copyhold tenants of the manor of Weathersfield [?Wethersfield, Essex] on behalf of themselves and all other copyhold tenants of the said manor whose lands are comprised in the decree set forth in the case and who seek relief and contribute to the suit v. Joseph Clerke an infant son and heir of John Clarke esq lord of the manor by his guardian John Tweed his steward; and John Davile esq, executor of William Lingwood, esq a former steward C78/1818, no. 5 [51]
1723 29 May 9 Jonas Benjamin, gent v. John Aldred, esq C78/1555, no. 4 [52]
1723 30 May 9 William Dalston son and heir of Nathaniel Dalston, yeoman and also nephew and heir of William dalston also decesed an infant v. Catherine Cotesworth C78/1933, no. 7 [53]
1723 15 June 9 John Bean v. Richard Lluellin and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Grisdale; and John Batchler Marriage settlement, Ann Collins daughter of Samuel Collins & Marshall Smith. Clapham Farm, Litlington, Sussex, formerly in tenure of Henry Bean, the complts late father. Will of Samuel Collins of St Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/1449, no. 3 [54]
1723 21 June 9 Elizabeth Blest, widow v. Bulkley Markworth; Thomas Swinnerton & William Huxley Marriage agreement between the complt, then Elizabeth Bury, and Hatchett Huxley eldest son of James Huxley late of Longslow [in Market Drayton par.], Shropshire, Yeoman. C78/1405, no. 2 [55]
1723 21 June 9 Charles Stoddard of Eglingham, Northumberland, clerk; and James Allgood of Ingram, Northumberland, bachelor in divinity v. James Ilderton, the father; and James Ilderton the son Trust settlement of the estate of Patritious Crow in Flinthill & Rosden in the parish of Ilderton, Northumberland. C78/1507, no. 8 [56]
1723 21 June 9 Sir Robert Raymond, Attorney General at the relation of Jonathan Brown; John Palmer; and Richard Withalls three of the poor merchants belonging to the College (in the information hereinafter recited [College for Poor Merchants at Great Stonefield nr Blackheath in Kent, endowed by Sir John Morden of Ricklemarsh als Wickemarsh [Wricklemarsh Manor], Charlton, Kent]); and John Plymley, clerk, chaplain to the said College v. Sir Charles Peers; Natahniel Brand; Sir Peter Delme; John Hanger; Phillip Pappillion; Richard Chiswell; Thomas Cooke; Kenelme Fawkner; and Rebecca Adams C78/1470, no. 5 [57]
1723 27 June 9 Edward Smith, son and heir apparent of Roger Smith clerk an infant by the Right Honorable John Smith, lord chief baron of the exchequer in North Britain; Hugh Smith; and Mountague Smith esqs; Roger Smith, esq; Edward Smith; said Right Honorable John Smith esq; Thomas Smith, gent; George Tushingham, gent, & Mary his wife; and Thomas Smith esq v. Dame Elizabeth Smith; Francis Mollineaux; Thomas Alcock; and Samuel Smith C78/1799, no. 7 [58]
1723 29 June 9 Richard Harris v. Samuel Edwards; and John Crabb C78/1765, no. 4 [59]
1723 29 June 9 Joseph Ewar; and Christian Ewar v. Elizabeth Corbett, widow and relict of Thomas Corbett; and Thomas Corbett; and Paul Corbett, their sons C78/1540, no. 2 [60]
1723 2 July 9 John Mordaunt, gent v. Roger Thompson; and Eustace Petty C78/1709, no. 2 [61]
1723 2 July 9 Thomas Yarburgh, gent v. Ricahrd Thwaites, gent C78/1548, no. 1 [62]
1723 3 July 9 Christian the wife of Nathaniel Poole, by Thomas Marriott; and also Hannah Poole, Sarah Poole, Mary Poole and Nathaniel Poole children of the said Christian by the said Nathaniel her husband, infants by Thomas Marriott v. Nathaniel Poole; William Clayton; Sarah Wellins; Richard Turner; Richard Wellins; and James Moore Sale of messuage in Great Amwell, Herts known by the name of the Peacock, in trust to settle Nathaniel Poole's debts, and make some provision for the complt and her children.. C78/1428, no. 1 [63]
1723 5 July 9 John Lyndford of Kensington, Middx, yeoman v. John Thurloe Brace esq and Joseph Biscoe gentleman C78/1933, no. 6 [64]
1723 5 July 9 Cuthbert Mastyn of St Margarets, Middx v John Legg; William Ordway; James Perry; Charles Grunsell; and Alexander Hazelar Mortgage by John Legg of several plots of ground, part of Conduit Meade, St Martins in the Fields, Middx on the south side of a new intended street to be called Conduit Street. C78/1402, no. 6 [65]
1723 5 July 9 Archer Bedford, clerk, rector of Newton St Loe, Som v. John Harrington, esq; Walter Robinson, esq; Charles Bave, doctor in physick; George Cobb, & Anne his wife; Joseph Langton, esq, an infant by his guardian; and Robert Fry, esq, & Frances his wife C78/1500, no. 3 [66]
1723 8 July 9 George Howgrave v. Bridget Smith; Mary Smith; and Elizabeth Smith C78/1958, no. 5 [67]
1723 9 July 9 Thomas Stokes, jr, gent v. William James, sr, & Jane his wife; William James, jr; Mary James; Hester Belsire, widow; and Richard Belsire a lunatic C78/1779, no. 6 [68]
1723 9 July 9 William Lee, gent v. David Medley C78/1768, no. 8 [69]
1723 9 July 9 John Trenchard, esq; Frances Hippesley, widow; William Hippesley an infant by said Frances v. George Wanley; Richard Nicholls since deceased; and Abraham Fowler C78/1768, no. 7 [70]
1723 11 July 9 Lawrence Willy v. Robert Gyllingham, clerk; and Samuel Willmott C78/1736, no. 7 [71]
1723 11 July 9 Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St Peters, Westminster v. Henry Smith, esq, & Margaret his wife C78/1512, no. 4 [72]
1723 12 July 9 Symon Mayne the elder of Dinton, Bucks, esq v. Edward Sparkes; and Isaac Byddall C78/1779, no. 8 [73]
1723 12 July 9 Rebecca Crowther, widow; Frances Crowther, her daughter; Anne Chidley; and Charles Green an infant about 10 years old, by said Anne Chidley, creditors and legatees of Charles Young of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, gent, for themselves and for other creditors and legatees of said Charles Young (excepting the defendants) who contribute to the suit v. Thomas Jackson, esq, and Frances his wife, sister and heir at law of said Charles Young; George Jackson; and Winifred Jackson, son and daughter of said Thomas and Frances Jackson; Richard Morgan; George Welham; and Robert Burton, esq C78/1553, no. 7 [74]
1723 15 July 9 John Walter of Busbridge, Surrey, esq; and Thomas Stewart of Chelsea, Middx, esq v. William Glanvill of Soho Square of St Anne, Middx, esq; and William Elson of Chichester, Sussex, esq C78/1675, no. 2 [75]
1723 16 July 9 Thomas Edwards the elder of Bristol, esq; Edward Jacob; and John Blackwell of Bristol, merchants; Charles Gresley of Bristol, apothecary; Richard Couch of Bristol, taylor; Thomas Hungerford, jr, of Bristol, woolen draper; Nathaniel Gridley of Bristol, confectioner; William Bush of Bristol, confectioner; William Bush of Bristol, linen draper; Mary Weaver of Bristol, millener; John Davis of Bristol, coachmaker; Charles Ireland of Bristol, soap boiler and chandler; mary Davis, widow; Richard Shuckburgh of London, millener; Mathew Vernon; Henry de Chair; and Anthony Webster of London, mercers; and William Taylor of Covent Garden, taylor for themselves and for the other creditors of Charles William, late earl of Suffolk and Bindon v. Edward, earl of of Suffolk; the Honorable Charles Howard, esq; and Henry Howard, esq, his son; The Right Honorable Thomas, lord Howard of Effingham; and Francis Howard, esq, brother of the said lord Howard; Sir John Smyth, baronet; John Wale; Thomas Edwards the younger, esq; and Walter Edwards, gent C78/1690, no. 3 [76]
1723 17 July 9 Anne Badmering and Elizabeth Badmering of Ashington, Sussex, spinsters and coheirs of Thomas Badmering late of Wiston, Sussex, gentleman and also administrants of the goods, chattles, etc of Thomas Badmering v. Thomas Pyke; Thomas Elliott, and John Grover C79/127, no. [77]
1723 17 July 9 John Torre, clerke v. Charles Wills an infant; Elizabeth Wills, widow, his grandmother; George Yeo; Abraham Sault; Dionis Rouse; Peter Greenwood; Agnes Rouse, widow, since married to Thomas Knighton; and John Torre jun Customary lands in the duchy manor of Tremerton, Cornwall, surrendered in trust by George Yeo, late of Burraton in the parish of St Stephens next Saltash, Cornwall, decd to his brother in law Francis Wills (since decd). C78/1458, no. 3 [78]
1723 18 July 9 William Benger v. Robert Drew; and William Holloway C78/1553, no. 2 [79]
1723 18 July 9 Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of the Reverend William Savage, doctor in divinity, master of Emanuel College, University of Cambridge; and the Fellows and Scholars of the same college v. Thomas Tovey, gent; and The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the Possessions, Revenues, and Goods of the Hospitals of Edward VI, King of England, of Christ Brideswell and St Thomas the Apostle C78/1540, no. 3 [80]
1723 18 July 9 Edward Pole of Barton in the Beanes [Barton in Fabis], Notts, esq, & Elizabeth his wife v. Hugh Bateman, gent; and (added later:) Anne Sacheverell, spinster C78/1572, no. 4 [81]
1723 19 July 9 Jeremiah Fletcher only child of Jeremiah Fletcher deceased infant v. Rebecca Fletcher widow and administratrix of said Jeremiah Fletcher her late husband C79/68, no. [82]
1723 19 July 9 Christopher Jenkinson v. Robert Barker C78/1802, no. 3 [83]
1723 19 July 9 Margaret Tong, wife of John Tong, clerk, by Leonard Townesend of Furnivalls Inn of Court in St Andrews Holborn, gent v. John Tonge; and Ralph Stourfield C78/1582, no. 8 [84]
1723 19 July 9 The Mayor Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London v. Nicholas Dubois C78/1486, no. 5 [85]
1723 20 July 9 Simon Beckley of London, scrivener v. William Newland, esq; Dame Rebecca Newland; Turgis Newland; and Sir William Lewen C78/1833, no. 4 [86]
1723 20 July 9 Simon Beckley, gent v. William Newland, esq; Dame Rebecca Newland; Wide Turgis Newland; and Sir William Llewen, knight C78/1768, no. 5 [87]
1723 23 July 9 Richard Amory; and Thomas Amory his son v. James Reeves; Roger Goldring; Hillis Goldring, executors of John Goldring; ; John Goldring the son; Eleanor Goldring; and Thomas Goldringe; and Anne Goldring, infants C78/1540, no. 4 [88]
1723 25 July 9 Robert Mitton clerk vicar and the church wardens of Skipton in Craven, Yorks, and the church wardens and overseers of Bolton Abbey near Skipton; the church wardens of St Andrew Holbourne; the Master or Keeper, Fellows, and Scholars of Christ College in Cambridge and also at the relation of Christopher Cooke and several other poor relations of Silvester Petyt gentleman on behalf of themselves and other poor relations and kindred of said Mr Petyt that are the objects of charity v. Peniston Lambe; Charles Bayliffe; and George Holmes gentlemen executors of the said Petyt and also that of the trustees of his will; John Anstis; Gilbert Horsman; and Richard Wynne gentlemen three other of the said trustees C78/2052, no. 5 [89]
1723 25 July 9 Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Richard Wakely and Richard Mills, churchwardens of Lenham, Kent; George Buckhurst, churchwarden of Sutton Valence; and John Jonrars and Robert Debenham, churchwardens of Cockfield; Robert Jenkin, doctor in divinity, master of St Johns College, University of Cambridge and ofd the Fellows and Scholars of the same college; Robert Woollett; and ___ his wife; Henruy Robins; Alexander Puxty; George cole; Jane Ellis, widow; John Robins the elder; John Robins the younger; John Moon; and Timothy Pierce v. John Bowtell, doctor in divinity; John Smith the younger, gent; and Richard Fowle C78/1506, no. 5 [90]
1723 27 July 9 The President and Scholars of Christ Church College in the University of Oxford v. William Stanley, esq C78/1779, no. 9 [91]
1723 30 Jul 9 John Gerard Hopman resident of their Serene Highnesses the Duke of Woolfenbuttell and the Duke of Holsteine v. Robert Seddon; Henry Grutzman; and Thomas Pindar Debts of deft Seddon, and guarantor Grutzman C78/1432, no. 7 [92]
1723 30 July 9 Joseph Gibbons of Southwark, Surrey, salter and hop factor v. Thomas How, jr; Thomas Box; and John Ellison C78/1723, no. 8 [93]
1723 30 July 9 Sir Robert Raymond, Attorney General, at relation of Joseph Hoole, vicar of Haxey, Lincs; and Michael Barker and Thomas Coggan of Haxey, churchwardens and overseers of the poor v. George Healey C78/1498, no. [6] [94]
1723 31 July 9 John Price administrator of Mary Price his wife decd; and Anne Pickett, widow v. Robert Heming; and Peter Osman Will of Faith Alder, widow, sister to the complt Pickett, and aunt to the complt Price's decd wife. C78/1448, no. 6 [95]
1723 31 July 9 Robert Hearne v. Robert Beere and Elizabeth Nappier, spinster C78/1498, no. 4 [96]
1723or4 10 Ralph Ashton baronet; and Catherine and Mary Ashton infants v. Humphry Trafford jr and his wife C79/55, no. [97]
1723 2 Aug 10 William Warwick, John Close & John Rutherford creditors of Edward Carr late of Whitburne [Whitburn], Co. Durham; Codit Carr, Lucy Carr & Elizabeth Carr infants by Mary Carr their eldest sister, sons & daughters of the said Edward Carr; on behalf of themselves and other of the creditors & legatees of the said Edward Carr v. Thomas Gill; Henry Nicholls; Edward Carr; Elianor Carr; Edward Cooke; James Fryer; Nicholas Burdon; George Cooper & Sir William Williamson Will of Edward Carr. Manors, messuages, lands, tenements and salt pans in Whitburne, Porkerley, Westhoe [Westoe], Darlington & South Shields, Co. Durham and in Newcastle upon Tyne, and in Heath Coat and Crosby, Yorks. C78/1406, no. 3 [98]
1723 2 Aug 10 Sir John Egerton and Dame Ann his wife (sole daughter and heir of Francis Wolferstan decd); and Katherine Egerton, spinster, their only child an infant; Ralph Sneyd; and William Sneyd v. Eleanor Wolferstan; Mathew Floyer senr; Mathew Floyer junr; Margaret Floyer; Henry Rathbone and Ann his wife; Mary Lakin; William Drayton; John Crow; George Lawrence; and Alice Oliver Marriage settlement of Francis Wolferstan and Hester Bowyer, his first wife, and mother of the complt Dame Ann Egerton C78/1427, no. 1 [99]
1723 2 Aug 10 Hannah Hurst, widow, relict, and sole executrix of Gravely Hurst, gent v. Nicholas Marshall C78/1818, no. 3 [100]
1723 2 Aug 10 Archibald, earl of Ilay v. William, lord Forbes; and William Dale of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, esq C78/1675, no. 3 [101]
1723 5 Aug 10 John Collins, jr, grandson of Mabell Collins, one of the sisters and coheirs of Albon Saunders, gent; Mary Sheppard alias Shefford, spinster, an infant, by Thomas Wisdom, gent, who was daughter of Ann Sheppard alias Shefford both deceased, which said Ann Betts one other of the sisters and coheirs of the said Albon Saunders; Albon Adams, an infant, by the said Thomas Wisdom, who was grandson of Elizabeth Adams deceased, one other of the sisters and coheirs of said Albon Saunders; John Albon; and Mary aformenamed being being three of the pecuniary legatees of said Albon Saunders; George Nutley, one of the children of Mary Monday by George Nutley her former husband; Edward Nutley one other of the children of said Mary Monday by her said former husband, an infant by said George Nutley his brother; John Monday one other of the children of said Mary Monday by her last husband also yet an infant by said George Nutley his brother; Thomas Collins; and Robert Collins the two eldest children of Anthony Collins hereinafternamed one of the sons of said Mabel Collins yet infants by said Thomas Wisdom; Mary Collins and Elizabeth Collins the two daughters of John Collins hereinafter named eldest son and heir of said Mabel Collins also infants by said Thomas Wisdom; and George Nutley, Edward Nutley; John Monday; Thomas Collins; Robert Collins; Mary Collins and Elizabeth Collins being the seven legatees of devisees by the will of said Albon Saunders of the surplus or residue of the estate of said Albon Saunders after payment of the first abovenamed pecunitary legatees v. John Collins; Anthony Collins; Susan Fisher; John Adams; and Eliza his wife; Job Harrison, & Elizabeth his wife; and John Shefford alias Sheppard C78/1642, no. 7 [102]
1723 5 Aug 10 Walter Love and Elizabeth his wife; Marmaduke Gwynne; Sarah Wise; and Robert Popkins and Rebecca his wife (which said Elizabeth, Sarah and Rebecca were three of the daughters & coheirs of Daniel Evans late of Peterwell, Cardigan decd) v. Mary Love, widow; Letitia Evans, spinster; Sir Arthur Owen; John Phillips; and Lewis Musgrave C78/1478, no. 5 [103]
1723 23 Oct 10 Benedict Ithell, esq; and Melior Steele, widow, executors of William Steele v. William Langford; Samuel Davis; Luke Peele; George Peele; Peter Stepkin; and Baynbrigg Buckeridge, esq C78/1673, no. 2 [104]
1723 24 Oct 10 William Newland, esq, & Martha his wife, only daughter and heir of Edmund Sheppard late citizen and painter stainer of London v. Joseph Sheppard; and Bartholomew Layton, executors of Edmund Sheppard; Martha Sheppard, the widow and relict of said Edmund Sheppard; Rebecca Newland; Martha Newland; and Elizabeth Newland, infants, daughters of the said complainants C78/1768, no. 6 [105]
1723 25 Oct 10 Sir Robert Raymond, Att Gen, at the relation of Rev Samuel Pratt, Dean of Rochester v. John Knight, executor of the last will & testament of Jane Knight widow decd Bequest in the will of Elizabeth(sic) Knight for the setting up of a charity for poor widows to be called Mrs Knight's poor sisters of Saint Bartholomew Hospital in Chatham, Kent C78/1417, no. 12 [106]
1723 26 Oct 10 Constance Lloyd, widow and relict of Samuel Lloyd of Lincolns Inn, gent; and Charles Perry, gent, executor of Samuel Lloyd; and Constance Lloyd daughter and heir of Samuel Lloyd, infant by Constance Lloyd her mother v. Thomas Jones C78/1759, no. 5 [107]
1723 29 Oct 10 William Harlock, executor of William Harlock, executor of William Harlock, who was executor of William Buckhurst v. Thomas Russell, & Elizabeth his wife; and Susanna Buckhurst, spinster, daughter and heir of the said William Buckhurst C78/1727, no. 17 [108]
1723 6 Nov 10 Thomas Grindwell; Joseph Hodgson; and John Robinson v. Guy Butler; Elianor Marley; and Anthony Gates C78/1507, no. 10 [109]
1723 11 Nov 10 John Maberly of London, gent, who was the only child of John Maberly late of Kingsclear, Hants, tanner, by George Lane of Cannon Street, London, cutler v. Thomas Streat of Little Gidding (?), Wilts, gent; and Bartholomew Cates C78/1680, no. 1 [110]
1723 12 Nov 10 John Triernett v. George Gounter; William Hodges; Mary Hodges C79/115, no. [111]
1723 12 Nov 10 Thomas Robson esq v. George Walmesley and Richard Walmesley C79/1, no. [112]
1723 12 Nov 4 Ann Evans, the widow and relict of George Evans, esq v. Ann Evans; and Elizabeth Evans, infants by their guardian; William Knapton; John Willis, sr; John Willis, jr; Robert Willis; and Odber Knapton C78/1704, no. 4 [113]
1723 15 Nov 10 The Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of Butchers of the City of London v. The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of London; Dame Alice Lee; and Peter Delamont and others (sic) C78/1857, no. 6 [114]
1723 15 Nov 10 Sir Robert Raymond, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Jordan; Edward Reynolds; William Hammond; Edmund Gayne; William Holland; Edward stone; Wenman Hill; and Francis Weatherhed for themselves and other voluntary subscribers for the maintenance of said Charity School of the parish of St George the Martyr in Southwark, Surrey v. William Bridger; Stephen Style; James Spurling; and John Edwards C78/1553, no. 4 [115]
1723 15 Nov 10 Walter Waller v. Peter Canne als King; William Fuller; and Francis Hunt C78/1498, no. 3 [116]
1723 18 Nov 10 Alexander Small of Covent Garden, Middx, surgeon, & Mary his wife v. Mary Wing, widow; and Richard Wing, executors of Peter Wing of Wallingford, Berks; AND v. Peter Wing; and John Wing, sons of said testator; and Peter Wing; AND also v. Robert Sayer and Peter Sayer to be paid, two legatees C78/1500, no. 1 [117]
1723 19 Nov 10 Charles Robins of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Thomas, lord viscount Gage, Ireland C78/1858, no. 1 [118]
1723 21 Nov 10 John Crew v. Hugh Chamberlein and Dane Mary his wife; Crew Offley and John Offley his son; Richard Arderne; Elianor Manley; John Parkhurst; Dormer Parkhurst his son; John Parkhurst and Altham Parkhurst sons of Nathaniel Parkhurst decd, infants by the said John Parkhurst their grandfather; Robert Duckenfield; Sir Samuel Daniel; John Shallcrosse; Randall Willbraham; Roger Manwareing junior Refs previous decree of 21 Jan 5 Geo. Personal estate of Sir John Crew decd. Extensive schedule of accounts. C78/1436, no. 3 [119]
1723 22 Nov 10 John Hobbs v. Nicholas Marshall and Richard Warner Will of John Hobbs decd. Rights to arrears of an annuity for the testator's daughter Susanna, now decd, the late wife of the deft Marshall. Lands etc in Gravely, Stevanage, Walthern and Weston in Herts. C78/1442, no. 14 [120]
1723 25 Nov 10 Rachael Aziere the wife of Peter Aziere by Elizabeth Smith v. George Nixon; James Smith; and the said Peter Aziere C78/1938, no. 4 [121]
1723 25 Nov 10 Abraham Nathan, merchant v. Joseph Rodriques; and Alvaro de Fonsera, merchants C78/1812, no. 5 [122]
1723 26 Nov 10 Sarah Vousden; Rebecca Butler; and Elizabeth Roberts v. Joanna Roberts; and Belcher Henry Lewington, & Sarah his wife C78/1507, no. 9 [123]
1723 5 Dec 10 David Crawley eldest son & heir of David Crawley late of Cuddicott, Herts decd v. William Crawley; Henry Camp and Sarah his wife Estate of David Crawley, decd intestate. Deft Sarah was his widow. Messuages in Cuddicott, including a corn mill, and messuages in Welling and elsewhere in Herts. C78/1432, no. 8 [124]
1723 6 Dec 10 John Crew esq v. Thomas Williams C79/111, no. [125]
1723 7 Dec 10 Thomas Lowbridge v. William, archbishop of Canterbury; Thomas Weekley; Humphry Jennens now deceased & his wife Susannah; Edward Hare; Henry Hinckley; Thomas Coulson; Thomas Weekley; John Blandew; Edward Button; Edward Walker; Thomas Wheeler; James Sheppard; John Carrington; Thomas Thompson; Richard Barlow; William Harris; William Clark; ___ Hinton; ____ Pevey; William Stevens; WIlliam Spencer; James Tolme; Humphry Thurston alias Tristram; ____ Bishop; John Pinner; ____ Tomkins; Edward Wallter; William Butt; John Miles; Henry Kent; Samuel Hensman; Richard Prudde; John Hewey; Humphry Hennett; ____ Worsley; and ____ Slow the debts of William Jennens (initial membrane/s lost) C79/55, no. [126]
1723 10 Dec 10 Jane Bruton, spinster; Jane Bruton & Patience Bruton infants, daughters of William Bruton late of Alwington, Devon decd by the said Jane Bruton their aunt and Margaret Bruton widow on the behalf of herself and the rest of the creditors of the said William Bruton v. Thomas Bruton; George Buck; George Blake & Narcissus Hatherly Will of John Bruton the complt Jane's late father. Estate in Alwington, Parkham, Eastdown, Abbotsham, Bradworthy, Bideford & Littleham, Devon and Mellion, Cornwall C78/1405, no. 4 [127]
1723 14 Dec 10 Thomas Hodges junr, son & heir of Thomas Hodges of Bloomsbury, St Giles, Middx and Mary his wife, late Mary Hallett daughter and only child of the Honourable Colonel John Hallett, late of the Island of Barbados decd, by Sarah Hallett his late wife since married to Robert Hales Esq v. Sir Hans Sloane; Robert Hales and Sarah his wife; and Thomas Hodges senr Will & estate of John Hallett decd, who died in Barbados 1716. C78/1442, no. 13 [128]
1723 15 Dec 10 Hatton Tash gentleman v. Samford Thomas esq C79/109, no. [129]
1723 19 Dec 10 William Leighton, esq, & his wife; John Jones; William Jones; and John Brame v. Edward Lenchton, baronet C78/1779, no. 7 [130]
1723 20 Dec 10 Amy St Alban, widow and relict of John St Alban the elder of Holtford, Som, esq, her late husband; John St Alban the younger of Alfoxden, Som, esq; Lancelott St Alban; and Elizabeth Ewens, widow v. George St Alban; Hugh Sweeting, & Anne his wife; Margaret St Alban; Jane St Alban; Robert Methwen; John Sealy; and Arthur Towills C78/1675, no. 1 [131]
1723 23 Dec 10 John Hooper; Anne Hooper; and Margaret Hooper infants by Robert Young; John Jones & Mary his wife v. Richard March administrator with the will annexed of John Hooper merchant and Sarah his wife; William Twyford; and George Hooper an infantby his guardian C79/111, no. [132]
1723 C78/, no. []