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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1678 30 C78/, no. []
1678 10 Jan 29 Charles Crayker & Elinor his wife v. John Parrot & Judith his wife C78/994, no. 6 [2]
1678 11 Jan 29 Dame Anne Crispe, widow; John Crispe; and Thomas Crispe, esq, executors of Sir Nicholas Crispe, knight and baronet v. John Ireton, esq; Anthony Deane; and others C78/1609, no. 29 [3]
1678 14 Jan 29 John Sweete, gent v. Elizabeth Hole, widow C78/949, no. 1 [4]
1678 24 Jan. 29 Philipp Forster; John Baynes; Abigaile Cowden and [?Bethia?] Cowden two of the children of Joseph Cowden, infants by the said John Baynes v Robert Cowden an infant and Abigaile Cowden the relict & administratrix of the said Joseph Cowden Debts and legacies payable from trust settlement of lands in Essex, Middx. and Billingsgate, London C78/860, no. 1 [5]
1678 31 Jan 30 Humphrey Gilbert and others the parishioners & inhabitants of the parishes of Paington and Marledon, Devon v Phineas Pett, master of the arts and vicar of the said parishes. Method of payment of tithes in the parish of Paington [Paignton ] & Marledon [ Marldon], Devon. C78/1218, no. 4 [6]
1678 1 Feb 30 Mary Draper, widow; Henry Cripps an infant by his guardian; Cope Rich; and Ralph Massey v. Thomas Waller; Humfrey Draper; Edmond Draper; and Sir Allen Brodericke, knight C78/2028, no. 14 [7]
1678 1 Feb 30 Richard Perkins of New Inn, Middx, gentleman v. William Edlen and Phillip Edlen gentlemen C78/1914, no. 2 [8]
1678 1 Feb 30 Sir John Williams, baronet, cousin and heir and administrator of Sir John Williams, baronet v. Thomas Price, esq, & Mary his wife; John Price; and Chute Price, his sons; and Diana Price his daughter, the said John and Diana Price being infants; Sir William Wray; Richard Betenson; Edward Wray; and Cecill Wray, esqs; and Richard Williams C78/1729, no. 4 [9]
1678 5 Feb. 30 Edmond Draper v Sir Robert Jason; Thomas Deane and others (not named). Mortgage of manors of Nutwell [in Woodbury par.], Hordell [?], Duncton [?] and Walhampton [Walkhampton]. Advowson of Limpston [Lympstone] and Northley [Northleigh], Devon and tenements in White Cappell [Whitechapel], Middx C78/950, no. 4 [10]
1678 6 Feb 30 George Dale, gent, by Samuel Swanne, gent, his guardian v. John Shalcrosse, esq, by his guardian; Edward Downes, esq; and Thomas Higgenbotham, gent C78/1104, no. 1 [11]
1678 8 Feb 30 Peter Calverd esq; William Ambrose; William Cleeve & Anne his wife executors of Thomas Calverd; and Felix Calverd; Susanna Calverd; and Sarah Calverd children and legatees of said Thomas by said Anne her mother and guardian v. Humfry Deane C78/1914, no. 9 [12]
1678 9 Feb. 30 Sir John Busby v Thomas Egerton and Hester his wife an infant; Sir Henry Blount and Dame Hester his wife; and Sir William Turner Marriage and trust settlement of lands in Addington, Bucks. C78/1221, no. 2 [13]
1678 9 Feb 30 Thomas Williams esq and David Williams gentleman his son and heir apparent & Jane his wife v. John A Van esq and Anthony Mathewes gentleman and others (sic) C78/2069, no. 9 [14]
1678 9 Feb 30 Robert Stawen gentleman administrator of Richard Leane gentleman v. Thomas Leane and Peter Leane and others (sic) C78/1914, no. 4 [15]
1678 12 Feb 30 Grace Allanson, widow and relict of Charles Allanson, esq v. Charles Allanson, son and heir of said Charles; John Wyvell; Francis Elcocke, esq; Gawen Hodgson; Henry Jaques; and William Jaques, gent C78/883, no. 1 [16]
1678 16 Feb 30 Sir Richard Chiverton, knight and alderman of the City of London v. Samuel Sandys the elder, esq; Samuel Sandys the younger, esq; Mary Sandys, spinster; Edward Sandys, gent; Sir John Pettus, knight; Richard Marryott, gent; Sir James Smith, knight; Stephen Thompson; and James Best C78/997, no. 3 [17]
1678 19 Feb 30 Barrington Bourchier, esq v. Henry Scudamore, esq C78/1589, no. 14 [18]
1678 19 Feb 30 Thomas Honor v. William Bower; Elizabeth Crofts, widow; and Clement Hobson C78/997, no. 9 [19]
1678 21 Feb 30 William, late duke of Newcastle v. Michael Heathcott; Andrew Morwood; and Edward Buxton C78/1104, no. 5 [20]
1678 25 Feb 30 Sir William Jones the Attorney General on behalf of the parish Guttering Gate in the city of York v. Samuell Mansfeild and Isaack Stephens executors of Jane Wright C79/182, no. [21]
1678 1 March 30 Frances Munn administratrix with the will annexed of Charles Browne during the minority of Margaret Browne an infant daughter and executrix of said Charles Browne and the said Margaret Browne and Mary Browne by the said Frances Munn v. The Governor and Company of Merchants in London trading to the East Indies; Michael Dunkyn; Christopher Browne; Samuel Sambrooke; Peter Daniel; Henry Johnson; John Gourney; Richard Moore; and Thomas Canham AND Francis Hodges and Edward Throckmorton v. Michael Dunkyn; Frances Munn widow; Margaret Browne; and Mary Browne C79/95, no. [22]
1678 4 March 30 Daniel Priske v Joshua Palmer; John Glynn; Thomas Moore the younger and others (not named). Marriage treaty of manor of Ponghill and lands in Gwendron, Helstone and Kerrier, Cornwall C78/950, no. 1 [23]
1678 5 March 30 John Debnam of London linendraper v. Jeremiah Croxon C79/17, no. [24]
1678 5 March 30 Edward Merryweather and Thomas Malyn citizens and haberdashers of London v. William Tippett C78/1914, no. 7 [25]
1678 11 March 30 John Robinson; George ....; William Thornburrough; and Reb....... v Merril Robinson & Jane his wife; and Timothy Robinson, Thomas Robinson & Rebeccah Robinson infants by William Hodges Legacies payable from trust of unspecified premises C78/880, no. 2 [26]
1678 12 March 30 John Love of London, merchant, & Sarah his wife; and Rebecca Chadwicke, an infant by said John Love her guardian v. Sir Thomas Player, knight; John Chadwicke, an infant; Elizabeth Chadwicke; and Daniel Chadwicke, executors of James Chadwicke C78/1727, no. 13 [27]
1678 6 April 30 Dorothy Chamberlayne; and Elizabeth Chamberlaine, spinsters; Robert Mathews & Grace his wife; Thomas Mathewes; Robert Mathewes; Grace Mathewes; and Mary Mathewes, children of said Robert and Grace Mathewes and all infants, by said Robert their father and guardian; Thomas Chamberlaine; and Susan White v. Edmond Chamberlaine; Thomas Chamberlaine; and Edmond Webb C78/1275, no. 7 [28]
1678 8 April 30 Jenkin William v. Humphry Richard & Gwen his wife C78/2069, no. 8 [29]
1678 8 April 30 John Shelton esq son and heir of John Shelton late of West Bromwich, Staffs, esq & Mary his wife both infants by Joseph Prickman of London, merchant their guardian; and the said Joseph Prickman v. Walter Needham doctor in phisick & Elizabeth his wife, the relict and executrix of said John Shelton; Thomas Banaster esq; and Benjamin Shute C78/1914, no. 6 [30]
1678 13 April 30 Seilliam Sandys, esq, & Anne his wife v. Thomas Hodgson, gent, now Sir Thomas Hodgson, knight C78/1602, no. 4 [31]
1678 23 April 30 Sir Thomas Wroth, baronet, an infant by William Stowell, esq, his guardian v. Peregrine Palmer, esq; Thomas Palmer; and Nathaniel Palmer C78/898, no. 2 [32]
1678 23 April 30 Dame Anne Wroth, widow and relict of Sir John Wroth, baronet; and Sophia Wroth, an infant, daughter of said Dame Anne Wroth and by her the said Dame Anne Wroth her guardian v. Peregrine Palmer, esq; Thomas Palmer; and Nathaniel Palmer, sons of said Peregrine Palmer; and Sir Thomas Wroth, baronet; and Elizabeth Wroth, sons and daughter of Sir John Wroth, baronet C78/898, no. 3 [33]
1678 24 April 30 Thomas Strode, esq & Mary his wife, lately Mary Odber v. Anne Smithsby; Jacob Lucy; Thomas Haynes & Elizabeth his wife; Walter Fowke; Phineas Fowke; John Lande; Robert Blanchard; Thomas Tresham; and William Tresham C78/1015, no. 1 [34]
1678 25 April 30 Henry Flemyng; and Richard Flemyng v. John Flemyng C78/997, no. 8 [35]
1678 27 April 30 Thomas Cox v. Nathaniel Vikers C78/1893, no. 3 [36]
1678 1 May 30 Mary Cotterford, spinster v. John Cotterford, an infant, by Elizabeth Cotterford his mother and guardian; and said Elizabeth Cotterford; Christopher Linnell; Thomas Walker; and James Barnett C78/1759, no. 9 [37]
1678 1 May 30 James Herbert, esq & Jane his wife, daughter and heir of Sir Robert Spiller, knight, son and heir of Sir Henry Spiller, knight v. Simon Maine, esq; and others (sic) C78/864, no. 6 [38]
1678 1 May 30 Thomazine Austen of the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, widow v. Samuel Dancey; George Dancey; and Robert Petman C78/1075, no. 9 [39]
1678 4 May 30 Phillipp Marsh of Bramford, Suff, yeoman v. John Acton, esq; and Nathaniel Acton, gent, of Bramford C78/1127, no. 1 [40]
1678 6 May 30 Sir James Smith of Chelsey, Middx; and William Walker of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, goldsmith v Richard Strode Mortgage of the manor of Cartford in Plympton St Mary, Devon. C78/1226, no. 1 [41]
1678 6 May 30 Charles Todd v. Christopher Todd; John Todd; and James Wilberfosse C78/883, no. 2 [42]
1678 8 May 30 Richard English v. Randolph Poulson C78/997, no. 10 [43]
1678 8 May 30 James Chibbott & Anne his wife v. Henry Dameron alias Damerill C78/1267, no. 8 [44]
1678 8 May 30 John Shawe & Margaret his wife, one of the daughters of John Cartwright v. William Broadbent C78/1267, no. 9 [45]
1678 11 May 30 Rt. hon. Lewes, Earl of Feversham, Viscount Sonds of Lees Court, Baron of Throwley and Lord Lucas of Holdenby v Dame Katherine Sonds Marriage settlement of manor of Holdenby, Northants, Feversham, Lees Court, Throwley, Selling Court, Badlesmere Court, Learyland, Darbyes Court, Kent and Barkinge, Surrey and Topsham, Devon C78/950, no. 2 [46]
1678 15 May 30 William Joyce; William Hanscombe; and Thomas Well, overseers of the poor of the parish of Hitchin, Herts; Richard Love; Daniel Goldsmith; and Edward Rumbold, church wardens of the parish church of Hitchin; and William Patrick v John Rotheram Trust of lands in Flitton, Barton and Higham Gobion, Beds, to support schoolmasters of the free school of Hitchin, Herts C78/790, no. 1 [47]
1678 15 May 30 Daniel Skynner merchant v. Thomas Kirke merchant and William Vernon C79/95, no. [48]
1678 15 May 30 Thomas Jenings; and William Speke, esqs; and William Hilliard, an infant by said Thomas Jenings and William Speke his guardians v. Ferdinando Gorges; and William Hely C78/898, no. 5 [49]
1678 18 May 30 Katherine, lady Gray of Warke, dowager, the relict and executrix of Ralph, lord Gray of Warke who was the executor of William, lord Gray of Warke v. Nicholas Wood, & Meriall his wife; Josias Dockwra; Ambrose Barnes; Nicholas Fetherston; Henry Hargraves; and Barbara Pereath Sale by Robert Jennison of Newcastle upon Tyne of 1320 bowles of Rye on behalf of William, Lord Gray C78/1589, no. 15 [50]
1678 27 May 30 Abigaile Pheasant, widow v. Benjamin Clarke, doctor of phisick C78/1057, no. 10 [51]
1678 1 June 30 Hester Harwood; and Jane Harwood, executrices of Jane Jackson their mother v. Abraham Shapton; and William Harwood C78/994, no. 4 [52]
1678 4 June 30 Robert Offley of the City of London, merchant v William Bright of London, goldsmith and Samuel Fulwood of London, shoemaker Bonds re payments to factor and mortgage of houses in Durham Yard, King Street, Westminster, Middx C78/1215, no. 6 [53]
1678 5 June 30 Thomas Potter the elder of the City of London, merchant and Anne Driver the widow of Thomas Driver late of the City of London, Cooper v Thomas Driver Accounts of trust of unspecified lands in Surrey. C78/1222, no. 1 [54]
1678 5 June 30 Susan Everard widow an infant by Richard Howe esq her guardian v. John Lane esq and Thomas Everard gentleman C78/1914, no. 3 [55]
1678 7 June 30 William Wintle and Margaret his wife; and heriott Washborne & Rachell his wife v Barny Carpenter; John Pilsbury; and Edward Burrey Possession of copyhold messuage and lands in Whethamsted and Harpenden, Herts. C78/1221, no. 3 [56]
1678 8 June 30 Mary Maes relict and executrix of John Hodgden the younger; and Mary Hodgden daughter of said John Hodgden an infant by said Mary Maes her mother and guardian v. Henry Hodgden C78/864, no. 3 [57]
1678 8 June 30 John Oliver, citizen and glasier of London; and George Baker of London, gent v. Sir William Lemon, baronet; James Wainewright & Helena his wife; James, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Katherine, Thomas, John, Alice, and Margaret Wainewright, children of said James Wainewright & Helena his wife C78/954, no. 2 [58]
1678 10 June 30 Peter Macclesfield esq an infant by his guardian v. Ralph Macclesfield; Anthony Nicholls; Adin Froggatt; and Thomas Reynoldes C78/2037, no. 12 [59]
1678 10 June 30 Edward Backwell esq; Thomas Tyther; Francis Manby; William Barrett; William Richards; George Bowers; Richard Alcorne; Henry Cope; Peter Pretty; Alexander Randall; John Eaton; Robert Farr; Thomas Hawgood; John Garrett; Elianor Bruffe; William Cleare; James Skynner; Alexander Redding; Francis Tyton; Nicholas Clarke; Randall Bells; James Wyburne; Edward Wake; William Wallis; John Threder; ____ Jolley; Elizabeth Boast; Peter Rosteau; George Pinckney; John Day; Michael Steele; George Drewe; Richard Peirce; Nathaniel Hamond; Francis Ball; ____ Gambleton; and John Stiffe creditors of Edward, earl of Manchester v. Robert, earl of Manchester; Henry Mountague; George Mountague esqs; and Michael Brighouse esq; and others (sic) C78/1914, no. 5 [60]
1678 10 June 30 Mary Dawe, the relict and administratrix of Robert Dawe her late husband v. Anthony Dawe C78/891, no. 10 [61]
1678 11 June 30 Alfred Sabine of the Inner Temple, London, gent & Mercy his wife v. Edward Greene of the Inner Temple, London, gent; and Phillipp Sabine, gent, brother to the complainant Alfred C78/1075, no. 11 [62]
1678 12 June 30 Anne Sherwood v. James Burford; and Francis Sherwood C78/898, no. 4 [63]
1678 12 June 30 Thomas Clerke, son of Thomas Clerke and of Mary his wife of Milton, Kent, and also administrator de bonis non of Mary Clerke, by said Mary Clerke v. Thomas Rutton, gent C78/1267, no. 10 [64]
1678 13 June 30 Giles Sumpter v. Humfrey Holden and Robert Biddulph C78/2028, no. 12 [65]
1678 13 June 30 William, duke of Newcastle v. George Wakefield; Mary Clayton, widow, executrix of William Clayton; William Clayton; and Mary and Andrew Clayton, gent C78/1597, no. 5 [66]
1678 14 June 30 William Newlane gentleman v. John Aldermare alias Cesar C79/95, no. [67]
1678 14 June 30 Thomas Wood, an infant, by Anne Wood, his mother v. Margaret Phillibrowne C78/1602, no. 9 [68]
1678 14 June 30 Mathew Browne v. Benjamin Stebbing, clerk C78/906, no. 8 [69]
1678 14 June 30 Jane Hele, cousin and heir of Henry Elwes, late of Grovehouse, Middx, esq, an infant, by Sir John Carew, baronet, her guardian v. Sir John Elwes, knight C78/951, no. 5 [70]
1678 14 June 30 Angell Harrington; Elizabeth Harrington; and Mary Harrington, spinsters, the three daughters of William Harrington, infants, by Angell Hampton, widow, their mother and guardian v. John Bagshaw & Frances his wife, executrix of Anne Evelyn C78/951, no. 7 [71]
1678 15 June 30 Abraham Spooner the elder, gent & Mary his wife; Abraham Spooner jr; and Mary Spooner, children of said Abraham the elder and Mary his wife, being all infants, by said Abraham the elder their father v. Simon Perryman, gent C78/1164, no. 5 [72]
1678 17 June 30 Mary Donne the daughter of Richard Donne and niece of Phillip Box decd v George Ingram. Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of personal estate of Phillip Box C78/930, no. 1 [73]
1678 17 June 30 ___ Gibbon of Owbey, Norf, esq v. Thomas Barney C78/881, no. 8 [74]
1678 17 June 30 Nicholas Barbon, doctor of phisick v. Sir Thomas Draper, baronet C78/951, no. 10 [75]
1678 17 June 30 Sir Ralph Delavall of Seaton Delavall, Northumberland, baronet v. Robert Delavall, esq & the Lady Elizabeth his wife; The Honorable Bernard Howard, esq; Mervin Tuchett, esq; and Thomas Delmahoy, esq Manors of Seaton Delaval, Hartley & Horton, Northumberland and the manor of Black Callerton C78/1164, no. 4 [76]
1678 19 June 30 Thomas Gundry, gentleman v. George Browne, esq & Anne his wife; and Elizabeth Gundry C78/2028, no. 13 [77]
1678 19 June 30 Margaret Platt of Westbrooke Place in Godalminge, Surrey, widow, the relict of John Platt of Westbrooke Place, clerk, and executrix of Mary Platt, one of the daughters of said John Platt by said Margaret Platt; and Hannah Platt, infant by said Margaret their mother v. John Platt, knight; and others (sic) C78/1729, no. 8 [78]
1678 19 June 30 Susanna Johnson, daughter and heir of John Johnson, son and heir of John Johnson, an infant by John Noble & Elizabeth his wife her mother and guardian v. John Pagett & Anne his wife, daughter of said John Johnson the elder C78/877, no. 1 [79]
1678 20 June 30 Sir Peter Apsley, knight & Dame Anne his wife; and Thomas Winter, esq, executor of William Curtis, esq v. James, lord Shandois; Sir John Kirle, baronet; William Gregory, esq; John Hereford, gent; Peter Samyne; and Sarah Samyne C78/951, no. 11 [80]
1678 22 June 30 William Canham v. Gregory Durrant C78/951, no. 8 [81]
1678 22 June 30 William Righton v. John Overing; John Jeller & Sarah his wife C78/1279, no. 4 [82]
1678 27 June 30 Samuel Andrewes v. John Andrewes; and John Danny, executors of John Andrewes, gent C78/801, no. 16 [83]
1678 27 June 30 Henry Dew, gent v. Sir Richard Fisher Fisher, baronet; John Miller; Thomas Miller; Michael Miller; and Thomas Brewer, gent C78/1231, no. 2 [84]
1678 28 June 30 John Farrer and Judith Farrer v. James Greenwood C79/2, no. [85]
1678 28 June 30 Paul Dominique the elder of London, merchant v. Benjamin le Nudd & Elizabeth his wife; Aaron Faulcon; and Ferry Duboys C78/951, no. 9 [86]
1678 28 June 30 wife of John Hernaman v. John Pym C78/984, no. [87]
1678 29 June 30 William Alston of Inner Temple, London, esq v. Sir Thomas Alston of Odell, Beds C78/1729, no. 7 [88]
1678 29 June 30 Humfry Gilbert, esq; Daniel Vinicombe, gent; Edward Clarke the elder, esq; Edward Clarke the younger, esq; Ursula Vennar, widow; Gustavus Vennar, an infant, by said Ursula his mother and guardian v. John Champnyes, esq C78/1275, no. 6 [89]
1678 1 July 30 John Briscoe esq & the lady Anne his wife; Thomas Porter esq; Thomas, earl of Portland; James Porter; Francis Harvey esq; and Sebastion Willoughby gentleman & Anne his wife v. the Right Honorable John Russell esq; Sir Lancelott Lake knight; Anne, countess of Banbury; Charles, earl of Banbury; the Honorable Henry Knollys; the Lady Anna Maria Knollys; the Lady Katherine Knollys; the lady Frances Knollys; and the Honorable Benedict lord Sherrard C79/95, no. [90]
1678 1 July 30 Ford, lord Grey, baron of Warke, son and heir of Ralph, lord Grey, baron of Warke, deceased, and grandchild and heir of William, lord Grey, baron of Warke, being then an infant, by George, lord Berkeley of Berkeley v. Katherine, lady Grey, widow of said Ralph, lord Grey; Ralph Grey; Charles Grey; and Katherine grey, infants, younger children of said Ralph, lord Grey; Roger North, esq; Sir Michael Heneage, knight; Andrew Harrington; and John Middleton, trustees of said William, lord Grey; Sir John Pelham, baronet; and George Eales, clerk, who with the said Sir Michael Heneage were trustees of said Ralph, lord Grey Refs previous decree of 7 March 29 Charles II. Settlements of the estates of William & Ralph, Lords Grey. Manor of Gosfield, and its exclusion from those settlements, having been purchased in the name of Mr Thomas Grey C78/1604, no. 2 [91]
1678 6 July 30 Sir William Jones knight Attorney General on behalf of and at the relation of the lord Mayor of the City of London and the four senior Aldermen of the same City for the time being v. Anthony Kempe esq C78/2069, no. 6 [92]
1678 15 Aug 30 Thomas Doughty; and William Doughty his son v. Robert Doughty; and William Doughty C78/906, no. 6 [93]
1678 (bill) Michaelmas Term 30 Seabright Walsh & June his wife; Thomas Walsh; Richard Walsh; Joseph Walsh; and Anne Walsh sons and daughter of the said Seabright and Anne being infants by Elianor Sollers their guardian v. Richard Carwardine esq C79/28, no. [94]
1678 12 Oct 30 George Johnson and Richard Johnson administrators of Elizabeth Doegood alias Hobby v. the Gorvernor and Company of Merchants Trading to the East Indies; Ralph Doegood; John Stone; and Thomas Chester C78/2028, no. 15 [95]
1678 18 Oct 30 Francis Isles in right of Ellianor Isles his late wife; Giles Partridge & Joane his wife; William Pritchard; and Jane Mills the daughter & executrix of Elizabeth Mills, widow v Thomas Winchcombe and Katharine his wife; and William Powell Legacy payable from lands in North Cerny, Gloucs C78/890, no. 3 [96]
1678 23 Oct 30 Lewis, earl of Feversham, viscount Sonds of Lees Court, Baron of Throwley and Lord Duras of Holdenby v. The Honorable Lady Katherine Sonds C78/1075, no. 12 [97]
1678 24 Oct 30 Rabecca Morgan, the widow and relict of Robert Morgan; and Edward Morgan; Robert Morgan; Thomas Morgan; Mary Morgan; and Rabecca Morgan, the children of said Robert Morgan deceased, infants, by said Rabecca their mother and guardian v. Gerrard Vanheythusin; Isaac Vincke; Thomas Bayly; Thomas Glover; Thomas Little; and John Collitt C78/1602, no. 8 [98]
1678 24 Oct 30 Katherine Lee of Bury St Edmonds, Suff, single woman, eldest daughter of Sir John Lee; The Honorable George Fielding of Bury St Edmonds & Elizabeth his wife, second daughter of said Sir John Lee; and Carolina Lee of Bury St Edmonds, single woman v. James Calmady; and Thomas Crofton C78/1086, no. 5 [99]
1678 28 Oct. 30 George Musgrave v Thomas Popham & Elianor his wife; and Alexander Popham Estate of the late Thomas Popham - the manor of Woolmeston and Hadworthy. Disputed titles. C78/865, no. 13 [100]
1678 29 Oct 30 Sir Robert Duckinfield of Duckingfield, Ches, baronet v. Michael Knight gentleman; William Duckinfield gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; Luke Astrey, esq; Robert Duckinfield, esq; Theophilus Smith; and William Gutrem C78/1926, no. 14 [101]
1678 4 Nov 30 Humphrey Ford v. Rachell Codrington daughter of Frances Codrington her mother deceased; and Thomas Windham esq C78/2024, no. 9 [102]
1678 6 Nov 30 Margaret Coxen, widow v. Peter Sergyeant, esq & Anne his wife; William Colbrand, esq; and Robert Wilde C78/1104, no. 7 [103]
1678 7 Nov 30 Daniel Tainturier & Mary his wife v. Anne Boutherett widow; Mathew Boutherett; Allen Read; and William Rawlins C78/2061, no. 9 [104]
1678 8 Nov 30 Francisco Marques alias Isaac Marques, an infant, by Richard Derham, esq, his guardian v. Sarah Henriques C78/997, no. 2 [105]
1678 11 Nov 30 John Hall v. John Withers esq and William Withers gentleman C79/182, no. [106]
1678 12 Nov 30 Thomas Hickes of the Inner Temple, London, gentleman & Anne his wife v. Richard Pendarves and Francis Arrundell and others (sic) C78/1914, no. 10 [107]
1678 12 Nov 30 Christian Dingley, relict and executrix of Nicholas Dingley of Kingston, Kent, clerk v. Mildreda Dingley; Richard Masters; and James Masters C78/1282, no. 3 [108]
1678 15 Nov 30 Nathaniel Browne of London, merchant, sole executor of William Symmes v John Symmes, an infant, eldest son & heir of the said William Symmes Portions and legacies payable by will of William Symmes from trust sale of lands in Ingrave or Gingrave, Essex C78/1221, no. 12 [109]
1678 18 Nov 30 Thomas Wright v. James Supple & Mary his wife; John Stringer; and William Hawker; and Thomas Archbold C78/881, no. 9 [110]
1678 18 Nov 30 Jane Mason, widow v. Jonathan Masters; Elizabeth his wife; and John Masters C78/1295, no. 7 [111]
1678 20 Nov 30 Orlando Jeffery, infant, by John Eastmont v Robert Sewell and Doctor Bruine Ryves then Dean of Windsor. Mortgage of parsonage and tithes of Piddletrenthide, Dorset. C78/1221, no. 10 [112]
1678 20 Nov 30 Anne Tilsley widow relict of Richard Tilsley and daughter of Herny Gosse v. John Tilsley; Edward Phillipps; William Pemberton executors of said Richard Tilsley; Thomas Tilsley; and Edward Tilsley son and daughter of said Richard Tilsley; William Tilsley; Anne, Mary, John, William, Thomas, Richard, and Jeoffery Tilsley sons and daughters of William Tilsley; Henry Gosse; and William Lane C79/182, no. [113]
1678 20 Nov 30 Humphrey Willett of London, merchant v. William Harrold; and Phillip Lockton C78/1231, no. 4 [114]
1678 21 Nov 30 Joseph Wale the elder, gent; Joseph Wale the younger; William Wale; William Paul the elder; John Gilbert; William Beale the elder; Edward Bent; John Paule; Anne Paule; Roger Norman; Richard Beale; John Orpwood; George Beale the elder; Isabell Wood; Andrew Paule; John Cole; Margaret Amy; John Foxon; John Marler; Robert Gilbert; Roger Johnson; Thomas Cowser; John Coltman; George Beale the younger; Reginald Hextall; Luce Peabody; William Knight; John Ayre, gent; Richard Massey, esq & Hannah his wife; John Garratt; Andrew Hull, gent; Thomas Townesend, gent; William Dafferne; George Tilley; Francis Pickering; and Richard Bell, all of them owners and occupiers of lands, tenements and hereditaments in Ashby Parva, Leics v. Ricahrd marler, William Strattford; Robert Snelson; and Samuel Stiles, clerk C78/864, no. 2 [115]
1678 21 Nov 30 Barbara Deneveire, widow v. George Gamble, gent C78/1104, no. 6 [116]
1678 26 Nov 30 Lionel Richardson gentleman & Elizabeth his wife v. William Adderley esq; John Somer gentleman; Francis Barrell serjeant at law; and Mary Somer widow C79/10, no. [117]
1678 26 Nov 30 Dame Sarah Brett, widow v. Thomas Rogers; Richard Cartwright; Josiah Hall & Jane his wife; Katherine Lee; and Mathew Wilkes C78/2028, no. 17 [118]
1678 27 Nov 30 Mathew Crover mariner; Sarah Mitchell relict and executrix of Stephen Mitchell gentleman; and Benjamin Brend Mitchell son of the said Stephen Mitchell an infant of seven years by said Sarah Mitchell his mother and guardian v. William Mitchell & Sarah his wife; Christopher Mitchel; Mathew Mitchell; and Mary Mitchell C78/1930, no. 31 [119]
1678 4 Dec 30 Jane Travell, widow; [blank] Sheppard; Judeth Bathurst; William Gibson; Richard Gryme; [blank] Harris; [blank] Hewens; Humphrey Kington; [blank] Bawdell; William Tarver; Samuel Odams; Richard Wigley; Thomas Hickes; [blank] Durue, widow; John Eede; [blank] Garlicke, widow; [blank] Medley; [blank] Pawley; [blank] Streame; John Greenaway; John Lambe; Anne Lambe; Mary Lambe; [blank] Tasker; William Spurrett; Thomas Templer; [blank] Ipesley; and Richard [blank] several of the creditors of John Danvers late of Upton, Warks; and John Danvers, Dorothy Danvers, Damaris Danvers and Finetta Danvers the younger children of the said John Danvers by William Sheppard v Elizabeth Danvers, widow and relict of the said John Danvers; Rowland Danvers an infant, eldest son & heir of the said John Danvers; Nicholas Meese, clerke; and Ambrose Holbech Debts of John Danvers payable from manor of Upton, Warwicks. C78/915, no. 15 [120]
1678 7 Dec 30 Anne Sutton widow relict of Thomas Sutton v. Richard Osborne esq and John Kroger executors of said Thomas Sutton C79/182, no. [121]
1678 7 Dec 30 Elizabeth Crofts v. Thomas Honor C78/997, no. 5 [122]
1678 7 Dec 30 Anne Browne, widow, relict and executrix of Richard Browne, gent; Anne Browne; Simon Browne; Tryphena Browne; Jane Browne; Philipp Browne; and Elianor Browne, infants and children of said Richard Browne, by said Anne Browne their mother and guardian v. Robert Browne, esq; and others (sic) C78/1097, no. 9 [123]
1678 11 Dec 30 William Cassey es v. Alexander Fitton esq; Henry Taylor; George Conyers; Phillip Grace; Peter Farmer, esq; Thomas Gifford; and John Cole C78/2028, no. 16 [124]
1678 11 Dec 30 Sir Richard Chiverton of London, knight v. Stephen Thompson of London, merchant C78/1729, no. 10 [125]
1678 11 Dec 30 Thomas Ankers v. Charleton Hill; and John Nevett C78/1097, no. 8 [126]
1678 13 Dec 30 Thomas Martin v Lydia Royle and Mary Orton Mortgage of messuage in Wybunbury, Cheshire C78/1221, no. 9 [127]
1678 13 Dec 30 Mathew Bulley v. Henry Brabant C78/1602, no. 1 [128]
1678 13 Dec 30 Francis Grosvenor of London, widow; and Samuel Grosvenor, executors of Robert Grosvenor v. John Baker, esq C78/984, no. 12 [129]
1678 13 Dec 30 Thomas Hackman the elder of Ringwood, Hants, gent v. Thomas Blanchard of Ringwood, gent C78/1075, no. 10 [130]
1678 16 Dec 30 Abraham Williams, gent v. Hester Didington, widow; George Didington, esq; John St Albon, esq; and William Coward, esq C78/898, no. 1 [131]
1678 19 Dec 30 Elizabeth Maundy daughter of William Maundy & Elizabeth his wife, sister and administratrix of Oliver Maundy, son of said William and Elizabeth v. ___ Burley, widow C78/864, no. 1 [132]
1678 19 Dec 30 Isaac Ashley v. Robert Chapman C78/984, no. 11 [133]
1678 24 Dec 30 John Squibb of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq & Vere his wife one of the daughters of Sir Edward Sydenham, knight deceased; Martha Sydenham & Elizabeth Sydenham, spinsters two other of the daughters of said Sir Edward Sydenham; and Jeremy Powell & Katherine his wife, one other of the daughters of said Sir Edward Sydenham v. William Denton doctor of phisicke; Richard Sydenham; and Thomas Warr esqs; and Maria Margareta Sydenham and Anne Sydenham infants daughters and coheirs of said Sir Edward Sydenham C78/1926, no. 13 [134]