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! 1656
| 8 Feb.
| Henry Nevill or Smith and others (named) v Robert Pickering.
| Portions payable from trust of messuage called Bentley in Framfield, Sussex
| C78/569, no. 23 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no569/IMG_0316.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1656 C78/, no. []
1656 10 Jan James Norfolk v Richard Meakins and others. Dispute over land in the parish of Saint Margarets, Westminster C78/532, no. 7 [2]
1656 12 Jan. Thomas Arbeston v John Rumbold. Personal goods allegedly taken as payment for debts C78/530, no. 18 [3]
1656 17 Jan. David and Ann Murrian and another (named), v John Knowles and others (named). Rents and profits from messuage and lands in Preston, Kent. C78/549, no. 3 [4]
1656 24 Jan. Thomas Norton v John Rayner Accounts and bonds re cloth-trade C78/539, no. 10 [5]
1656 24 Jan. George and Susan Houghton v Robert Plucknett and others (named). Shares in osier beds on land left on bank by River Thames near Millbank, Westminster, Middx. C78/545, no. 8 [6]
1656 25 Jan. John Cornewalleys v Thomas Stoneton and another (named). Felling of timber on trust estate of lands in Kent, Wilts and Suffolk. C78/542, no. 17 [7]
1656 27 Jan. Thomas Symcocks v Robert Meller and another (named). Marriage treaty raid trust settlement of manor of Budleigh, Somerset. C78/544, no. 8 [8]
1656 28 Jan. Sir John Hendon, Edward Hendon, Edmond Stode, Thomas Mills, Richard Bateman and others v Thomas Hurleston, James Merricke, Mary Hamond, Edward Chute and others (named). Estate of Thomas Darrell: the issues of Botherden, for the support of a schoolmaster at Biddendon, Kent C78/491, no. 11 [9]
1656 29 January Robert, Earl of Leicester v William Colepeper, Thomas Colepeper, Edmond Cotton and others Bonds and sureties for a loan by Leicester to Colepeper. C78/491, no. 12 [10]
1656 29 Jan. John Field v Henry Long and others (named). Payments due from trust of manor of Ashley, Wilts C78/539, no. 8 [11]
1656 29 Jan Thomas & Martha Mathew v John and Anne Bassett and others'(named) Portion from alleged trust of tenement in West Buckland, Devon C78/546, no. 2 [12]
1656 29 Jan. Thomas Wilson v Edward Goodwyn Agreement re purchase by tenants of the manor of Rawmarsh, Yorks. C78/546, no. 5 [13]
1656 31 Jan. John, Earl of Clare v Robert Williamson Sale of lands in Bothensall, Notts C78/539, no. 9 [14]
1656 1 Feb. Sir Robert Pye v John and Jane Spragg Bonds of Henry Bettic C78/544, no. 11 [15]
1656 5 Feb. Daniel Butler v Robert Wivers and others (named). Payment of purchase money for lands in Calthropp, Banbury, Oxon C78/528, no. 4 [16]
1656 5 Feb. Dame Anne Ashley v James, Earl of Suffolk and others (named) Bonds and debts C78/560, no. 7 [17]
1656 7 Feb. William Cox administrator during the minority of William Cox infant executor of William Cox deceased v Thomas and John Waller. Debts and bonds. C78/546, no. 3 [18]
1656 7 Feb. Robert Roberts v Edward Davys, Robert Roberts and John Williams Relief from a lease of a messuage at Cutton, Shropshire, the land of Margaret Roberts. C78/551, no. 11 [19]
1656 8 Feb. William Englefield v George Browne, John Somner and John Doncaster Bond for debt, owed by Sir Francis to the late John Browne C78/491, no. 10 [20]
1656 8 Feb Edmond Thorold and others (named) v William Towne and others (named) Title to lands in Ancaster subject to trust in favour of poor inhabitants of the Hamlets of Ancaster, Willoughby and Subrooke, Lincs C78/545, no. 7 [21]
1656 8 Feb. Henry Nevill or Smith and others (named) v Robert Pickering. Portions payable from trust of messuage called Bentley in Framfield, Sussex C78/569, no. 23 [22]
1656 9 Feb. Richard Pagett v John Kirke and another (named). Lease of "The George" inn, Kingstreet, Westminster, Middx C78/545, no. 6 [23]
1656 9 Feb. Thomas Howell and others (named) v Thomas Richardson, Baron of Cramond, Scotland Bill (7 Feb. 1655) reciting agreement (Dec. last) that defendant should enclose 146 acres of common called the West Fenn and that in lieu of lost rights of commonage in

this land he would grant fixed customary charges instead of arbitrary ones and quit claim his interests in all other common grounds in Ashwood in Pentney, Norfolk, and seeking ratification of this agreement.

C78/545, no. 9 [24]
1656 9 Feb. Martha Rowninge and another (named) v Martin Rowninge Redemption of mortgaged lands in Hundey, Suffolk in order to sell it to raise portions and legacies of the will of Thomas Rowninge C78/550, no. 12 [25]
1656 12 Feb. Mary Knight v Thomas Plumbe Validity of will of Richard Knight and his testamentary settlement of lands in Holdanger, Essex C78/539, no. 6 [26]
1656 12 Feb. Jane Morgan and others (named) v Thomas Basnett and others (named) Bill (Mich. 1655) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) by freeholders and tenants for general enclosure of 335 acres of common pasture and meadow in Stoake in Coventry, Warwickshire C78/563, no. 14 [27]
1656 14 Feb. John Roydon v Thomas Higgons. Mortgage of lands in Denbighshire. C78/490, no. 25 [28]
1656 26 Feb. Margarett Nicholls v William Williamson Profits of trust of houses and tenements in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx C78/530, no. 16 [29]
1656 14 Apr Thomas Randall and others (named) v Sir Thomas Woodhouse and others (named) Dispute over the stinting of fen lands at Feltwell, Norfolk. Access according to the size of arable holdings and set by agreement C78/532, no. 3 [30]
1656 14 Apr. Francis Thornes v The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Town of Shrewsbury Dispute over meadow lands in or near the town, and called 'Roushilf.’ C78/555, no. 10 [31]
1656 17 April Edward Lake v Alexander Ward, Henry Ward, Jeffery Ward, Redemption of a mortgage on a property called 'Hurleys' at Shenson Park, Staffordshire C78/491, no. 16 [32]
1656 17 April John Kipping v William Lampard Execution of the will of John Kipping, clothier of Brenchly, Kent. C78/492, no. 8 [33]
1656 17 April Robert Andrew v John Austin, Bridgett his wife, William Coles and Jeffery Browne. Concerning the will and estate of Thomas Andrewe. C78/551, no. 12 [34]
1656 17 Apr. John Hill and another (named) v William Moore and others (named). Testamentary settlement by will of John Hill the elder of his personal estate and lands in Weston, Somerset C78/563, no. 13 [35]
1656 19 April Richard Relfe v George Hurlocke. Mortgage of lands in Hcstlinge, Sussex. C78/550, no. 11 [36]
1656 1 May William Dey and another (named) v John Andrewes and others (named). Debts on security of tenements in Long Lane, St. Botolphes without Aldersgate, London. C78/545, no. 12 [37]
1656 1 May Katherine Dove v Robert Clarke and others (named) Possession of lands in Langham, Essex. C78/550, no. 10 [38]
1656 2 May Arthur Stanhope and others (named) v Phi Hipp, Lord Stanhope and others (named) Payments from profits of trust of unspecified lands in Lincs, Notts, and Derbys C78/530, no. 14 [39]
1656 3 May Thomas Alexander v Thomas Filby and another (named). Debts of Nicholas Sheene, payable from his personel estate. C78/550, no. 8 [40]
1656 8 May Edward Corbett v Michael Pead Cancellation of bonds on security of lease of rectory of Sidestroud, no county given C78/554, no. 15 [41]
1656 9 May Anne Baker v Sarah Wood. Estate of the late Thomas Wood, citizen and Merchant Taylor of London. Portion for Sarah C78/491, no. 6 [42]
1656 10 May John Pine v John Barrott and Thomas Colwall. Case concerning the raising of forces in Somerset during the late wars C78/532, no. 2 [43]
1656 12 May Henry Roll serjeant at law CJKB, Edward Atkins JCP, John Wild serjeant at law, major general Phillip Skippon, Francis Allen, Thomas Scott, John Backsteed, Roger Lambert and others (named) v Richard Earl of Dorset, Sir John Sackvile, William Rowe and others (named) Estate of Edward, late Earl of Dorset: the rectory of Saint Dunstans in the West, London, in the occupation of John Dunne, Dr. of Divinity and Dean of Saint Pauls. Also several houses and tenements in dispute C78/491, no. 9 [44]
1656 13 May Robert White v Nicholas Burnell and another (named). Purchase of encumbered messuage "The Antelopp" Inn, King Street, Westminster, Middx C78/546, no. 1 [45]
1656 13 May William Bruton v William Heyter and another (named) Trust of rectory and tithes of Heavitree, Exeter, parsonage of Topsham and houses in Exeter, Devon C78/563, no. 12 [46]
1656 16 May Francis Neve and another (named) v Oliver Neve Testamentary settlement of lands in Northenhall, Cantons, Rougholme, Ringland, and Witchingham, Norfolk, and houses in Lombard St and Cornhill, London C78/545, no. 5 [47]
1656 17 May Henry and Anne Marshe v Gilbert Docker and others (named). Performance of agreement re sale of messuages in Barkswell, Warwicks. C78/563, no. 10 [48]
1656 20 May Richard Johnson and William Tooke v William Brooke. Trading transactions between the parties and their entry into a joint stock C78/532, no. 10 [49]
1656 21 May Densill Hollis and Henry Foyle v Dame Seymour Hastings, George Morgan, Walter Edge, Ralphe Edge and others The estate of Sir George Hastings, late of Woodlands, Dorset and Saint Bartholomews, London C78/532, no. 9 [50]
1656 21 May John Bleigh v William Sherlocke Bonds and debts C78/563, no. 11 [51]
1656 24 May Sir Norton Knatchbull v Anne Prewde and Dorothy Nethersole Purchase by the late William Prewde of the farm of Carrington, in the parishes of Beakesbourne, Littlebourne, Addisham and Ickham, Kent, from Sir Henry Palmer C78/491, no. 5 [52]
1656 2 June Thomas Sallmon v John Okey and others (named) Accounts re merchant's stock C78/530, no. 12 [53]
1656 9 June John and Judith Ceely v Walter King and others (named) Mortgage of lands called Lambedo or Lambeso in St. Clemance, Cornwall C78/530, no. 11 [54]
1656 10 June Elizabeth Sharpe, Richard Head v John Dickenson, Thomas Chandler and Thomas Davy Debt of Edward Hursnett to Thomas Munn of Cranebrook, Kent C78/491, no. 7 [55]
1656 11 June Sir Nicholas Strange and others (named) v Sir Horatio Townsend and others (named). Jointure interest in manor of Denham Abbots, and Barrowe, including Higham Hall in Gazeley, Suffolk C78/554, no. 14 [56]
1656 11 June John Smith, Phillip Nurse, Richard Pirn v Robert Valence Lease by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster to Richard Mattock of properties in Saint Martins Le Grand. C78/555, no. 9 [57]
1656 13 June Cicelie Browne v John Tyrer Dispute over property in the parish of Elmeley Lovett, Worcestershire C78/491, no. 4 [58]
1656 13 June Charles Yaplee v Richard Browne and another (named). Reconveyance of manor and rectory of Bowthorpe, Norfolk and manor and rectory of Bickerton, in City of York C78/545, no. 2 [59]
1656 18 June Anthony Symons v James Burges and others (named) Bonds and mortgage of unspecified lands in Cornwall C78/530, no. 13 [60]
1656 19 June Richard Powre v Sir Thomas Coghill and others (named). Title and possession of manors of Powre, Adderbury, Bletchington and Oddington, Oxon C78/545, no. 4 [61]
1656 19 June Robert Bastard v John Gibson Mortgage of messuage called Goodhalls and lands in Greate Dunham, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 13 [62]
1656 20 June Edmond Lake v Alexander Ward, Henry Ward and Jeffery Ward Redemption of a mortgage on a property called 'Hurleys' Shenson Park, Staffordshire C78/491, no. 8 [63]
1656 21 June Denzell Holles v John Warr Trust of lands and woods at Hermitage, Dorset. C78/560, no. 5 [64]
1656 21 June Denzell Holles v John White and others (named). Bonds. C78/560, no. 6 [65]
1656 23 June Edward Lawe and others (named) v Robert Clarke Legacy payable by will of Mathew Clarke from lands in Long Lane, St. Sepulchers, London C78/545, no. 3 [66]
1656 23 June Thomas and Mary Howard v Thomas Parneby and others (named). Legacy payable from lands in Hinton, Cambs, by will of Gilbert Parneby C78/550, no. 9 [67]
1656 25 June Alexander and Ursula Shipdham v Dame Ursula Yelverton and others (some named). Title to manor and rectory of Rougham, manors of Greenhall or Finshawe and Clandford, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 11 [68]
1656 30 June George Trevelian v John Jeane Trust settlement of Aller Butler farm and lands in Woodavent and Nettlecombe, Somerset. C78/544, no. 14 [69]
1656 2 July Richard Trevill v Anthony Row Lease of messuage and lands in Emersion or Emston, in Modbury, Devon. C78/530, no. 10 [70]
1656 4 July Sir Nicholas Crispe and others (named) v Henry Oxenden. Debts and legacies of Thomas Denn payable from his personal estate and lands in Sherleys Moore, Kent C78/549, no. 4 [71]
1656 10 July John Farthing v Thomas Marwood and another (named). Trust of Sutton farm, Widworthy, Devon. C78/544, no. 13 [72]
1656 10 July Thomas and Robert Cobley v John Collins and others (named). Annuity payable from messuage in Sampford, Devon C78/563, no. 5 [73]
1656 17 July Thomas Merry and others (named) v Ralph Skipwith and others (named) Maintenance payments from lands in Walthamstowe, Essex. C78/544, no. 15 [74]
1656 18 July John Hare v John Langton and others (named) Debts payable from profits of sale of lands in Earith, Kent C78/527, no. 1 [75]
1656 23 July Joseph Bynnes v Thomas Piatt and others (named). Possession of Upton Farm, Upton, Berks. C78/549, no. 2 [76]
1656 29 July Sir Job Harvy and others (named) v Robert Charleton Rights of pre-emption of tin in Devon and Cornwall C78/537, no. 2 [77]
1656 24 Oct. Angele Stoner v Thomas Harman and others (named) Debts and legacies of Thomas Hammond, payable from sale of trust settlement of lands in Wandesworth, Surrey C78/528, no. 3 [78]
1656 24 Oct John and Mary Wrentmore v John Chaffie and others (named). Mortgage of "The Crowne" inn and Eastern park in Glastonbury, Somerset C78/563, no. 9 [79]
1656 25 Oct. William Rookeby v Michael Saunders Bonds re apprenticeship of Francis Rookeby to drapery trade C78/530, no. 8 [80]
1656 27 Oct. Millicent Jeffery and others (named) v Robert Gosnold and others (named). This case gives no details and refers only to "the matter in question" and "the matters in the bill" C78/542, no. 5 [81]
1656 10 Nov Roger Farnolls v Mountague, Earl of Lindsey and others (named). Debts and bonds. C78/542, no. 16 [82]
1656 10 Nov William and Hannah Brazante v Richard Spencer. Legacy payable from personal estate of Mabel Holmeden C78/544, no. 5 [83]
1656 11 Nov George Mivis and another (named) v Daniel Willgress and others (named ) Debts payable from trust of lands in Martham, Rollesby, Sommerton and Potter Heigham, Norfolk C78/526, no. 4 [84]
1656 12 Nov. Thomas and Elizabeth Craven and others (named) v Darwyn Stowe and others (named). Division of estate of lands in Harwicke, Normanby nigh Stowe, Fenton, Lincs and South Clifton, Notts, between the heirs of John Darwyn. C78/542, no. 15 [85]
1656 12 Nov. Thomas Wynne v Thomas Howe and another (named). Title to "The Goate Inn" and "Rose Inn' Smithfield, London. C78/550, no. 6 [86]
1656 14 Nov. Elizabeth Rookes and others (named) v George Rookes Portions payable from personal estate of George Rookes the elder C78/537, no. 1 [87]
1656 14 Nov Christopher Longe v Thomas Blomfield. Mortgage of lands in manors of Great and Little Claketon Essex. C78/554, no. 3 [88]
1656 14 Nov. Thomas Higgons v Fraunces Baldwyn and others (named). Sale of lands in Acton Scott, Salop C78/560, no. 1 [89]
1656 17 Nov. Francis Bacon and another (named) v Sir John Jacob Guardianship of Sir Robert Wingfield and administration of trust of manors in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambs C78/559, no. 1 [90]
1656 15 Nov. William Dell, Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge v Richard Lingham and others (named). Corn-rent from rectory of Burnham Overy, Norfolk. C78/550, no. 7 [91]
1656 21 Nov. Anthony Denny v Henry and Thomas Denny Portions payable from trust of the rectory of Startford, Herts. C78/544, no. 4 [92]
1656 22 Nov James Phillips v Mayor and Community of London and others (named). Expenses due to office of Sheriff of London and Middx. C78/490, no. 12 [93]
1656 22 Nov Robert Bateley v John Day Cancellation of bonds re payment, for timber. C78/554, no. 12 [94]
1656 22 Nov Thomas, Earl of Elgin and another (named) v Richard Greene and others (named) Bill (Mich. 1653) alleging that King Charles I in 1 Chas. I resolved to enclose the waste lands in the forest of Gillingham (Dorset and Wilts) and free them from forest laws, and set up commission of Disafforestation which allowed 100 acres of forest lands to the manor of Meere, Wiltshire; reciting and seeking ratification of agreement (20 Jan. 1651) between lord and tenants re the enclosure of this disafforested waste C78/563, no. 8 [95]
1656 24 Nov. John and Elianor Woods v Richard Prettyman and others (named). Trust surrender of copyhold lands in Stoke Ash and Bressworth, Suffolk. C78/550, no. 5 [96]
1656 26 Nov Thomas, Lord Viscount Savile v Sir Thomas Danby. Purchase of messuages and lands in Farneley and Gilderstone, Leeds, Yorks. C78/490, no. 15 [97]
1656 27 Nov. Thomas Hatcher and others (named) v Sir Brockett Spencer and others (named) Marriage settlement of lands in Kensington, Middx, Curringham, Essex, Carely, Little Bitham, Fullstome cum March Chappell, Lincs C78/537, no. 8 [98]
1656 28 Nov. Edward Bilby v Robert Righteous and others (named). Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Swanton Morley, Norfolk. C78/490, no. 18 [99]
1656 28 Nov Thomas Waterhouse and others (named) v William Aylett Financial trust, set up by will of Henry Bachelor to further public preaching of the gospel in Colchester, Essex C78/542, no. 14 [100]
1656 28 Nov. Grace and Amy Pearse v Peter Treby and others (named). Marriage treaty of lands and marshes called Chaddiewood in Plympton Mary, Devon C78/554, no. 2 [101]
1656 29 Nov Thomas Turgis v Henry Sanders and others (named). Mortgage and other encumbrances on manor of Battalls or Buttayles or Buttolphs in Ewell, Surrey. C78/490, no. 17 [102]
1656 29 Nov. James Loder v Nathaniel Child, Robert Coker Concerning a messuage at Warcham, Dorset. C78/551, no. 10 [103]
1656 2 Dec. John Williams v Thomas Collett The will of Anthony Collett. C78/557, no. 8 [104]
1656 3 Dec John Hanbury v Edward Hanbury. Legacy payable from personal estate of Sir John Hanbury. C78/490, no. 10 [105]
1656 5 Dec. James Harrington v John Balgay Mortgage of lands in Arenby, Lincs. C78/560, no. 2 [106]
1656 11 Dec James Scott, John Scott, Margaret Scott v Isaack Dorislaus. The will of James Bowey C78/532, no. 5 [107]
1656 11 Dec Richard Lucas and another (named) v William Windham and another (named) Possession of copyhold estate in manor of Williton Fulford, Somerset. C78/544, no. 3 [108]
1656 12 Dec Sir Humphry Tracey v Jacob Bloome. Lease of manor of Stanwell, Middx C78/528, no. 2 [109]
1656 15 Dec. John Harvey and others (named) v Anne and William Blathwaite Possession of manor and rectory of Mickleton, Gloucs. C78/490, no. 7 [110]
1656 16 Dec. Adam Baines v Thomas Cooper and others (named). Debts in connection with purchase of Holdenby house, (No county given). C78/490, no. 16 [111]
1656 31 Dec. Francis Huett, William Huett v Thomas Daniel and Richard Conquest Indenture between Conquest and Daniel for payment of over twelve hundred pounds - also the leases of several properties at Houghton and Ampthill, Bedfordshire. C78/491, no. 3 [112]