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! 1655
| 9 Feb.
| George Sittwell and another (named) v Christopher Johnson and others (named).
| Bonds re payment of portions from trust settlement of lands in Barleborough, Eckington and Spinkhill, Derbys
| C78/567, no. 7 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no567/IMG_0033.htm]
! 1655
! 1655

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1655 C78/, no. []
No decree date — end of roll torn and missing Bill (Mich 1654) Edward Rich and another (named) v Lewis Sweetinge and others (named). Bill (Mich 1654) alleging illegal enclosure of 150 acres of common woodlands in Overstowey, Somerset. C78/482, no. 1 [2]
1655 10 Jan. Alice Elliott, Gilbert Havers v Sir Aston Cockaine, William Stanhopp and others (named). Dispute over properties in the parish of Warkesworth, Derbyshire. C78/525, no. 1 [3]
1655 16 Jan. Ellen Combes widow and executor of John Combes late of Grays Inn v William Faldoe. Debts, and mortgage of chambers in Grays Inn, Middx. C78/530, no. 20 [4]
1655 16 Jan. William Carey and another (named) v Mary Andrews and another (named). Debts payable from personal estate of John Andrews C78/546, no. 9 [5]
1655 24 Jan. Daniel and Nathaniel Colscott v William Turebarfoote and another (named). Charges on lands in Colscott, West Putford, Devon C78/500, no. 5 [6]
1655 30 Jan. Winifrid Marsh by John Marsh and another named v John Marsh and others (named) Redemption of mortgaged woods and lands in Henden, Middx C78/530, no. 9 [7]
1655 3 Feb. Afra Dawson and her trustee (named) v Katherine Lady Newburgh and others (named). Payment of portion. C78/398, no. 6 [8]
1655 5 Feb. Thomas Seaborne v Thomas Witham and others (named) Forfeiture of lease of lands in Sutton, Lower Shellwicke, Lyde and Piper and Holmer, Herts C78/521, no. 4 [9]
1655 6 Feb. Honestas Earlesman v John Lord Roberts, John Tregegle and Peter Hender. Prebend of Saint Cath alias Saint Telth (?) Cornwall, the property of Thomas Carminow of Trehannicke. C78/475, no. 10 [10]
1655 7 Feb. Judith and Anne Watts v Symon Hele and others (named). Possession of tenement in Huxham and lands in Ratslowe, Devon. C78/554, no. 19 [11]
1655 8 Feb. John Evernden v Robert Brame, Brian Holmes Concerning a property at Crambrook, Kent. Leased to the complainant’s father C78/491, no. 28 [12]
1655 8 Feb. Chaloner Chute v Andrew Hay and others (named). Trust in lands of Stockley Park, Staffs. C78/540, no. 5B [13]
1655 8 Feb. Lawrence Parsons and others v Thomas, Lord Savile and others (named) Trust settlement of manors of Barwicke Scoles and Stapleton, Yorks. C78/540, no. 7 [14]
1655 8 Feb. Nathan Wright v Robert Mallop. Mortgage of lands in Weeke, Stoake Madeweeke, Binley and Hursbond in the parish of Husborne Priors, Hants. C78/544, no. 9 [15]
1655 9 Feb Daniel Jackson and master, warders and fellowship of Drapers of Coventry v Henry Roper and another (named) Charitable trust of rents from lands near the Mineries in Bishopsgate, London. C78/563, no. 16 [16]
1655 9 Feb Joane Delabere for self and children v Sir Robert Pye and others (named). Marriage treaty and trust of unspecified lands in Gloucestershire. C78/563, no. 17 [17]
1655 9 Feb. George Sittwell and another (named) v Christopher Johnson and others (named). Bonds re payment of portions from trust settlement of lands in Barleborough, Eckington and Spinkhill, Derbys C78/567, no. 7 [18]
1655 12 Feb Thomas Coghill v Henry Jones and others (named) Maintenance payments from estate of Richard Jones, including leases of lands in Oxon and Gloucs C78/549, no. 20 [19]
1655 15 Feb. John Weikes v Dame Katherin Brook and others (named). Mortgage of manor of Glutton, no county given. C78/528, no. 10 [20]
1655 16 Feb. Thomas Fownts v Nicholas Shephard. Mortgage of manor of Waton or Wadeton in Stoke Gabriel, Devon C78/482, no. 2 [21]
1655 16 Feb. Sir William Portman v Thomas Bennett and others (named). Mortgage of Atherton farm and lands in Bridgewater, Somerset C78/528, no. 6 [22]
1655 17 Feb. John Style v Richard Drury and others (named). Marriage treaty of "The Crown" Inn, Downham Norfolk and brew and malthouses there. C78/554, no. 16 [23]
1655 20 Feb. Francis Robinson v Thomas Hill, Margery his wife and Holland Sutton Dispute over property on the manor of Lapley and Aston, Staffordshire. Customs of copyhold tenure C78/491, no. 27 [24]
1655 22 Feb. Edward North v Francis Theobald and others (named). Bill (Mich 1654) seeking ratification of agreement (21 Apr. 1652) allowing lord to enclose part of common called Pentree Green or Woodcroft in return for payment made to tenants for their quitclaim of interests in this common. Bename, Suffolk. C78/554, no. 17 [25]
1655 28 Feb. Isabell Hindmarsh v Edward King and another (named). Payments for maintenance and education C78/546, no. 8 [26]
1655 1 March James Brewster v Thomas Stenson, Henry Freere Disputed transactions over payments by bill for cattle C78/491, no. 26 [27]
1655 15 Mar. Thomas Baker v Richard and Hester Hawten Rents from lease of manor of Hinton, Gloucs C78/524, no. 4 [28]
1655 31 Mar William Child v Rowland Lacon and others (named). Paying arising from a marriage settlement of lands in Chobury, Chiton and Bridgworth, Salop. C78/560, no. 8 [29]
1655 1 May Henry Malby v Anthony Morgan. Testamentary trust settlement of lands in manors of Broughton Hall and Upston Hall and lands in Stonham, Aspall and Greeting St. Mary, Suffolk C78/550, no. 14 [30]
1655 7 May Mary Skipwith, John Leginere, Grace Skipwith, Raph Skipwith v Thomas Merry and George Duncombe Estate of Sir Thomas Merry - properties in Walthamstowe, Essex C78/491, no. 23 [31]
1655 12 May Robert Ridley v Harry William Edward. Estate of William Ridley, deceased. Cottage, orchard and land at Lanvaire, Monmouthshire. Debt to William ap William C78/491, no. 21 [32]
1655 12 May Conyers, Lord Darcy and Conyers v Sir Gervayes Elwes and Jeremy Elwes Castle and lordship of Skelton, Yorkshire. Also an alum works and other properties at Skelton and Easton, Yorkshire C78/491, no. 25 [33]
1655 12 May Francis Heyton v Edward Hanchett and others (some named) Title to lands in East Greenwich, Kent C78/500, no. 2 [34]
1655 17 May Richard Rose and others (named) v John Bancroft and others (named) Mortgage of manor of Broadmaine or Maine Martill, Dorset C78/500, no. 1 [35]
1655 18 May Thomas Rich v Mathew Carleton. Trust of the manor of Sonning, Berks and lands in Eyre and Dunsden, Oxon C78/548, no. 4 [36]
1655 19 May William Burrough v Lucian Santarilia, Timothy Stoughton and Henry Ifles Property of Ambrose Evered, blacksmith of Wapping, Middlesex. Lease of Wapping Wall, frontage to the River Thames, wharf newly erected. C78/475, no. 7 [37]
1655 19 May John Cooke v Jeremy Beake Incumbrances on manor of Thornham, Norfolk. C78/540, no. 5A [38]
1655 23 May Robert Flatman and others (named) v John Eyre Agreement re purchase of lands in Hathersage, Derbys C78/524, no. 1 [39]
1655 26 May Elizabeth Eves and another (named) v John Langley. Marriage settlement of lands in Broseley, Salop. C78/480, no. 1 [40]
1655 28 May John Edwards v Howell Jones Garth Mill and a property called 'Laudymer' Montgomery. Lands, orchards, pastures and a water mill as surety for a loan C78/491, no. 24 [41]
1655 31 May John Davy v John Bradford and others (named). Factorship in clothing trade and restoration of goods C78/500, no. 3 [42]
1655 5 June Daniel Carter and others (named) v Gilbert Millington and others (named) Marriage settlement of lands in Felley and Annesley, Notts C78/500, no. 4 [43]
1655 5 June Henry Lund v Christopher Haire Usucaption of lands in manor of Whitehaven, Cumberland C78/540, no. 1 [44]
1655 16 June Joane and John Wraxall v Samuel Bridger and others (named) Bonds of Robert Morgan re payment of debts and marriage portion from houses and the "New Lune" in Wells, Somerset C78/548, no. 5 [45]
1655 19 June Nicholas Burnell v Thomas Wyvall and others (named). Mortgage of lands in Tuttle Street, Westminster. C78/398, no. 3 [46]
1655 20 June Rice Vaughan v Phillip Eyton and another (named) Agreements re purchase of manor and lordship of Denbigh for use of soldiers of Brigade of North Wales C78/546, no. 11 [47]
1655 21 June Margaret Whitehorne v Adam Edwards. Alleged trust and assignment of lease of the manor of Rushenden, Isle of Sheppy, Kent. C78/546, no. 12 [48]
1655 26 June William and Jane Davey and others (named) v Gideon Mapowder and others (named) Legacies and debts payable from tithes of Poundstock, Cornwall by will of Marriscus Mapowder C78/521, no. 1 [49]
1655 26 June John Phillips v William Smith Marriage settlement and mortgage of house and lands in Loddon, Norfolk. C78/521, no. 3 [50]
1655 28 June John and Mary Batty v Francis Peirpoint and another (named). Trust of rectory of Madworth and other lands in Notts, and Yorks C78/548, no. 2 [51]
1655 29 June David ap Anthony v Richard Williams. Dispute over three messuages at Hopton Yslam, Montgomery -mortgaged to John Powell C78/491, no. 22 [52]
1655 29 June Burgesses of town of Wisbech, Isle of Ely, Cambs v John Crane and others (named) Legacy from will of John Crane the elder given to town of Wisbech to build a townhouse and a causeway from the cornmarket to Eastfeild and to enlarge the schoolhouse C78/524, no. 2 [53]
1655 29 June Sir John Thompson v William Wooster Possession of manor of Husborne Crawley, Beds. C78/546, no. 10 [54]
1655 2 July Hellen Fillmer v Thomas Lushington. Estate of Edward Fillmer, shop credits, and sums of money in dispute C78/491, no. 20 [55]
1655 2 July Algernon, Earl of Northumberland v Lady Mary Wootton and others (named) Portions payable from manors of Helford and Britsby and Horston or Horstley, Derbys. C78/521, no. 2 [56]
1655 3 July Thomas Hallyott v Benjamin Warne Trust surrender of copyholds in Winfarthing, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 18 [57]
1655 6 July Thomas Fownes v Nicholas Sheppard Mortgage of manor of Waton or Wadeton in Stoke Gabriell, Devon C78/530, no. 19 [58]
1655 12 July James Orde v James Fawcett and others Payment due from lands in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland C78/540, no. 2 [59]
1655 12 July Timothy Squire v John Hewley and others (named). Agreement re sale of messuages in Petergate, Yorks C78/548, no. 3 [60]
1655 13 July Phillip, Viscount Strangford v Sir John Pelham and another (named). Trust settlement of manor of Swynefeild or Swingefield or North Cowthall or Boynton, Kent C78/545, no. 10 [61]
1655 14 July George Lowre, Francis Prinean v Elizabeth Brov/ne and Thomas Knyvett Debt owed by George Lowre to Anthony Browne, several properties in the Parish of Saint Dunstans in the West as securety C78/491, no. 19 [62]
1655 17 July Mary Underwood v William Underwood and others (named). Dower interest in 12 messuages in St. Sepulchres, Cambridge. C78/550, no. 15 [63]
1655 19 July Lady Millicent Pole and others (named) v Anne Pole Estate of German Pole, late of Radbourne, Derbyshire, also properties in Staffordshire and Leicestershire C78/491, no. 17 [64]
1655 20 July Edmund Brooke v Dorothy Reeve and others (named). Profits from farm in Clavering, Essex C78/540, no. 3 [65]
1655 24 July Henry Saunders and others (named) v Thomas and William Turgis. Mortgage of lands in Lambeth, Surrey C78/398, no. 2 [66]
1655 24 July Edward Haile v Robert Fotherby and others (named) Mortgage of messuage and malthouse, granaries and warehouses in Glamford Brigg, Lincs C78/548, no. 1 [67]
1655 16 Aug Elizabeth Quested v John Parsons, John Holt, Thomas Smith and others (named) Agreement for the enclosure of the below manors and lordships, undertaken for the improvement of copyhold lands. Also the settlement of fines and terms„of copyhold tenure on the enclosed estates. The manors of Accrington, Oswaltwist, Haslinden, Accrington Tottington, Huncoate, Colne, Ightenhill, Chatburne, Warston, Perihalton, the Hundred of Blackburne, and the Honour and Castle of Clitheroe, the duchy of Lancaster. C78/491, no. 18 [68]
1655 6 Sept. Jane Hill v George Plucknett and others (named). Legacies payable from will of Margaret Hill. C78/490, no. 31 [69]
1655 8 Oct. John Henman v William Angell. Mortgage of three brick houses in Colemanstreet, London. C78/490, no. 29 [70]
1655 19 Oct George Trewman v John Farside and others (named) Financial trusts from personal estate of Robert Trewman C78/542, no. 4 [71]
1655 23 Oct John Farmer, George Foster, William Carpenter, Richard Smyth, Anthony Wisam and others (named) v Benedict Hall The estate of Benedict Hall inherited from Henry Hall: properties and lands in Herefordshire, Montgomery, Surrey and Southwark, Surrey. Disputed bequest to the poor of the parishes of Stannton and Newland, Gloucestershire C78/491, no. 14 [72]
1655 23 Oct. John Emerson v Anne Lindall. Arrears of debts re partnership in clothes trade in Leeds, Yorks C78/546, no. 6 [73]
1655 24 Oct. Ralph Blaixton v George Lambert. Bonds re agreement to purchase the offices of Steward and Porter at St. Bartholomews Hospital, London. C78/490, no. 20 [74]
1655 24 Oct. Mary and Jeremy Elwes v Benjamin Lloyd and others (named). Title to lease of rectory of North Collingham, Notts C78/546, no. 7 [75]
1655 25 Oct. Richard Ward v Thomas Primrose and others (named). Title to messuages called Mannstons in Alburgh and Gouldham Greene, Norfolk. C78/545, no. 11 [76]
1655 26 Oct. Lawrence Cockerell v Mayne Truslove Bonds. C78/542, no. 2 [77]
1655 27 Oct. Thomas Finch, John Sluckley, Henry Hodger v Robert Forsett, John Harris and others. Dispute over the building of houses at Saint Marylebone, Middlesex C78/491, no. 15 [78]
1655 27 Oct. Thomas Chambers v Julian Barwis and others (named) Marriage settlement of lands in Carlisle, Baggary, Boltongate, Langrigg, Holme, Cultram and castle of Wolstie, Cumberland. C78/539, no. 5 [79]
1655 29 Oct Agnes Prowse v Arthur Webber or Gilbert and others (named) Mortgage of copyhold land in manor of Taunton Deane, Somerset C78/530, no. 15 [80]
1655 29 Oct. Jasper Robins v William Robins Legacies and debts of Jasper Robins the elder payable from lands in Godmanchester, Hunts C78/542, no. 3 [81]
1655 30 Oct. Dame Elizabeth Hansby v Felix Wilson Jointure from Knottingley mills and manor of Seacroft, Yorks. C78/526, no. 11 [82]
1655 30 Oct. Simon How v John Courton Property of Roger Mills of Devonshire, Use of property by How in consideration of his good services C78/555, no. 12 [83]
1655 31 Oct John Heydon v William Spurstone and others (named). Inheritance of personal estate of William Spurstone the elder. C78/490, no. 22 [84]
1655 31 October James Newton v Thomas Damett, Thomas Bartram, John Lugger, John Howe and others (named) Estate of Humphrey Wall, manor of Nether Lawton, Kingsland, Herefordshire. Also other properties C78/491, no. 13 [85]
1655 3 Nov Sir Thomas Walsingham v Sir John Manwood and another (named) Bonds for debts of Sir Peter Manwood on security of mortgage of manor of Tonge Court, Kent C78/526, no. 10 [86]
1655 12 Nov Theodosia Ivy v Thomas Ivy. Concerning a Private Act of Parliament for alimony C78/532, no. 6 [87]
1655 13 Nov John Collins v Sir Edmond Phillips and others (named). Title to tenements in Stoakelingsland and Linkinhorne, Cornwall. C78/526, no. 9 [88]
1655 15 Nov Anne Jarvis by Richard Hippy v William Jarvis and others (named). Trust of copyhold tenement in manor of Bidisham, Somerset. C78/490, no. 23 [89]
1655 16 Nov Sir Edward Griffin and others v Robert Clipsham and others (named) Bill (Mich 1653) seeking ratification of verbal agreement (1646), articles of agreement (19 Jan 1649) to enclose Loateland Field, Blackfield and part of the waste of Braybrook, Northamptonshire, and alleging defendants had repudiated the agreement C78/528, no. 9 [90]
1655 16 Nov Thomas Hickes v James Medhopp and others (named). Leases of manors of Licksteard, Trenant, Menchinior and Kerslake, Cornwall. C78/545, no. 13 [91]
1655 17 Nov Elizabeth Harris v John Revell Lease of lands in Stretton, Derbys C78/526, no. 12 [92]
1655 17 Nov. Joane Mallacke and others (named) v Anthony Floyer and others (named). Debts payable from mills and lands in Luppitt, Devon. C78/544, no. 6 [93]
1655 20 Nov John Newland by Ann Newland v Pexall Broccas and others (named). Debts on security of lands in Haxey, Exworth and Onston, Lincs. C78/490, no. 19 [94]
1655 20 Nov John Rombold v Robert Woolley and others Debts and obligations of Rombold to one Benson C78/532, no. 8 [95]
1655 21 Nov. John Mottershead v Sir Thomas Wroth. Wages and debts due to manservant. C78/544, no. 7 [96]
1655 22 Nov. Thomas Bennett and others (named) v George Towers and others Lease of three messuages in Knight Ryder Street, London. C78/530, no. 17 [97]
1655 22 Nov. James Baker v Robert Marryott. Portion payable from unspecified estate of Henry Ewen. C78/550, no. 13 [98]
1655 26 Nov. Joseph Blagrave v Thomas Brightwell. Redemption of mortgaged lands in manor of Nithforde Tadley, (No county given). C78/490, no. 26 [99]
1655 27 Nov. Thomas Silke and others (named) v Edward Munteigne Bill (Mich 1656) seeking ratification of agreement (15 Oct. last) re compounding of tithes and enclosing the common fields of Little Raveley, Huntingdonshire C78/539, no. 11 [100]
1655 27 Nov Thomas Rich and others (named) v Sir Richard Bettinson and another (named). Mortgage of messuage in Wimbledon, Surrey C78/546, no. 4 [101]
1655 28 Nov Nathaniel Bacon v Anne Lambe and others (named). Debts and bonds C78/542, no. 1 [102]
1655 7 Dec. Thomas Vawe5 and others (named) v Phillip Langley and others. Debts. C78/528, no. 5 [103]
1655 14 Dec Mathew Rudd and others named, for tenants of Little Baddoe, Essex v Gobart Barrington. Ancient rights of digging for sand and gravel in Little Baddoe, Essex. C78/490, no. 21 [104]
1655 15 Dec. Sir Henry and Philadelphia Littleton and others v Sir John Trevor and others (named). Trust settlement of Sunninghill or Sunningwell Parke, Berks and manor of Castle Eden, Durham. C78/490, no. 24 [105]
1655 17 Dec. Lyonel Copley v John, Lord Viscount Rochford and others (named). Bonds re re-building of iron-works and forge in Conisbrough, Yorks C78/539, no. 7 [106]
1655 21 Dec Elizabeth and Edward Andrews v Florentine Tanturier. Mortgage of part of Covent Garden and Long Acre, St. Martins in the fields, Middx C78/528, no. 7 [107]
1655 22 Dec. Mathew and Mary Holworthy v Robert Henley Portions payable from lands in Langdon, Dorset, Bishops Cannings, Wilts and Plymouth, Devon C78/528, no. 8 [108]