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! 1653
| 17 June
| George Mills and others (named) v Margarett Essingwood.
| Dower interest in lands in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx.
| C78/567, no. 1 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no567/IMG_0001.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1653 C78/, no. []
After 1648 Fabian Phillips v John Forrett. The administration of the will of Davis Ramsey. The Office of Phillizer of London, Middlesex, and other counties, claimed by Phillips C78/532, no. 16 [2]
Date erased. Bill (no date). William Cooke v Sir William Playters and others (named). Title to manor of Hardleyhall Norfolk. C78/552, no. 1 [3]
1653 14 Jan Henry Ayscough, Edward Blacke, Sarah Catterton v John Anton. Dispute and an earlier case concerning property at Halton Holgate, Lincolnshire. Former Decree reversed. C78/475, no. 4 [4]
1653 24 Jan. Cecil Calvert, Lord Baron of Baltimore, Ireland v William Arundell and others (named) Trust settlement of manors of Semley, Wilts and Hanley and Sutton Mandevile, Dorset. C78/531, no. 3 [5]
1653 25 Jan John and Elizabeth Karver and others (named) v John Lench and others (named) Rentcharge from manor of Doverdale, Worcs. C78/531, no. 2 [6]
1653 25 Jan. William Colepepyr and others (named) v Henry Crispe Trust of manors of Bedgbury, (no county given) C78/517, no. 4 [7]
1653 28 Jan Richard Neysey v William Howe Dispute over a lease on a waterworks and other buildings granted to Sir John Stafford C78/525, no. 8 [8]
1653 29 Jan. Sir Frauncis Wortley v Roger and Sarah Britteridge. Payments due from trust settlement of the manor of Carleton and Swinton, Yorks. C78/403, no. 21 [9]
1653 29 Jan Thomas Johnson v Thomas Smyth and another (named). Rents due from lands in Hedcorne, Kent C78/478, no. 7 [10]
1653 29 Jan. William Crane v John Middleton and others (named). Assignation of lease of manor of Woodriseing, no county given C78/523, no. 7 [11]
1653 31 Jan. Abraham and Jacob Huse v John Huse and others (named). Title to lands in Wokeningham, Berks. C78/482, no. 7 [12]
1653 1 Feb. Thomas Bewley and another (named) v John and Robinson Beane. Waste and spoil committed on mortgaged lands in Duchstreet, Eltham, Kent C78/549, no. 7 [13]
1653 1 Feb. Robert Batchilor v Thomas and Dorothy Berney Lease of messuage and lands in Happisburgh, Norfolk. C78/552, no. 3 [14]
1653 8 Feb. Robert Dycer v Sir Francis Gouldsmith and others (named). Possession of manor house and lands of Bacons or Bacons Forins in Hitcham, Suffolk C78/523, no. 4 [15]
1653 8 Feb. Thomas and Katherine Fanshawe v Ralph Darnell and others (named). Rents from manors of Punsborne or Penesborne, Flamsted, Barry and Redburne, Herts C78/549, no. 10 [16]
1653 9 Feb. Edward Blower v Robert Blower. Legacies payable by will of Edward Blower from manor of Woodnorton, Norfolk. C78/403, no. 9 [17]
1653 10 Feb. Samuel Dringe and son Samuel v John Custis and another (named). Trust of farm and lands in Froome, Zellwood, and Peyton, Somerset and Wilts. C78/500, no. 17 [18]
1653 10 Feb. George Berkeley and others (named) v Nathaniel Stephens and others (named) Bill (Hilary 1651) reciting that the free and customary tenants of Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, had common rights in lands called Ould Warth adjoining the river Severn, and that 80 acres of this land had been enclosed with the New Warth 6 years earlier, and seeking ratification of agreement (no date) that part of this new enclosure would be set aside for theiir use in compensation C78/517, no. 2 [19]
1653 10 Feb. George Berkeley v John Smyth and others (named) Bill (Hilary 1651) referring to decree of 1 July 10 Jas. I that it should be lawful for Henry, Lord Berkeley (great grandfather of the complainant) to enclose 400 acres of Micklewood Chase in Alkington, Gloucestershire, as demesne and to enclose the remaining 500 acres as common for freeholders and tenants, but giving him permission to grow 1,000 oaks on this common. Also reciting agreement 24 Jan. 1651 to restrict the number of oaks to 40 and seeking ratification of this agreement. C78/517, no. 3 [20]
1653 10 Feb. Sarah Crofts v Denys Buck and another (named) Debts of Stephen Allen C78/552, no. 2 [21]
1653 11 Feb. James Lane v Johane Colby and others (named). Redemption of mortgage of lands in Sutton and Lound, Notts. C78/500, no. 16 [22]
1653 11 Feb. William Pearse v Robert Nunn, Arthur Nunn and others Dispute over arrears on an annuity. C78/525, no. 2A [23]
1653 11 Feb William Perse v Robert Nunn, Ambrose Manaton, Henry Whittaker and Francis Luttrell and others (named). Relief from a lease of the manor of Roscarmall, and other properties in Cornwall. C78/525, no. 14 [24]
1653 11 Feb. Anne Henshawe v Thomas Bonham Dispute over the leasing of lands at Daggenham by Henshawe. Also property at Barking and other places in Essex. C78/525, no. 21 [25]
1653 12 Feb. William Stede v Sir Thomas Peyton and others (named) Possession of land in Milton or Midliton near Sittingborne and Upper Harbottleton, Kent C78/523, no. 6 [26]
1653 12 Feb. Edith Longford v Elinor Coxe Estate of Nicholas Longford: debt owed to Coxe C78/557, no. 10 [27]
1653 12 Feb. Richard Ducke v John Cary Lease of part of the manor of Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent. C78/560, no. 12 [28]
1653 15 Feb. John Brown, Arthur Upton and others v John Mare, Wilmot Richards and others The will of William Gould, the farm of Great Darwick, Devonshire. C78/532, no. 15 [29]
1653 17 Feb. John Bradford v Elizabeth Davy. Payment of pension from profits of cloth trade. C78/500, no. 18 [30]
1653 19 Feb. Thomas and Elizabeth Wharton v Daniel Brown and others (named) Legacy from, and alleged trust of lands in Deepinge, Spaldinge, Crowland and Pinchbeck Fenn, Lincs and "White Hart" inn in St Giles in the Fields and messuages in Bow Street, Middx C78/482, no. 17 [31]
1653 19 Feb Thomas, Lord Windsor v William Umphrevile Rent-charge from trust of manors of Stoake near Nayland, Netherhall and Netherhall Wittenmarsh, Cawsers, Becham, Shardelow in Stoake, Sprott and Higham, Suffolk. C78/523, no. 5 [32]
1653 21 Feb. Alexander Popham for freeholders v Henry Bluett. Bill (Hilary 1649), seeking court ratification of agreement (no date) between freeholders to make exchanges among themselves and enclose their own plots. Boughton, Asgarby and Howell, Lincolnshire. C78/398, no. 14 [33]
1653 23 Feb. John Sutcliffe v Henry Bently Administration of testamentary settlement of unspecified lands in Yorks, by will of Henry Bentley C78/517, no. 5 [34]
1653 26 Feb. Alexander and Elizabeth Hooker v John Newporte and others (named). As in 403/12 and 17. C78/403, no. 18 [35]
1653 28 Feb. Thomas Acklam v Henry Wormeley and another (named). Marriage settlement of the manor of Bolnewicke, Yorks C78/403, no. 3 [36]
1653 4 Mar Robert Dudley or Tomlinson v Sir Edward Seabright and others (named) Marriage settlement of lands and watermills in Claverley, Salop and lands in Mendon Aspash, Warwicks C78/482, no. 18 [37]
1653 27 April Walter Leake v Thomas Hereford. Debts of William Wrottesly, payable from lands in Wotton and Lionhalles, Heref. C78/403, no. 2 [38]
1653 28 April Grace and Richard Bedwell v Sara Hawkins and others (named). Title to lands in Braintree, Essex. C78/398, no. 11 [39]
1653 29 April Hercules Whiteing v Robert Bagnall Debts re purchase of wool and yarn C78/548, no. 20 [40]
1653 3 May Henry Fermor v Elizabeth Dolchester and others (named). Discharge of statutes levied on manors of Lea and Baysham, Gloucs. C78/403, no.16 [41]
1653 5 May James Davenport and others (named) v William Denton and others (named). Debts of Sir Alexander Denton, payable from trust of lands in Cowley Hillesden, Bucks and Barford Forrest, Bucks and Oxon C78/523, no. 3 [42]
1653 10 May Henry Hastings v Edward Hastings and others (named) Marriage settlement of lands in the manor of Woodlands, Dorset. C78/560, no. 11A [43]
1653 11 May William Crane v Lawrence Canti (?). Dispute over the property of Richard Crane the fee of Barton Crane, Cornwall. Debt to Canti. C78/525, no. 13 [44]
1653 13 May Thomas Steward v William Taylor. Bonds and debts. C78/398, no. 12 [45]
1653 13 May Sheffield Stubbs v Robert Stone and another (named) Debts and bonds C78/548, no. 19 [46]
1653 13 May James Bix and others (named) v Sir John Roberts and others (named). Debts of John Bix payable from trust of manor of Littleborne, Kent. C78/549, no. 21 [47]
1653 21 May Edward Mynne v Mathew Lindsey, Stephen Shipdham, Isabell Shipdham, Francis Browne, Thomas Lorwood and others (named). Manor of Great Francham, and also of Cannons, Sparham and other properties in Norfolk. Dispute over sales of properties C78/525, no. 12 [48]
1653 21 May Sir Henry Felton and others (named) v Leicester and Elizabeth Deverax and others (named) Mortgage of manor and rectory of Christchurch, Ipswich, Suffolk. C78/351, no. 4 [49]
1653 23 May Theoderic and Mary Holland v John and Lettice Clent Portion payable fron manor of Wichenford, Worcs. C78/549, no. 13 [50]
1653 24 May Arthur Heyward and others (named) v Richard and Edward Heyward. Payment of legacies. C78/398, no. 9 [51]
1653 27 May Francis Windham v Zachary and Benjamin Conant Cancellation of paid-up bonds. C78/500, no. 15 [52]
1653 Trinity term Sir George Stonehouse v Dame Elizabeth Stonehouse Testamentary settlement of lands in Fulham and Westminster, Middx. and Radley, Berks. C78/553, no. 7 [53]
1653 6 June Robert Brewster v Sir Edward Astley and others (named). Copyhold customs of manor of Hindolveston or Hilderston, Norfolk. C78/553, no. 2 [54]
1653 10 June John Pordage v Thomas Guider and others (named). Mortgage of messuage and farm in Eltham, Kent C78/549, no. 6 [55]
1653 14 June Edward Osborne and Joane his wife v Thomas Hoblyn, William Hancock, John Robins, Christopher Dunstone Proposed marriage between Joane and Nicholas Tregaere in 1631, disputed terms of a settlement C78/525, no. 10 [56]
1653 16 June John Marsh v Richard Browne, John Marshall and Bridgett Browne. Property held by Marsh by copy of the Court Roll of the manor of Hampstead, Middlesex. Properties in Pond Street. Debt to Richard Browne C78/555, no. 11 [57]
1653 17 June Lady Elizabeth Cranfeild by Sir Christopher Wray and another (named) v Anne, Countess dowager of Middx.and another (named) Legacy payable from lands in Copthall, Essex and personal estate of James, Earl of Middx C78/482, no. 16 [58]
1653 17 June George Mills and others (named) v Margarett Essingwood. Dower interest in lands in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/567, no. 1 [59]
1653 18 June James and Katherine Parry v William, Earl of Salisbury and others (named). Payment of portion under terms of marriage treaty. C78/478, no. 11 [60]
1653 18 June Sir John and Jonathan Trelawny v Ambrose Manaton Trust settlement of lands in Tiverton, Harridge, Wondford and West Budly, Devon C78/500, no. 13 [61]
1653 18 June Sir Gervace Clifton and others (named) v Francis South and others (named) Marriage settlement of lands in manors of Kelstone, Cawkwell and Fotherby, Lincs. C78/527, no. 8 [62]
1653 18 June John Duncombe and another v John Withers Trust in lands of the manor of Exbury, Middx C78/540, no. 16 [63]
1653 20 June William Castlehow and others (named) for tenants of manor of Hulton John v Andrew Hudleston and others (named) Changes in customary dues of the manor of Hulton John, Cumberland C78/540, no. 4 [64]
1653 21 June William and Rachell Wade v Anne Hawker. Redemption of mortgaged lands in Ashen, Essex. C78/398, no. 10 [65]
1653 21 June Margaret Allen v Richard Swayne and others (named). Payment of an annuity C78/500, no. 11 [66]
1653 21 June Thomas Burgis v Roger Philpe and' others (named). Bonds and debts. C78/500, no. 12 [67]
1653 21 June Nicholas Opye v Anthony Rouse and others (named). Encumbrances to sale of manor and advowson of Erinington, Devon. C78/553, no. 8 [68]
1653 22 June Thomas Cowley v Francis Blomer and another (named). Mortgage and sale of farm in Oldsworth, Gloucs. C78/403, no. 15 [69]
1653 28 June Edward Stratford v Henry Mayo. Portions payable from trust of land and grist and fulling mills in Pakonhill, Stroud, Gloucs. C78/403, no. 5 [70]
1653 28 June Thomas and Mary Ewen v Mary and Thomas Knowles. Mortgage of messuages and lands in Heme, Kent. C78/549, no. 11 [71]
1653 29 June Thomas Drope v Theodore Archer Payments due from lands in Burgi. on the Marsh, Lincs. C78/540, no. 14 [72]
1653 29 June Theophilus Loane and another (named) v Thomas Gipps Trust settlement of lands in Geesinge or Gainsall, Cambs C78/540, no. 15 [73]
1653 29 June Francis and Ralph Pigott v Edward Parlett and others (named). Bill (Trinity 1653) seeking ratification of agreement (15 Oct. 1650) to complete within 2 years the enclosure of common called Long Green and 25 acres of common in Lowebrooke, and to fence it off from the common of the manor of Fincham C78/553, no. 9 [74]
1653 2 July Samucl Clarke and others (named) v Robert and Elizabeth Clarke Possession of lands in Bury, Suffolk and Shclfangcr, Norfolk. C78/553, no. 11 [75]
1653 8 July Henry Caesar and Dame Jane Caesar v Anthony Wright, William Booth, Thomas Booth, John Croft, William Beverley and others Dispute arising from the enclosure of the fields of the manor of Linwood, Lincolnshire, by Henry Caesar. C78/475, no. 3 [76]
1653 11 July Edmond and Mary Davyes v Nicholas Fill Payment of legacies. C78/500, no. 14 [77]
1653 12 July Sir Richard Tourney and John Pettne v Robert Scraff and Clement Corbett, Sir William Denney, Edmond Mileham and others (named). Estate of the late John Berney of Norwich, the manor of Rawlinge, Suffolk and the rectory of the parish of Chedeston. Sale by Berney of this estate. C78/525, no. 11 [78]
1653 12 July Phillip Leigh v Paul Mercer and others (named). Legacies payable from trust of manor of Meadstead, Hants and Collingborne farm Wilts. C78/548, no. 17 [79]
1653 13 July Mary Calveley and others (named) v William Barneston and another (named) Debts payable from trust of lands in Saughton, Lea Alford and Lea Newbald in parish of Warbuch, Cheshire. C78/548, no. 15 [80]
1653 13 July Robert Burdett v Robert Browne, Ralph Honge, John Wallis, and Constance Walks. Dispute over Spitell Farm, Morden, Surrey. Also other properties at Morden and Carshalton. C78/475, no. 5 [81]
1653 13 July Constance Wallis v William Wormewell, Ralph Home, John Wallis and Henry Wallis Estate of William Wallis: debts owed to Viscount Lumley, Henry Nevill and others. Bevills Hall Farm and Mansion as surety. C78/475, no. 6 [82]
1653 13 July John Cole and Elizabeth his wife v Arthur, Lord Ranlaugh and Arthur Chichester, Lancellot Lake and others (named) Claim for payment of a thousand pounds to Elizabeth Cole in accordance with a decree of the court of July 1651 C78/525, no. 7 [83]
1653 13 July Mary Calveley and others (named) v William Barneston and another (named). Debts payable from trust of lands in Saughton, Lea Alford and Lea Newbald in parish of Warbuch, Cheshire. C78/548, no. 15 [84]
1653 14 July Adam Lyon and others (named) v Sir James and Dame Mary Croftes Debts and legacies payable from lands in Paddington, Middx by will of Amy Conway C78/527, no. 9 [85]
1653 14 July Richard Andrewe v John Falkner and others (named). Debts and bonds. C78/540, no. 17 [86]
1653 16 July Francis, Lord Brooke v Robert Harvey Title to pasture grounds in Caldecott, Warwicks C78/527, no. 7 [87]
1653 18 July John Sherwood v Phinees Andrews and others (named). Erection of brickhouse in Barkhamsteed Parva, Herts. C78/524, no. 11 [88]
1653 19 July Henry Rainsford and others (named) v Ralph Whistler and another (named). Debts payable from testamentary settlement of manor of Combe, Hants C78/486, no. 6 [89]
1653 27 July Anthony Thomas v Sir Richard Strowde, John Jones, Henry Herbert, Edward Hamond and others (named). Estate of Samuel Thomas: watermill called 'Johns Mill', Horsey Down, Surrey. Also lands, and property at Saint Saviors Dock, Southwark. C78/525, no. 6 [90]
1653 11 Oct. Richard Tomes v Anne Holland, Henry Johnson and Thomas Day Estate of the late Thomas Tomes, messuages and tenements called 'Badcocke' and 'Crumplins', Gloucestershire C78/525, no. 5 [91]
1653 19 Oct Sir John Day v David Edwards and others. Dispute over Flanders trade: dealings on credit and settlement of debts C78/525, no. 4 [92]
1653 20 Oct. John Cowper v Edward Newton. Bonds re sale of lands in Mickleover, Derbyshire and accounts of woman constable C78/548, no. 16 [93]
1653 7 Nov John Clerke, Rebecca his wife, Rt. hon. John Lisle, John Dormer, William Lisle v Rebecca Lee, Richard Wild, William Bullock, Gregory Cole and others (named) Arbitration of an earlier case involving a writ of dower. C78/525, no. 3 [94]
1653 22 Nov Elizabeth Harvey v Robert Harvey and another (named) Rents due from trust settlement of lands and stone quarries in Lancton Maltravers, Dorset C78/486, no. 5 [95]
1653 25 July William Lawe v Jane and Isabell Lawe. Title to mortgaged messuage in Wichbold, parish of Dodderhill, Worcs. C78/478, no. 10 [96]
1653 18 Oct. Phillipp Walls or Wallis v Sir George Henneage. The property of Pedegree Greene, leased by Queen Elizabeth. Priory House and Grange Farm, parish of Thistle, Lincolnshire. C78/475, no. 12 [97]
1653 19 Oct. Robert Pyther v Dame Mary Stanhope and another (named) Bonds raised on security of lands in Boston, Lincs. C78/540, no. 6 [98]
1654 22 Oct. Alice Moore and others (named) v Bridget, Lady Somerset Accounts of profits of manors of Leighton, Neston and Thorneton, Cheshire C78/482, no. 10 [99]
1653 25 Oct. Sir William Luckin v Joseph Scottow and others (named). Debts and bonds C78/524, no. 10 [100]
1653 26 Oct. James Hooper v John Longe and others (named). Sequestration and sale of parsonage of Stoake under Houndon, Somerset. C78/500, no. 10 [101]
1653 3 Nov. Sir Edward Griffin and others (named) v John Leister and others (named) Bill (Mich 1652) reciting agreement (13 March 1648) to enclose Loatland Field, Blackfield and part of Braybrooke, Northamptonshire, waste and subsequent allotment of plots (Nov. 1649) and alleging that c 1652 the defendants repudiated the agreement and destroyed hedges. Court ratified agreement. C78/527, no. 5 [102]
1653 11 Nov Walter Kelland v Gabriel Thomas and another (named) Joint purchase of the prison in Stoke Cannon, Devon. C78/500, no. 9 [103]
1653 12 Nov Thomas Rich and others v Ellen Combes Estate of Lucy Rich, relict of William Rich, merchant taylor of London. Wardship dispute C78/475, no. 2 [104]
1653 12 Nov John Hill, elder v John Hill, his son and others (named). Marriage settlement of lands in Longborrowe, Gloucs. C78/524, no. 8 [105]
1653 14 Nov Sir Richard Hovell and another (named) v Thomas Dunham and others (named). Rights of fouldcourse and free warren in Hillington, Norfolk. C78/403, no. 8 [106]
1653 14 Nov. John Allen v George Hopkins. Rents due from tenements and lands in Midsummer Norton, Somerset. C78/548, no. 14 [107]
1653 15 Nov John Peake and others (named) v Samuel Wright and Robert Fellowes. Purchase of land at Spalding, Lincolnshire by William Peake. C78/475, no. 13 [108]
1653 16 Nov. Ralph Sampson or Samson v John Hodges Disputed will of John Hutton, making settlement of lands in Butley and Barton Davis, (no county given). C78/548, no. 13 [109]
1653 18 Nov Elizabeth Nunn v George Nunn Legacy payable by will of Edward Nunn, from lands in Felsham, Suffolk C78/482, no. 15 [110]
1653 19 Nov. Richard Verdon v William Crane Bonds for debts. C78/524, no. 13 [111]
1653 25 Nov. Thomas Levingston v Thomas Black Reversion of lands in Billyard, Saint Dunstons in the West, Middx C78/560, no. 9 [112]
1653 26 Nov Katherine, Lady Newburghe and others (some named) v Challonor Chute and others (named) Debts and legacies of Lord Newburgh payable from sale of trust estate of the manors of Stanfordingley and Woolverton, (no county given C78/527, no. 4 [113]
1653 26 Nov. Francis Dison and Dowsabell his wife v Thomas Dorebarge and others (named). Jointures and profits payable from lands in Water Lambeth, Surrey C78/560, no. 10 [114]
1653 1 Dec. Elizabeth Swayne, William Swayne v Thomas Brightwell, Robert Swayne, Christopher Babington Dispute over a property called 'Old Spur Copys' at Woodburne, Buckinghamshire C78/551, no. 13 [115]
1653 2 Dec. James Norfolke v Thomas Weritworth, William Barker and others The manor of Booking, and other lands in the County of Essex. The estate of John Wentworth. C78/532, no. 12 [116]
1653 3 Dec Dame Jane Bacon v John Hamond and others (named). Rents due from manor of Davellers, Suffolk. C78/398, no. 8 [117]
1653 8 Dec. George Beard and others (named).v Hugh Bescawen and others (named) Bonds for debts of Robert Kempe on security of farm of Trewinuck, Cornwall C78/524, no. 12 [118]
1653 9 Dec. John Colson, Anne his wife v Robert Pescodd and John Thorpe. Marriage of Anne to Thorpe, settlement of a jointure. C78/475, no. 11 [119]