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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1651 C78/, no. []
1651? Thomas Sacheverell v. Ambrose Sheppard and Henry Coxeter gentlemen re. lands int.al. in Filkins, Oxon C78/2020, no. 19 [2]
1651 (bill) Hilary Term Richard Hanbury esq & Dame Margaret his wife relict and executrix of Edward Morgan v. Thomas Berrington; George Morgan; Christopher Morgan and Edmond Keymes re. lands int.al. in ?Redwick, Monmouthshire C79/53, no. [3]
1651 Hilary term (bill) John and Mary Hawkins v Andrew Burton and others (named). Annuity payable from trust settlement of the manor of Harleton, Cambs and tenements in St. Buttolphs and Giles without Cripplegate, London C78/548, no. 18 [4]
1651 10 Jan. Christofer and Anne Favill v Henry Rawlins and others (named). Management of estate of Robert East. C78/478, no. 24 [5]
1651 15 Jan William Player v John and Grace Claredge Trust settlement of shops in Shoreditch, London. C78/500, no. 25 [6]
1651 20 Jan James Richardson and Mary his wife v Alice Hey The will of John Reading C78/536, no. 12 [7]
1651 22 Jan Robert Bacon v Armiger Playford Dispute over property at Brinton Briwingtori, Norfolk. Debts to Sir William Asteley, and property on the manor of Thornage. C78/390, no. 5 [8]
1651 24 Jan. John Anton v Henry Ascough and others (named). As C78/460 (8) under 6 May C78/460, no. 9 [9]
1651 24 Jan. John and Thomas Hambledon v Moses Clarke Accounts of trade of grazing. C78/464, no. 1 [10]
1651 25 Jan. Pheby Starkey v John Kitchingman. Starkey a dyer of Hallifax, dispute over sales of woad. C78/390, no. 7 [11]
1651 28 Jan William and Elizabeth Abell and others (named) v Daniel Jackson Legacies from personal estate of William Stanley. C78/510, no. 3 [12]
1651 29 Jan Hugh Owen, esq v. William john ap William; and Thomas ap Evan Lewis re. lands in LLedwigan, Anglesey C78/1257, no. 21 [13]
1651 1 Feb. John Kiddle v Thomas Thorne Title to lands in Candlemarsh, Somerset. C78/486, no. 16 [14]
1651 3 Feb. Richard Bell v Thomas Dickinson, Adam Pickard. Bequests to Christopher Dickinson. C78/389, no. 1 [15]
1651 4 Feb. Roger Chope and al (named) v Nicholas Collinge and another (named). Bill (Hilary 1649) reciting agreement (1648) re enclosure of Knowle Park. As (3) under 28 October. Chivelstone, Devon. C78/466, no. 6 [16]
1651 5 Feb Henry Holgate; Stephen Holgate; and John Procter v. Samuel Waddington; and Leonard Bolland int. al. lands in Ayton, Yorks C78/1241, no. 25 [17]
1651 6 Feb. Elizabeth Massy v Margaret Norton and others (named). Marriage settlement and mortgage of lands in Goose Lane, Winchester. C78/399, no. 10 [18]
1651 6 Feb. George Monck v John Prowse and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Podridge, Devon. C78/568, no. 6 [19]
1651 10 Feb. William and Robert Parsons v Michael and Robert Rabbett. Title under testamentary settlement by will of Michaell Rabbett to lands in Barking, Essex, and Stone, Greenhive or Swanscombe and Sutton, Kent. C78/611, no. 17 [20]
1651 11 Feb. Richard Taylor v Anthony Taylor. Trust of lands in Boston and Wrangle, Lincs C78/399, no. 11 [21]
1651 11 Feb. John Vacy v Mathew Cosen and others. The will and estate of the late Thomas Dodson. Lands at Penquite, Penquite the Higher, Sokenbury and other places C78/499, no. 6 [22]
1651 13 Feb. William Ireland v Thomas Moyle, James Newson Dispute over a salthouse at Reydon, Suffolk. Details of the selling of salt through warehouses, such as at Marlston, Norfolk. Disputed leases upon a shop or warehouse. C78/390, no. 3 [23]
1651 13 Feb John Jauncy, gent v. William Davis re. lands int.al. Llanbister, Radnorshire C78/1257, no. 20 [24]
1651 15 Feb. Thomas Petley and others (named) v William Codd and another (named) Portions payable from trust of lands in Frittenden, Leneham and Staplehurst, Kent C78/653, no. 16 [25]
1651 18 Feb. Robert Barnardiston v Edward Baber and others (named). Lease of manor of Ickwelbury, (no county given). C78/658, no. 19 [26]
1651 18 Feb. Robert Bush v Thomas Gibbs and another (named). Bonds on security of lands in Lincombe and Witcombe, Somerset. C78/1150, no. 37 [27]
1651 22 Feb. Roger Stiles and another (named) v Edward Smith and others (named). Bequests to poor of Great Hasely, Oxon. payable by will of Luke Taylor from lands in Rucott, Herts and Haseley, Oxon C78/578, no. 2 [28]
1651 27 Feb. Sir William Brownelowe and another (named) v Sir John Lawrence. Mortgage of manor of Dellafford in Iver, Bucks. C78/399, no. 9 [29]
1651 20 Mar Henry Nevill v Henry Coxwell and William Parker. The manor of Bathweeke, Somerset. Sale of lands to John Snead. C78/557, no. 14 [30]
1651 5 April Francis King v John Orsby. Mortgage of lands in Hadleigh, Suffolk. C78/399, no. 8 [31]
1651 9 Apr. Richard Cowch v Richard Gay and others (named) Mortgage of messuage and lands in Malmsbury, Wilts C78/488, no. 9 [32]
1651 12 April Hoo Gaines v Sir William Lewis and another (named) Title to mortgaged lands in Scaminge, Northendhalk or Northendale, Scrininge Parva and Guntons, Norfolk C78/522, no. 13 [33]
1651 12 April Frances Tempest v Richard Tempest. Maintenance for separated wife. C78/611, no. 14 [34]
1651 12 April William Challoner v Thomas Key and others (named). Title to messuage in Ollerton and lands in Blyth, Yorks C78/634, no. 2 [35]
1651 19 April Samuel Skelton v John Westmacott and others (named) Debts payable from lands in Lessington, Gloucs C78/517, no. 17 [36]
1651 19 Apr. Thomas and Dorothy Willington v Walter Gilbert Possession of half of rectory and chapel of Lanrihagell Catillm and Pennell, Merionethshire C78/567, no. 6 [37]
1651 19 April William and Mary Geery v Robert and Samuel Seabrooke Legacy payable from will of Robert Seabrooke the elder C78/606, no. 7 [38]
1651 20 April Katherine Marsh v John Marsh, Thomas Marsh, Martha Marsh. The will of Thomas Marsh, property in Middlesex C78/536, no. 6 [39]
1651 22 April John Ryves v Ralph Arnold Mortgage and bond for debt, and dispute over a half share of the manor of South Perrott, Dorset C78/588, no. 19 [40]
1651 24 April Edward Rude and others (named) v Thomas Snell and another (named). Redemption of mortgaged lands in Cholmeleigh, Devon. C78/466, no. 7 [41]
1651 24 April William Fisher and another (named) v Daniel Spencer and another (named). Debts. C78/486, no. 14 [42]
1651 26 April John Anton of West Ham, Essex, cousin and heir of John Anton late of Halton Holegate v Henry Ascough and another named. Mortgage of messuage and lands in Halton Holegate, Lincs. C78/460, no. 9 [43]
1651 26 April Nicholas Fromonds v Elizabeth Fromonds. Possession of lands in manor of East and West Cheame, Surrey. C78/567, no. 4 [44]
1651 29 April John Mayne v Ambrose Sheppard and others (one named). Title to manors of Butlers Court and Lechlade, Gloucs and lands in Filkins, Oxon. C78/524, no. 16 [45]
1651 29 April John Norton and others (named) v Bridgett Dixe or Ramsey Debts of John Dixe or Ramsey payable from his personal estate. C78/552, no. 6 [46]
1651 2 May William Whitehall and others (named) v Thomas Boothby. Assurance of conveyance of 3 parts of the manor of Overlockoe, Derbys. C78/567, no. 8 [47]
1651 5 May Henry Roope v Ralph Wiseman. Plea to reverse a decree re manor of Haver [Heydour], Lincs C78/488, no. 5 [48]
1651 5 May Anne Sandes and others (named) v Jarvis Broadgate and others (named) Debts of Anthony Fawnt, payable from trust of messuages in Little Cleabrooke, Leicester, Leics C78/567, no. 5 [49]
1651 6 May Johan Cartwright and others (named) v William Beale and others (named). Title to windmill and lands in Tewxbury, Gloucs. C78/399, no. 2 [50]
1651 6 May William Ballett v Bartholomew and Sarah Smith and others Rent charge and jointure from manor of Woodthorpe [in Strubby par.], Lincs. C78/460, no. 8 [51]
1651 8 May Sir Peter Richant v Henry Oxenden. Debts payable from personal estate of Thomas Denne. C78/478, no. 23 [52]
1651 9 May John Brolond v Michael Stephens and another (named). Discharge of money put up for the reducing of Ireland. C78/399, no. 6 [53]
1651 9 May Anthony and Grace Wilson v Anne Wilson and others (named) Marriage settlement of personal estate and house (no place given) C78/500, no. 30 [54]
1651 10 May Elizabeth Ball v St. John Ball and others (named). Mortgage and inheritance of lands in Kingston upon Thames and Long Ditton, Surrey C78/517, no. 22 [55]
1651 12 May Francis and Elizabeth Parker v Ralph Hurste and others (named). Marriage settlement of lands in Feckenham, Worcs. C78/399, no. 5 [56]
1651 13 May John Casse of the Middle Temple gent v James Pickis The estate at Newmarket of Richard Pickis, including an Inn called the “Greyhound" C78/536, no. 7 [57]
1651 15 May Mathew Scott and others (named) v Dame Cicelly Howland. Legacies payable from lands in Streatham, Surrey, by will of Sir John Howland. C78/522, no. 12 [58]
1651 16 May Sackvill Wade v George Flancklyn Possession of rectory of Felmersham, Beds C78/532, no. 1 [59]
1651 16 May Jane Bell of Thirsk, Yorks widow and executrix of Joseph Bell, mercer decd v John Pybus. Will of Joseph Bell, debts payable from profits of sale of lands and tenements in Kilvington, Norby and Sowerby, Yorks C78/611, no. 15 [60]
1651 22 May George Lawe v Thomas Barnes and others (named). Bonds re debts for silk C78/709, no. 3 [61]
1651 27 May Thomas and Lettice Ward v Jeremy Sambrooke and another (named). Debts arising from East India, trade. C78/399, no. 3 [62]
1651 27 May Thomas Blomfield and others (named) v Edward Codling Accounts of rents and profits of .lands in Suffolk, devised in trust by will of Thomas Tarstard C78/522, no. 11 [63]
1651 28 May Humfry Clerke and another (named) v Sir John Poole and others (named). Marriage settlement of the manors of Trusham or Tresome, Withecombe, Mannaton, Blagdon, Pixord and Ideford, Devon. C78/466, no. 4 [64]
1651 28 May Sir Edmond Pye and others (named) v Lady Anne Byron and others (named). Debts payable from trust lease of Newstead Abbey and Bullwell Parke, Notts, rectory of Rochdale and chapel of Saddleworth and Butterworth, Yorks and Lancs. C78/578, no. 1 [65]
1651 31 May Thomas Fairfax and others (named) v Symon Leife and others (named) Rents from messuage in Bewdlame (no county given). C78/611, no. 16 [66]
1651 1 June John Jackson v Roland Eyre and others (named). Damages for spoilt corn and furniture C78/633, no. 2 [67]
1651 2 June Clement Thurston and others (named) v Thomas Redgrave and another (named). Cancellation of bonds. C78/460, no. 4 [68]
1651 2 June Marmaduke Jennings v Emanuel Sarts. Bonds and debts. C78/500, no. 31 [69]
1651 3 June Thomas North v James Guildford and others (named) Payment for purchase of oil. C78/522, no. 10 [70]
1651 3 June Edward Leeds v Thomas Millward. Bill (Easter 1648) claiming title to some enclosed plots in the common fields of Croxton, Cambridgeshire, after they had been enclosed by agreement (2 Oct. 9 Jas I) C78/611, no. 13 [71]
1651 4 June John Ashe v John Harris and others (named) Alleged mortgage of the manor of Fifield, Wilts. C78/633, no. 1 [72]
1651 5 June William Evans and others (named) customary tenants of East Quantoxhead and Kilton v Gyles Penney and others (named). Possession of copyhold estates in manors of East Quantoxhead and Kilton, Somerset C78/466, no. 8 [73]
1651 5 June Francis Moose and others (named) v George Scarlett and others (named). Agreement re regulation of numbers of animals to be kept on the commons of the manor of Burbage, Wilts C78/527, no. 19 [74]
1651 6 June John Fotherley v Alice Alden and another (named). Lease of manor of Croxley and Snellshall in Watford and Kirkmersworth, Herts. C78/478, no. 22 [75]
1651 7 June William Hobson v Thomas Bartlett and others (one named). Debts payable from testamentary settlement of lands in Bedford, Beds and Uxbridge, Middx by will of William Goodale C78/522, no. 9 [76]
1651 7 June Thomas Rode and others (named) v Alice Escott and others (named) Portions payable from unspecified lands in Cornwall. C78/570, no. 7 [77]
1651 7 June John and Alice Cole v Essex Pawlett and another (named). Legacy by will of Sir William Paulett from manor of Edington, Wilts C78/645, no. 19 [78]
1651 9 June Robert Parker v Francis Blake Dower rights in marriage settlement. C78/398, no. 22 [79]
1651 9 June John and Sarah Clerke and others (named) v Thomas Roe and others (named). Legacies payable from personal estate of Elizabeth Carleton. C78/1150, no. 34 [80]
1651 11 June Mary Lucy v William Sheldon and others (named) Financial trusts and bonds. C78/712, no. 13B [81]
1651 12 June Robert Thompson v John Tucker. Testamentary trust settlement of messuage in Lenham and lands in Boughton Maleherke, Otterden and Bardfield, Kent C78/549, no. 18 [82]
1651 12 June John Mathewes & Patience his wife v. James Cooke and William Mason C78/2020, no. 17 [83]
1651 13 June William Patrick v Anne Antrobus and others (named) Administration of estate of Richard Patrick — consisting of lands in Davenham, Cheshire C78/482, no. 25 [84]
1651 13 June Walter Garfoote v Thomas Jaggard. Leases of brewhouse, limehouse and lands in Alborough and Farneham, no county given. C78/522, no. 8 [85]
1651 13 June George and Jane Booth v Richard Egerton and others (named) Portion from trust of lands in Bidley, Chorley, Shocklath, Allerston and Eborston and other lands in Cheshire, Salop, Staffs, Derbys, Yorks and Flints. C78/567, no. 3 [86]
1651 16 June Thomas Stowe v Elizabeth Dallison and others (named) Lease of inn and houses in Rochester. Kent C78/560, no. 24 [87]
1651 17 June C78/1921, no. 9 [88]
1651 18 June Vincent Leare and Anne his wife v Phillip Briscoe and John Briscoe. Sale by Phillip to Thomas Carter of a house in School Lane, London. C78/557, no. 13 [89]
1651 18 June Thomas Lord Wenman v Thomas Wigg and others (named) Bill (hereto fore) reciting agreement (April last past) to enclose the common field called Liversdon and exchange plots, and seeking ratification of this agreement. Thame and Prestend, Oxfordshire C78/580, no. 22 [90]
1651 20 June Ellen Roulston v George Sitwell, Henry Bradley and Francis Childers Netherwood Hall, parish of Darfield, Yorkshire. The will of Phillip Roulston. C78/536, no. 5 [91]
1651 21 June Anthony Wyard v Robert Pennyng. Bonds payable from sale of estate of William Dusgate in Brundish, Suffolk. C78/474, no. 1 [92]
1651 23 June Thomas Ward and others (named) v Edward Wilson and others (named). Legacies payable by will of Henry Wilson, and lease of tithes of Casterton. (no county given). C78/633, no. 4 [93]
1651 24 June John Cotes and others (named) v Robert Wroughton and others (named). Mortgage of manor of Burton, Herefordshire. C78/549, no. 22 [94]
1651 25 June Thomas Baker and others (named) for all copyhold tenants of Cranfield, Beds v James, Earl of Middlesex and others (named) Settlement of customs re surrenders by copyhold tenants of manor of Cranfield, Beds. C78/580, no. 21 [95]
1651 26 June Christopher Copley and others (named) v Arthur, Lord Viscount Ranalagh and others (named). Bonds re marriage settlement of Castle and manor of Dungannon, (no county given). C78/568, no. 5 [96]
1651 28 June Leonard Ward v Anne Rawle and others (named). Debts payable from the manor of Pearson and lands in Westharnam, Wilts C78/1150, no. 35 [97]
1651 2 July Edward Trenchard a lunatic by Sir Oliver Luke and others (named) v Phillip Langley Bonds and debts. C78/522, no. 7 [98]
1651 2 July Lawrence Weld v Sir John Roberts and others Dispute over property at Lyons, alias Holt, Denbighshire. Security on a loan of Hugh Gwyne C78/588, no. 23 [99]
1651 3 July William Halke v Robert and Francis West Debts C78/488, no. 10 [100]
1651 8 July Roger Molineux v Edward Harrington Title to lands in Chesterfield, Brampton, Newbound and Dunstone, Derbys, and wardship of Thomas Foliambe. C78/633, no. 3 [101]
1651 8 July Richard Burbidge by Henry Probey v John and Anne Wroth. Administration of personal estate of Richard Burbridge C78/705, no. 21 [102]
1651 9 July James Temple v Sir Charles Shelley and another (named) Wardship of Sir Charles Shelley and administration of his estates C78/522, no. 6 [103]
1651 10 July Edwin and Jane Rich v Robert Suckling Marriage settlement and trust of the manors of Rouse Hall, Rouses and Ashmans, Suffolk. C78/580, no. 20 [104]
1651 11 July Robert Sothaby v Sir John Mallorie and another (named) Debts payable from sale of lands in Bursty, Yorks C78/517, no. 21 [105]
1651 15 July Henry Bentley v John Sutcliffe and others (named). Profits of trust settlement of lands in Sowerby, Yorks C78/517, no. 23 [106]
1651 16 July Thomas Phelps v Stephen Pilchard Bonds re mortgage of "George" Inn in West Wickombe, Bucks C78/517, no. 24 [107]
1651 18 July Nathaniel Perkins v Henry Hacker. Mortgage of unspecified lands. C78/399, no. 7 [108]
1651 25 July John Hayes v James Franck the younger. Debts payable from manor and advowson of Meshawe, Devon. C78/404, no. 2 [109]
1651 17 Oct William Arundell and others (named) v Cecill, Lord Baltimore and others (named) Debts payable from trust of manor of Semley, Wilts, Hanley, Thorneton, East Pulham, Sutton Mandevili, Shaston or Shasbury, Dorset C78/522, no. 4 [110]
1651 23 Oct. Roger Chope and others (named) v Nicholas Collinge and another (named). Bill (Hilary 1649) reciting agreement (1648) to partition and enclose Knowle Park (100 acres) in Chivelstone, Devon, and alleging that the defendants had interrupted the division and seeking confirmation of the agreement. C78/466, no. 3 [111]
1651 23 Oct George Hanmer v Robert Hill Hiring of ship for voyage to St. Christopher and sale of tobacco. C78/500, no. 29 [112]
1651 23 Oct. Dame Jane Denney and others (named) v Jane Smith and others (named). Recovery of personal estate of John Smith. C78/524, no. 15 [113]
1651 23 Oct. John Bewes v Henry Courtyer and others (named) Possession of lands in parish of St. Stephens near Lanceston, Cornwall C78/705, no. 20 [114]
1651 25 Oct. Anthony Bromage v Edward Brent and others (named). Mortgage of lands in Swaynescombe, Kent. C78/870, no. 2 [115]
1651 27 Oct Mary Bretton and others (named) v Elizabeth Bretton Legacies payable from personal estate of George Bretton C78/482, no. 24 [116]
1651 27 Oct Elizabeth Warren v John Warren. Title to lands in Sidbury (county not given). C78/500, no. 28 [117]
1651 27 Oct. Mary and Richard Riley v John Riseing. Mortgage and trust of lands in Holland, Lincs. C78/634, no. 1 [118]
1651 28 Oct. Jonathan Hanmer and others (named) v Samuel and Mary Chappell. Title to lands called West Healand (no county given). C78/500, no. 27 [119]
1651 28 Oct Sir Thomas Reynell and others (named) v Thompson Stapely and another (named) Bill (1 July 1650) alleging that in June 1650 the defendants . entered and destroyed some ancient enclosures (40 years old) claiming that part of their lands had been included in the enclosure. Laleham and Billetts, Middlesex C78/522, no. 2 [120]
1651 29 Oct. James Blackley, Mayor (and aldermen, named) of Cambridge v John and Mary Wrougney. Money owed to the town by widow of previous town treasurer C78/398, no. 19 [121]
1651 29 Oct Dame Mary Thomas and others (named) v Samuel Thomas Trust of watermills called St. John of Jerusalem Mills, and waterworks in Horsey Downe in Southwark, Surrey C78/523, no. 8 [122]
1651 29 Oct. Ithnell ap William and Elizabeth ap William v Robert Roberts and others Estate of Evan Griffith, father of Elizabeth. Property in Flint C78/588, no. 20 [123]
1651 30 Oct. William Herbert v Anne Herbert and others (named). Title to messuage (Hartwell House) in Cardiff, Glam. C78/478, no. 21 [124]
1651 30 Oct. Sir Thomas Reynell v Walter Retonicke. Bonds and debts of Sir Henry Spiller C78/523, no. 12 [125]
1651 31 Oct John and Richard Everard v Edward Clovile, and another (named). Receipt of profits from lands in Much Baddowe and Much Waltham, Essex. C78/398, no. 20 [126]
1651 31 Oct Thomas Steward of Stuntney, Isle of Ely, Cambs, esq, son and heir of Robert Steward late of Stuntney, esq and Sir John ___ of Chichester, Sussex, knight v. Ralph Box and another (sic) C78/1921, no. 7 [127]
1651 4 Nov. Richard Giles v John Loder, Robert Loder and Francis Loder. Manor of Wodley, Berkshire: the property of the late Edward Cowles. Dispute over management of the estate. C78/557, no. 12 [128]
1651 4 Nov Thomas Lee v Christian Bray Administration of personal estate of William Bray and messuage in Purford, Surrey C78/568, no. 3 [129]
1651 7 Nov Mary, Viscountess Carlingford v Dame Marie Anstruther and others (named) Jointure from manors of Upton, Little Drayton, Elkesley, Bothamsall and Morton, Notts and Rotherham, Yorks C78/560, no. 19 [130]
1651 8 Nov. John West and others (named) v Elizabeth Maden and others (named). Legacy to use of poor of Chesterfield, Derbys, payable from lands in the town, by will of Francis Heathcott C78/517, no. 20 [131]
1651 11 Nov. Ambrose Smyth of Salisbury goldsmith & Mary his wife since deceased late the wife and relict of John Court and others (named) v Richard Bennett & others (named) Leases of rectory and lands in Evcreech, Somerset. C78/591, no. 3 [132]
1651 13 Nov Symon Rugeley v Gilbert Ward. Bonds. C78/705, no. 19 [133]
1651 15 Nov. Richard Hayne v John Whicker, Joseph Hensey, Isaack Hensey, Beniamin Hensey, Christopher Tittery & Peregrine Hensey. Salary due for supervision of glassworks and ash-houses in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland C78/522, no. 5 [134]
1651 17 Nov. Henry and Merriell Vernon v Sir Edward Vernon and others (named) Marriage settlement and trust of the manors of Sudbury and Alston, Derbys, Milton, Essington and Houndhill, Staffs, Haslington, Church, Coppenhall, Monckes Coppenhall and Wolkerton, Cheshire C78/568, no. 4 [135]
1651 17 Nov. Thomas Kendrick v James Winch and others (named). Jointure interest in lands in East Hundred, Berks. C78/709, no. 4 [136]
1651 19 Nov. William Barnes v Robert and George Wright Purchase money for lands in Fosham, Yorks. C78/552, no. 9 [137]
1651 19 Nov. Andrew Trowe v Thomas Gailard and others (named). Marriage settlement of lands at Ilchester, Somerset. C78/560, no. 22 [138]
1651 19 Nov Simon Rudgeley esq v. John Moreton C78/1921, no. 8 [139]
1651 20 Nov Edward Buckley v Francis and Dorothie Ashwell and others (named). Lease of brewhouse called White Hart and Crosse Keyes in Old Street, Middx C78/705, no. 17 [140]
1651 21 Nov Sir John Repington v Edward Davenport. Testamentary dispute over legacies payable from personal estate. C78/570, no. 1 [141]
1651 22 Nov. Master and Governors of Hospital of Jesus Christ, Lincoln v Henry Colcott or Caldicott. Profits due to the hospital from lands in Newark and Wragby, Lincs. C78/460, no. 5 [142]
1651 22 Nov. Joane Tom v John Pinsent and another (named). Bonds of security of tenement in Hoof Dipford, Devon. C78/466, no. 5 [143]
1651 22 Nov. Sir Thomas Jervoise v Sir Edroond Plowdcn Rents of rectory of Herriard, Hants. C78/560, no. 23 [144]
1651 24 Nov. William Helme v Edward Jennings and others (named). Mortgage of lands in Kinsham, Beedall, Worcs. C78/399, no. 1 [145]
1651 24 Nov. Mary Beare v George Beare. Annual allowance for maintenance C78/399, no. 4 [146]
1651 24 Nov Richard Gale v William Humble and others (named) Bonds, debts and extents on lands of John Allison in Surrey C78/665, no. 10 [147]
1651 25 Nov Edward and Anne Butler and others (named) v Henry Henley Marriage settlement of messuage in Thornecombe, Devon C78/486, no. 12 [148]
1651 25 Nov. John Davis v Robert Lopland and another (named) Unpaid bequests from personal estate of Penelope Sydenham C78/712, no. 13A [149]
1651 25 Nov John and Grace Joynes and others (named) v John Wright and another (named) Rents due from lands in Denby, Derbys. C78/870, no. 1 [150]
1651 26 Nov. John Kitchingman and others (named) v Thomas French. Payment of legacies. C78/398, no.18 [151]
1651 26 Nov. Thomas and Mary Parat v William Baldwyn and another (named). Mortgage of farm in Rayneham, Essex. C78/488, no. 4 [152]
1651 26 Nov. Thomas Masters v Mathew Huntley Rentcharge from lands in Harscombe, Gloucs. C78/351, no. 8 [153]
1651 26 Nov Thomas and Hester Page and others (named) v Mathew Trott Profits of trust of.manor house and site of priory of Mendham, Suffolk. C78/698, no. 1 [154]
1651 27 Nov. William Paine and others, tenants of Rimpton, Somerset v John Paine and others (named). Proper conveyance and assurance of manor of Rimpton, Somerset, to former tenants C78/486, no. 14 [155]
1651 27 Nov Henry West v. John Brooks and Robert Ellmian; and John Mills C78/2020, no. 18 [156]
1651 28 Nov. Francis Bindlose v Dame Elinor Lowther, James Tarleton, Christopher Phillipson, Richard Harrison and others Estate of Sir Robert Bindlose, mills and lands in Lancashire and County Durham. Sales of Property. Also the rectory of Sherborne, Yorkshire. C78/588, no. 22 [157]
1651 29 Nov Elizabeth Hamond v William Kay Profits of lands and recompence for waste in Birkin and Sutton, Yorks. C78/488, no. 7B [158]
1651 2 Dec. Sir William Andrew v John and Anne Hanslopp and another (named). Confirmation of lease of manor of Stonythorpe, Warwicks. C78/482, no. 23 [159]
1651 2 Dec. John Skirrett v John Cuttaford and others. Legacy payable from lands in Penington and Bawton, Devon. C78/500, no. 26 [160]
1651 4 Dec. John Walker v Thomas Warner and others (named). Bonds on payment of portion from lease of unspecified lands C78/698, no. 4 [161]
1651 10 Dec. Dame Elisabeth De Gray and others (named) v Edward Hawtrey and others (named). Trust of tenements in Riselipp, Middx and Rickmersworth, Herts C78/523, no. 10 [162]
1651 12 Dec Thomas Symcotts and another (named), churchwardens of Christ Church, London v John Needier Annuity given by will of Henry Needier from manor of Bourne, Middx to buy bread for the poor. C78/460, no. 5 [163]
1651 15 Dec. James Capellyn and another (named) v James Lavender and others (named). Accounts of estate of William Legg. C78/606, no. 5 [164]
1651 15 Dec Cecil Williams; Blanch Edward; Ann Harry; Gwenlliam William; Jane David; Jane David; Ellinor Williams; Blanch Harry; Margaret Williams; Johan Waters; Jane Williams; Mary Waters; Anne Evan; Anne Richard; Susan Williams; Katherine Harry; Rebecca Williams; Mary George; Alice Leonard; Elinor Edwards; Elizabeth Morgan; Mary Robert; Mary Renolde; Jane Morgan; Anne Howard; Elizabeth Lewis; Anne Richard: Anne John; Elizabeth Charles; Katherine Bossor; Sibil Williams; Sarah Bossor; and Katherine Harry on their own hehalf as well as on behalf of all other orphans of the lineage and blood of one Thomas Howell late of London, merchant deceased v. Robert Smith esq; James Mann; Timothy Cartwright; John Leddingham; and Samuel Terricke the master and wardens of the guild or fraternity of the mistery of Drapers of London C79/54, no. [165]
1651 20 Dec. Anne Stanhope v Arthur Stanhope. Jointure from marriage settlement of lands called Panshole, Bucks and lands in Worldham, Hants. C78/637, no. 26 [166]
1651 24 Dec. Goodeere Oneale v Sir John Repington and others (named). Annuity from trust of lands in Pollesworth (no county given). C78/567, no. 2 [167]