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| Sale of a messuage by William Bury of Barton Upon Heath, mention of enclosed lands.  
| Sale of a messuage by William Bury of Barton Upon Heath, mention of enclosed lands.  
| C78/362, no. 10 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no362/IMG_0338.htm]
| C78/362, no. 10 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no362/IMG_0338.htm]
! 1635
| 11 June
| 11
| Sir Thomas Blakiston v Sir Roger Martin and others (named).
| Cancellation of bonds and extents on manor of Blakiston, Durham.
| C78/566, no. 7 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no566/IMG_0386.htm]
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! 1635
| 27 June
| 11
| Katherine Byrd v Thomas Byrd and others (named).
| Annuities from Stondon place farm, Essex
| C78/566, no. 8 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no566/IMG_0391.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1635 11 C78/, no. []
1635 9 Jan 10 Robert Morley & another (named) v Thomas & Anne Hockett & others (named). Possession of lease of tenement and stable in Fetter Lane, London and personal estate of Elizabeth Rigby. C78/353, no. 6 [2]
1635 16 Jan 10 Francis & Marie Brooke v Rebecca Brooke. Payment of profits of sale of messuage and lands in West Ham, Essex. C78/352, no. 5 [3]
1635 23 Jan 10 John Thompson v Robert Vesey Complainants debt to the defendant: dispute over bonds C78/515, no. 13 [4]
1635 24 Jan 10 Dame Marie Crofte v John Bowen. Bailiffs accounts of rents and profits of lease of former priory of Carmarthen and manor of Thrisbeckett, Carmarthenshire. C78/353, no. 5 [5]
1635 24 Jan. 10 Phillip, Earl of Pembroke and Mountgomery v Thomas Morgan and another (named). Conversion of trust lands in Treleck, Mon to private use. C78/456, no. 7 [6]
1635 26 Jan. 10 Sir Edward Stanhopp v George French Dispute over the services of French to the late Sir Edward Stanhopp, and the trust placed in him. Lease of property in Yorkshire to French. C78/387, no. 11 [7]
1635 24 Jan. 10 James Metcalfe v Francis Tyndall Estate of Henry Metcalfe, dispute over title of a property at Danby, Yorkshire C78/471, no. 20 [8]
1635 27 Jan 10 John Churchill, Charles Estcott v Sir John Bruen and Humphrey Arundell Concerning a rent charge on property at Piddelston, Devonshire, purchase by Arundell C78/471, no. 19 [9]
1635 29 Jan 10 Ambrose Hutchings, Robert Quantocke v William Strode, George Strode, Edward Bisse, Edward Barnard, Thomas Gallocke and others (named). Manor of Barrington, the property of the late Sir Thomas Phillipps of Barrington, Somerset. Disputed leases. C78/386, no. 5 [10]
1635 30 Jan. 11 George Aynsworth v William Pollard, Thomas Cavendish, Thomas Chamberlayne, William Reynolds and others (named) Purchase by the late Thomas Hall of the manor of Leighe, Worcestershire. Disputed will. C78/481, no. 16 [11]
1635 1 Feb. 10 Nicholas Williams v Jane Williams and others (named) Legacies payable from lands in Conwillgayo, Llansawell, Pentarregge, Llangathen, Llandilo and Vaur, Carmarthenshire C78/419, no. 1 [12]
1635 1 Feb. 10 John Davye v Mark Burrell, William Pounsford. Property of Burrell called 'Thorne' at Cheriton, Devonshire. Lease to Pounsford. C78/465, no. 3 [13]
1635 3 Feb. 10 Arthur Champernowne v John Berryman. Security for the debts of Berryman. C78/465, no. 2 [14]
1635 4 Feb 10 John and Anne Geynes and others (named) v Elizabeth Egerton and others (named) Debts payable from tenements in Great Rownall and Chedulton, Staffs C78/484, no. 3 [15]
1635 5 Feb. 10 William Lord Viscount Ayre & another (named) v Walter Doble & another (named). Possession of lands in Thames Street, London. C78/352, no. 4 [16]
1635 6 Feb. 10 Godfrey Dawson v William Walker. Dispute over properties, shops, houses, offices, in the parish of All Hallows, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Lately the property of the monastery of Thorney. C78/355, no. 4 [17]
1635 6 Feb. 10 William Rutland & another (named) v John Buckett & others (named). Debts of William Huntly, payable from sale of manor of Staunton, Wilts. C78/361, no. 1 [18]
1635 6 Feb. 10 Gregory & Robert Isham v William & Samuell Hinton Recompence for tithes lost by mortgage of lands in Barby and Onely, Northants C78/416, no. 4 [19]
1635 9 Feb. 10 Anthony Stocker v Sir Nathaniel Napper and another (named). Title to manor of Corton, Dorset. C78/469, no. 6 [20]
1635 10 Feb. 10 Thomas Whittington v George Rigges and others (named) Financial trusts. C78/469, no. 3b [21]
1635 11 Feb. 10 John Greenway v Robert Owsley, Christopher Owsley, Henry Langdon. Concerning the conduct of the earlier case between the parties. C78/382, no. 6 [22]
1635 11 Feb. 10 Richard Baldwyn v Abraham Hayne and another (named) Trust settlement of 20 houses called Baldwyn's gardens in St. Andrew in Holborn, Middx C78/424, no. 9 [23]
1635 12 Feb. 10 Thomas Mynne v Dame Jane Sidney & another (named). Bonds in connection with sale by surrender of copyhold lands in Ould Walsingham, Norfolk. C78/352, no. 3 [24]
1635 12 Feb. 10 Sarah Connton v Sir Richard & Dame Mary Greenevile. Lease in trust of lands in Harnacott, Cornwall. C78/353, no. 4 [25]
1635 12 Feb. 10 Henry Cholmeley v Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Sunderland, Mathew Johson, John Cholmeley. Manor of Tunstall, Yorkshire C78/387, no. 7 [26]
1635 12 Feb. 10 Christopher Scotte, James Sympson, John Metcalfe, Bryan Whittey v Jerome Wray, Thomas Gleadstowe Estate of Thomas Whittey, deceased. Property in Burton in Bishopsdale, Yorkshire C78/471, no. 21 [27]
1635 18 Feb. 10 William Whiskard v Symon Spendlour & others (named). Trust settlement of messuage and lands in East Bilney, Beeteley, Gressenhall & Brisley, Norfolk. C78/361, no. 2 [28]
1635 20 Feb 10 Richard Wynne v Morris Wynne, Richard Blodwell and others. Estate of John Wynne ap John ap Reignold, several properties in Denbighshire. C78/370, no. 8 [29]
1635 20 Feb. 10 John Hele v Rt Hon John, Lord Molyn, Sir John Trelawney, Sir William Wrey, John Pollexfen and Nicholas Hele. Estate of Sir Warwicke Hele, and sale of the manor of Verby alias Vreby, Yorkshire. Also of Langton Moore, Yorks, and Charnflore, Somersetshire. C78/386, no. 3 [30]
1635 27 Feb 10 Arthur Sheeres v John Paynter. Dispute over a cargo of Kersies, laden aboard the ship 'James Bonadventure' and bound for the Barbary Coast. Events in 1628 C78/507, no. 9 [31]
1635 27 Feb. 10 Arthur Sheeres v John Paynter Damages for goods allegedly lost to French pirates C78/558, no. 4 [32]
1635 28 Feb. 10 Samuel Chewe v Edmond Duncombe. Bonds and debts C78/519, no. 5 [33]
1635 9 Mar 10 Dorothy, Lady of Hanmer and others (named) v Sir Thomas Hanmer and others (named) Portions payable by will of John Hanmer from lands in Denbigh, Flint, Salop and Montgomery C78/520, no. 3 [34]
1635 11 March 10 James & Bridgett Chambers v Robert Calton. Financial trusts to purchase manor of Chrechie, Aberdeenshire. C78/353, no. 1 [35]
1635 19 Mar 10 Bartholomew Dobson v John and George Verney. Bill (Trinity 1632) alleging loss of lands allotted in lieu of glebe at enclosure of the manor (17 years before), claimed by lord as demesne. Walton Devile, Warwickshire. [See Roll 422, Case 6]. C78/424, no. 5 [36]
1635 11 Apr 11 Thomas Springett and another (named) v East Grinstead Hospital. Discharge of debts imposed by will of Robert, Earl of Dorset on rectory of Ringmer, Sussex to maintain East Grinstead hospital. C78/477, no. 22 [37]
1635 13 April 11 Thomas Farnell v William Hill. Wardship of claimant and custody of lands in Graies Thoracke, West Thoracke and Skilford, Essex. C78/353, no. 3 [38]
1635 13 April 11 George Worfield v Clement Writer. Trust settlement of lands in Bedwardine, Worcs. C78/359, no. 6 [39]
1635 15 April 11 Nathan & Mary Bolt v Edmund & Anne Grove & others (named). Possession of mortgaged copyhold lands at Radcliffe, Middx. C78/352, no. 1 [40]
1635 16 April 11 Richard Jones & Madalene Jones v Thomas Challoner. Estate of Francis Egglesfield: pasture and marsh in Callott Marsh, East Ham, Essex. C78/362, no. 6 [41]
1635 17 April 11 Thomas Hutton & others (named) customary tenants of Deareham and Blenkogs, Cumberland v Richard Barwis. Ratification of agreements confirming customary estates, ie manors of Deareham and Blenkogs, Cumberland. C78/357, no. 2 [42]
1635 18 April 11 Sir John Byron & others (named) v Rt. hon. George, Lord Viscount Chaworth. Debts and bonds. C78/359, no. 3 [43]
1635 20 Apr 11 Samuel Peacock v Henry Robinson Eighteen oxgangs of land on the manor of Bishop Wilton, Yorkshire. Leased by Queen Elizabeth C78/506, no. 7 [44]
1635 23 April 11 Sir Francis Glanvill v Gyles Inglett Debts and mortgage of Brodrudge and Cleaveland Woods, part of manor of Watervale in Lamerton, Devon. C78/436, no. 3 [45]
1635 23 April 11 Thomas Swallowe, Hanby Fishe, Bartholomew Plumstead, Edward Foxley, Ralphe Latham, Francis Doubleday v William Man Concerning the Orphans Court of the City of London. Dispute over the orphans of Edmond Doubleday of Westminster C78/471, no. 18 [46]
1635 25 April 11 Bridget & Edward Evans v Joane Evans & others (named). Jointure from marriage settlement of lands called Rhyd y Carewe, Montgomerys. C78/357, no. 1 [47]
1635 25 Apr 11 Master, brothers and sisters of St. John's Hospital near Wilton, Wilts v Sir Thomas Thynne and another (named). Profits due to the hospital from manor of Whitborne Temple and lands and tithes in Kingston and Corsley, Wilts. C78/456, no. 6 [48]
1635 25 April 11 Charles Cockayne and another (named) v Rt. hon. Lord William and Lady Elizabeth Howard Bill (26 Jan. 1631) reciting that the manor of Hanging Grimston, Yorkshire, contained ancient enclosures of 1800 acres which the defendants claimed should really be common. Court appointed commission to make new allotment to those who had lost their common rights C78/519, no. 1 [49]
1635 28 April 11 Thomas Atye v Sir John St. John & others (named). Payment of annuity, portions and debts from trust settlement of manor of Hampstead, Middx. C78/353, no. 2 [50]
1635 29 April 11 John Thorneton v John Radford and others. Bill (Mich 8 Chas. I) alleging quarrels over new allotments and refusals to pay rents after agreement (c. 40 Eliz.) to have general enclosure of the manor. Ladbrooke, Warwickshire. C78/396, no. 13 [51]
1635 29 Apr. 11 Elizabeth Sandford, by Samuel Harrison, v Thomas Sandford and another (named). Marriage settlement of copyhold lands in manors of Dedham Hall, Overhall and Netherhall, Essex. C78/424, no. 7 [52]
1635 30 Apr 11 William and Richard Goodridge by Alice Emmett v William Willson Bequests and portions payable from personal estate by will of William Goodridge. C78/456, no. 5 [53]
1635 30 April 11 John and Annis Huggins v Robert Ladd or Baker. Title to lands in Terrington St. Clements, Norfolk C78/472, no. 9 [54]
1635 1 May 11 Marmaduke and Johan Hudson v Tilbury Stranige and others (named). Legacies payable from houses and tenements in Ratcliffe, Middx, by will of Robert Tubbin. C78/406, no. 1 [55]
1635 2 May 11 Sir Thomas Canon, Sir James Parrott, Rees James, William Thomas v Walter Broade, Johan his wife. Properties in the town of Haverfordwest, Pembroke. Also property at Back Street, Bristol. Bequest to the Poor of Haverfordwest. C78/355, no. 3 [56]
1635 3 May 11 Sir Miles Sandys, Ethelred Parker, Mary Mountagne, John Ledgard, Alexander Bradshawe, Thomas Girlinge and others (named) v Anne Welby, William Wise, Vincent Welby, Richard Colnyle, Thomas Edwards and Thomas Josselyn Estate of William Welby, late of Gedney, Lincolnshire. Bonds for debt to Thomas Parke and others. C78/506, no. 9 [57]
1635 4 May 11 Henry Saunder v Sir Thomas Stafford and others (named) Lease and trust of Harstone Grange, Nuneaton, Warwicks. C78/469, no. 14 [58]
1635 5 May 11 William Bloxham and others (named) v John Liddiat and others (named). Debts and legacies payable from sale of lands in Hooknorton, Oxon. C78/424, no. 6 [59]
1635 8 May 11 Thomas Cawsey v Edward Roll and others (named) Possession of tenement in Barnestable, Devon. C78/512, no. 3 [60]
1635 9 May 11 Owen and Priscilla Pugh v Mary and John Parker Mortgage of messuages in St John Street, St Sepulcher's Parish, Middx C78/405, no. 3 [61]
1635 9 May 11 John Newdigate v Peter Gifford and others (named). Assurance of conveyance of the manor of Griff and Coton in Chilverscoton, Warwicks C78/456, no. 4 [62]
1635 25 May 11 William Sharrow v Sir Thomas Bludder Debts for cloth. C78/456, no. 3 [63]
1635 June 11 Anne Moleneux v Sir Edward Harrington and Giles Harris Concerning land at Whitchurch and elsewhere in the county of Derbyshire. And property on the manor of Boythorpe, Derbyshire C78/501, no. 1 [64]
1635 1 June 11 George Hunt v Simon and Margery Westby Debts and legacies payable from trust settlement of inn 'The Plough' in St Clement Danes, London, and lands in Peckham, Surrey C78/406, no. 4 [65]
1635 1 June 11 Mary Clive and others (named) v Sir Paul Harris and others (named). Annuity from, and financial encumbrances on, the manor of Walford and lands in Boreaton, Salop. C78/469, no. 13 [66]
1635 1 June 11 James and Ephem Fawcett v Rt. hon. Robert, Earl of Kingston upon Hull and another (named). Payment of purchase money for manor and advowson of Sandby and lands in Misterton, Notts C78/518, no. 4 [67]
1635 2 June 11 Johane Woodward v Francis & Thomas Huband or Hibbott. Bonds and statutes in connection with marriage settlement of manor of Randolphes Lench, Worcs and lands in Knighton and Underlain in Inckborrowe, Worcs and Areley, Warwicks. C78/359, no. 11 [68]
1635 2 June 11 Magdalen Stanforde v William Turton & others (named). Debts payable from trust settlement of manor of Ouldbury, Langley and Wallaxall, Salop. C78/359, no. 12 [69]
1635 2 June 11 John and Marie Audley and another (named) v Mathew Chase and others (named). Rents and annuity payable from trust of rectory and parsonage of Milton Abbott, Devon C78/456, no. 2 [70]
1635 4 June 11 John Stampe v William Spurstowe. Loan by Richard Mearing, Thomas Stampe, haberdashers of London, to Benedict Webb of Wootten Undridge, Gloucestershire, clothier. Properties in Wootten Underidge. C78/411, no. 2 [71]
1635 4 June 11 Peeter St. Hill v Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedra Lease of manor of Branscombe, Sidbury and Dawlish, Devon and reduction of some leasehold land to copyhold. C78/469, no. 15 [72]
1635 4 June 11 Richard and Henry Nelthorpe v Nicholas Culverwell and others (named) Possession of manor and rectory of Scalby or Salby, Lincs C78/472, no. 8 [73]
1635 8 June 11 Roger Southell, John White, Katherine his wife v Richard Warren, John Danne, Bartholomew Palmer, Walter Davy, John Dovett and Elianor Downing. Estate of Richard Warre, late of Hestercombe, Somerset. Manor of Dallwood, dispute over manorial customs. C78/382, no. 3 [74]
1635 8 June 11 Cornelius Morison Hobb of Amsterdam v Edward Cocke of Plymouth, Nathaniel Hall and Adrian Anthony. The ship "Goliah" of Amsterdam. Intended use of the ship as a privateer against the Kings enemies. C78/386, no. 6 [75]
1635 8 June 11 Sir Henry Jernegan v Sir Henry Compton & George Jernegan. Disputed indentures between Henry Jernegan, Francis his wife, Thomas Throgmorton, William Walter, John Arundell & others, and the fines and customs of the manor of Costessey, Norfolk. C78/411, no. 1 [76]
1635 8 June 11 Israeli Owen v John Owen Possession of manors of Moorehall and Fittzraff in Little Bradfield, Essex and a house in Cornhill, London C78/518, no. 3 [77]
1635 11 June 11 John Okelie v John Brent. Sale of a messuage by William Bury of Barton Upon Heath, mention of enclosed lands. C78/362, no. 10 [78]
1635 11 June 11 Sir Thomas Blakiston v Sir Roger Martin and others (named). Cancellation of bonds and extents on manor of Blakiston, Durham. C78/566, no. 7 [79]
1635 12 June 11 Dame Bridgett Kingesmill v William Kingsmill. Division of estate of Sir Henry Kingesmill including manor of Littlecolt, Wilts. C78/357, no. 6 [80]
1635 12 June 11 John Barton and others (named) v William Collett and others (named). Title to customary lands and freehold lands in Eareth, Hunts. C78/469, no. 3A [81]
1635 13 June 11 John Trenaman, Richard Rowe, Benjamin Traplym, and Johann Harry v Giles Inglett Disputed leases made by Thomas Mohum, the pretended owner of the manor of Pillaton. C78/386, no. 7 [82]
1635 13 June 11 James Whittie v Jerome Whittie. Estate of the late Jerome Whittie: tenement called "Clifthonre" at Kilmington. C78/386, no. 8 [83]
1635 16 June 11 Martin Clifford, Cicelia Clifford v John Rutter and William Feme. Estate of one Clifford, late of Luddington, Lincolnshire. C78/380, no. 7 [84]
1635 16 June 11 Robert and Katheran Chiver v Emanuel Gauntlett and others (named). Legacies and debts payable by will of Roger Gauntlett from lands and shop in New Sarum and lands in Fisherton Auger and Allington, Wilts. C78/456, no. 1 [85]
1635 27 June 11 Edward Cosin v Thomas Dawges and others (named). Financial trusts, invested in lands in Chingford, Essex. C78/367, no. 8 [86]
1635 27 June 11 Katherine Byrd v Thomas Byrd and others (named). Annuities from Stondon place farm, Essex C78/566, no. 8 [87]
1635 3 July 11 Henry Harrington v Dame Anne Molineux. Portion payable from lands in Brampton, Chesterfield, Newbold and Dunston, Derbys C78/426, no. 12 [88]
1635 4 July 11 Charles Vaughan and Margaret his wife, Thomas Morris and Elizabeth his wife, & Richard Morris & others (named) v Robert Evans & another (named). Testamentary settlement of lands in Yorks, by will of Sir Richard Vaughan. C78/357, no. 5 [89]
1635 7 July 11 William and Dorothy Tyrrell v George Tuke. Possession of manors of Steventon or Steynton and Pavenham, and lands in Okley, Brumham, Stageden and Sturte, Beds. C78/424, no. 8 [90]
1635 18 July 11 Thomas Hanmer v Robert Terrwhitt and others (named) Grant of the office of Billett office in the Council of the Marches of Wales C78/436, no. 2 [91]
1635 27 Aug 11 Katherine Selden v Jennett Evan Testamentary settlement of personal estate of Gronow Bevan C78/520, no. 2 [92]
1635 10 Sept 11 Daniel Dunn v Sir James Cambell, Katherine Cooper, Thomas Sparrowe and William Marden. Estate of the late Sir Daniel Dunn: messuage called 'Aldersgate Street House' Parish of Saint Buttolph Without, London. Property at Theydon Common, Essex C78/485, no. 10 [93]
1635 24 Sept 11 Sir Richard Grosvenor and another (named) v Rt hon. Henry Earl of Stanford, Master and fellows of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Bills (Easter 7 Chas. I and following Mich. term), reciting agreement (c. 1600) regulating number of animals kept, and dividing and enclosing common fields of Thurcaston, Leics, and alleging refusal of new parson and some freeholders to accept the enclosure, and re-entry of former glebe lands by the parson. C78/368, no. 21 [94]
1635 9 Oct. 11 Richard Heron v Johan Bolnest and others (named). Debts and bonds. C78/444, no. 2 [95]
1635 10 Oct. 11 Incent Castle and another for inhabitants of Olney, Bucks v John Hendon and others Company of merchant taylors of London. Payment of bequest given by will of Richard Peirson to make a stock to set the poor of Olney to work. C78/426, no. 14 [96]
1635 12 Oct 11 Robert & Elizabeth Hooke v John Taunton & another (named). Rents and rentcharges from lease of messuage in Bristol C78/416, no. 3 [97]
1635 15 Oct 11 Daniel Blagrave v Mayor and burgesses of Reading, Berks and others (named) Profits from trust settlement of farm in Southpote, St. Mary's parish, Reading, Berks. C78/516, no. 10 [98]
1635 17 Oct 11 Anne Smyth v Thomas Smyth Legacy payable from lands in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx, by will of John Best and jointure interest in lands in Cunow or Willingswich, Worcs C78/413, no. 8 [99]
1635 19 Oct 11 Thomas Ward & another (named) v Thomas & Francis Vaughan Re-assurance of mortgaged premises and damages for waste committed in Tewkesbury, Gloucs C78/413, no. 11 [100]
1635 22 Oct. 11 Sir Thomas Trevor and others (named) trustees for almshouse in Lemington Hastings, Warwicks v William Umor and others (named) Bill (4 Feb. 9 Chas. I) alleging loss of profits from lands given in trust by the will of Humfrey Davies to the poor of the almshouse after re-allotment following enclosure by agreement (12 years before) of the common fields of Ethropp, Warwicks. C78/424, no. 4 [101]
1635 23 Oct. 11 Mary Waldrond and another (named) v Edward Warne Financial trust in lieu of jointure in messuage called Woad, and lands in Nyneyard, Somerset. C78/469, no. 16 [102]
1635 24 Oct. 11 Robert Manby v William Manby and another (named). Mortgage of messuage in Hutton Cranswick, Yorks. C78/402, no. 11 [103]
1635 2 Nov. 11 Thomas Preene v James Fisher and Sir John Fisher, Henry Fisher. Dispute over the parsonage of Somerton, Somerset. Held of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol. C78/386, no. 10 [104]
1635 5 Nov 11 Thomas Huddleston v Anthony Lamplough & others (named). Inheritance of lands in Clerkenwell, London, subjected to trust settlement. C78/413, no. 8 [105]
1635 6 Nov 11 Francis Martyn v William Whiddon. Mortgage of manors of Chigford and Colreure, Devon. C78/402, no. 12 [106]
1635 6 Nov 11 Daniel Bowne v William House. Possession (under testamentary settlement) of messuage, dyehouse and lands in Newberry, Berks C78/452, no. 13 [107]
1635 7 Nov 11 Essex West, by Cecily, Lady Lawarne v Sir Edward Bishop. Legacy from will of Lady Anne Shorley. C78/452, no. 14 [108]
1635 7 Nov. 11 Nicholas and Isabell Stone v Goldsmith Hodgson and others (named). Testamentary settlement by will of Anthony Goldsmith, of rectory of Hailsham and lands in Marefield, Buxsted and Framfield, Sussex. C78/477, no. 21 [109]
1635 7 Nov 11 Elizabeth and Robert Oldesworth v William Wise and others (named) Bonds re profits of office of clerk of the Hanaper and title to lands in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx C78/512, no. 2 [110]
1635 9 Nov 11 George Morgan v William Meggs. Accounts of alum partnership. C78/368, no. 6 [111]
1635 10 Nov. 11 Hamlett Marshall v John, Bishop of Lincoln and others (named). Restoration of profits of parsonage of Kildesby, Northants as a prebend to support a chauntorship at Lincoln. C78/396, no. 12 [112]
1635 11 Nov 11 Peter Egerton v George Gosse, Richard Hide and Thomas Pennys. Concerning bonds for debt entered into by Egerton and William Wicksteed at the request of Raph Egerton. C78/366, no. 9 [113]
1635 12 Nov. 11 Elizabeth Peake v Elizabeth Wagstaffe. Financial trusts and legacies by will of Godfrey Foliambe, from unspecified lands in Yorks C78/426, no. 13 [114]
1635 13 Nov 11 Sir John Bucke v Sir Thomas Metham Trust settlement of manor of Flotmonby, Yorks. C78/426, no. 10 [115]
1635 14 Nov 11 Sir Garrett Kempe and another (named) v Sir William Morgan and others (named). Trust of lands in Eboth and Greenefield, Mon. C78/368, no. 5 [116]
1635 14 Nov 11 John Carrill and others (named) v Richard Lutman and others (named) Bill (Trinity 1632), alleging loss of common rights and destruction of enclosures made in manor of West Harting, in Harting and Rogate, Sussex, after agreement (no date) to destroy warren and enclose part of common grounds called Hartingcombe and Fyningwood. Bill alleges over-enclosure. Court allowed enclosure to stand but prohibited further enclosure. C78/424, no. 3 [117]
1635 14 Nov. 11 John Stampe v William Stower. Possession of lease of lands in Hinington, Salop. C78/469, no. 12 [118]
1635 16 Nov. 11 The Mayor of Plymouth and the Hospital of Orphans of Plymouth v Thomas Sherwill, Nicholas Sherwill, John Clement and Richard Tapper. Estate of Thomas Sherwill, deceased. Dispute over a bequest to the Hospital. C78/386, no. 9 [119]
1635 17 Nov. 11 Elizabeth Meverell v Ottwell Meverell & others (named) Lease of messuage "The Helmett" inn, in St. Mary Savoy in the Strand, Middx C78/413, no. 6 [120]
1635 17 Nov. 11 James Price v Sir Henry Williams and others (named). Mortgage of manor of Kenelite, Radnorshire C78/426, no. 11 [121]
1635 20 Nov 11 Sir John Speccott v John Pitts Agreement re tithes of Barton of Speccott in parish of Martyn, diocese of Exeter C78/512, no. 1 [122]
1635 21 Nov 11 Richard Sheffield for inhabitants of Greate Leake, Notts v Thomas Patrick and others (named). Administration of profits from lands in Greate Leake held in trust for the use of the town and church. C78/396, no. 9 [123]
1635 25 Nov. 11 Dame Anne Wyndham v Francis Symonds and Katherine his wife, Thomas Alcocke; Anne Bacon and others (named) Estate of James Underwood, late husband of Dame Anne. Manor of Ufforde, Norfolk and property in Cromer. Also at Routon, Felbrigge, Roughton and

Northrepps. Tenants involved in the execution and dispute over his will.

C78/515, no. 14 [124]
1635 26 Nov 11 Elizabeth Blagrave by Francis Mosse v Thomas and Ambrose Trayton Portion payable from financial stock set up by marriage treaty. C78/477, no. 21 [125]
1635 21 Dec 11 Christopher Offley v Philippe & Katherine Edlin & others (named) Portion raised from tenement called the Priest Commons in Great St. Ellen parish, London C78/413, no. 10 [126]