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! 1633
| 22 April
| 9
| Gerrard and Elizabeth Bromley v Sir John Darrell and others (named).
| Trust and mortgage of manor of Balson in Kinbury and Inkpenn, Berks.
| C78/565, no. 9 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no565/IMG_0331.htm]
! 1633
! 1633

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1633 9 C78/, no. []
1633 16 Jan. 8 John Borden v John Pugh. Marriage settlement of messuage in Candlewicke Street, London. C78/409, no. 10 [2]
1633 29 Jan. 8 William Haswell, Mary his wife, Thomas Weston, George Padyam v Thomas Ollive, John Hinkmott and others. Estate of Edward Hoadey, deceased husband of Mary, manor of Robertsbridge, Sussex. Also two tenements in the Borough of Hoadley. Conveyance of property to Richard Wilson. C78/355, no. 7 [3]
1633 31 Jan 8 Sir Thomas Hyde v Nicholas Lucas and others (named) Rents from lands in Tiscolte, Naldwicke and Betlee, Herts and Wingrove, Bucks C78/393, no. 2 [4]
1633 31 Jan. 8 Sir Henry Clerke v Sir Nathaniel Napper and others (named). Marriage settlement of the manors of Avington and Worthy Pansford and farms of Itchen and Littleton, Hants. C78/458, no. 7 [5]
1633 31 Jan 8 Arthur Champowne v John Berryman. Dispute over security for the debts of Berryman. Property in the parish of Crediton, Devonshire, and the parish of Dunsford, Devon C78/465, no. 5 [6]
1633 1 Feb. 8 Edward Warre v Richard Shapley and others (named). Debts payable by will of Richard Weekes from trust settlement of manor of Easter Nynehead and lands in Hilforance and Kittcsforde, Somerset. C78/476, no. 10 [7]
1633 5 Feb. 8 Rt hon. William, Lord Craven and others (named) v Sir Robert Hitcham and others (named). Debts payable from trust estate of manors of Southaver and Allington, and lands in Bright Lelmestone, Framfield and Lewis, Sussex. C78/367, no. 10 [8]
1633 6 Feb. 8 Bevill Grenvile v Sir William Hewytt and others (named). Mortgage and trust of lease of manor of Lundy Island, Devon. C78/462, no. 4 [9]
1633 7 Feb. 8 Bartrim Themilthorpe v Richard Chamberlayne and another named. Title to lands in Fulham and Hamersmith, Middx, left by will of Edward Lattimer to charitable uses in the parishes of Fulham and Hammersmith C78/405, no. 10 [10]
1633 8 Feb 8 Sir Fraunces Popham v Edmond Thomas. Title to 40 acres of land called Mertherdevon, Glam. C78/468, no. 6 [11]
1633 9 Feb. 8 John Pettiner v Richard Young and another (named). Title to lands in Fenny Compton, Warwicks. C78/5, no. 5 [12]
1633 9 Feb. 8 Francis Greenowes v William Turner & others (named). Debts and accounts re manufacture of alum in Yorks C78/354, no. 8 [13]
1633 9 Feb. 8 Rt. Hon. Lady Lettice, Countess Dowager of Leicester v Rt. Hon. James, Earl of Carlisle. The use of the house called 'Leicester House' near Saint Clement Danes, by the Earl of Carlisle C78/515, no. 7 [14]
1633 12 Feb. 8 Nathaniel Gyles v John Style and Edward Style. Title to manor of Langley Marris or Langley Marish, Bucks and lands in East Greenewich, Kent. C78/337, no. 3 [15]
1633 12 Feb. 8 John Bridon & another (named) v Francis Fowke & others (named). Possession of manor of Woodcott, Worcs. C78/359, no. 2 [16]
1633 12 Feb. 8 Thomas James, Thomas James the Younger v William Young and Johane his wife and Alice James The property of John Wells of Somerford Magna, a mansion house and land at Northlach, Gloucestershire. Conveyance to Thomas James a parchment maker. C78/515, no. 6 [17]
1633 13 Feb. 8 Charles and Susan Evans v Sir Stephen Leisure. Portion payable from alleged financial trust of estate of Sir Thomas Dabridgecourt C78/458, no. 6 [18]
1633 16 Feb. 9 John and Elizabeth Clarke for self and others (named) v John Harwell and others (named) Portions and maintenance payments from shop in High Street, Coventry, Warwicks, by will of Henry Harwell C78/484, no. 2 [19]
1633 19 Feb. 8 Grace Clode v William Drake and George Drake. Estate of George Clode, manor of Otterly or Ottery, Devonshire. C78/383, no. 2 [20]
1633 19 Feb. 8 Sir John Carewe, and others v John Bryant and others. Manors of East Studley and West Studley, Devonshire. Disputed holdings of land. C78/386, no. 1 [21]
1633 19 Feb. 8 Edward Wilcockes v Peirce Manaton Title to manor of Tregonnett, Cornwall C78/512, no. 15 [22]
1633 23 Feb. 8 Dame Elizabeth Knevet v Sir Owen Smith and others (named). Annuity (as jointure) payable from manors of Wisett and Rees, Suffolk. C78/430, no. 6 [23]
1633 23 Feb. 8 Francis Bradford v Rowland and Margery Callowe Rents from lands in Landago, Mon C78/565, no. 1 [24]
1633 4 Mar. 8 Sarah Jerome v Phillipp and Jacob Pratt. Bonds and debts C78/405, no. 8 [25]
1633 11 Mar. 8 Richard Evelyn v Jane Anton and others (named) Possession, free from encumbrances, of messuage called Baynards in Ewhurst and Cranley, and reversion of manor of Pollingfold or Ponmyngfold in Ewhurst and Cranley, Surrey C78/565, no. 2 [26]
1633 16 March 8 George Glapthorne, Robert Coveney, Roger Wiseman, Thomas Boyce, Roger Baily, John Calverley, William Cattle, George Randall, Robert Ground and others (named) v Rt. hon. Richard, Earl of Portland, Francis, Earl of Bedford. Survey, partition and division of eighteen thousand acres of waste, marsh and common lands. Enclosure of the lands by agreement after apportionment by Commissioners. Articles of agreement confirmed by the Court. Manors of Whittlesey Saint Marys, Whittlesey Saint Andrewes, the rectory of Whatlesey Saint Marys within the Isle of Ely. C78/355, no. 1 [27]
1633 22 April 9 Gerrard and Elizabeth Bromley v Sir John Darrell and others (named). Trust and mortgage of manor of Balson in Kinbury and Inkpenn, Berks. C78/565, no. 9 [28]
1633 4 May 9 Lewes Rigault v John Johnson Debts and bills of exchange re factorship for purchase of French wines C78/518, no. 8 [29]
1633 9 May 9 William Marshall v William Jeffery Debts and bonds. C78/565, no. 3 [30]
1633 10 May 9 Stephen Crosse v Peter Adams and others (named). Title to copyhold lands in Longdon, Salop. C78/371, no. 5 [31]
1633 13 May 9 John Hellam v Sir Edward Tirrell and others (named). Mortgage of lands in Little Farrendon, Essex C78/394, no. 3 [32]
1633 13 May 9 Mary and Joan Barefoot v Charles Mordant and another (named). Mortgage of tenement and lands in Thaxsteed, Essex C78/420, no. 6 [33]
1633 14 May 9 William Hall, Mayor and Aldermen of Durham v John Richardson and others (named). Liberties of free port of Sunderland, Durham and ferry from Sunderland to Monckweremouth. C78/356, no. 3 [34]
1633 14 May 9 The Mayor and Burgesses of the Citv of Gloucester v John Berrowe and Richard Coxe. Dispute over the revenues granted by Queen Elizabeth to the Hospital of Saint Bartholomews, Gloucester. C78/431, no. 3 [35]
1633 15 May 9 Walter & {Catherine Barringer v William Arnold & others (named) Title to copyhold tenements and lands in Fulham, Middx C78/409, no. 4 [36]
1633 18 May 9 Sir John Cutts v Robert Lawrence Rent charge from manor of Boxworth, Cambs. C78/348, no. 5 [37]
1633 21 May 9 George Morgan v William & Richard Turner. Debts re sale of alum. C78/354, no. 6 [38]
1633 21 May 9 Sir Robert Oxenbridge v Sir Richard Unedale and another (named). Bonds re debts of Sir Francis Neale, payable from lands in Anna Abbatis, Hants. C78/565, no. 4 [39]
1633 23 May 9 Thomas Holborow v Sir Thomas Baker. Possession of tithes of rectory of Battisford, Suffolk C78/453, no. 2 [40]
1633 23 May 9 Richard Seys v Watkin Longhour and another (named). Disputed customs re surrender of copyhold lands in Newton Pottage, Glam. C78/468, no. 4 [41]
1633 24 May 9 Thomas Estowe v Christopher Estowe. Estate of John Estowe: several properties in Billingford and Thorpe, Norfolk. C78/411, no. 7 [42]
1633 25 May 9 Edmond Joynt and another (named) v Nicholas Stockton and another (named). Bonds and mortgage on security of a brewhouse in Norwich. C78/348, no. 1 [43]
1633 25 May 9 Henry Sibson v Sir Richard Fletcher and others (named). Mortgage and sale of lands in St. Bees, Cumbs. C78/391, no. 12 [44]
1633 25 May 9 Simon Scroope and others (named) v Rt. hon. Elizabeth, countess dowager of Sutherland Financial trusts for maintenance and children's education C78/430, no. 7 [45]
1633 25 May 9 Robert Bewicke v Sir Edward Ratcliff and others (named). Lease of coalmines and pits in Throckley, Northumberland. C78/453, no. 1 [46]
1633 27 May 9 Richard Ward v William Kinge and others (named). Payment of damages for wrongful seizure of cloth on suspicion of failure to pay customs duty in the port of Dartmouth, Devon. C78/468, no. 5 [47]
1633 27 May 9 Dame Katherine Leigh v Sir William Cope and others (named) Marriage treaty of lands in Stonely and Flechehamsteed, Warwicks C78/514, no. 2 [48]
1633 28 May 9 Sir George Semeon v Sir Michael Greene, William Greene and others (named). Dispute arising from the enclosure of the manors of Chilworth and Combe, Oxfordshire, the property of the late Sir William Greene. Division of the lands and debts owing to Semeon. C78/373, no. 12 [49]
1633 28 May 9 Warden, bridgemen, burgesses and community of Henley upon Thames, Oxon and John Scudder and others (named). Lands in West Tilbury, Essex, given by will of John Stutteridge for poor relief in Henley, Oxon. C78/377, no. 7 [50]
1633 28 May 9 Thomas Frier v Andrew Burton and others (named) Rents and profits due from alleged trust settlement of tenements in St Buttolphs without Aldersgate, London and St Giles without Cripplegate and Harleton, Cambs. C78/407, no. 11 [51]
1633 29 May 9 Edward Watkins v Henry Stone and another (named). Testamentary settlement of lands in Wembdon and Cannington, Somerset and personal estate of George Watkins. C78/476, no. 9 [52]
1633 31 May 9 John Sturgeon v John Smith and others (named) Debts payable from lands in Chertsey, Surrey C78/394, no.1 [53]
1633 31 May 9 Michael and Honour Hagley v Dyana Hagley Legacies payable by will of John Hagley from tenements in Dulverton, Gloucs. C78/476, no. 8 [54]
1633 31 May 9 Brian Broughton and others (named) infants by Thomas Broughton their father and guardian v Robert Cesar and others (named) Legacies payable from estate of Richard Broughton C78/514, no. 5 [55]
1633 1 June 9 Nicholas Ford v Roger Strobridge. Estate of the late John Ford, marriage to Mary Strobridge. C78/383, no. 5 [56]
1633 7 June 9 Thomas and Margaret Wentworth v Richard and Thomas Freston. Profits due from trust settlement of lands of Wickamskeyth, Mellfield, Nedham Winckfield, Bourts, Wickamskey and Withington, Suffolk and Norfolk. C78/377, no. 10 [57]
1633 7 June 9 John Ballow v George Griffeth and another (named). Debts re trade in "Pulia Oil" C78/430, no. 8 [58]
1633 17 June 9 Sir Alex Ratclift and others (named) v Edward Littleton and others (named). Debts, payable from trust estate of lands in Windham, Walter, Little Badham and Denbury, Essex and the rectory of Ellingham, Norfolk. C78/442, no. 5 [59]
1633 18 Jun. 9 Robert Audesley v Richard Harris. Accounts of wine trade with Canary Islands. C78/348, no. 6 [60]
1633 22 June 9 Robert & William Carpenter v John Carpenter Bonds re trust settlement of Westbarnes farm in Marten, Surrey C78/409, no. 5 [61]
1633 22 June 9 John Sympsonne v John Hall and another (named). Bonds and debts. C78/442, no. 4 [62]
1633 25 June 9 Martha Cage v John Moundford, Thomas Farrant. Dispute over the holding of money and its use for interest. Property at Hadstocke, Essex as security. C78/373, no. 11 [63]
1633 25 June 9 Nicholas & Dorothy Noyes v John Waite Trust settlement of the rectory of Shipton, Hants. C78/409, no. 3 [64]
1633 27 June 9 Adam Stamler v Elizabeth Dynne and others (one named). Mortgage of lands in Hevingham, Norfolk. C78/348, no. 3 [65]
1633 28 June 9 John Burrage v Samuel Plume, Peter Poole & others. Estate of Agnes Burrage, deceased. Messuage called "Crecyes" in the parish of Brampfield, Suffolk. C78/411, no. 8 [66]
1633 28 June 9 Susanne and William Poynter v Thomas Cooke Trust and mortgage of lands in Marreske, Cornwall. C78/442, no. 2 [67]
1633 28 June 9 Samuel Sewster v Theophilus, Earl of Suffolk The manors of Steeple Morden, Browell, Odsey Grange, Cambridgeshire. Dispute over the marriage of Giler Sewster to Anne Turnor C78/451, no. 6 [68]
1633 28 June 9 William and Anne Lovinge and others (named) v William Man Trust of lands in Westminster, Middx. C78/565, no. 6 [69]
1633 29 June 9 John Millward v Sir George Gresley and others (named). Interests in marriage treaty of manor of Thorpes and part of manor of Ballidon, Derbyshire and other lands in Derbys and Staffs C78/420, no. 8 [70]
1633 1 July 9 Master of the hospital of Robert, Earl of Leicester in Warwick v John Biker & others named. Arrears of rent from hospital lands in Harbury, & Arden Barkeswell, Knowle, Wolston and Palston, Lancs, & Warwicks. C78/416, no. 5 [71]
1633 1 July 9 George Sutton v George Halley or Hawley. Bonds and debts re delivery of lead ore. C78/420, no. 9 [72]
1633 2 July 9 John Chambers v Richard Middleton, Peter Middleton. Loan by Sir Thomas Middleton and William Middleton to Priamus Lloide of Massington, Shropshire. Manor and Lordship of Massington the surety for loans, also other properties C78/355, no. 6 [73]
1633 2 July 9 William Breres, Elizabeth his wife v David Budden, Richard Campion, Nicholas Maileigh, Thomas Worsley. Estate of Thomas Budden, deceased. Manor of Budbridge and other properties. Disputed conveyance of properties to Worsley and others. C78/373, no. 9 [74]
1633 2 July 9 Toby Palavitine v Sir Francis Cleawe and others (named) Possession of the manor of Foxton Chatteries and Foxton Wymbish in Cambs. C78/407, no. 13 [75]
1633 2 July 9 Edmond Boyssen and others (named) v Ursula and John Hill and others (named). Title to manor of Alton or Alvington, in parish of Rocke, Worcs C78/420, no. 10 [76]
1633 2 July 9 George Gregory and others (named) v Thomas Perry Possession of lands in Walnesworth and Battersey, Surrey C78/518, no. 7 [77]
1633 4 July 9 John Thistlethwayt v Alexander Thistlethwaite Bill (25 June 1631) reciting agreement (no date), to divide, enclose and allot waste, grounds of West Winterstowe, Wiltshire, and private agreement re rentcharge in lieu of complainant's tenement C78/419, no. 11 [78]
1633 5 July 9 Mathewe and Margaret Bate v Michaell Biddulph and others (named). Accounts of trust settlement of lands in Pipe, Brendwood and Homerwith, Staffs and personal estate of William Hawkes. C78/400, no. 18 [79]
1633 5 July 9 Jane Owfield v Dean and Chapter of Bristol Cathedral (some named) Possession of lease of inn 'Nagges head' in Winestreete, Bristol, and tenements in High Street, Bristol. C78/407, no. 12 [80]
1633 5 July 9 Francis Poulton of Lincolns Inn v Sir Richard Saltonstall and others (named) Rentcharge from manor of Colton in City of York C78/512, no. 14 [81]
1633 6 July 9 Francis Towneley v Edward Sherborne. Execution of the will of Richard Mountford. C78/363, no. 2 [82]
1633 6 July 9 Thomas Cropley, Debra Spencer, Robert Birchmore and Alice his wife, Luke Sherman and Mable his wife, Elizabeth late wife and administrator of Luke Cropley, John Young and others (named) v. Mercy Cropley widow Estate of Thomas Cropley, late of Cambridge University. Disputed bequests. C78/431, no. 4 [83]
1633 8 July 9 Richard Style v Walter Lee and others (named). Testamentary settlement of personal estate. C78/391, no. 2 [84]
1633 8 July 9 Gabriel Brooke and others (named) for all customary tenants of Cradley, Worcs v Sir Thomas Littelton and another (named) Payment of customary fines for admissions, heriots etc. in manor of Cradley, Worcs. C78/400, no. 19 [85]
1633 8 July 9 Walter Coleman v Thomas and John Chetwind. Lease of ironworks near Halesowen, Salop and Staffs C78/400, no. 21 [86]
1633 8 July 9 William Heathfield v Frances Hanson Dispute over the execution of the will of Henry Hill, late ironmonger of London. And dispute arising from his partnership with John Hanson in the grocery trade C78/431, no. 5 [87]
1633 8 July 9 William Marshall v William Jeffery. Cancellation of bonds C78/565, no. 5 [88]
1633 9 July 9 Mary Foxe v George and Francis Middlemore and others (named) As in 400/17 under 19 June 1632. C78/400, no. 20 [89]
1633 9 July 9 Thomazine & Mary Mompesson v John Mompesson & others (named) Portions payable from trust settlement of the manor of Sennor, Yorks. C78/409, no. 2 [90]
1633 10 July 9 Edward Lake v Rt. Hon. Reverend Bishop of Lincoln, John Pregion, Walter Walker Office of Principal Register of Lincoln held by Pregion. Appointment of Lake as Secretary and deputy in lieu of debts owed to him. Dispute over the performance of his duties C78/515, no. 5 [91]
1633 12 July 9 William ap Glisse v Gawen Vaughan and Gwen his wife Disputed mortgage of a messuage at Pennaen, Merioneth. C78/431, no. 2 [92]
1633 16 July 9 John Littler and others (named) v John Hayward and others (named). Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Fobbing and Stanford, Essex. C78/348, no. 2 [93]
1633 16 July 9 Nicholas Hillar or Hilder and others (named) v Henry Wakeford and others (named). Legacies payable from profits of sale of lands in Woversham, Surrey, by will of Lawrence Mellersh. C78/430, no. 9 [94]
1633 17 July 9 Thomas Eyre and another (named) v Sir Francis and Dame Hester Wortley. Legacies payable by will of Christofer Eyre. C78/458, no. 5 [95]
1633 17 July 9 Sir Wolstan Dixie and others (named) v William Pelsant Bill (13 Feb. 1631) reciting agreement (no date) to have general enclosure of manor of Bosworth, Carleton and Coton, Leicestershire, and seeking ratification of that


C78/487, no. 10 [96]
1633 19 July 9 Elizabeth White v Francis Meverell and others (named). Lease of houses in Grays Inn Lane, Middx. C78/468, no. 1 [97]
1633 19 July 9 John Thompson v Sir Robert Veysey. Dispute over the settlement of debts C78/515, no. 4 [98]
1633 24 July 9 William and Katherin James v Illtyd Nicholl and others (named). Title to lands in Boverton and Lantwit Maior, Glam. C78/468, no. 3 [99]
1633 26 July 9 Richard Stoford v John Gooding, Richard Mallacke, John Wearman. Estate of William Hilling, deceased. The moiety of the manor of Barton, and other properties in the parish of Fen Ottery, Devonshire. Mortgage of land to George Clode. C78/383, no. 3 [100]
1633 1 Aug 9 Robert Daniel and another (named) v Anne Frowyke and another (named). Annuity payable from messuage in Harpeden, Herts. C78/442, no. 6 [101]
1633 1 Aug. 9 Frances Mingay for self and another (named) v John and Ann Rea (or Wray) and others (named). Portion payable from lands in South Elmham, St. Margarett of Ilketshall or Bungay, Suffolk C78/518, no. 6 [102]
1633 2 Aug. 9 Sir James Levingston v Sir Cornelius Vermuyden Sir James Levingston v Sir Cornelius Vermuyden. Bill (heretofore) alleging disputes about the reclamation, allotting and enclosure of sea saltmarshes of Sutton and Gedney, Lincolnshire. Commission appointed to set out portions C78/409, no. 6 [103]
1633 12 Aug 9 Richard Berry v John Loggan Payments due from trust settlement of the manor of Idbury, Oxon C78/409, no. 1 [104]
1633 24 Aug. 9 Alice Smith v William Smith and others (named) Legacies payable by will of Johane Sith from personal estate and the rectory of St Just in Cornwall C78/442, no. 3 [105]
1633 14 Sept. 9 Walter Hungerford v Thomas Twisse Lease of tithes of parsonage of Buscott or Burwadscott, Berks and mortgage of next 2 rights of presentation C78/512, no. 12 [106]
1633 21 Sept. 9 Richard Holman and another (named) v Edmond and William Fettiplace Debts and bonds C78/430, no. 10 [107]
1633 5 Oct. 9 Roda Chapman and others (named) by Jane Chapman, v Charles Yeomans. Legacies payable from personal estate of Thomas Chapman. C78/436, no. 9 [108]
1633 10 Oct. 9 Henry Jones v Hugh Williams Estate of Lewis Owen of Twickenham, Middlesex. Property in Middlesex and Essex, settlement of several outstanding debts. C78/355, no. 8 [109]
1633 10 Oct. 9 Sir Henry Palmer and others (named) v Sir Savile Crowe. Collection of voluntary contributions from sailors wages, as a fund to help disabled sailors C78/469, no. 10 [110]
1633 12 Oct. 9 Richard Roberts v Cadwallader Wynne & another (named). Cancellation of mortgage deed of lands in Llanarchenibers, Montgomeryshire. C78/354, no. 5 [111]
1633 12 Oct. 9 Aslacke Lanye and others (named), tenants of Pulham, Norfolk v William Smyth and others (named). Agreement re fines for copyhold tenants and licences to sub-let in Pulham, Norfolk. C78/418, no. 11 [112]
1633 19 Oct. 9 Martha Dymcock v John Laster Fraudulent lease and possession of lands in Ipswich, Ike and Chelmondeston (or Chempston), Suffolk. C78/422, no. 5A [113]
1633 21 Oct. 9 Elizabeth Peirce v Edward & William Peirce. Title to lands in Arlington, Sussex. C78/354, no. 4 [114]
1633 23 Oct. 9 Edward Mountsteven v Sir William Ford Profits from sale of grain C78/416, no. 8 [115]
1633 23 Oct. 9 Richard, Viscount Mollineux & another (named) v Edmond Mountsteven. Legacy payable by will of Thomas Carrill from personal estate. C78/416, no. 9 [116]
1633 23 Oct. 9 Thomas Colthurst and others (named) v Sir Thomas Style and others (named). Legacies payable from personal estate of Henry Colthurst. C78/418, no. 9 [117]
1633 24 Oct. 9 George Strudwick and others (named) v Henry Strudwicke and others (named) Portions and legacies payable from lands in Kirford, Sussex by will of William Strudwicke C78/407, no. 9 [118]
1633 25 Oct. 9 Sir William Pole v William Starr, Richard Starr. Estate of John Starr the Elder of Beere, Devonshire. C78/386, no. 4 [119]
1633 25 Oct. 9 Francis Rowe by William Hatherlay v Giles Inglett and another (named) Maintenance payments from trust settlement of lands in Chaddlehanger in Lamerton, Devon C78/436, no. 9 [120]
1633 25 Oct. 9 Sir Robert Heath CJCP and another (named) v Phillip Dodderidge and others (named) Lease of house of Master of the Rolls of Chancery and house of Conversi C78/512, no. 4 [121]
1633 28 Oct. 9 Edward Lyndsey v Henry Waltham and another (named). Debts re partnership in alum trade with Italy. C78/519, no. 9 [122]
1633 30 Oct. 9 Edward Cooks v Sir Thomas Whorwood, Francis Field, Thomas Chambers, Roger Kettle, Edward Hatton & others (named). Messuage called 'Kingswood' at Kings Norton, the property of Humphrey Sloughe & several other closes and tenements. Disputed conveyances to Cooks. C78/362, no. 7 [123]
1633 30 Oct 9 John Meech and others (named) v Job Bradshawe and others (named). Debts re brewery trade and brewhouse in Westminster, Middx C78/512, no. 13 [124]
1633 31 Oct. 9 Arthur Tournor v Sir Stephen Soame & others (named). Ratification of partition between tenants in common of the manor of Little Wratting or Blunts Hall, Suffolk C78/361, no. 9 [125]
1633 31 Oct 9 Sir George Pawle v Sir John Colt. Profits of lands in Lambeth, Surrey, by will of Archbishop Mathew Parker to place scholars at Bennett College, Cambridge. C78/371, no. 6 [126]
1633 4 Nov 9 William and Marie Stone v Dorothy Leonard and others (named). Mortgage of messuage and lands called Penterglase in St. Minver, Cornwall. C78/436, no. 10 [127]
1633 6 Nov. 9 William and Margaret Pexton v Thomas Veel and another (named). Legacies payable from unspecified estate of Nicholas Veel. C78/407, no. 10 [128]
1633 7 Nov 9 Robert Vesey v The Fellows and Scholars of Waddam College, Oxford and Thomas Keeble The property of Thomas Keeble, manor of Sowthropp, Gloucestershire, held of the Fellows C78/515, no. 2 [129]
1633 7 Nov. 9 Henry Skipwith v Bryan Cave Bonds and debts on lands in Bagworth and Thornton, Leics. C78/436, no. 7 [130]
1633 7 Nov 9 Thomas Cumber v Henry Sibson and another (named) Rent charge from lands called Harrington Howses, Cumberland C78/519, no. 8 [131]
1633 8 Nov. 9 Thomas Ayleffe v John Wichcombe & others (named). Cancellation of bonds for debts on security of lands in Thacham, Newbery and Enborne, Berks and West Sherborne, East Sherborne and North Okeley, Hants. C78/361, no. 5 [132]
1633 9 Nov. 9 Arthur Gopsell v George Palie Marriage settlement of messuage and lands in Shelden, Warwicks C78/484, no. 5 [133]
1633 11 Nov 9 Thomas Ewre & another (named) v Dame Alice Roper & others (named). Mortgage of lands in Dromanby Grange and Little Ayton in Cleveland, Yorks, by way of rent-charge. C78/353, no. 9 [134]
1633 12 Nov. 9 Stephen Ballard, Roger Ballard v Stephen Ballard the Elder, Edward Ballard, John Gardyner and Stephen Martin. Lease by Henry, Earl of Pembroke of meadows and other lands at Ramsbury, Wiltshire to Stephen Ballard the Elder. C78/364, no. 5 [135]
1633 13 Nov. 9 John & Phillip Briscoe v Richard Baker & others (named). Possession of lands in Shoe Lane, Holborn, London. C78/354, no. 3 [136]
1633 14 Nov 9 Thomas and Jane Appletree v Mathew and Avis Cherington Financial trusts and bonds on security of farm in Clifton, Oxon C78/484, no. 8 [137]
1633 15 Nov 9 John Bumstead v George Nashe and others (named) Governors of free grammar school of St. Olaves, Southwark Rights of common herbage and free passage over Horsey Downe, Southwark, Surrey C78/512, no. 6 [138]
1633 15 Nov. 9 Thomas Cony, George Cony v Thomas Fitch, Elizabeth his wife. Estate of Thomas Cony, rectory and parsonage of Walcott, Lincolnshire. Dispute over the terms of a lease and inheritance C78/515, no. 3 [139]
1633 16 Nov 9 John and Mary Pearse v Alexander Normington and others (named). Administration of estate of Nicholas Heyfeild, including houses and lands in Stamford, Lincs. C78/436, no. 7 [140]
1633 16 Nov 9 John Atwell and others (named) v Symon and Gilbert How. Legacies payable by will of William Atwell, from lands in Lanceston, Petersham and elsewhere in Cornwall. C78/442, no. 1 [141]
1633 20 Nov 9 William & Penelope Taylor & others (named) v Walter Loveden. Portions payable from trust settlement of manor of Buscott, Berks. C78/361, no. 8 [142]
1633 21 Nov. 9 Nathaniel and Jane Wood v Thomas Vynton and others (named) Trust settlement of messuages in Little Colon, Cornwall and personal estate of Daniel Lyswell. C78/418, no. 10 [143]
1633 21 Nov 9 Robert Carr and others (named) v John Ingleby. Ratification of agreement re customs and usages for customary tenants in manor of Clapham, Yorks. C78/538, no. 10 [144]
1633 23 Nov. 9 Rt hon Henry, Earl of Kent and others (named) v Rt hon Phillip, Earl of Pembroke and Mountgomery and another (named) Trust settlement of manors of Hethersedge, Over Padley and Nether Padley and Chesterfield and lands in Grendleford, Cotts, Thornell, Learn, Darwent, Castleton, Bradwell and Auferton, Derbys, rectories of Sutton, East Markham, West Markham, Lowdham, and Whetley and lands in Clipston, Notts, and the rectories of Eglesfeld and Brondfeild, Yorks. C78/458, no. 2 [145]
1633 25 Nov 9 Abraham Baker v Daniel Hoste Debts and accounts re factorship to merchant. C78/512, no. 7 [146]
1633 26 Nov 9 Penfounde Corye v Andrew Corye. Tenement called 'Poundstocke Downe" parish of Poundstoke, Cornwall — dispute over inheritance and title. C78/383, no. 4 [147]
1633 26 Nov 9 Peter Sainthill v Sir Robert Cooke and another (named) Possession of lease of manors of Brannscombe, Sidbury and Dawlish, Devon. C78/422, no. 9 [148]
1633 27 Nov. 9 Michael Goodrowe and others (named) v Richard Johnson and others (named). Testamentary settlement of, and legacies payable from lands in Gresham, Aylmerton, Felbrig, Cromer, Kimton; Melton, Roughton, Hanworth and Aylesham, Norfolk, by

will of John Deane.

C78/350, no. 4 [149]
1633 28 Nov. 9 John Knapp and others (named) for copyhold tenants of Bailham, Suffolk v John Acton and another (named). Ratification of ancient customary roll. C78/350, no. 6 [150]
1633 28 Nov 9 Samuel Neale v William Lister. Appropriation of tithes from Hollowell Ketilby, Leics. C78/419, no. 10 [151]
1633 28 Nov 9 Richard Walford, Alexander Anstye, Henry Blisse, Thomas Watson v Thomas Leaver Debts of Thomas Leaver. C78/421, no. 9 [152]
1633 30 Nov 9 Thomas Hayne v Sir John Pawlett and others (named). Debts payable from farm of Waddon or Frier Waddon, Dorset C78/422, no. 4 [153]
1633 2 Dec. 9 Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Arundell v Sir Henry Compton and another (named). Interests in marriage settlement of castle and park of Wardor, Wilts, and lands at Shafton or Shaftesbury, Hanley, Thornton and East Pulham, Dorset, Socke Dennys,

Somerset and Tilsbury and Swalecliffe, Wilts.

C78/350, no. 7 [154]
1633 4 Dec. 9 Tamworth Keresby by Sir John Brackyn Legacies payable from will of Christopher Tamworth from lands in London, Middx and Leicester, Branston, Buckesthorp and Thumley, Leics C78/484, no. 4 [155]
1633 6 Dec 9 Sir Walter Heveningham v Robert Challener and others (named) Debts and bonds payable from manor of Aston near Stone and lands in Aston Burston or Burweston, Staffs C78/484, no. 6 [156]
1633 6 Dec 9 John Craven v Samuel Clarke Bill (28 Nov. 1633) reciting that 94 acres of glebe lands, interspersed with demesne and common lands in the manor of Wynwicke, Northamptonshire, had been divided and enclosed by agreement (30 years past), and alleging that new rector would not accept the agreement, for which they now sought court ratification. C78/519, no. 11 [157]
1633 14 Dec 9 Edward Woodward v John Austie Debts and legacies of Lady Anne Harrington, payable from household goods formerly belonging to John, Lord Harrington C78/419, no. 8 [158]
1633 16 Dec. 9 Marie Hughes v Roger Mydleton and others (named) Possession of lands in Estlusham, Denbighs. C78/519, no. 10 [159]