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| 30 Nov.
| 30 Nov.
| 42
| 42
| Edward Pigott of Gunby, Lincs., gent., whose wife was Anne, dau. of Ralph Pearsall of Upper Taunton [High Toynton], Lincs., decd v Thomas Pearsall gent., nephew and executor of Ralph Pearsall and Leonard Kirkeman of Keane, Lincs., gent., executor of the will of Jane, widow and executrix of Ralph Pearsall.
| Edward Pigott of Gunby, Lincs., gent., whose wife was Anne, dau. of Ralph Pearsall of Upper Taunton [High Toynton], Lincs., decd v Thomas Pearsall gent., nephew and executor of Ralph Pearsall and Leonard Kirkeman of Keale [East Keal], Lincs., gent., executor of the will of Jane, widow and executrix of Ralph Pearsall.
| Payment of legacy of £100 due to Anne Pigott by the will of Ralph Pearsall.  
| Payment of legacy of £100 due to Anne Pigott by the will of Ralph Pearsall.  
| C78/112, no. 12B [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no112/IMG_0018.htm]
| C78/112, no. 12B [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no112/IMG_0018.htm]

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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1599 23 Jan. 41 John Pancke and Elizabeth his wife, widow of Arthur Hoorde, guardians of Thomas Hoorde, infant, son and heir of the said Arthur Hoorde of Ewell, Surrey, gent., decd, by Elizabeth v Cuthbert Browne, Elizabeth his wife (the mother of Arthur Hoorde), Edward Hoorde, brother of Arthur Hoorde and others. Conspiracy to defraud the plt of the possession of the manor of Fytznelles alias Fennelles in Ewell, Surrey and copyhold lands held of the manor of Ewell. C78/97, no. 15 [2]
1599 24 Jan. 41 Joan Sandbache, widow of Lawrence Robient, citizen and girdler of London, decd v John Richardson and Esther his wife, dau. of Agnes Robient. Relief from an action of waste to deprieve the plt of a messuage in psh St Martin Ludgate, London which the plt claimed for term of her life, the reversion of which rested with the dft. C78/129, no. 14 [3]
1599 25 Jan. 41 Fleetwood Dormer gent., son and heir of Peter Dormer of Shipton Lee [psh Quainton], Bucks., gent., decd v John Chester executor of the will of Peter Dormer, William Chester and others. Possession of pasture closes called Fynmore closes in pshs Grendon [Underwood] and Quainton, Bucks.; value of the plt's wardship for which John Chester compounded with one Robert Drury esq.; detention of £2,000 which Chester levied of the plt's lands during his minority and the detention of an annuity granted by Peter Dormer for the performance of his will. Cf C78/129 no. 20. C78/129, no. 13 [4]
1599 27 Jan. 41 William Holland clerk, parson of North Creake, Norf. v William Armiger of North Creake, gent, owner of manors in North Creake, and Stephen Welles. Possession of a fold course called the `Parsonage Course' or the `Easte Course' belonging to the plt in the right of the rectory of North Creake. C78/102, no.10 [5]
1599 31 Jan. 41 William Charlewood, citizen and mercer of London v Henry Needham. Lease of an inn called `The Signe of the Gryffyn' in Gracious St., psh All Hallows in Lombard St., which dft claimed to be forfeited for non-payment of rent. C78/102, no. 11 [6]
1599 3 Feb. 41 Richard Sawyer, Robert Watts, Stephen Stonehill, John Gonner, Richard Apark and others (named) v Richard Norton. Dispute over the customary holdings on the manor of Farmborough, Hampshire. C78/139, no. 3 [7]
1599 5 Feb. 41 Richard Wood of Thakeham, Sussex, yeo., and Richard Wood his son, a minor v Edward Appesley esq., lord of the manor of Laybrook [in Thakeham], Sussex and John Arcott. Admission to three copyhold messuages held of the manor of Laybrook called Smeethes, Dawes and Cockpreece; custom of fining. C78/110, no. 3 [8]
1599 10 Feb. 41 Edward, earl of Oxford v Roger Harlackden, his surveyor and receiver and Richard Harlackden his son. Frauds in the purchase of Earl's Colne, Essex, from the plt; question of whether other manors and tithes late of Colne Priory were conveyed to the dft by virtue of general words. C78/104, no. 17 [9]
1599 10 Feb. 41 Sir Thomas Walsingham, Edmund Cooke esq., William Barne esq., William Smith and 25 others for the inhabitants of the hundreds of Blackheath Little, Lessness and Ruxley, Kent v Oliver Leigh esq., lord of the manor of East Wickham, Kent. Agreement concerning a common way through the manor which the parties agreed was dangerous for safe passage; agreement to establish a new way and assign the old to the dft to enclose. C78/104, no. 19A [10]
1599 13 March 41 William Wenham, son of Thomas Wenham, decd v Giles Wenham, brother of William, John Threele and Edward Leeds. Descent of lands in pshs Chalvington and Chiddingley, Sussex, late the estate of Thomas Wenham. C78/122, no. 15 [11]
1599 13 April 41 John Dryland of London, gent. v Henry James esq., son and executor of Martin James esq., decd. Action on the covenants for possession in a conveyance made by the plt to Martin James of marsh grounds called Upper Howlettes, Nether Howlettes and Lodge Marshe in Luddenham, Oare and Faversham, Kent: refusal of the dft to accept sums in compensation contrary to agreement. C78/130, no. 15 [12]
1599 30 Apr. 41 Constance Glemham v Richard Bymon, Christopher Sibthorpe, Thomas Covell, Gyles Porter. Estate of Edward Glemham, deceased. Provision of a jointure for Constance, Benhall Park and Lodge. C78/141, no. 12 [13]
1599 30 April 41 John Hall of Hull, mariner and Elizabeth his wife and Eleanor Foster of Hull, both daus. of Ottiwell Foster v Thomas Calverley esq., Chancellor to Mathew, bishop of Durham, Robert Bellamy esq., Master of Christ's Hospital in Sherburn, Durham, and John Sympson yeo. Inheritance of waste grounds called Heycocke Land, part of the copyhold lands of the manor of Benfieldside [psh Lanchester], belonging to Christ's hospital in Sherburn, late of George Foster of Benfieldside co. Durham, plts' grandfather. C78/109, no. 1 [14]
1599 30 Apr 41 Henry Stapleforth, Thomas Warde v Lady Anne Gerrarde and Thomas Gerrarde. Dispute over the execution of the will of Raphe Spyre. C78/138, no. 9 [15]
1599 30 Apr 41 Martyn Maye v Robert Maye and another (named) Title to lands in Kydlington on the Greene, Oxon. C78/232, no. 13 [16]
1599 1 May 41 William Symonds of Winchester, Hants., gent. v Robert Knaplock of Winchester, gent., plt's father in law, and William Knaplock his son. Sums borrowed from dft; redemption of a mortgage of the parsonage of Broughton, Hants. C78/110, no. 4 [17]
1599 5 May 41 Thomas Muncke of Westwell, Oxon. v William Dawtry gent. and Joan his wife, widow and administrator of Thomas Deagle of Broad Rissington, Glos., yeo., decd, uncle to the plt. Possession of a lease of a messuage and three yardlands in Westwell, Oxon., which the plt claimed that Deagle promised him, together with some cattle, in exchange for plt's lease of Deagle's messuages at Westbrook and Chipping Farringdon, Berks. C78/117, no. 11 [18]
1599 7 May 41 Sir William Eyre v Henry Brouncker and Edward Longe. The estate of Edward Smythe, deceased. Manor of Broughton Gyfford, Wiltshire. C78/138, no. 1 [19]
1599 12 May 41 Elizabeth Spencer and others (named) v Richard Osborne. Payments due from lands in Everdon, Northants for poor relief and repairs to the church and bridge in Everdon, Northants. C78/232, no. 14 [20]
1599 14 May 41 John Roberts gent., son of Robert ap John ap Jenn Lloyde of Erianell, Anglesey, gent. v Henry Lloyde, son and heir of Hugh Lloyde esq., serjeant at arms. Possession of messuages in the townships of Erianell, Bodwine, etc in Anglesey; request for relief from a marriage settlement made for a marriage between plt and a daughter of Hugh Lloyde. C78/100, no. 8 [21]
1599 15 May 41 William Orton of Pilsley, Derb., husbn v Hercules Brailsford. Possession of the moiety of a copyhold tenement in Pilsley, psh Wingfield, Derb., held of the manor of Parkhall. C78/102, no. 13 [22]
1599 19 May 41 John Atterton esq. and Catherine his wife, a daughter and co-heir of John late Lord Conyers, son and heir of Christopher Lord Conyers of Hornby, Yorks., decd v John Ingleby esq., who married Alice, widow of Leonard Conyers, younger son of Christopher Lord Conyers, and Thomas Ingleby, elder son of John Ingleby. Possession of a lease of the parsonage of Rudby, Yorks made by Christ Church Oxford to Christopher Lord Conyers and assigned by him to Leonard Conyers for life. C78/100, no. 9 [23]
1599 21 May 41 John Walleston and others (named) v Sir Edmond Anderson. Customary dues and cutting of timber in the manors of Harfield and Morehall, Middx. C78/232, no.15 [24]
1599 6 June 41 William Thompson, son and heir of John Thompson late of London, fletcher, decd, and Catherine Thompson, widow of John Thompson v William Randall and others. Redemption of a lease of a messuage in Grubstreete, Midd., held of the Chamber of London, made to one Edmund Wayland by John Thompson with a proviso for its redemption. C78/107, no. 7 [25]
1599 9 June 41 Thomas Lowe and Leonard Holliday, late sheriff of Midd. v John Brode of Isleworth, Midd. and John Cornelius. Detention of goods of William Laborer of Isleworth: refusal to accept a writ of restitution after his goods extended on a statute and left in the safekeeping of dft Brode. C78/112, no. 7 [26]
1599 11 June 41 Charles Leigh, citizen and merchant of London v Batholomew Mathewson, merchant and John Kirkham, master of Mathewson's ship called `Prymrose'. Recovery of £60 which the plt invested in projected voyages of the ship. C78/107, no. 6 [27]
1599 18 June 41 Richard Weller, who married the widow and executrix of John Weston v Thomas Ainscombe gent. and Henry Temes, who married Dorothy, widow and executrix of Thomas Honley. Validity of leases in reversion made by the principal and commonalty of the vicars of Holy Trinity, Chichester of the capital messuage, farm and demesnes of Sharnden in Mayfield psh, Sussex, made to John and William Weston and a lease of the whole manor to Thomas Honley. Cf C78/91 no. 5. C78/109, no. 3 [28]
1599 18 June 41 John Mitchell of St Neot, Corn., yeo. v John Vosper and Peter Markes gent., plt's brother in law. Contempt of previous order of the court: failure of Vosper to reassure a messuage called Hale in St Neot to plt. C78/112, no. 6 [29]
1599 19 June 41 Elizabeth Ryleye, widow and executrix of Henry Ryleye, a prebendary of Windsor v John Aldridge, formerly his servant. Possession of a lease in reversion of the prebend of Urchfont, Wilts., made by the Dean and Canons of Windsor to the dft but allegedly in trust for the use of Ryleye. C78/107, no. 2 [30]
1599 20 June 41 Thomas Dilke of Packington, Warw., esq. v George Grenefield esq., lord of the manor of West Newton, Corn., John Beaford and Peter Carrington esq. Diversion of a stream from the plt's mill at Callington, Cornw. to serve dft's newly erected mill. C78/110, no. 5 [31]
1599 22 June 41 The mayor and burgesses of St Albans, Herts. v John Robotham gent., lord of the manor of New Lane in psh St Peter, Herts. Detention of copyhold lands called Bullams Lands held of the manor of Newlane which one Richard Rainshawe surrendered to the plt for the support of a free school in St Albans: refusal to make a copy of their admittance to the plts. C78/109, no. 6 [32]
1599 21 June 41 William Austie and Anne his wife, dau. and heir of Andrew Baynton of Bromham, Wilts., esq., decd v Henry Baynton esq., son and heir of Sir Edward Baynton decd. Detention of the goods and chattels of Andrew Baynton: debts and an annuity owed to the dft. C78/129, no. 11 [33]
1599 25 June 41 John Knighte of Thorpe Mandeville, Northants., clerk v Thomas Kyrton of Thorpe Mandeville esq., son of Margaret Kyrton decd and owner of the manor of Thruppmoundevill. Ratification of an earlier agreement (c.1563) between Richard Gardner, tenant of the rectory of Thorpe Mandeville and Thomas Kyrton, for the exchange of two yardlands of glebe and pasture for other lands of the manor. C78/117, no. 8 [34]
1599 26 June 41 Christopher Pomerye of Waltham Abbey, Essex, son of John Pomerye v Hugh Pomerye, son of John Pomerye. Possession of a messuage and two farlings of land called Burne Place in Over Engesdone (?Ingsdon, psh Ilsington), Devon. C78/102, no. 12 [35]
1599 27 June 41 John Muschampe gent. v Magdalen Stokes, widow and executor of John Stokes, citizen and fishmonger of London, Richard Poyntell, fishmonger of London and overseer of the will of John Stokes, Thomas Barber of London, another overseer, and 10 others. Debt of £100 borrowed by John Stokes decd of the plt. C78/100, no. 10 [36]
1599 27 June 41 Relief from an action on a recognisance of £1,300 by which the plt bound to the dfts for the acknowledgement of a fine of his sale of 13 yardlands in Sandford and Ledwell, Oxon. C78/129, no. 12 [37]
1599 27 June 41 John Dawson and others (some named) v William Armestrong and another (named). Changes in entry fines to copyhold lands in the manor of Gilcrux, Cumberland. C78/232, no. 11 [38]
1599 30 June 41 Thomas Russell of Bruton, Som., esq., son of Sir Thomas Russell v Sir Henry Barkeley and Dame Margaret, plt's mother and sole executor of the will of Sir Thomas Russell. Possession of a lease of the manor and rectory of Alderminster, Worcs. and Warws. which Sir Thomas assigned to trustees for the use of his wife for 21 years with remainder to the plt. C78/129, no. 10 [39]
1599 2 July 41 Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford v Sir Thomas Venables decd and Thomas Venables esq., his son and heir. Title to the rectory and advowson of Rostherne, Ches., ratification of an award by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer. C78/107, no. 1 [40]
1599 10 July 41 Robert Dackombe of Bynwall, Salop., gent., administrator of the the goods of Silvester Daccombe decd., plt's late wife (who was dau. of Philip Cottington late of Leigh upon Mendip, Som., decd and of Margery his wife, decd) v Edward Cottington, brother of and executor of the will of Margery Cottington. Receipt of rents from Silvester Daccombe's parsonage of Shepton Montacute, Som., and detention of Margery Cottington's chattels. C78/100, no. 11 [41]
1599 12 July 41 Elizabeth Snagge, widow of Thomas Snagge decd, serjeant at law v Thomas Snagge esq., son and heir of the plt and her late husband. Estate of Thomas Snagge; possession of lodges in Marston Park (in psh Marston Moretaine), Beds. and an annuity of 200 marks. C78/97, no. 16 [42]
1599 14 July 41 Robert Flecton v Walter Dennys esq., Alice his wife, widow and executrix of Edward Greenfield decd, William Leeche, John Golborne and others. Validity of a lease of the rectory of Flitton and Shilveshan [?Silsoe], Beds., late Greenfield's, made by Walter Dennys to Flecton at the time of his marriage to Alice, and a lease by her in her widowhood to Leech and Golborne of the manor of Wotton Underwood, Bucks. C78/107, no. 3 [43]
1599 13 Oct. 41 William Gooddinge elder of Wokingham, Berks., tailor v William Gooddinge younger, plt's nephew. Inheritance of a copyhold held of the manor of Sonning, Berks., late plt's mother's. C78/102, no. 14 [44]
1599 13 Oct. 41 Sir Lionel Duckett, late alderman of the city of London, decd and Thomas Nelson, citizen and mercer of London then his servant v Dame Anne Gresham wid., decd, William Reade esq., Stephen Riddlesden and John Conyers, Riddleden and Conyers both household servants of Gresham's. Question of whether sums awarded by Common Pleas to be paid by Lady Gresham and William Reade to Duckett were intended as a full satisfaction of debts between the parties or not. C78/107, no. 4 [45]
1599 13 Oct. 41 William Hickman of London esq. v Anthony Elcocke of London, clothworker. Relief from the forfeiture of a statute for sums owed by the plt for the purchase of the manor of Gainsborough (Lincs.) from Lord Burgh. C78/107, no. 5 [46]
1599 16 Oct. 41 Richard Swale, Doctor of Civil Law and a master in Chancery, Edmund Standen of Arborfield, Berks., esq. and a clerk of the Petty Bag, Nicholas Ruggley of the Middle Temple esq. and Thomas Wheler of London, esq. v Robert Fyssher gent. Possession of the manor of Ampney St Peter, Glos., which was purchased by William Bird in the plt's name from Robert and Archarde Knyght. C78/105, no. 14 [47]
1599 18 Oct. 41 William Lee of Mitcham, Surrey, gent. and Margaret his wife and William Traverse of London, merchant v Joan Ferrande wid., William Ferrande, Doctor at Law and executor of the will of Lady Margaret Blanche, widow of Sir Thomas Blanche, and Edmund Ferrande. Bequest of a cottage and lands in Mitcham to the plts by Lady Margaret Blanche. C78/100, no. 12 [48]
1599 19 Oct. 41 Edward Abarrowe of Searchfield [psh Charford], Hants., esq. and Honor his wife, sister of Sir John Luttrell decd v the three daughters of Sir John Luttrell and their husbands [not named] and George Luttrell, son and heir of Thomas Luttrell. Bequest of 400 marks to Honor Abarrowe from the estate of Sir John Luttrell. C78/97, no. 17 [49]
1599 22 Oct. 41 Thomas Breggden v Richard Woodward Estate of Robert Parret of Stratford upon Avon, property called 'Rother Market'. Debts owed by Joan Parret to Sir John Conaway. C78/335, no. 11 [50]
1599 24 Oct. 41 George Campe of Eastwick, Herts., blacksmith and Ellen his wife, dau. and heir of Robert Wilshire of Rochester, Kent, shoemaker, decd v Rowland Lytton of Knebworth esq. and Anne Lytton wid., his mother, lord and lady of the manor of Knebworth, Herts. Refusal to admit the plt to lands late Wilshire's called Inderbies ground in Rushlingende, held of the manor of Knebworth: claim by the dfts that they demesne lands. C78/117, no. 9 [51]
1599 Nov. 41 William Cobbe v Michaell Cobbe and others (named). Trust settlement of lands in Northington, and Swarrowton and Swallowton in parish of Micheldover, Hants. C78/232, no. 17 [52]
1599 8 Nov. 41 Robert Russell v Thomas & Owen Gawdy Annuity payable from manor of Waybreade & lands in Wethersdale, Wingfield and Fresingfield, Suffolk. C78/319, no. 22 [53]
1599 13 Nov. 41 John Tregonwell of Milton [Abbas], Dorset, esq. v John Reves esq. Possession of the farm of Luccombe, question of whether it a parcel of the manor of Milton. C78/104, no. 22 [54]
1599 15 Nov. 41 John Cape and others (named) for all customary tenants of Bassenthwaite, Cumberland v Richard Irton and others (named). Changes in entry fines to copyhold lands. C78/232, no. 9 [55]
1599 19 Nov. 42 William Willson of Monk Fryston, Yorks., esq. v William Hamond, plt's brother in law and Richard Nicholson. Terms of a conveyance by the dft of freehold and copyhold lands in Sherburn, Milford and Laverton, Yorks., to plt. C78/104, no. 21 [56]
1599 19 Nov 42 Hugh Ackland v William Pope and others (named). Rents and profits due from copyhold lands in Stepenheath, Lymehowse and Blackwall, Middx. C78/450, no. 7 []
1599 23 Nov. 42 Edward Bellingham of Putney, Surrey, esq. v William Overton, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, Thomas Fitzherbert esq., collector of tenths in the diocese, William Leighton and Walter Massye. Relief from an extent on lands purchased by plt from Thomas Fitzherbert, a park called Rowley and Rydware Park, Staffs. and lands called Overhurst, Netherhurst, Netherhall and the Booths, Derb., charged with a statute which Thomas Fitzherbert entered into with the bishop for the performance of his office. C78/129, no. 9 [57]
1599 24 Nov. 42 William, Bishop of Lincoln v Michael Moseley gent. and Anne his wife, widow and executrix of Ralph Massye gent., decd. Recovery of debts of £60 7s in the hands of Ralph Massye at his death. C78/129, no. 7 [58]
1599 26 Nov 42 Ambrose Elton, Edmond Skyppe v Sir John Hickford, Thomas Denton, Thomas Pearsall, Dorothie Cassye. Demesne lands of the manor of Ledburle, Herefordshire, the property of Richard Willyson. Also the Rectory of Overhall, Herefordshire. C78/138, no. 8 [59]
1599 26 Nov 41 John Arrundell v John Arrundell and Richard Predyeaux. The estate of Sir John Arrundell of Treryse, Cornwall and the wardship of his children. C78/139, no. 4 [60]
1599 27 Nov. 42 John Grenewell of Newcastle, merchant v Percival Harbottle of Ravensworth, Durham [recte Yorks?], gent., a bankrupt. Relief from bonds for the observance of an agreement between the parties whereby the plt, as mortgage and creditor, assigned to the dft his interest in the dft's leasehold message in Ravensworth: question of whether additional lands conveyed by general words or not. C78/110, no. 6 [61]
1599 28 Nov 42 Robert Webbe v Andrew Norwood and others (named). Legacies and debts payable from testamentary settlement of lands in East Northdowne, Isle of Thanett, Kent. C78/232, no. 10 [62]
1599 30 Nov. 42 Edward Pigott of Gunby, Lincs., gent., whose wife was Anne, dau. of Ralph Pearsall of Upper Taunton [High Toynton], Lincs., decd v Thomas Pearsall gent., nephew and executor of Ralph Pearsall and Leonard Kirkeman of Keale [East Keal], Lincs., gent., executor of the will of Jane, widow and executrix of Ralph Pearsall. Payment of legacy of £100 due to Anne Pigott by the will of Ralph Pearsall. C78/112, no. 12B [63]
1599 3 Dec. 42 Barnaby Lewes gent. v Hugh Ridge gent. Lease of the manor and parsonage of Midsummer Norton assigned to the plt for security for £1,000 lent to the dft; frauds by the dft in having the indenture of assignment engrossed. C78/118, no. 9 [64]