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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1598 11 Jan 40 Edward Horton of Westwood, Wilts & Alice his wife; Henry Longe of Whadb.., Wilts & Mary his wife; Jeremy Horton of Broughton, Wilts & Anne his wife; in the right of their three wives being the daughters of Robert May the elder late of Broughton Gyfford decd v Henry May, son & heir of the said Robert May & Elleanor his wife; John Eyre & Anne his wife the daughter & heir of the said Henry May; William Denton; Richard Brunynge Trust settlement of manors of Broughton, Gyfford and Elston, Wilts. C78/320, no. 6 [2]
1598 25 Jan 40 Robert Willson, Sampson Holgate & Alice his wife, John Bolland & Mabel his wife, cousins & nearest of kin to John Willson late of London decd v John Churchman; Isborne Morris & Elizabeth his wife; William Cletton; John Hulson. Estate of John Willson, and the execution of his will. C78/138, no. 13 [3]
1598 26 Jan 40 Mark Stywarde esq., brother of Robert Styward decd v Thomas Jermye esq. and Joan his wife, dau. and sole heir of Edward Stywarde. Third part of the estate of Robert Styward in Camb. and the Isle of Ely which plt claims was demised by will of the said Robert to Edward Styward and heirs males, with remainder to the plt and his heirs males. C78/100, no. 3 [4]
1598 30 Jan 40 William Eden of Wendlebury, Oxon., gent., son of John Eden decd., and father of John the younger, gent. v Nicholas Fuller esq., counsellor at law, who had the will of John Eden decd in his custody. Valdity of the revocation of a will made by John Eden decd. C78/97, no. 10 [5]
1598 30 Jan 40 Nicholas Pill, merchant v Richard Wysman. Breach of agreement to trade together: embezzlement of plt's portion of oil and raisins shipped from Spain, C78/104, no. 14 [6]
1598 1 Feb 40 Thomas Beare clerk, vicar of Swarnebey [Swarby near Sleaford], Lincs. v Richard Fayerfax, lay improprietor, and Richard Okes. Plt's entitlement to small tithes and pensions payable to the vicar of the parish. C78/104, no. 11 [7]
1598 3 Feb 40 John Aldus, Thomas Aldus, Elizabeth Hearde, Alice Aldus, Mary Aldus and Frances Aldus, all kinsmen of John Aldus of Ramsey, Essex, decd v Edward Bridge, son of John Bridge decd, supervisor of the will of John Aldus, John Ryvers and Joan his wife, widow and executrix of the will of John Aldus decd. Execution of the will of John Aldus (1590); failure to sell testator's lands called Lytle Marshe and Halliard Picktelles in Dovercourt, Essex, on the marriage of Joan Ryvers and distribute all but a third of the proceeds to plt. C78/112, no.17 [8]
1598 4 Feb 40 Thomas Chamberlaine, son and executor of Richard Chamberlaine v Joan Barrenden wid., dau. of Edward Egland decd, Richard Pope gent. and Marion his wife, dau. of Joan Barrenden. Possession of a lease of a messuage and 40 acres in Horsted Keynes and West Hoathly, Sussex, bequeathed by Edward Egland by will (1584) to his godson, Robert Senock, for 99 years, making payments to Joan Barrenden, the lease sold to Richard Chamberlaine and its alleged forfeiture for nonpayment. C78/124, no. 4 [9]
1598 6 Feb 40 Henry Howarde, brother of Thomas, late Duke of Norfolk decd v Edmond Ludlowe; Lady Margaret, Viscountess Byndon his wife; Thomas Ludlowe. Manor of West Pulham, Dorset. Debt to William Burde. C78/139, no. 6 [10]
1598 8 Feb 40 Philip Gwilliam of London, fishmonger v Ralph Hopkins and Edmund Harvy. Redemption of the plt's mortgage to Hopkins of a capital messuage in Llangeston, psh Llangarran, Heref., a water corn mill and other lands there to the dft; actions on bonds for money borrowed from Harvy. C78/104, no. 12 [11]
1598 10 Feb 40 Thomas Hogg; Edmund Hogg; Joan Morley, widow; Robert Dunnell, clerk; Parnell his wife; Elizabeth Turner, widow; Elizabeth Mower, widow v Thomas Whytbye and Margaret his wife, a co-heir of Thomas Hogg decd. Contempt of a previous order of the court in a case brought by the plt against Henry Wayte, who married another co-heir of Thomas Hogg, and Richard Greene; sale of copyhold lands in Wethersfield, Essex under the will of John Hogg decd. C78/112, no. 15 [12]
1598 13 Feb 40 John Rowse of Wormegay, Norfolk v Sir William Springe, Justynian Champnyes & Anne his wife Estate of the late Robert Springe of East Bradenham, Norfolk. C78/134, no. 14 [13]
1598 13 Feb 40 Francis Cheyne of Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks., esq., son of John Cheyne, decd v Thomas Cheyne, gent., brother of plt, and Elizabeth his wife. Lease of lands in Chesham Bois, Chesham and Amersham, Bucks. C78/92, no. 19 [14]
1598 13 Feb 40 John Horseley, son of Edmund Horseley decd, by his second wife Thomasine, decd v Joan Horseley, widow of Thomas Horseley decd and Roger Hayes and Elizabeth his wife, first wife of Edmund Horseley decd and mother of Thomas. Possession of two messuages and lands in Huntington and Levington, Staffs., late of Edmund Horseley; claim that the premises conveyed to plt by his parents during their lives. C78/104, no. 6 [15]
1598 14 Feb 40 William Swaddon of Calne, Wilts., clothier, father of Robert Swaddon, the dft's apprentice v Richard Sheppard of London, merchant. Relief from an obligation whereby the plt bound to the dft in £200 with condition that the plt's son should defraud the dft of any of his goods. C78/112, no. 16 [16]
1598 16 Feb 40 Sir Francis Carewe, lord of the manor of Beddington, Surrey v Richard Bonnyck of Horley, Surrey, yeo. Detention of rents and services of freehold lands called Lake Lands in Horley held of the manor of Bedington. C78/104, no. 10 [17]
1598 9 March 40 Thomas Offley, citizen and leather seller of London v Sir Stephen Slanye, Jasper Slaney his son and John Slaney of London, partners and merchants of London. Detention of corn purchased in Zealand by John Waring, plt's factor in Middleborough, and shipped to London in the name of Jasper Slaney, dft's factor. C78/112, no. 14 [18]
1598 15 March 40 George Brady of Fen Ditton, Cambs., gent. v John Johnson gent. Relief from actions on a bond made between the parties: that having become indebted as the Queen's bailiff of Fen Ditton, plt sold the office to the dft and leased him his mansion house at Fen Ditton and became bound to him in £1,000. C78/129, no. 17 [19]
1598 5 May 40 Peter Cobbe of Farneham, Surrey v Michaell Cobbe; Thomas Cobbe the elder; Thomas Cobbe the younger As in C78/232, no 17 (under Nov.) below. C78/232, no.18 [20]
1598 6 May 40 Edward Jervis v Katherine Delahay, widow and George Delahay. Interests in lease of two watermills and lands in Wateringbury, Kent. C78/232, no. 5 [21]
1598 13 May 40 Robert Cotton esq., brother of Edmond Cotton v Edward Griffith of Dingley, [Northants.], esq. and Robert Taylor. Relief from a bond of 500 marks by which the the plt bound with Edward Griffyn as his surety to Taylor for payment of £220. C78/100, no. 4 [22]
1598 16 May 40 Edward Prudden; Edward Everat; John Slowe; Thomas Younge; Thomas Bigge; Thomas Weshe the younger; Agnes Godfrey als Cooper; William Wakerell; Edmond Fielde; Thomas Burr; Valantyne Lawrance; William Chankley; Henry Foster; Thomas Rudd; Christopher Wellingham; William Younge; John Welles; John Laystbe; John Selbe; Thomas Weshe the elder; William Welshe; John Welles the elder; John Welshe the son of Robert; Edward Wells; John Crawley; Thomas Crawley; Edward Fielde; William Brockett; Edward Godfrey als Cooper; William Leye als Cooke; Thomas Godfrey als Cooper; Thomas Hurste; John Camfielde; Thomas Fielde; Robert Reasone; Thomas Fielde of Legates; John Godfrey als Cooper; Thomas Crawley; Simon Wells; Peter Cawdell; John Gotheredge, all customary tenants of the manor of Kings Walden, Herts. v Richard Hale and William Hale, lords of the manor of Kings Walden. Ratification of indentures regulating the fines and commons of the manor. C78/100, no. 5 [23]
1598 18 May 40 Richard Every of Totnes, Devon, merchant v Henry Every. Estate of Richard Every, father of the complt, and the execution of his will. Trade from overseas. C78/132, no. 7 [24]
1598 20 May 40 John Palmer; William Shawe; William Mooring; Henry Waterman; John Perrier; Hugh Stride; John Whebble; Thomas Pearce; Gregory Gunston; Richard Gunston; Richard Carter; Richard Wellynowe; George Churcher; Robert Rogers and others (not named), copyholders of the manor of Michelmersh, Hants. v Sir Robert Sidney, lord of the manor and Thomas Bacon, Thomas James and Richard Hardy, his officers. Customs of the manor: claim to a custom of certain fines. C78/106, no. 9 [25]
1598 27 May 40 Michael Sondes of Throwley, Kent, esq. v Raphe Marche of Crambrooke, yeo. Relief from an action on a bond of £400 entered into with the plt for warrantry on a sale of the plt's messuage called Bruttel, psh Staplehurst, Kent, to the dft. C78/117, no. 10 [26]
1598 29 May 40 Roger Wyndam of Felbrigg, Norf., esq. v Thomas Harward gent. Sums of money lent to the plt by dft; extorted conveyance of his manors of Wicklewood, Hackford and Morley and lands in Kimberley and Wymondham. C78/92, no. 20 [27]
1598 29 May 40 Henry Weeke als Weekes of Thomerton, Devon v John Levermore the elder; John Levermore the younger; John Dypforde; John Berye and Ambrose Pooke. Manor and church of Thorverton, Devonshire. The Property of the Dean and Chapter of Saint Peters, Exeter. C78/138, no. 12 [28]
1598 29 May 40 Edward Myllyns v John Beck. Determination of boundaries of intermingled plots in Woodham, Bucks. C78/232, no. 12 [29]
1598 1 June 40 Robert Danyell of Sancte Whites in the parish of Flaxley, Gloucs & Elizabeth his wife, Henry Hiett of Westburye, Gloucs v William Brayne and Christopher Burton. Estate of Sir Anthony Kingston. Property in the parish of Flaxley, Gloucestershire. C78/131, no. 13 [30]
1598 16 June 40 Dorothy, Lady Pelham, widow of Sir William Pelham and previously of Sir William Dormer decd., son and heir of Robert Dormer esq. v Sir John Seymour, lord of the manor of West Wycombe, Bucks., and Robert Odbeare. Attempts to secure the forfeiture of the plt's lease of the manor of West Wycombe; dft's right to hold courts and fell timber. C78/104, no. 15 [31]
1598 18 June 40 Edmunde Hunte of Hempsted, Norfolk, Gent & Anne his wife, late wife & administratrix of John Webbe of London, Salter, decd v James Hobson of Farley, Sussex, Gent & Constance his wife, late wife & sole executrix of William Relfe. Estate of William Relfe, bond to John Anwicke. C78/131, no. 15 [32]
1598 22 June 40 William Goslett of Marshfield, Glos., gent. v William Stanlake, Fortune his wife, widow of Thomas Yonge the younger and William Yomans, executor of Thomas Yonge younger, who was executor to his father, Thomas Yonge elder of Bristol. Relief from actions to extend a statute of £200 acknowledged by the plt to Thomas Yonge younger and a bill of debt in £40 to Thomas Yonge elder. Refusal to deliver bonds for cancellation. C78/106, no. 10 [33]
1598 22 June 40 Robert Seeker and John Howes & others (not named), for poor of Shropham, Norfolk v John Cotes & Margaret his wife and others (not named). Legacy payable from lands in Shropham, Norfolk given for charitable uses in the town by will of William Martyn. C78/232, no. 1 [34]
1598 23 June 40 Thomas Whitfield of the Inner Temple, gent., son of Robert Whitfield gent. v Francis Saunder esq., brother of Nicholas Saunder esq., John Powlsdon and John Smyth. Liability for and payment of arrears of a rent of £20 from 200 acres of land in Charlwood, Surrey, formerly the freehold of Nicholas Saunder and sold to the plt's father. C78/92, no. 21 [35]
1598 26 June 40 Hugh Prynce of Kingweston, Som. and Mary his wife v Batholomew Green, gent., son of Mathew Greene of Milton Clevedon, Som., esq., decd, late lord of the manor of Milton Clevedon. Plt's title to leasehold tenements and two corn mills called Gulloters Mills in the manor of Milton Clevedon. C78/97, no. 11 [36]
1598 26 June 40 Katherine Puttenham, dau. and sole executrix of Richard Puttenham, decd v Sir Michael Mullyns and Dame Elizabeth his wife, widow of Thomas Colby esq. Appeal against an earlier decree of the court for the relief of Lady Elizabeth Colby (now Mullyns) from an action on a bond made by her late husband to Richard Puttenham. C78/129, no. 18 [37]
1598 29 June 40 Robert Knyght of Ludshott [in psh Bramshott], Hants., gent., son of Richard Knyght decd v Archade Knyght, plt's brother, Mary Beconsawe, Arthur Willmott and James Willmott. Will of Richard Knyght: lease of the manor place of Godsfeld, Hants., made by William Marquis of Winchester to Richard Knyght and manor of Ampney St Peter, Glos., assigned by Richard Knyght to Archarde Knight for the use of plt. C78/105, no. 13 [38]
1598 1 July 40 Fleetwood Dormer gent., son and heir of Peter Dormer of Shipdon Lee [in Quainton], Bucks., gent., decd v John Chester, an executor of Peter Dormer; William Chester; John Mariott and Lucy his wife; Richard Marryott; A... Marriott; Robert Marriott; William Wickins. Possession of a lease of two closes of pasture called Fynmore Closes in psh Grendon [Underwood] and Quainton, Bucks., which Gabriel Dormer, plt's grandfather, bequeathed by his will (1557) to the use of his wife and their heirs. Cf C78/129 no. 13. C78/129, no. 20 [39]
1598 4 July 40 Sir Thomas Waller of Brenchley, Kent v Sampson Leonard esq. and Lady Margaret Dacre his wife. Attempts to secure the forfeiture of plt's lease of marsh grounds called Oulde Courte, The Hundred Acres, The Oulde Courte Mote and the Oulde Court Crofte in psh Wartling and Herstmonceux, Sussex. C78/104, no. 16 [40]
1598 8 July 40 William Willoughby of Gray's Inn, Midd., gent. v Margaret Sanders, widow of Jasper Fisher of London, esq. decd and Edward Blunt gent. Possession of closes called Muspoole and Myrlyne, a meadow called Brodemedowe and 14 `yards' of land in Nuneaton, Warw., leased to the plt: attempt by the dft to evade the payment of the plt's rents to secure a forfeiture, refusal of the dfts to keep the term of an arbitration. C78/109, no. 5 [41]
1598 8 July 40 Master and Fellows of Emanuel College, Cambridge v Symon Weston, Thomas Keene, Anne Parrott. Estate of Symon Parrott of Sutton Colefield, Warwicks. Bond for debt to Humphrey Keene. C78/139, no. 5A [42]
1598 3 Oct. 40 John Braunche v Thomas Brewdnell, William Brewdnell and Francis Burnell. Dispute over payments made for the redemption of copyhold lands and tenements mortgaged by plt to Robert Brewdnell decd. C78/97, no. 13A [43]
1598 10 Oct. 40 John Scott merchant v Henry Pytt merchant and partner of the plt, Henry Holman and William Holman. Settlement of debts between Scott and Pytt. C78/92, no. 23 [44]
1598 10 Oct. 40 John Fawkner of London, salter v Thomas Simpson, Charles Whitwell and William Whitwell. Recovery of plt's goods from dfts to whom conveyed for the settlement of his debts. C78/106, no. 13 [45]
1598 19 Oct. 40 Mathew Carew, Doctor of Law and a master in Chancery and Christopher Hampden esq. and Elizabeth his wife, widow and executrix of Humphrey Donat/Donnet decd v William Barlow clerk, parson of Orpington, Kent. Lease of the rectory of Orpington, Kent. C78/104, no. 19B [46]
1598 31 Oct. 40 Anne Browne wid., Richard Stirling gent. and Richard Cuttyng, lab., all copyholders of the manor of Bacton, Suff., for themselves and the other copyholders v Robert Drury esq., lord of the manor and John Pretyman, gent., his son in law. Plt's claim to a custom of certain fining established by a composition of 9 Eliz. C78/92, no. 22 [47]
1598 4 Nov. 40 Richard Estmond, John Butler, Peter Polden, John Barnes, John Moollins and three others, inhabitants of the town of Gillingham, Dorset, for the inhabitants of Gillingham v Thomas Dirdoe, Edward Lawrence, James Frampton and three others. Possession of copyhold lands held of the manor of Gillingham given in trust for charitable uses including the support of a schoolmaster and repairs to the church. C78/109, no. 4 [48]
1598 6 Nov. 40 John Emerson of London, fishmonger, grandson of Thomas Barker decd of Lincoln, fishmonger, amongst whose executors were Thomas Grantham decd and Francis Yarbrughe decd v Nicholas Saunderson of Fillingham, administrator of the goods and chattels of Thomas Grantham of Goltho, Lincs., decd., Henry Jenkinson of the city of London gent. and William Adams gent., both executors of the will of Francis Yarbrughe of Lincoln's Inn. Administration of the estate of Thomas Barker; failure of the executors to make payments of legacies and bequests of a farm in Canwick, Lincs. called Blyton's Lands and a messuage in Lincoln called Marie Hall, etc., when the plt reached the age of 21 years. C78/97, no. 14 [49]
1598 6 Nov 40 Robert Wykes v John Sturges, John Salder. Dispute over the property of John Sturges of Wolverton, Somerset. Manor of Wolverton. C78/138, no. 10 [50]
1598 7 Nov. 40 Hugh Slocombe of Huishe Champflower, Som., husbn v John Poyntes esq., Elizabeth his wife and James Stevens gent. Possession of two copyhold tenements held of the manor of Huishe Champflower; alleged invalidity of plt's copy. C78/97, no. 12 [51]
1598 7 Nov. 40 George Lasonby of London, grocer v Humphrey Gunson and Henry Sackford esq., his master. Undertaking by the dfts that they would aid the plt to recover compensation for goods lost in the Low Countries; action on bonds binding the plt to the dfts (apparently evidence of corrupt practices amongst privy councillors). C78/97, no. 13B [52]
1598 7 Nov. 40 Montague Wood gent. and Frances his wife, a dau. and coheir of Sir Francis Willoughby decd. and Abigail Willoughby, another daughter of Sir Francis v Percival Willoughby esq. whose wife Bridget was another daughter of Sir Francis. Payment of portion given to Frances Wood and Abigail Willoughby by Sir Francis Willoughby. C78/129, no. 16 [53]
1598 9 Nov. 40 Phillippe Dygilston v John Davys, John Roe, Leonard Roe, John Hollwall, John Dabb, Katheryne Cooke and others. Estate of Humphrey Walrond of Brodfeilde, Devonshire. Property in the Parish of Iplepen, Devon. C78/138, no. 11 [54]
1598 10 Nov. 40 Thomas Gewen and Christopher Gewen of Worrington, Devon, gent., who married Joan, dau. of William Noble v William Noble of Boyton, Corn., gent., Richard Gilbert, Anthony Leighe, Richard Leighe, Oliver Clobery, John Noble and John Growdon. Breach of terms of a settlement on the marriage of Christopher Gewen and Joan Noble; failure of William Noble to convey lands to the use of Christopher Gewen and Joan his wife. C78/106, no. 11 [55]
1598 14 Nov. 40 Anne Gilberte alias Webber v William Webber and Martyn Webber. Marriage between Anne and John Gilberte, alias Webber, property at Sigdon, parish of Charleton, Devonshire. C78/132, no. 9 [56]
1598 14 Nov. 40 Sir William Harberts v Robert Rogers. Legacy payable from rectory of Llansamleft, Glam. C78/319, no. 23 [57]
1598 14 Nov. 40 Thomas Maton of Enford, Wilts., grandson of Thomas Maton decd v Sir Alexander Culpeper, Anthony Culpeper esq., his son and heir apparent and others. Possession of the site of the manor and rectory of Enford, which demised by the Prior and Convent of St Swithens, Winchester, to Thomas Maton. C78/100, no. 6 [58]
1598 16 Nov. 40 Sir Edward Cleere and Robert Cleere his son v Sir John Payton, Sir Henry Woodhouse, Charles Cornwallis esq., James Scambler esq., and George Nicholles gent. Possession of the manor of Tilney in Tilney alias West Denham, Norf., which the plt purchased of Sir Henry Woodhouse; entries made by the dft. C78/106, no. 14 [59]
1598 18 Nov. 41 Edward Earl of Worcester, Mary, Countess of Southampton, widow of Sir Thomas Hennage, decd, Henry Earl of Southampton and Sir John Fortescue v Sir Moyle Fynche, Dame Elizabeth his wife and Theophilus Fynche. Administration of the estate of Sir Thomas Hennage; sale of the manor of Stoke Goldington, Bucks. for the settlement of Hennage's debts. C78/106, no. 12 [60]
1598 22 Nov. 41 Edward Bellingham of Putney, Surrey, esq. v John Skillicorne and others. Title to a messuage in the `precinct of the Friar's in the suburbs of London'. C78/100, no. 7 [61]
1598 23 Nov. 41 Roger Walker v William Jenyson and William Sympson. Possession of a messuage and lands in Littlethorpe near Easington, co. Durham leased to the plt by the bishop of Durham. C78/112, no. 13 [62]
1598 25 Nov. 41 Katheren Hope v William Haycocke, William Clarke, Margaret Rollston. Dispute over a piece of ground called Newe Close, manor of Etwall, Derbyshire. C78/131, no. 14 [63]
1598 25 Nov. 41 George Ramsforde, then mayor and Henry Chadwick and Thomas Judkyn, then chamberlains of Northampton v John Neale gent., Thomas Neale his brother, the sons of Henry Neale of Northampton, clothier, and Thomas Neale, son of John Neale. Withholding rents from a messuage called the Swan and a tenement in Northampton devised by Henry Neale to the mayor and chamberlains of Northampton in trust for the use of the poor. C78/117, no.6 [64]
1598 27 Nov. 41 Robert Sculthorpe of Peterborough, Northants., glover v John Desbororrowe of Kingscliffe, Northants. Redemption of a copyhold messuage held of the manor of Kingscliffe surrendered to the dft by the plt as security for sums borrowed of the dft: question of whether the surrender absolute or conditional on repayment. C78/117, no.3 [65]
1598 27 Nov. 41 John Buck of Harston, Cambs., gent. v Christopher Fletcher of Harston, Cambs. Refusal either to complete a conveyance of two-thirds of a messuage called Water Kynges and two-thirds of a ground called Alebench in Harston or repay £221 10s to the plt. C78/124, no. 3 [66]
1598 27 Nov. 41 George Lydeate, merchant of London v William Jones, citizen and merchant of London. Claim for damages arising from a `chapter part of a freightment' made between Thomas Andros, now decd and the dft, owner of a ship of 140 tons, and the plt, Gerrard Gore and others, by which Andros and the dft let the ship to the plt to carry freight: that when the plt went to get his freight at Barbary, he discovered that the ship had a leak and the goods ruined; detention by the dft of the plt's goods, actions of debt brought against him. C78/129, no. 15 [67]
1598 28 Nov. 41 John Zouche esq. v Percival Willoughby esq. and Isley Cranewell his servant. Debts of the plt to Sir Francis Willoughby and Percival Willoughby, for which the plt demised his iron works, woods and coalmines in Derb. to the dft as security; ratification of an arbitration for the payment of debts and management of the works. C78/117, no. 4 [68]
1598 2 Dec. 40 Roger Gyttyns gent., son and heir of Emma Gyttyns decd v Anthony Browne esq., and Elizabeth his wife. Refusal to admit plt to his mother's copyhold lands held of the dfts' manors of South Weald and Calcott, Essex; custom of fining of the manors. C78/104, no. 18 [69]