C78 1597

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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1597 39 C78/, no. []
1597 7 Feb. 39 Sir Christopher Blounte of Benington, Herts. v Sir Walter Harcourt and Dame Dorothy his wife, Robert Harcourt esq., Thomas Robynson esq., son and heir of William Robinson late of Drayton Bassett, Staffs., esq. and John Robynson gent. Refusal to convey a lease of the manors of Drayton Bassett and Stonydelph with apps. in Staffs. and Warr. following an arbitration between the parties. C78/89, no. 8 []
1597 10 Feb. 39 Adam Wolley of Riber, Derb., gent., owner of the rectory of Ilkeston, Derb. v Elizabeth Gregge, wid. Payment of tithes in kind from the dft's leaseholds called New Park and Park Land in Ilkeston psh. C78/89, no. 9 []
1597 27 April 39 Oliver Thacker of Derby, innkeeper v Thomas Benson and William Collier, bailiff of the manor of Bewerley. Lease of a house and 10 acres in Bewerley [in Nidderdale, Yorks?] called Chapel, made by Benson to one John Wood of Bewerley yeo. for 21 years and assigned by him to the plt; refusal to accept plt's rent to void the lease. C78/89, no. 10 []
1597 4 Nov. 39 David Lloyd James, Hugh Lewys, Peter Powell and Maurice Morgan of Dessertt, Radnor v Richard Dawes. Relief from an action on a bond brought by the dft against David Lloyd James and the other plts, his suerties, after the bond discharged by a new settlement with the dft. C78/130, no. 16 []
1597 39 C78/, no. []