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Category Descriptions Adding a Town Conventions
City/Town Officials Documents Local Court Records Exchequer Accounts Data Tables Charters Researchers

Backwell (Som) Backwell Officials Backwell Documents Backwell Court Records Backwell Accounts Backwell Data Tables Backwell Charters Backwell Researchers
Badgworth (Som) Badgworth Officials Badgworth Documents Badgworth Court Records Badgworth Accounts Badgworth Data Tables Badgworth Charters Badgworth Researchers
Bakewell (Derbs) Bakewell Officials Bakewell Documents Bakewell Court Records Bakewell Accounts Bakewell Data Tables Bakewell Charters Bakewell Researchers
Baldock (Herts) Baldock Officials Baldock Documents Baldock Court Records Baldock Accounts Baldock Data Tables Baldock Charters Baldock Researchers
Bamburgh (Nthumb) Bamburgh Officials Bamburgh Documents Bamburgh Court Records Bamburgh Accounts Bamburgh Data Tables Bamburgh Charters Bamburgh Researchers
Bampton (Devon) Bampton Officials Bampton Documents Bampton Court Records Bampton Accounts Bampton Data Tables Bampton Charters Bampton Researchers
Banbury (Oxon) Banbury Officials Banbury Documents Banbury Court Records Banbury Accounts Banbury Data Tables Banbury Charters Banbury Researchers
Barking (Essex) Barking Officials Barking Documents Barking Court Records Barking Accounts Barking Data Tables Barking Charters Barking Researchers
Barmby-on-the-Moor (Yorks) Barmby Officials Barmby Documents Barmby Court Records Barmby Accounts Barmby Data Tables Barmby Charters Barmby Researchers
Barnard Castle (Dur) Barnard Castle Officials Barnard Castle Documents Barnard Castle Court Records Barnard Castle Accounts Barnard Castle Data Tables Barnard Castle Charters Barnard Castle Researchers
Barnstaple (Barum) (Devon) Barnstaple Officials Barnstaple Documents Barnstaple Court Records Barnstaple Accounts Barnstaple Data Tables Barnstaple Charters Barnstaple Researchers
Barton-on-Humber (Lincs) Barton-on-Humber Officials Barton-on-Humber Documents Barton-on-Humber Court Records Barton-on-Humber Accounts Barton-on-Humber Data Tables Barton-on-Humber Charters Barton-on-Humber Researchers
Baschurch (Shrops) Baschurch Officials Baschurch Documents Baschurch Court Records Baschurch Accounts Baschurch Data Tables Baschurch Charters Baschurch Researchers
Basingstoke (Hants) Basingstoke Officials Basingstoke Documents Basingstoke Court Records Basingstoke Accounts Basingstoke Data Tables Basingstoke Charters Basingstoke Researchers
Bath (Som) Bath Officials Bath Documents Bath Court Records Bath Accounts Bath Data Tables Bath Charters Bath Researchers
Battle (Susx) Battle Officials Battle Documents Battle Court Records Battle Accounts Battle Data Tables Battle Charters Battle Researchers
Bawtry (Yorks) Bawtry Officials Bawtry Documents Bawtry Court Records Bawtry Accounts Bawtry Data Tables Bawtry Charters Bawtry Researchers
Beaconsfield (Bucks) Beaconsfield Officials Beaconsfield Documents Beaconsfield Court Records Beaconsfield Accounts Beaconsfield Data Tables Beaconsfield Charters Beaconsfield Researchers
Beaminster (Dorset) Beaminster Officials Beaminster Documents Beaminster Court Records Beaminster Accounts Beaminster Data Tables Beaminster Charters Beaminster Researchers
Beccles (Suff) Beccles Officials Beccles Documents Beccles Court Records Beccles Accounts Beccles Data Tables Beccles Charters Beccles Researchers
Bedale (Yorks) Bedale Officials Bedale Documents Bedale Court Records Bedale Accounts Bedale Data Tables Bedale Charters Bedale Researchers
Bedford (Beds) Bedford Officials Bedford Documents Bedford Court Records Bedford Accounts Bedford Data Tables Bedford Charters Bedford Researchers
Great Bedwyn (Wilts) Bedwyn Officials Bedwyn Documents Bedwyn Court Records Bedwyn Accounts Bedwyn Data Tables Bedwyn Charters Bedwyn Researchers
Belford (Nthumb) Belford Officials Belford Documents Belford Court Records Belford Accounts Belford Data Tables Belford Charters Belford Researchers
Bellingham (Nthumb) Bellingham Officials Bellingham Documents Bellingham Court Records Bellingham Accounts Bellingham Data Tables Bellingham Charters Bellingham Researchers
Beltingham (Nthumb) Beltingham Officials Beltingham Documents Beltingham Court Records Beltingham Accounts Beltingham Data Tables Beltingham Charters Beltingham Researchers
Belper (Derbs) Belper Officials Belper Documents Belper Court Records Belper Accounts Belper Data Tables Belper Charters Belper Researchers
Bennington (Lincs) Bennington Officials Bennington Documents Bennington Court Records Bennington Accounts Bennington Data Tables Bennington Charters Bennington Researchers
Bere Alston (Devon) Bere Alston Officials Bere Alston Documents Bere Alston Court Records Bere Alston Accounts Bere Alston Data Tables Bere Alston Charters Bere Alston Researchers
Berkeley (Gloucs) Berkeley Officials Berkeley Documents Berkeley Court Records Berkeley Accounts Berkeley Data Tables Berkeley Charters Berkeley Researchers
Berkhampstead (Herts) Berkhampstead Officials Berkhampstead Documents Berkhampstead Court Records Berkhampstead Accounts Berkhampstead Data Tables Berkhampstead Charters Berkhampstead Researchers
Berwick upon Tweed (Nthumb) Berwick Officials Berwick Documents Berwick Court Records Berwick Accounts Berwick Data Tables Berwick Charters Berwick Researchers
Betley (Staffs) Betley Officials Betley Documents Betley Court Records Betley Accounts Betley Data Tables Betley Charters Betley Researchers
Beverley (Yorks) Beverley Officials Beverley Documents Beverley Court Records Beverley Accounts Beverley Data Tables Beverley Charters Beverley Researchers
Bewdley (Worcs) Bewdley Officials Bewdley Documents Bewdley Court Records Bewdley Accounts Bewdley Data Tables Bewdley Charters Bewdley Researchers
Bicester (Oxon) Bicester Officials Bicester Documents Bicester Court Records Bicester Accounts Bicester Data Tables Bicester Charters Bicester Researchers
Bideford (Devon) Bideford Officials Bideford Documents Bideford Court Records Bideford Accounts Bideford Data Tables Bideford Charters Bideford Researchers
Biggleswade (Beds) Biggleswade Officials Biggleswade Documents Biggleswade Court Records Biggleswade Accounts Biggleswade Data Tables Biggleswade Charters Biggleswade Researchers
Bildeston (Bilson) (Suff) Bildeston Officials Bildeston Documents Bildeston Court Records Bildeston Accounts Bildeston Data Tables Bildeston Charters Bildeston Researchers
Billericay (Essex) Billericay Officials Billericay Documents Billericay Court Records Billericay Accounts Billericay Data Tables Billericay Charters Billericay Researchers
Bilston (Staffs) Bilston Officials Bilston Documents Bilston Court Records Bilston Accounts Bilston Data Tables Bilston Charters Bilston Researchers
Bingham (NottsO Bingham Officials Bingham Documents Bingham Court Records Bingham Accounts Bingham Data Tables Bingham Charters Bingham Researchers
Bingley (Yorks) Bingley Officials Bingley Documents Bingley Court Records Bingley Accounts Bingley Data Tables Bingley Charters Bingley Researchers
Birkenhead (Ches) Birkenhead Officials Birkenhead Documents Birkenhead Court Records Birkenhead Accounts Birkenhead Data Tables Birkenhead Charters Birkenhead Researchers
Birmingham (Warw) Birmingham Officials Birmingham Documents Birmingham Court Records Birmingham Accounts Birmingham Data Tables Birmingham Charters Birmingham Researchers
Bishop Auckland (Dur) Bishop Auckland Officials Bishop Auckland Documents Bishop Auckland Court Records Bishop Auckland Accounts Bishop Auckland Data Tables Bishop Auckland Charters Bishop Auckland Researchers
Bishops Castle (Shrops) Bishops Castle Officials Bishops Castle Documents Bishops Castle Court Records Bishops Castle Accounts Bishops Castle Data Tables Bishops Castle Charters Bishops Castle Researchers
Bishop's Hatfield (Herts) Bishop's Hatfield Officials Bishop's Hatfield Documents Bishop's Hatfield Court Records Bishop's Hatfield Accounts Bishop's Hatfield Data Tables Bishop's Hatfield Charters Bishop's Hatfield Researchers
Bishop's Waltham (Hants) Bishop's Waltham Officials Bishop's Waltham Documents Bishop's Waltham Court Records Bishop's Waltham Accounts Bishop's Waltham Data Tables Bishop's Waltham Charters Bishop's Waltham Researchers
Bishop Stortford (Herts) Bishop Stortford Officials Bishop Stortford Documents Bishop Stortford Court Records Bishop Stortford Accounts Bishop Stortford Data Tables Bishop Stortford Charters Bishop Stortford Researchers
Bishopside, High and Low (Yorks) Bishopside Officials Bishopside Documents Bishopside Court Records Bishopside Accounts Bishopside Data Tables Bishopside Charters Bishopside Researchers
Blackburn (Lancs) Blackburn Officials Blackburn Documents Blackburn Court Records Blackburn Accounts Blackburn Data Tables Blackburn Charters Blackburn Researchers
Blandford Forum (Dorset) Blandford Officials Blandford Documents Blandford Court Records Blandford Accounts Blandford Data Tables Blandford Charters Blandford Researchers
Bletchingley (Surrey) Bletchingley Officials Bletchingley Documents Bletchingley Court Records Bletchingley Accounts Bletchingley Data Tables Bletchingley Charters Bletchingley Researchers
Blythburgh (Suff) Blythburgh Officials Blythburgh Documents Blythburgh Court Records Blythburgh Accounts Blythburgh Data Tables Blythburgh Charters Blythburgh Researchers
Bodenham (Herefs) Bodenham Officials Bodenham Documents Bodenham Court Records Bodenham Accounts Bodenham Data Tables Bodenham Charters Bodenham Researchers
Bodmin (Cornw) Bodmin Officials Bodmin Documents Bodmin Court Records Bodmin Accounts Bodmin Data Tables Bodmin Charters Bodmin Researchers
Bolsover (Derbs) Bolsover Officials Bolsover Documents Bolsover Court Records Bolsover Accounts Bolsover Data Tables Bolsover Charters Bolsover Researchers
Bolton-le-Moors (Lancs) Bolton Officials Bolton Documents Bolton Court Records Bolton Accounts Bolton Data Tables Bolton Charters Bolton Researchers
Bonsall (Derbs) Bonsall Officials Bonsall Documents Bonsall Court Records Bonsall Accounts Bonsall Data Tables Bonsall Charters Bonsall Researchers
Bootle (Cumb) Bootle Officials Bootle Documents Bootle Court Records Bootle Accounts Bootle Data Tables Bootle Charters Bootle Researchers
Boroughbridge (Yorks) Boroughbridge Officials Boroughbridge Documents Boroughbridge Court Records Boroughbridge Accounts Boroughbridge Data Tables Boroughbridge Charters Boroughbridge Researchers
Boscastle (Corn) Boscastle Officials Boscastle Documents Boscastle Court Records Boscastle Accounts Boscastle Data Tables Boscastle Charters Boscastle Researchers
Bossinney (Corn) Bossinney Officials Bossinney Documents Bossinney Court Records Bossinney Accounts Bossinney Data Tables Bossinney Charters Bossinney Researchers
Boston (Lincs) Boston Officials Boston Documents Boston Court Records Boston Accounts Boston Data Tables Boston Charters Boston Researchers
Botesdale (Suff) Botesdale Officials Botesdale Documents Botesdale Court Records Botesdale Accounts Botesdale Data Tables Botesdale Charters Botesdale Researchers
Bovey Tracey (Devon) Bovey Tracey Officials Bovey Tracey Documents Bovey Tracey Court Records Bovey Tracey Accounts Bovey Tracey Data Tables Bovey Tracey Charters Bovey Tracey Researchers
Bow (alias Nymet Tracy) (Devon) Bow Officials Bow Documents Bow Court Records Bow Accounts Bow Data Tables Bow Charters Bow Researchers
Brackley (Nhants) Brackley Officials Brackley Documents Brackley Court Records Brackley Accounts Brackley Data Tables Brackley Charters Brackley Researchers
Bradford (Yorks) Bradford Officials Bradford Documents Bradford Court Records Bradford Accounts Bradford Data Tables Bradford Charters Bradford Researchers
Bradford-on-Avon (Wilts) Bradford-on-Avon Officials Bradford-on-Avon Documents Bradford-on-Avon Court Records Bradford-on-Avon Accounts Bradford-on-Avon Data Tables Bradford-on-Avon Charters Bradford-on-Avon Researchers
Brading (Hants) Brading Officials Brading Documents Brading Court Records Brading Accounts Brading Data Tables Brading Charters Brading Researchers
Bradninch (Devon) Bradninch Officials Bradninch Documents Bradninch Court Records Bradninch Accounts Bradninch Data Tables Bradninch Charters Bradninch Researchers
Braintree (Essex) Braintree Officials Braintree Documents Braintree Court Records Braintree Accounts Braintree Data Tables Braintree Charters Braintree Researchers
Bramber (Susx) Bramber Officials Bramber Documents Bramber Court Records Bramber Accounts Bramber Data Tables Bramber Charters Bramber Researchers
Brampton (Cumb) Brampton Officials Brampton Documents Brampton Court Records Brampton Accounts Brampton Data Tables Brampton Charters Brampton Researchers
Brampton (Hunts) Brampton h Officials Brampton h Documents Brampton h Court Records Brampton h Accounts Brampton h Data Tables Brampton h Charters Brampton h Researchers
Brandon (Suff) Brandon Officials Brandon Documents Brandon Court Records Brandon Accounts Brandon Data Tables Brandon Charters Brandon Researchers
Brasted (Kent) Brasted Officials Brasted Documents Brasted Court Records Brasted Accounts Brasted Data Tables Brasted Charters Brasted Researchers
Braughin (Herts) Braughin Officials Braughin Documents Braughin Court Records Braughin Accounts Braughin Data Tables Braughin Charters Braughin Researchers
Bray (Berks) Bray Officials Bray Documents Bray Court Records Bray Accounts Bray Data Tables Bray Charters Bray Researchers
Brent (Devon) Brent Officials Brent Documents Brent Court Records Brent Accounts Brent Data Tables Brent Charters Brent Researchers
Brentford (Middx) Brentford Officials Brentford Documents Brentford Court Records Brentford Accounts Brentford Data Tables Brentford Charters Brentford Researchers
Bretford (Warw) Bretford Officials Bretford Documents Bretford Court Records Bretford Accounts Bretford Data Tables Bretford Charters Bretford Researchers
Brentwood (Essex) Brentwood Officials Brentwood Documents Brentwood Court Records Brentwood Accounts Brentwood Data Tables Brentwood Charters Brentwood Researchers
Brewood (Staffs) Brewood Officials Brewood Documents Brewood Court Records Brewood Accounts Brewood Data Tables Brewood Charters Brewood Researchers
Bridgnorth (Shrops) Bridgnorth Officials Bridgnorth Documents Bridgnorth Court Records Bridgnorth Accounts Bridgnorth Data Tables Bridgnorth Charters Bridgnorth Researchers
Bridgetown Pomeroy (Devon) Bridgetown Officials Bridgetown Documents Bridgetown Court Records Bridgetown Accounts Bridgetown Data Tables Bridgetown Charters Bridgetown Researchers
Bridgwater (Som) Bridgwater Officials Bridgwater Documents Bridgwater Court Records Bridgwater Accounts Bridgwater Data Tables Bridgwater Charters Bridgwater Researchers|
Bridlington (Yorks) Bridlington Officials Bridlington Documents Bridlington Court Records Bridlington Accounts Bridlington Data Tables Bridlington Charters Bridlington Researchers
Bridport (Dorset) Bridport Officials Bridport Documents Bridport Court Records Bridport Accounts Bridport Data Tables Bridport Charters Bridport Researchers
Brigham (Cumb) Brigham Officials Brigham Documents Brigham Court Records Brigham Accounts Brigham Data Tables Brigham Charters Brigham Researchers
Brighton (Susx) Brighton Officials Brighton Documents Brighton Court Records Brighton Accounts Brighton Data Tables Brighton Charters Brighton Researchers
Brill (Bucks) Brill Officials Brill Documents Brill Court Records Brill Accounts Brill Data Tables Brill Charters Brill Researchers
Brinklow (Warw) Brinklow Officials Brinklow Documents Brinklow Court Records Brinklow Accounts Brinklow Data Tables Brinklow Charters Brinklow Researchers
Bristol (Som) Bristol Officials Bristol Documents Bristol Court Records Bristol Accounts Bristol Data Tables Bristol Charters Bristol Researchers
Broadhembury (Devon) Broadhembury Officials Broadhembury Documents Broadhembury Court Records Broadhembury Accounts Broadhembury Data Tables Broadhembury Charters Broadhembury Researchers
Broadway (Worcs) Broadway Officials Broadway Documents Broadway Court Records Broadway Accounts Broadway Data Tables Broadway Charters Broadway Researchers
Bromsgrove (Worcs) Bromsgrove Officials Bromsgrove Documents Bromsgrove Court Records Bromsgrove Accounts Bromsgrove Data Tables Bromsgrove Charters Bromsgrove Researchers
Bromyard (Heref) Bromyard Officials Bromyard Documents Bromyard Court Records Bromyard Accounts Bromyard Data Tables Bromyard Charters Bromyard Researchers
Broseley (Shrops) Broseley Officials Broseley Documents Broseley Court Records Broseley Accounts Broseley Data Tables Broseley Charters Broseley Researchers
Brough under Stainmoor (Westmld) Brough Officials Brough Documents Brough Court Records Brough Accounts Brough Data Tables Brough Charters Brough Researchers
Brough-on-Humber (Yorks) Brough-on-Humber Officials Brough-on-Humber Documents Brough-on-Humber Court Records Brough-on-Humber Accounts Brough-on-Humber Data Tables Brough-on-Humber Charters Brough-on-Humber Researchers
Broughton-in-Furness (Lancs) Broughton Officials Broughton Documents Broughton Court Records Broughton Accounts Broughton Data Tables Broughton Charters Broughton Researchers
Bruton (Som) Bruton Officials Bruton Documents Bruton Court Records Bruton Accounts Bruton Data Tables Bruton Charters Bruton Researchers
Bubwith (Yorks) Bubwith Officials Bubwith Documents Bubwith Court Records Bubwith Accounts Bubwith Data Tables Bubwith Charters Bubwith Researchers
Buckingham (Bucks) Buckingham Officials Buckingham Documents Buckingham Court Records Buckingham Accounts Buckingham Data Tables Buckingham Charters Buckingham Researchers
Buckland-Brewer (Devon) Buckland-B Officials Buckland-B Documents Buckland-B Court Records Buckland-B Accounts Buckland-B Data Tables Buckland-B Charters Buckland-B Researchers
Buckland-Denham (Som) Buckland-D Officials Buckland-D Documents Buckland-D Court Records Buckland-D Accounts Buckland-D Data Tables Buckland-D Charters Buckland-D Researchers
Buckland-Monachorum (Devon) Buckland-M Officials Buckland-M Documents Buckland-M Court Records Buckland-M Accounts Buckland-M Data Tables Buckland-M Charters Buckland-M Researchers
Bungay (Suff) Bungay Officials Bungay Documents Bungay Court Records Bungay Accounts Bungay Data Tables Bungay Charters Bungay Researchers
Burford (Oxon) Burford Officials Burford Documents Burford Court Records Burford Accounts Burford Data Tables Burford Charters Burford Researchers
Burnley (Lancs) Burnley Officials Burnley Documents Burnley Court Records Burnley Accounts Burnley Data Tables Burnley Charters Burnley Researchers
Burpham (Susx) Burpham Officials Burpham Documents Burpham Court Records Burpham Accounts Burpham Data Tables Burpham Charters Burpham Researchers
Burslem (Staffs) Burslem Officials Burslem Documents Burslem Court Records Burslem Accounts Burslem Data Tables Burslem Charters Burslem Researchers
Burton (Ches) Burton Officials Burton Documents Burton Court Records Burton Accounts Burton Data Tables Burton Charters Burton Researchers
Burton Dasset (Dasset Magna) (Warw) Burton D Officials Burton D Documents Burton D Court Records Burton D Accounts Burton D Data Tables Burton D Charters Burton D Researchers
Burton on Trent (Staffs) Burton T Officials Burton T Documents Burton T Court Records Burton T Accounts Burton T Data Tables Burton T Charters Burton T Researchers
Burwell (Cambs) Burwell Officials Burwell Documents Burwell Court Records Burwell Accounts Burwell Data Tables Burwell Charters Burwell Researchers
Bury St Edmunds (Suff) Bury Officials Bury Documents Bury Court Records Bury Accounts Bury Data Tables Bury Charters Bury Researchers
Buxton (Derbs) Buxton Officials Buxton Documents Buxton Court Records Buxton Accounts Buxton Data Tables Buxton Charters Buxton Researchers